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- Gakuen Heaven - CHOROP [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There are only eight Gakuen Heaven illustrations on this site (not including the oekaki stuff, which is totally adorable and has Keita in a Little Red Riding Hood-esque outfit that is not to be missed), but I felt it was worth recommending anyway for a couple of reasons. It's one of the better sites out there, the art is really solid and good, the colors that warm style that I like so much. When the artist sets her mind to it, she can also do these really fanastic CG images of Keita that just shine because they're so well-done and pretty. But the main reason? There's a Naruse/Keita image that's pretty and I honest to god didn't expect to find that. Not that Kazuki/Keita isn't my preferred pairing for both of them, but I fell instantly in love with Naruse and his fanboying over Keita. The site is actually mostly Omi/Keita (and done well enough that I really, really liked it) but there's just enough of everything else (including the super-hot group image) to make it worthwhile for almost everyone, I think. (Some Omi/Keita, some other, some gen.)

- Gakuen Heaven - Fly me to the heaven [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay. Okay. I know how this site is going to come across to most people. But you have to understand something. I've been looking for Niwa/Kaoru-chan fanart for about three days now and this site is the first I've come across with it. And, yes, Kaoru-chan is way too skinny and all of that, but... I didn't hate the art. I liked certain aspects of it, especially the colors and Kaoru-chan's hair. I'm very lenient on the art because of my fondness for the pairings on it (though, I actually thought the Omi/Kaoru was better done, the artist's work is kinda cute when she's drawing them as kids :D) but I still think it stands well enough for me to rec it. Also, it's got Kaoru-chan paired with pretty much everyone and I sort of have to love the artist for that alone. XD (And, actually, the one of Shinomiya/Kaoru-chan with them in formal uniforms was actually sort of pretty. <3) Also, um. The Snow White comic was kind of full of awesome, yes, it was. (Niwa/Kaoru-chan, Omi/Kaoru-chan, Shinomiya/Kaoru-chan, Keita/Kaoru-chan, Nakajima/Kaoru-chan, Iwai/Kaoru-chan, a little Kazuki/Keita, Nakajima/Shinomiya.)

- Gakuen Heaven - VOICE-MO [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - In my continuing quest to find more Kaoru-chan fanart, I stumbled over this site. It's probably not going to be for everyone, but I like that the artist actually manages to make the character look a lot more like himself. The colors are very bright, but that suits his character, he's very much pink and green and that really shows here... plus, the artist gets better as she goes along, so that I'm quite interested in how well she'll draw in the future. The site is mostly Keita/Kaoru-chan or Kaoru-chan by himself with occasional other pairings sprinkled in here and there, which is one of those pairings that still vaguely delights me, just 'cause it's great how Kaoru-chan both tops and bottoms to Keita in the game. A nice site for fans of Kaoru-chan, a good one to round out the collection/travels if you're going on a spree. (Keita/Kaoru-chan, a little other, some gen.)

- Gakuen Heaven - sacrifice [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Admittedly, I'm recommending this site for one particular section and because I'm rather desperate for art from the Niwa/Kaoru-chan pairing. But I was actually slowly beginning to appreciate the art for it's own sake--it's very rough, very sketchy, very raw, surprisingly intense. It fits Nakajima pretty well and looks surprisingly good on Niwa... which is a pairing that's growing on me, Niwa/Nakajima. It was kinda hot here, especially since the artist draws her oekaki-style art all pr0ny. (I'm really curious as to what her regular art would look like with these characters.) I was a little "...." over the Nakajima/Shinomiya, but I didn't mind, either. And then. Then there was Niwa/Kaoru-chan and it was actual pairing art and it was pr0ny and I was all, "OKAY. YOU GET A THUMBS UP NOW." So, the site appealed to me mostly for that, I suspect you have to be a fan of the pairing to really enjoy it like I did, probably even had to spend quite a lot of time looking for art to appreciate what there is, but... yeah. It's King/Queen. I am deteremined to find it all. I liked this site. Good enough. ♥ As for the Togainu no Chi fanart, it's a bit sparse and it has the same rough style as the Gakuen Heaven art, but I liked it well enough to toss it in. It's better if you're looking at a bunch of sites all together, it's better as one amongst many, but the artist shows a lot of promise/talent with certain images of hers, so... well, yes. Good enough for me again. :D And, actually, her Kiriwar is really quite hot. *_* (Niwa/Nakajima, Nakajima/Shinomiya, Niwa/Kaoru, some other.)

- Gakuen Heaven [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So, I've mentioned that I'm a little easier on sites that have Niwa/Kaoru-chan fanart, yes? Okay, just checking. Though, in all seriousness, I actually liked the King/Queen stuff the most on this site, there were a couple of rakugaki illustrations that were really, truly pretty and there was a pr0ny multi-page comic with Niwa/Kaoru-chan. and it was pretty, too! The rest of the site is a bit shakey, not much really stood out for me, but sometimes all I need is a small handful of art to make a site absolutely shine for me, even if it's just b&w, light, airy sketches. (Which is actually a style I quite like.) There's even one pretty Niwa/Nakajima fanart and a couple of interesting Kaoru-chan ones, so it was a nice way to build up my collection of art. ♥ (Niwa/Kaoru-chan, some other, some gen.)

- Gakuen Heaven/Togainu no Chi/Prince of Tennis - + robot heaven + [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist starts out a little rough. But I was willing to keep going because of a potential promise for Niwa/Kaoru-chan fanart eventually and the Niwa/Nakajima fanart was really kinda interesting in the meantime. The artist was shakey at first, but you can see her slowly tightening up the characters until they both start to look really kinda hot. She's especially good at drawing Nakajima in this way that totally hits his stereotype and why I love it--tall, hot, glasses, broad shoulders, looks good in and out of a suit. Yum. And then she draws Niwa with his shirt off a lot and tattoos on his arms or a necklace around his neck and, again, omg, hot. There's almost a raw sort of quality to the art that gets better and better as she goes along. *__* Even her Kazuki/Keita is really kinda hot in this style--while it's certainly better suited to characters like Niwa and Nakajima, I found I actually liked her KazuKei as some of the best art I've seen for that pairing. The Togainu no Chi fanart is pretty much the same way, it starts out rather rough, but gets better as the artist goes along, so that a few of the later images look really good/hot, especially with the way the artist sticks to b&w a lot, which she's really good at. As for the Tenipuri art... admittedly, it's a bit difficult to find and there's only about ten illustrations on the site, but... there were two or three of them that I found I really liked and thus wanted to list it. It might not be worth visiting for just that, but it rounds out the site nicely, especially when the artist does a really hot Atobe, a nice Oshitari/Gakuto, one of the prettiest Fujis I've seen in awhile, and some rather hot Tezuka/Fuji. ♥ (Niwa/Nakajima, Kazuki/Keita, some other. Several pairings with TnC, but no real themes. Tezuka/Fuji and mostly gen for Tenipuri.)

- Gakuen Heaven - mimic [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me awhile to find the gallery on this site, but I think it was ultimately worth it. The artist is obviously a big Nakajima fan and she can do some gorgeous work of him or Keita or group illustrations at times. There's a certain quality to her lines, especially around the characters' faces and hair, that reminds me of a professional artist, though, I can't quite put my finger on whom. But it's really strong at times, her work could be doujinshi or almost even professional manga--and it's driving me nuts because the art seems vaguely familiar. At any rate, it's a good site wiht a handful of illustrations worth seeing/adding to your personal collection. (Mostly Nakajima/Keita, a little Nakajima/other.)

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