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- Get Backers - Sleepless Night by Mullencamp - This is a very short little fic, but it's the first Get Backers fic I've actually read (I've been keeping sporadic tabs on the fandom, but hadn't gotten into it too much, you know?) and I've found the first handful of fics you read in a fandom can really help to set the tone for where you're going to head--if you decide fic's not for you or if you become a slavering idiot clamoring for more. ....guess which direction I headed directly for? >_> Anyway, I giggled muchly in all the right places, I adored the characterization of Ban-chan and Ginji and it was just... neat to see such a nice fic based on the volume 20 manga cover--plus, I effing loved that ending. XD (BanxGinji, a very mild hint of citrus.)

- Get Backers - Perfect Day by Mullencamp - The other GB fic I read, settled on becuase Mullencamp posted about them in the same post. ^_^ This one was just... very slow and sweet and not really about the gay, so much as these two people who enjoy each other's company, are a little bit silly, a lot lazy, and a nice day for them. Even in such a short story, the author manages to get across what I love so much about these two characters and made it such a fun read. *_* (Mild Ban/Ginji hints if you want to look at them that way. And, really, who doesn't?)

- Get Backers - Sleep Talking by kitarin - Aww! Get Backers fluff! With just enough of a hint of angst that it made me not get a toothache, instead wanting to snuggle the characters for a few hours. One of the things that surprises me about the GB fandom so far is that all the fic I've come across has been really quite good, especially for such a small fandom. I suppose that's the way things worked, the less than stellar authors not having been attracted to the fandom yet. ^_~ Anyway, kitarin really has a wonderful sense of the characters, the little details making this fic wonderful to read, the fluffiness juuuuust right to make me twirl around the room happily. And I love that it's not really about sex or the gayness or about having them groping each other all the time, it's really about these two characters who just mean the world to each other. Bah, crappy rec for a good fic. (Slight Ban+Ginji.)

- Get Backers - Talent by ka - One of the things I like most about ka's GB fics is that they take little instances from the anime/manga and spin them off into these little fics that just make me melt from the sweetness of them. This time, it was about Ban-chan's talent for playing the violin shown during the arc with Madoka and this fic is quiet and rather subtle, but meaningful, much like the series itself. The writing is lovely and the characters true and it just... it scratches that itch for me. (Very slight BanxGinji.)

- Get Backers - Nice Dream by ka - Ahhhh, the first multi-chaptered Get Backers fic I've come across and I want moooooooore of it! *whine* Saaaa, what I like about ka's writing is that she really has a fantastic grip on the characters, she writes them so well, especially the way they interact with each other, yet also writes the prose in a very fluid style, so that the fic just sails right along. I'm really reminded of the series itself when I'm reading, I can just picture everything so clearly and so far I'm terribly curious about the building plot. I'm really looking forward to seeing where it goes, but I'm also enjoying the wonderful little character moments (and the hysterical humor!) that she weaves into the writing. (No real pairings yet, some possible slight Ban+Ginji if you want to see it that way.)

- Get Backers - Closer to Me and Anytime by kitarin - Awww, Ban-chan x Ginji makes me happy, because I'm just so wildly in love with those two. *sparkles* What I like about kitarin's writing is that the moments are rather simple and, like how I see the series itself, it's not really about the gay anymore, it's about how these two characters are everything for each other, how much they just simply love each other. I hurt for Ginji while he's in the Infinite Castle in this story, but I'm so happy for him when he's out, when he's with Ban-chan. My favorite moment of this fic (well, besides the limish sex >_>) is when Ginji wakes up and Ban-chan is just there for him, quietly pulling him into a hug, because that's what he needs. *melts* (BanxGinji, slight graphic content.)

- Get Backers - Just Like Manga by Yumemisama - Ever since I first read Yumemisama's "Kiss or Kill" and then her Megami Kouhosei fic, I've always been pleased to see her name whenever I come across it in a new fandom--and this fic was no exception! What I love about this fic is that the characterization just absolutely sparkles and is so damn clever and the jokes/funny lines actually made me laugh/giggle like they were supposed to. I could just see the cast's antics happening in my head, could completely picture this in the series itself. And! And! Oh, how wonderfully Natsumi-chan was treated in this fic; which makes me so happy because I've grown to be so fond of her. (Mentions of Shido+Madoka, Ban+Ginji, and Kazuki+Juubei.)

