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- Gakuen Heaven - Too Good to Be True by mdseiran - I'm not quite sure how I got talked into shipping King/Queen, other than that measuringlife thought they'd be my kind of pairing and somehow... they were. And I've been sort of wary of poking at the fandom since the anime hasn't given me a lot to work with but there was this Niwa/Kaoru-chan fic sitting right there and... asdlkfjalsdkfjl;aksjdf, I loved this. Loved it so much that I can only keyboard mash in reaction to it. Just... beautiful. It ended exactly how I hoped it would and now I'm in love all over again. HARTS. ♥ (Niwa/Kaoru-chan.)

- Gakuen Heaven - Royal Pain by Haruka - There was some stiffness in the writing of this fic, but it was King/Queen so I wanted to finish it and then somewhere along the way... Niwa and Kaoru-chan's flirting/verbal sparring was actually sparkly and clever, the author really got their dynamic down well. I laughed at all the right places, I cooed at all the right places and just enjoyed the fic. If she wrote more, I would happily read it. It had just the right amount of interest in the pairing without pushing it too far and just shoving them into a relationship without considering the hurdles they'd have to overcome. Just... fun, you know? (Niwa/Kaoru.)

- Gakuen Heaven - As Expected by yukuro - On the heels of the previous Niwa/Kaoru-chan fic, this one was actually sort of wonderful to read next, because it's... cute and adorable and doesn't push things too far, but also doesn't just stick to the same give-and-no-take dynamic between them. What I mean is that they're still themselves, Niwa being interested in Kaoru-chan and having fun, Kaoru-chan being flatly disinterested and cat-like, but the ending got me to coo happily at them because, aww, that's exactly how it starts. When Niwa's an idiot, but a good-hearted one and Kaoru-chan isn't completely immune to that. Just mostly. When the idiot's out of earshot. Also, it had a conversation in the rain and I still totally love that plot device. ♥ (Niwa/Kaoru.)

- Gakuen Heaven - Revenge and Between the Sheets by dreamlessness - I could have sworn I'd read these fics before, especially since measuringlife kept pushing me towards them. And, really, I should know better by now and just do as she says, because the fics were really well-written and cute little slices of Gakuen Heaven life. Well, sort of. They're still kinda batshit in that second one. The first is an interesting what-if piece about Iwai and one take on his family life and it's a really interesting way to get his characterization across. There's a lovely, almost melancholy tone to it. But it's the second fic, the one that's gen and has the entire cast in it, that shines. It's Shinomiya doing laundry and you wouldn't think that'd be great fun, but somehow it is. The author was really good at keeping that feeling of whole-cast antics intact, which is a rarity even in larger fandoms, much less a BL one like Gakuen Heaven. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gakuen Heaven - The King Dances (part 1) by lyntek - Admittedly, I'll give just about any Niwa/Kaoru fic a chance because I'm so geekishly fond of the pairing, but this fic was actually clever and fun; there were more moments when I was squeeing or laughing at the antics or cooing over the cute than I can remember. I really like that the author doesn't ignore the rest of the cast, that Omi and Nakajima are there as well (Omi was especially wonderful in the fic! ...though, more often than not, Nakajima's comments were absolute gold, too.), Niwa and Kaoru's friendships with them still important. It was also nice that the fic was decently long (and still only the first part!) while not dragging on, the pacing was really solid, each scene had its reason for being there and furthered the story along. It's also nice because Niwa and Kaoru-chan don't just immediately hop into bed, they're not that much further along at the end of the fic than where they started, except that something is building here. But it's building in the right way, with Niwa being a little dense, Kaoru-chan being bitchy (I say that with love), and a slow progression towards maybe something else since Niwa might be serious. But mostly you'll want to read this for the funny, because it made me laugh and sparkle just like the anime did. (Though, I have no idea if it's game-verse or anime-verse or if it even matters.) It's just... fabulous. I itch for the next part now, plz. (Niwa/Kaoru.)

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