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- Gintama - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So, myth720 gave me a few Gintama links to start browsing, as I'd not saved any of the ones that I'd seen before and this was one of the first to jump out at me because of the beautiful illustrations of Gin, Katsura (The one of him sitting in a chair with the glass in hand? Holy crap, that's gorgeous.), and all the group illustrations. The colors are these beautifully shaded, yet vivid hues combined with nicely detailed lines to create these gorgeous, painting-like illustrations--the Gin/Katsura ones are probably my favorite (there's this one of them on a blue background with Gin holding a flower up to his face that's just stunning, the shades of blue used--especially his eyes--make me turn green with envy and I'm not even a fanartist), but, really, anything on the site is worth viewing. Especially any time the Shinsengumi appear--Hijikata and Okita under the umbrella was NICE. *__* (Gin/Katsura, Gin/Hijikata, Takasugi(?)/Katsura, Takasugi(?)/Gin, some other shounen ai.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist/Gintama - haiao [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Another site I gank off myth720~ This one is actually probably more for the FMA art than the Gintama art, much to my surprise, but it was a handful of the rough illustrations on the site that won me over--normally, I don't always go for the more "harsh" lineart like this, but there's just something about Roy pressing a kiss to gunbu!Ed (with PONYTAIL instead of a braid! *__*) or Ed walking down a flight of stairs with a book in his hand or nighttime with Roy practically collapsing on Ed, who's wrapping arms around him or Ed pressing his face to Roy's chest and grabbing at his uniform that just sort of win me over. XD (And chains! Who doesn't like seeing Ed in metaphorical chains being tied to military!Roy?) But the Gintama art is actually pretty good, too--there are a handful of Kagura illustrations that look nice (her standing in front of the big dog-thing that I can't remember the name of is great and I kinda like the one of her standing next to Okita) and the style sort of seems to fit the manga. I liked this site. <3 (Roy/Ed, no Gintama pairings, really.)

- Gintama - 316 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Dammit, I was trying not to be won over by this site, as it's mostly oekaki and I'm still at the stage where I want regular illustrations, but... argh, the artist does these pretty b&w oekaki illustrations of Hijikata where just looks so hot. Not all of the art is necessarily to my taste, but there is enough that I felt it eventually merited mentioning. Especially any time the artist draws Hijikata or Okita--she has these really great lines that really do the hotness of the characters justice or gives them hysterical expressions or shows them looking so cool in action--the one of Hijikata drawing his sword looks fantastic and any time fighting!Gin appears, it's a treat as well. Oh! Oh! And there are even chibis occasionally! So, yeah. Overall, I was reluctant at first, but really good b&w oekaki can win me over like crazy and there's this one in color of the Shinsengumi that is fantastic. Worth it just for that. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gintama - Chikadoh [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I've rec'd this site before for the Naruto fanart (which I had to re-go through when I stumbled over this site again <3) and while there's not a lot of Gintama fanart, what is there is really kind of neat. The illustrations of the main three, especially Gin, are some of the best, both with the poses/concepts and lines/colors, but any time the Shinsengumi pop up in the background, I am vastly amused. It was good for a fix this afternoon, which is all I can ask of a site. ^_~ (Maybe some shounen ai hinted at, but not enough to warn for?)

- Bleach/Gintama/Hunter x Hunter - Dreamy Diana [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have a lot of fondness for the Ichigo/Rukia/Renji OT3-esque illustrations on this site, because the artist is really good at capturing a sort of... whacky dynamic that really works for the characters in combination with her strong sense of detail and colors. A lot of what I liked about the site, though, is that Kon is so very, very put-upon and, really, how could I not love that? Or Renji in pigtails looking like he's ready to die? Or a super-hot Yoruichi illustration? Or Kon!baby!Ichigo looking absolutely adorable? Or the 'playing cards'-style illustrations of Ichigo, Rukia, Ishida, and Orihime? After that, the Gintama fanart is really cute and quite well-drawn and the artist has done one of the most beautiful Kurapika illustrations I've ever seen--it's gorgeous, all that long, golden blond hair, the red eyes, the highlights.... *__* (Maybe a little Ichigo/Ruki, maybe a little Ichigo/Rukia/Renji, Gin/Shin, and some HxH shounen-ai vibes?)

- Bleach/Naruto/Gintama - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - To be honest, I sat on the fence over this site for awhile, there was just little art that really grabbed me, despite it being rather well done art. But there were just enough of illustrations like that one of Team Gai or Yondaime that have these warm, comfortable-feeling colors that I was sort of teetering towards this side and then... there are the occasional oekaki of illustrations like Yondaime with ANBU!Kakashi and the main illustration gallery held a lot more art. That's where the real stuff I fell in love with was--more of those same warm, golden-like colors and absolutely adorable stuff like Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade as kids or lovely Byakuya and Renji or just enough really quite cute Gintama fanart that I had to toss in there, too. Lots of different concepts/poses, lots of really pretty elegant characters or absolutely adorable fun characters, there's a good range here and that always wins points with me. Plus, I just love the colors, I don't know why. XD (Hmm, maybe a little Byakuya/Renji, but I'm not willing to label any other pairings.)

