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- Gakuen Heaven - Fly me to the heaven [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay. Okay. I know how this site is going to come across to most people. But you have to understand something. I've been looking for Niwa/Kaoru-chan fanart for about three days now and this site is the first I've come across with it. And, yes, Kaoru-chan is way too skinny and all of that, but... I didn't hate the art. I liked certain aspects of it, especially the colors and Kaoru-chan's hair. I'm very lenient on the art because of my fondness for the pairings on it (though, I actually thought the Omi/Kaoru was better done, the artist's work is kinda cute when she's drawing them as kids :D) but I still think it stands well enough for me to rec it. Also, it's got Kaoru-chan paired with pretty much everyone and I sort of have to love the artist for that alone. XD (And, actually, the one of Shinomiya/Kaoru-chan with them in formal uniforms was actually sort of pretty. <3) Also, um. The Snow White comic was kind of full of awesome, yes, it was. (Niwa/Kaoru-chan, Omi/Kaoru-chan, Shinomiya/Kaoru-chan, Keita/Kaoru-chan, Nakajima/Kaoru-chan, Iwai/Kaoru-chan, a little Kazuki/Keita, Nakajima/Shinomiya.)

- Gakuen Heaven/Togainu no Chi - sacrifice [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Admittedly, I'm recommending this site for one particular section and because I'm rather desperate for art from the Niwa/Kaoru-chan pairing. But I was actually slowly beginning to appreciate the art for it's own sake--it's very rough, very sketchy, very raw, surprisingly intense. It fits Nakajima pretty well and looks surprisingly good on Niwa... which is a pairing that's growing on me, Niwa/Nakajima. It was kinda hot here, especially since the artist draws her oekaki-style art all pr0ny. (I'm really curious as to what her regular art would look like with these characters.) I was a little "...." over the Nakajima/Shinomiya, but I didn't mind, either. And then. Then there was Niwa/Kaoru-chan and it was actual pairing art and it was pr0ny and I was all, "OKAY. YOU GET A THUMBS UP NOW." So, the site appealed to me mostly for that, I suspect you have to be a fan of the pairing to really enjoy it like I did, probably even had to spend quite a lot of time looking for art to appreciate what there is, but... yeah. It's King/Queen. I am deteremined to find it all. I liked this site. Good enough. ♥ As for the Togainu no Chi fanart, it's a bit sparse and it has the same rough style as the Gakuen Heaven art, but I liked it well enough to toss it in. It's better if you're looking at a bunch of sites all together, it's better as one amongst many, but the artist shows a lot of promise/talent with certain images of hers, so... well, yes. Good enough for me again. :D And, actually, her Kiriwar is really quite hot. *_* (Niwa/Nakajima, Nakajima/Shinomiya, Niwa/Kaoru, some other.)

- Gakuen Heaven [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So, I've mentioned that I'm a little easier on sites that have Niwa/Kaoru-chan fanart, yes? Okay, just checking. Though, in all seriousness, I actually liked the King/Queen stuff the most on this site, there were a couple of rakugaki illustrations that were really, truly pretty and there was a pr0ny multi-page comic with Niwa/Kaoru-chan. and it was pretty, too! The rest of the site is a bit shakey, not much really stood out for me, but sometimes all I need is a small handful of art to make a site absolutely shine for me, even if it's just b&w, light, airy sketches. (Which is actually a style I quite like.) There's even one pretty Niwa/Nakajima fanart and a couple of interesting Kaoru-chan ones, so it was a nice way to build up my collection of art. ♥ (Niwa/Kaoru-chan, some other, some gen.)

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