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- Persona 3/Samurai 7 - Southern Cross [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I tried to resist the lure of this site, because I've not played Persona 3 (and don't plan to, not unless a copy just falls into my lap) and I've only read the manga and glanced at the anime sequel. But... pretty art is like a siren's call to me. I have to. And this artist does a gorgeous job with the main character (I dunno whether to just call him "main character" or Minato aslkja;lksj) and also draws a gorgeous Pharos and there's this one of Nyx that's just amazing and-- okay, there's not a lot of art here, but it's so pretty that I had to. It's the same for the Samurai 7 art--not a lot, but damn if that art of Kyuzo isn't totally gorgeous. Worth a look through if you like either series, I think. (No warnings/pairings.)

Fire Emblem 11: False Dawn by Amber Michelle - You know, I almost passed by this link because I didn't think of this set of characters as FE11, but then I saw the pairing name and realized it was Nyna and Camus fic, oh my god. You have no idea how badly I wanted more of them, how hard I shipped them. I never thought I'd see fic for the fandom, much less this pairing. Much less a gorgeous backstory from the time he held her prisoner. I am in complete adoration of the author's take on Nyna here, she is graceful and strong and elegant, all the things I felt from her in the game. Camus is similarly spot on, in his quiet strength and goodness, even when he's on the opposite side in this war. The description of the palace around her, of the way Nyna sees the world, all the imagery here is just as beautifully written and it all weaves together excellently. I couldn't ask for anything better than this. (Camus/Nyna.)

  - Legend of Zelda - [ English Fanart Site ] - I came across one of the artist's Link images when I was browsing devART's front page and I followed the links back to the rest of the account. There's quite a lot of art here, which I always love, of course, I enjoy taking about an hour to go through everything the artist has on their account. It's all really cute, adorable stuff--soft, pastel colors combined with a style similar to the games, with the little chibi-esque bodies and oversized heads, but it works well with these characters. The artist focuses mostly on Link or Midna, mostly doing stand-alone character illustrations, but there's occasionally some really cute little Zelda ones in there as well. It was a really fun, cute site to go through today. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

Bayonetta: untitled by moonsheen - So, I have this ginormous fondness for Luka from this game and I really do like the dynamic he had going on with Bayonetta by the end and this is totally how it would go. I lolled and lolled and lolled at poor Luka's life in this short ficlet. Delightful. ♥ (Sort of implied Bayonetta/Luka.)

Bayonetta: Lucky Luck by Mad Hatter 235 - Two things made this fic work for me. The first was that I really wanted post-game Bayonetta/Luka and this fic was kind enough to provide me that! And, second, I love that Luka's kind of awesome and pathetic at the same time, yet no matter how awesome he is, Bayonetta is still way more awesome than he is and he knows it. I like that she kept her attitude here, even when she was being a little softer. (Bayonetta/Luka.)

Bayonetta: A Witch's Black Cat by Mad Hatter 235 - Another fic set post-game where Bayonetta gets to be more awesome than everyone else just by existing! And then there's the introduction of a cute little kitty and Bayonetta pouting at only having a few angels to destroy and being so delightful sure of herself in her awesome ways and a cute scene with Luka and the kitty she dumps in his lap. I could really see this and it was a really fun little read this morning. (Bayonetta/Luka.)

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