- Bleach/Gintama - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - First, the Bleach. I don't always go for this pairing, but I have enough of a soft spot for it that I'll occasionally look into Byakuya/Renji fanart that catches my eye. It's sites like this one that keep me with an open mind because this way I get to see pretty Byakuya fanart or Renji as a skinny little stick of a kid being SO CUTE or surprisingly adorable fan-comics that I liked a lot. Also, be sure to check out the kiriban section, some of the best Bleach art is in there. *__* And then there's the Gintama fanart. Man, her Hijikata is hot. Like, hotter than a hot hot thing hot. Her Gin is really, really nice as well (especially that one of him in mid-fight, the lines of his body are perfect, the expression on his face is perfect), but Hijikata that keeps drawing my eye, because he looks fantastic, all that hair and irritated expression and beautiful uniform... wow, really impressive art here, enough to make even me go through the pairing that's not usually my thing. ^_~ (Byakuya/Renji, some Gin/Hijikata.)

- Gintama - Kasou*Gekkou [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I've rec'd this site for the Bleach content previously, but I wasn't aware of Gintama at the time and that's what I stumbled back over this site for this time. And I really can't help loving the artist's smooth, clean, shiny CG style, everything looks like it's practically sparkling, which really enhances the clean, smooth lines of the art, adds to the lovely amount of detail and the really pretty coloring. Because looking at the characters' hair is a treat often times, because that part of the illustrations looks almost professional. You can definitely see growth from the artist, that the newer ones are a lot cooler, but there's a nice selection of art to choose from and I really like the way the artist just frames/lays out her images. Even to make me keep going even when it's a Gin/Hijikata site. :D (Some Gin/Hijikata, some gen.)

- Naruto/Gintama - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is going to be another one of those sites that isn't going to be for everyone, but that I found myself rather fond of. Part of it is that the Neji/Hinata fanart is absolutely adorable and, yes, I'm weak to the pairing, but the art actually is really good. It's got that nice, smooth CG coloring and it's shiny without being too over the top about it. The art is very cute, almost chibi-esque, but that doesn't bother me because I usually want to scoop Hinata up and happily squish her in a great big hug anyway, you know? I also love that the artist's current work is getting to be really well-done, her details are coming along wonderfully and she adds just enough of a softening filter and shine to the images that I go all fluttery over them. Hinata in kimono is just... *happy sigh* I love the artist's colors. Now, not everyone is going to be into the almost lolicon-ish images when Hinata is put in... uh, compromising positions, but they're (mostly) easy enough to skip over if they're not your thing. As for the Gintama fanart, it's pretty much all of the same as above (except substituting Kagura in for Hinata), the adorable little characters, the pretty colors, the nice shine to everything, except possibly a bit more consistent. I really enjoyed the artist's Gintama works a lot. It, uh, didn't hurt that there was a page of Hijikata/Okita, too. ♥ (Neji/Hinata, maybe a hint of Naruto/Hinata, a lot of Hinata gen. A lot of Kagura pairings, but a lot of gen for her, too.)

- Gintama/Howl's Moving Castle - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - All right, I might have been a little easy on this site, but I have been looking for GinZura fanart everywhere and I finally, finally found it! The art starts off a little rocky, but the artist actually does have a lot of talent--the ones of Katsura in school uniform or the one of him as a kid with Elizabeth next to him were just lovely, a smoothness to his hair and clothes and the almost glossy colors that I loved. And then! Then there was cracked out GinZura fanart of them in maid outfits and I sort of had to fall in love. :D The site also has a lot of the other characters--there's some really fabulous Kagura oekaki especially--that I wound up loving the site for itself, rather than just because of the GinZura art. I love that there's a lot of art, too, including a bunch of oekaki that are more and more well done the further you get into the galleries and... well, yes, I tend to have a weakness for that sort of thing. ♥ The HMC fanart is mostly of the oekaki variety and I'm mostly gibbering over the site for the Gintama art, but... if you're a big fan of HMC fanart, it's worth a whirl though, I think. It's kind of fun to skim through the pages and see all that blonde and the flash of blue eyes from all the Howl illustrations. :D (Some Gin/Katsura, but a lot gen, too.)

