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- Gakuen Heaven - CHOROP [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There are only eight Gakuen Heaven illustrations on this site (not including the oekaki stuff, which is totally adorable and has Keita in a Little Red Riding Hood-esque outfit that is not to be missed), but I felt it was worth recommending anyway for a couple of reasons. It's one of the better sites out there, the art is really solid and good, the colors that warm style that I like so much. When the artist sets her mind to it, she can also do these really fanastic CG images of Keita that just shine because they're so well-done and pretty. But the main reason? There's a Naruse/Keita image that's pretty and I honest to god didn't expect to find that. Not that Kazuki/Keita isn't my preferred pairing for both of them, but I fell instantly in love with Naruse and his fanboying over Keita. The site is actually mostly Omi/Keita (and done well enough that I really, really liked it) but there's just enough of everything else (including the super-hot group image) to make it worthwhile for almost everyone, I think. (Some Omi/Keita, some other, some gen.)

- Gakuen Heaven - MilkJamCafe [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I seem to have hit the circle of fandom that's mostly Omi/Keita, so this will be another site that has a strong focus on them. Not completely, there's a lot of really solid Keita fanart (which is what won me over in the first place because I really like the way the artist draws Keita, the way it's that sharp, clear sort of CG the anime uses that I originally fell for) and... okay, I admit, part of it was that I liked the site because it had a couple of Naruse/Keita illustrations and one of Nakajima/Niwa/Kaoru-chan where Niwa was patting Kaoru-chan's head who looked about two seconds away from punching him and asdlfkjasdlfkjasd KING/QUEEN OTP SRSLY. Ahem. But it's mostly about Keita, Omi/Keita, and Everyone/Keita, the art being pretty and worth taking a look at. Whatever Keita pairing you have, there's probably at least one or two images to be found here. (Omi/Keita, some Other/Keita, some gen in a BL-ish sort of way.)

- Gakuen Heaven - Jammedjam [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, I wasn't originally going to rec this site... but then a couple of things happened. First, the artist started tightening up her art so that the characters looked pretty and more recognizably themselves. And the Nakajima/Keita wasn't my preferred pairing, but it was getting sort of hot in certain illustrations. But then. Then the artist started working in Omi/Nakajima fanart and I was all, "OKAY. I think I have to rec you on general principle now! >D" and they were actually rather nice-looking and... well, yes. Pet pairing and all that. The b&w comics were actually very nicely drawn and there's a handful of Keita-only illustrations that are also worth visiting the site for. Overall, it was a nice, solid site to round out my browsing. (Nakajima/Keita, some Omi/Nakajima.)

- Gakuen Heaven - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Nakajima/Keita isn't my preferred pairing, but, man, this artist draws them as hot. But then she also drew a couple of Naruse/Keita images that were beautiful and totally appealed to my fondness for that pairing. And then and then and then. Omi/Keita pr0n comics. There's also Nakajima/Keita which was hotter than it should be. And Naruse/Keita multi-page comic! *swoons* I mean, yes, Kazuki/Keita should totally happen, but... I have a fondness for Naruse/Keita because it's really fun and sweet in its own way. This site really helps feed into that (not to mention her b&w comics let you see how disciplined/nicely detailed she can be at times) so that I was left feeling happy and fluffy by the end. ....also, there, um, may have been a block game. I kind of have an unholy love of block games. >_> ....and sprites. There were the cutest sprites on the main gallery page, so weak for those, I am. (Omi/Keita, Naruse/Keita, Kazuki/Keita, Nakajima/Keita.)

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