- Get Backers - With Enemies Like These by X-parrot - Whee! Finally a Get Backers section on FFNET to make it easier for me to find fic! Now all we need is a Wolf's Rain one.... ^_~ Anyway, I immediately pounce on this fic, having read X-parrot's work before and liking it. And... I was not disappointed, I giggled muchly at the funny, funny lines, sparkled at the characterization, and just generally had a hell of a time reading this. X-parrot's really captured the feeling of the series with this fic, the way the characters interact, and I adored the way she wrote Akabane-san and the way he looked at both Ginji and Ban-chan! Plus, I mentioned the funny, funny lines? I *heart* her characters so much. XD (No warnings.)

- Get Backers - Baroque by Alexandra Lucas - It's been awhile since I've gotten into Get Backers, I kind of drift in and out of it, but this definitely pulled me back towards the series--the author's writing is just so... it's almost lyrical or poetic in the way it describes everything, which is absolutely perfect for the story/moment she's writing about, giving the story the sense of music fitting with Ban playing the violin. Not to mention just wonderful to read. And the soft, soft way that Ban-chan and Ginji interact, how that something practically vibrates between them, but never fully comes to a head... that was wonderful, too, because I could just absolutely see this scene. (Very, very light Ban+Ginji.)

- Get Backers - One of Those Days by White Cat - Awww, I'm glad to see White Cat in a fandom again, as her Gundam Wing and Yuu Yuu Hakusho fics were some of my favorites, and I always enjoyed anything else I read by her (whether it was Trigun or WK or Gravi or what have you), because she's a very good writer. And I adored this fic because it was so perfectly in tune with the original tone of the series itself, I could just picture everything happening, see it sliding right into canon. Plus, the humor sparkled, it was genuinely clever and on par with the series itself. Every character was characterized perfectly and... just... I'm running out of ways to say how much I loved this fic. It was just such a satisfying read, much like how I feel after watching a particularly good episode. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Get Backers - Art by Kitarin - This is just one of those silly little stories that makes me sparkle like crazy because I can just see it happening in the GB timeline somewhere, because it's such an adorable moment with Ban-chan and Ginji, just the right amounts of humor and that something between Ban-chan and Ginji. Plus, the thought of Ban-chan viewing driving his car as an art is delightfully appropriate and amusing. XD (Maybe some slight Ban-chan+Ginji, if even that.)

- Get Backers - Candlelight by X-parrot - ....eeeee! Fluff! Cute, WAFFy, sweet, gentle, subtle fluff! Oh, how I love. This was just... absolutely darling in the way it was written, just a simple moment in the middle of Ban-chan and Ginji's night, but like a good little piece of fluff, it wasn't just about the warm and fuzzies, there were actual character insights here, little bits of characterization making it Ban-chan and Ginji here. Plus, there was one line that just completely cracked me up and the very last line made me melt into a puddle of goo. *happy sigh* (Some very light Ban-chan+Ginji if you want to see it that way.)

- Get Backers - Insight by X-parrot - I was not sure what to expect from this fic when I first started reading it, whether it would be more serious or more humorous, or even which I wanted more. It was definitely on the more serious side (in the way that the series can be serious sometimes itself), but I think that worked really well for the tone of the piece, the way Ban and Shido interacted. I loved the way the author wrote Shido's point of view, the way various animal behaviors were quietly, subtly worked into the writing, and the hinting at things with other characters, especially Ginji. Just a lovely little serious mood piece that I enjoyed reading. ^_____^ (No real warnings/pairings, but this is GB....)

