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- Hikaru no Go/Naruto/Prince of Tennis/Star Ocean/Get Backers - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is another one of those sites that Isa pointed out to me, and despite it not being my usual Hikago pairings, it's really friggin' cute. Plus a lot of art tucked away here. Good colors, good drawings, and lots of cute. Very solid site. But what I really like is that there's a ton of different series here and the little sprites are freakishly cute--the Star Ocean section has some the cutest Leon illustrations I've ever seen, too. XD And, like, I was happy to see Kaga show up a few times in the Hikaru no Go section and I don't think I've ever seen Get Backers fanart before.... (KakaNaru, EijiRyoma, Claude/Ashton, Hikaru/Waya, Ban/Ginji)

- Get Backers/Harukanaru Toki no Nakade/Houshin Engi - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - (Also pointed out to me by Noel.) This... is one of those sites where I am just completely and utterly in awe of the artist's talent. This is the kind of artist that I crave finding again, even though they're so rare, this is the kind of artist that keeps me coming back to J-fanart again and again and just fawning with how amazing their work is. And, truly, this artist is just flat-out amazing, her illustrations are just gorgeous, the drawings beautiful and the colors make me swoon. I... just... I am incoherent with trying to decide how to get across how gorgeous this artist's work is and, in a lot of ways, she's spoiled me for other Get Backers fanart, because I doubt anyone could match her art. Plus, she draws a lot and... really, she's one of those artists that isn't just good, she's fantastic. (No real pairing themes.)

- Get Backers/Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Noel found this one and pointed it out to me and... wow, do I adore this site. First off, the artist's Kazuki-chan is just amazing, just absolutely gorgeous, and I really adore her Juubei, too. Second, her Fuji is absolutely beautiful and adorable and her Tezuka is gorgeous. Third, her coloring is amazing, really, really fantastic and great, great linework. But there's also just something about the feeling the artist puts into her pictures that fits so well with the characters. TezuFuji made me sparkle like crazy--and I just adored the kiss illustration and the one of them in kimono *___*--and her Kazuki had this... almost ephamerial quality to him that he gets sometimes. Which sounds pretentious, but it's not, honest. Anyway. Love this site. Fantastic. (JuubeixKazuki, TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis/Get Backers - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There are several things that impressed me about this site. One is the way the artist draws Fuji, she draws him so cute, and his eyes are these pretty colors that stand out so vividly. There's one of him and Tezuka where his eyes are open and my gaze just kept being drawn back to Fuji's eyes because they were so bright, but in a lovely way. The second is that she draws absolutely adore TezukaFuji/FujiEiji illustrations, very cute and sweet and just fun. Though, my favorite is a sort of group illustration of Ryoma, Fuji, Tezuka, and Eiji that's just... wow, it looks so effing cool! She has a strong sense for colors and some of them are just lovely to look at. I really liked this site! ^____^

With the Get Backers part of the site, I was really impressed because the colors get even better and you can just tell that she had a lot of fun drawing Kazuki and Juubei. I love the way she drew Kazuki's hair especially. ^_^v As for the Yuu Yuu Hakusho fanart... I could swear this person is a doujinshika--I would probably be more surprised if she weren't than if she were. Her illustrations are very strong, the shading and colors done well, the lines very strong and clean, and everything just seems to point that she's got a lot of skill. Plus... EEEEE!! SO CUTE! It's been awhile since I've come across a good YYH site, so it's wonderful to spend a bit of time with these characters again. (TezukaFuji, FujiEiji, Juubei+Kazuki, Hiei+Kurama.)

- Get Backers - Darie [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Ooooh, this artist's GB work is so cool--the first couple of illustrations I saw were just downright adorable, the kind that make you squeak and want to bounce happily around the room. She does these great things with colors, very soft and almost muted, but not washed out, so they look really cool. Ginji in pjs lying across Ban's lap, who's also in his pjs, is, hands down, my very favorite on the site, but I also just adore the one of chibi-Kazuki and chibi-Juubei, too. Geh. This rec sucks, but the site is wonderful, definitely one of those that makes me happy I wandered through it. ^_____^ (Some light BanxGinji and Juubei+Kazuki.)

- Get Backers - Acid Gale [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Ooh, I like this artist's use of color, very pretty tones, and she draws Kazuki really well, you can tell how much she genuinely adores the character. Plus, her chibi-Kazuki and chibi-Juubei illustrations are just adorable and make me want to hug them all over again. XD What I also like about the artist is the way she draws and colors the characters' hair, it makes it look so soft and full and almost glossy, which is a really neat effect. She also drew this great illustration of a drunk Kazuki leaning onto an annoyed Shido and I *heart* that one so much. XD Oh! Oh! And neko!chibi-Kazuki and neko!chibi-Juubei were just too adorable for words. *_* (Some Juubei+Kazuki.)