- Get Backers - Marked Smile by Beth Winter - I admit, when I first started watching the series, I was wary of Natsumi-chan, because I wasn't sure what to make of her, whether or not I would like her, but as the series progressed, I became very fond of her and it's wonderful to see her popping up in fics now and again. The author's writing style is very suited to a character like Natsumi-chan and I could just see everything that happened in the fic and it was really interesting to take a peek inside of Natsumi-chan's life and see how it's been changed since she started working at the Honkey Tonk. A lovely, lovely Natsumi-chan fic. *happy sigh* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Get Backers - PATH by White Cat - This was... one of those stories you have a difficult time not completely and utterly taking for canon, one of those that you can easy get mixed up with what really happened, because everything fits so incredibly well. The author touches on the important events that lead up to who Ginji is in the series itself, showing little bits and pieces, enough to let you see how he evolved into this person he is today. The writing was simply gorgeous and made my heart ache for Ginji, who's seen so much heartache, but never overdid it, never slipped into AAAAAAANGST. And I loved that all of the important people in Ginji's life were touched on, given little moments so you could see his connection to them. ....this is really a crappy rec for a fic that kept me glued to the screen the entire time. (Some very, very mild Kazuki+Juubei, Ban-Ginji.)

- Get Backers - Perchance to Dream by White Cat - A good, soft, gentle, touching Get Backers fic about Ban-chan and Ginji can make me just absolutely melt and that's exactly what this fic did. As always, White Cat's writing is lovely and beautifully in character, and while the plot isn't a huge, complex thing, it works better for that. Quiet moments between the characters, subtle little insights, and gently touching scenes, showing how much these two have connected... I lubbles. I gush in true fawning fangirl style. ^_~ (Some very, very light Ban+Ginji, if you want to see it that way.)

- Get Backers - Joker's Wild by Ellcrys - All right, let me say upfront that I do think ShidoxMadoka is cute. Really. Very sweet and nice and it's good for the series to have a het pairing to detract from all the gay. But... I have this very soft spot for Emishi and the way he looks at Shido, the way you can just see him almost longing for him, even if he's constantly cracking (bad) jokes. And this fic... is a gorgeous example of how much I want Emishi to be happy, to get what he wants, because I adore him so much. I loved that Emishi was still obnoxious here, he was still telling bad, bad jokes, yet there was more to him than just that. The writing itself is lovely and I loved the way Shido and Madoka interacted, such a sweet couple, which only made it all the more painful to read about. Wahhhhh, I need more of this one. ;_; (ShidoxMadoka, some hints of one-sided Emishi+Shido.)

- Get Backers - Giddy by Gnine - A cute, sweet, adorable little fic that I really just... adored. My favorite moment from this fic was when Ginji tackle-pounced Ban-chan from behind, because I could just totally picture that. XD XD And... this was a nice break from the angst (not that I don't love angst >_> *ufufufu*), just a sweet, fluffy moment that made me all WAFFy in that Ban+Ginji way. Crappy rec, cute fic, go read. XD (BanxGinji.)

- Get Backers - Gang Aft Agley by X-parrot - *squee!* Oh, how I adore a fic that's just the perfect, right blend of angst, humor, light touches of shounen ai, and wonderful, wonderful writing so that it's just absolutely reminicent of the series itself. Ban-chan... is a character who... strikes me as someone that's rather difficult to understand and write, because his moods shift so easily, they're so mercurial and... complex. They hide so much that you're not really sure what's going through his head, but this fic... captured his character perfectly. From worrying about Ginji in such a Ban-chan sort of way to yelling at him for almost becoming the Raitei again to just... the way Ban thinks about everything. Everything is carefully considered, Ban-chan always warily watching his back. And I love that it was just... subtly worked into everything Ban thought rather than having it hammered into our heads--it was shown not told. *loves* (Some very light Ban-chanxGinji, if you want to see it that way.)

- Get Backers - A Thousand Thousand Years by X-parrot - There was one line in here that made me laugh like an absolute loon, when Ban-chan was thinking about what kind of movies Ginji liked: He loved comedies, the dumber the better, and he unexpectedly had a taste for drama, would get completely wrapped up in imaginary peoples' relationships--Ban had determined some time before never to let him near a soap opera. I could just see that and now I kinda want it as a fic. ^_~ But what I really loved about this was... it was one of those ideas that was deceptively simple (and, oh, how I adore those) and yet... when you read it... it turned into something surprisingly complex and insightful. All the details that were woven into the story, all the bits and pieces about dinosaurs, all the bits and pieces of Ban-chan and Ginji's lives, they way those things affected the way both of them saw things... it was wonderful. And to watch Ban-chan watching Ginji's wonder... that was wonderful, too, because it satisfies the romantic in me, but also keeps the IC Bitch happy, too. *happy~* (Slight Ban-chan+Ginji if you want to see it that way.)

- Get Backers - Darkness Visible by X-parrot - So I've been catching up on GB fic since I've not been reading much and this one... just hit me out of nowhere. Which I actually like because it's absolutely perfect for a series of events that caught the characters by surprise as well. I read this one thinking it was going to be another one of X-parrot's cute fics with just a bit of angst, just a bit of humor, and the usual insights into the characters. But... then... I was caught by surprise, just as Ban-chan and Ginji were and I loved that. Of course, the rest of the elements here were wonderful as always--wonderful details that give the fic a sense of atmosphere (ie, they don't remember random junk that has nothing to do with anything, they remember stuff that shows you how their thought processes work, what's relevant to what's happening now) and lovely writing. I need the rest of this fic now. ;__; (Slight Ban-chan+Ginji if you want to see it that way.)

- Get Backers - Looking Through You by Ellcrys and Kitarin - I was just impressed as all hell reading this story because of the sheer ton of action in it, which is so present in the series itself, but so much more difficult to get across in pure text form. I liked the back and forth, almost mercurial mood shifts from anger to depression to bemusement back to anger again, because the shifts felt natural for these characters who've all had such pain in their lives. I adored the action scenes because at this point in their lives Ban and Ginji had to snarl and fight each other, that's what Ban was in the Mugenjyo for. And... I just loved the ending, 'cause I admit that I'm a sap and all, but I also like it to be IC sap. XD And just enough hints of lemon added to the mix and you've got a happy Becky. ^_~ (BanxGinji, some slight graphic content and violence.)

- Get Backers - Warm & Fuzzy by X-parrot - Okay, I love just-this-side-of-shounen-ai as much as the next GB fangirl. I do. But sometimes the kissing is desperately craved and I adore this fic for scratching that itchy for me--but I also adore it 'cause the cow pjs are just too effing cute. XD I adore X-parrot's scenario of how Ginji came into posession of them, could just see Ban-chan looking at him and thinking he was so damn cute and I loved the author's notes and I loved the kissing. Much to love here. XD (Ban-chanxGinji.)

- Get Backers - Ordinary Business by White Cat - There's been so much good GB fic lately that it's been difficult for me to keep up (what with the raging Prince of Tennis obsession and all), but I sat down recently to catch up a bit and I'm glad, once again, to see White Cat turning up in a fandom I like. Glad about seeing a lot of authors I like turning up in the GB fandom, really. And this was a fun little Akabane-san-centric piece; White Cat captured the smooth, charming, graceful, elegant, and polite mannerisms he has, the way he's not really a sadist so much as a sociopath, someone who just enjoys things being interesting... even if his definition of interesting is a bit warped. ^_~ And, once again, I'm so impressed by her writing. *loves~* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Get Backers - Wearing Your Heart in Your Pants by Mina Lightstar - I admit, the lack of Cranky!Ban-chan does throw me a bit in this fic (especially in the scene with Hevn), but, damn, if Ban-chan's gift for Ginji didn't make me laugh quite readily in the last scene. Plus, I liked that Ban wanted to get Ginji a gift that no one else would get him, that touches the WAFFy fangirl in me and makes her happy. Toss in some lovely writing and a great title and you've got a nice fic here. *sparkles* (BanxGinji, a tiny bit of Hevn/Natsumi hintage.)

- Get Backers - Going Downhill Fast by incandescens - ....I crack up just thinking about this fic, I really do. From the very opening of the fic to the very end of it, just... oh, good, poor, poor Ban-chan and the hell he goes through. And, really, the whole thing had me laughing like crazy, but it was the end that just KEELED ME DED. Such a perfect Get Backers fic to enjoy after I've not read any in so long. .....*still giggling* (No real warnings/pairings, maaaaaaaaybe a little BanGin implied? But not really.)

- GetBackers - Bad Habits, or Get Back: Ban's Dignity by the_con_cept - After watching a couple of GetBackers AMVs the other day, I had the worst craving for BanGin fic. I went trolling and this is one of the first I happened to find and, aww, cute and fun fic that hit the right buttons with me. The writing was smooth and clean, the dialogue was sharp and funny, Ban's characterization was crisp and clear, funny without going over the top about the character. Also, Ban being cranky because he quit smoking and Ginji being the one that convinced him and Ban snarling at a beautifully characterized Akabane and the adorable relationship between Ban and Ginji... yeah, this was a fun little fic I enjoyed a hell of a lot. (Ban/Ginji.)