- Juuni Kokki/Get Backers - lire [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I kenw right from the very top illustration of a beautiful Kazuki in kimono that I would probably be rec'ing this site, but it wasn't until getting into the Juuni Kokki gallery (after poking through the misc. one) that I was knocked on my ass in awe over the stunning, stunning illustrations. There's this one of of Youko and Keiki that's just... words do not describe how gorgeous it is. The artist uses CG style art to fabulous potential, the colors and shading just vivid and bright, the amount of details in the art head-swirlingly amazing in some of the illustrations. The style/feel of the JK illustrations is fantastic as well, really capturing the sense of traditional beauty and epic adventure that was so prevalent in the anime series itself. This is easily one of tne of the best Juuni Kokki art sites out there. (Though, do keep in mind that the newer illustrations are better than the older ones, the artist really gains in skill as she goes along.) The Get Backers art is much the same--beautiful, beautiful CG work, fabulous colors, and poses very remiscent of the series itself. I love. (Random hints at JK pairings, some Juubei/Kazuki.)

- Get Backers - momo-neko ya [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wow, this site has some beautiful GetBackers CG-style work... I've seen a few other sites that have prettypretty art, but they tend to be more Kazuki-centric and while I adore Kazuki-chan... BanGin has my heart. So to see a site that draws so very well and that focuses on them...? WAI~! *sparkles* It's the very last illustration in the gallery (currently, anyway) of Ban with his hands handcuffed behind his back and leaning forward to kiss Ginji that is just stunning. It steals my breath away with how gorgeous the colors and lines of it are. There's also an absolutely gorgeous morning sunlight illustration of Himiko that has the most beautiful colors to it and I mentioned the fabulous BanGin, right? Stunning artwork. *happy, happy fangirl right now* (Some BanxGinji.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Get Backers - Celestial [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There's a lot I love about this site, but most of all I love the gorgeous, gorgeous lineart the artist does--her b&w images that look straight out of a doujinshi (which I think they might be, actually...?) are very smooth, clean, and beautifully shaded, giving the art an almost delicate look. Sometimes with b&w imagery, you get the feeling of a sketch-like quality (which, don't get me wrong, I love, too), but with this artist, her work looks so... polished, so very sharp, which is really nice to see. She also draws some wonderful spazzing!Ed images, some smirking!Roy images, and some of the best, most intense and hot RoyxEd kisses/embraces that I've ever seen. I'm in love with her Roy, who often is drawn either shirtless or in casual clothes (as well as his usual uniform, of course) and is just... yum. Much of this also applies to her Get Backers art--you can see what look like selected panels from doujinshi, where the shading and lines are absolutely wonderful, her Ban and Ginji just fabulous. She really gets the feelings of the characters across wonderfully. *happy sigh~* (Some RoyxEd, some BanxGinji.)

- Gungrave/Get Backers - [ English Fanart Site ] - I'm not sure how I wound up here this morning, but I was following Gungrave fanart links on DA and this artist just absolutely blew me away with the gorgeous Gungrave fanart she does. It's really stunning work--incredible details, incredible lines, incredible colors, incredible shading, incredible poses/feeling, everything is just fantastic. I think she may be the single best Gungrave artist I've yet to see--not that there's a lot, but there are some nice ones out there, so it's not a back-handed compliment, either. ^_~ The Get Backers art is more cute than anything, but she's got a few in here that I really loved, including an ADORABLE Halloween illustration, a LOVELY Ban-chan and Ginji as their younger selves, and a PRETTY one of the Raitei. Much fun was had with this artist. ♥ (Maybe a little Ban-chanxGinji, no real Gungrave pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis/Get Backers - exion [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - To be honest... I probably shouldn't be putting this site in the Prince of Tennis section, simply because there are (at this time) only four Tenipuri illustrations on the site and only two of them are the TezuAto ones that I went NUTS over, but... I have a real weakness for this pairing, so I wanted to... and my justification came along in the form of really cute GetBackers fanart. XD I ♥ that the artist seems to love Ban-chan as much as I do and her BanGin illustrations are just adorable! They're not art that blows me away, but I keep finding my eyes drawn to their expressions, especially their eyes, and the artist does a really good job with those. Though, the two TezuAto illustrations totally put me over the moon 'cause I go for that sort of thing, but. Well. Yes. Cute art here and I wanted to have it on my list so I can keep an eye on it in the future, too. ♥ (TezukaAtobe, BanxGinji.)

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