- GetBackers - Summer Thunder by the_con_cept - Mm, this was nice. The imagery was well done, like I could almost feel the atmosphere inside of the car with Ban and Ginji, that hint of humidity from the rain outside, and I loved the sense of something like intimacy between Ban and Ginji, if that weren't far too schmoopy a word for them. I love that this fic is gorgeous and hot without having to be anywhere near graphic, it's practically PG-13 and yet it's just amazingly intense in certain moments, and I love that I could just see Ban and Ginji in the car and it's a cramped fit, but somehow they find a way. I like the way it's almost like a storm between the two of them, but the author barely has to describe it as such, it just feels that way to me. (Ban/Ginji.)

- GetBackers - full of good cheer by Northlight - Ginji is one of those characters that can sometimes be written as over the top, going too far into hyper when he's... something not quite that bad. I really liked the author's take on the character, it shows the scene from his point of view, as he tries to figure out how to make Ban feel better, it does a lovely job of balancing out the crappy things in their lives with Ginji's basically upbeat nature, while he both worries about Ban and tries to figure out the right thing to say or do because Ban always knows and Ginji has no idea. I like that somehow he manages to do the right thing and yet it's not cliche, it's just... Ginji, everything he's been through, everything Ban has been through, and everything they are together. Plus, I love the ending. ♥ (Ban/Ginji.)

- GetBackers - waiting for the thunder by incandescens - This was a short enough piece that I almost should put it with the shortfic recs, but... it was just a little too powerful not to rec it normally. Because it was just. Sometimes it's easy for me to forget that Ban is more than just being grumpy or angry or annoyed or furious. That he's been through a lot of hell in this lifetime already, that there's something fundamentally... I don't know. But this fic hits hard and it's so achingly... it hurts because it makes me feel what Ban feels, especially after everything with Yamato and Himiko. The imagery is gorgeous, both for the setting and Ban's emotional state. Amazing piece. (You can read into it if you want, but it's gen more than anything.)

- GetBackers - Striptease by Ka - Ginji. Ginji trying to do a striptease. I was amused in all the right places, but it was when I got to the towel part that I had to stop and do the sporfling laughter thing because it had been building since the beginning and just... yeah, too much amusement bubbling over. Though, the entire procession after that was beautiful in exactly the way the author meant it and... yeah, okay, I got waffies out of the semi-serious conversation afterwards. This rec is terrible because I don't want to give away any of the punchlines (...if you can call them punchlines, I guess) and, god, why did I ever stop reading BanGin fic? ♥ (Ban/Ginji.)

- GetBackers - Fine Is a Four-Letter Word by Rana Eros - Oh, what a lovely fic. It's one of those fics where just about everything comes together with it--the writing is perfect, the characterization practically shines, and there's something about the way it could slide right into canon, the way it works with the surprising subltety of the characters as they make Ban get his wounds redressed, the way Ginji can just look at Ban and say so much with his eyes without the author having to beat that into our heads, the way it's all wrapped up in Ban's perspective and it hits all the right notes. The way the fic is set through Ban's perspective, the way he notices so much, the way he's not precisely bitter about life, but more jaded and cynical instead, without being hopeless because Ginji, but it's not over the top, instead it's all just... one of those rare fics that hit me exactly right because the author did her job so damned well. (Ban/Ginji, though, it could be leaning toward gen.)

- GetBackers - like a wound, want by anenko - This is an incredibly short piece, but it packs such an intense punch that I had to recommend it anyway--Ban vs the Lightening Emperor and he's enjoying the hard fight, laughing and turned on like hell and wanting to beat the other guy's face into the ground. You could positively feel the adrennaline in this, which is what I really liked about it. (Ban/Ginji.)

GetBackers: One Finger on the Trigger. by allira_dream - Oh, this was really interesting! A Mafia AU take on the pre-series events, of Ban killing Yamamoto and then meeting Ginji and somehow it works really well. It's not really that different from canon in a lot of ways, which I've always appreciated in AUs like this, but mostly it's just really cool. (No warnings/pairings.)

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