- Gintama - albicocca [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is an interesting style, one that I almost might not have recognized Hijikata and Okita without their uniforms, but that doesn't make it bad. I actually rather like it and the way the artist puts a lot of detail into her lines so that Okita's hair looks really good or Hijikata has the necessary smoldering hotness with all that dark hair and intense eyes and sharp features. I really, really like her b&w stuff because it shows off the lines so well, but her color stuff is also just lovely, the highlights between brown and gold and blonde for Okita's hair are a nice blend between what I thought of his hair color and the color in the anime. And there are even some occasional group images of the rest of the Shinsengumi or the main trio and it really turned out to be one of my more favorite sites, I think. :D (Hijikata/Okita.)

- Gintama - V-ReBOX [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - With the anime finally premiering, I've ben antsy for more Gintama stuff, so I've started diving back into the j-fanart again. And this site was just adorably cute and it's not a style I would have thought would work all that well with Gintama, but somehow the artist pulls off all the light colors and pastels and almost doujinshi-like quality of the cute lines. Now, the group illustrations tended to be my favorites but even I had to admit that some of the color Okita/Kagura illustrations were really quite pretty. It's a site that I rather enjoyed and think was probably worth going through a quick visit of, even if you're not a fan of that pairing, since the group stuff or the single-character stuff was really good, too. (Okita/Kagura, some gen.)

- Gintama - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site where the pairing isn't mine, but I'm hungry for Gintama art and the artist is really talented, so I wind up not minding particularly much. Especially when the artist does lovely things with bright colors and cute characters, her Kagura is especially adorable at times. The art does tend a little towards making her look very young, but there's a delicate quality to the lines that overrides that for me. Especially when she's so cute and adorable and little and hugging Sadaharu and I'm going, "AWWWW!" at the image. Though, as you get further into the gallery, the art becomes really strong--there's one of Kagura in the moodlight with her Chinese style dress and umbrella and the shades of red throughout the image are beautiful, the softeness of the hundred different colors blending into highlights of each other. On the other hand, the Okita isn't one I'm used to very often, but... pretty art is pretty art and I don't mind so much. A very cute site with a lot of cute art. :D (Gin/Kagura, some Kondou/Okita.)

- Gintama - TKDU [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Ooh, I loved this site! ♥ Even from early on in the gallery, I was rather impressed, but I kept going further and further in and the artist kept surprising me with these lovely illustrations and pretty use of colors and clean lines and occasionally one that was just absolutely professional in how they all came together. Especially Gin, omg. The one with the panda is just beautiful somehow or the one of him looking younger and holding the sword with a determined expression or the really hot one of Hijikata or--....well, yes. Despite that I don't seem to have much to say, I think this is one of the better sites to start out one's Gintama fanart hunting with becasue it's actually pretty and the Gin art is some of the best out there and if you're not sure how you feel about pairings yet, it doesn't really have any. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gintama - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, now this is what I've been looking for! A site with a lot of art, but the kind that makes me want to drool on myself for the feel of it, the almost sketch or watercolor-esque style (though, neither of those is quite it, either), the effectiveness of the art. Whether it's Hijikata and Okita standing against the backdrop of an orange sun and dark tree branches or a bloody Gin in the middle of a nasty fight or of the beautiful illustrations of Gin in the Shinsengumi or Hijikata and Gin driving each other nuts or a ton of others that were lovely or hot or just really neat to look at. The artist has a way of doing art that's almost simple looking, except that's not it either, but also with such lovely detail hiding in the art the more you look at it and I just... I fell in love with the beautiful style of it. Definitely one of the must-sees of the fandom, I think. I mean, the ones of Hijikata and young!Okita alone are just NOT to be missed. ♥ (Too many possible pairings to name them all, a lot of gen, maybe a little more Hijikata/Okita than anything else?)

- Gintama - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I sort of waffled on this site. There were some pretty Katsura oekaki illustrations here and there, but I wasn't sure if it was enough to officially win me over. The, buried on the third or fourth page I saw, there was an oekaki image of Okita dressed up in a dog costume much like Sadaharu's and biting Hijikata's head (I think?), blood trickling down the sides. I promptly lost it at the mere idea of that, because... ahahaha, beautiful. I just... I love how much crack this site is on, it's perfectly in tune with the original series and desperately makes me wish I could understand more of the jokes. Toss in the occasional genuinely pretty image, especially the stuff in the proper gallery, especially when it's Katsura/GinZura friendly... well, you've got a site I went a little nuts over. But, c'mon. It's got Katsura in a wedding dress, Elizabeth behind him and the English caption, "My darling!" and "...". How could I not love the site just on principle? ♥ (Some Gin/Katsura, some gen.)

- Gintama - comet [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, I don't care that there's only a small handful of art on this site, I'm recommending it anyway, because there is the most beautiful GinZura image at the beginning of the gallery. It's all these soft, delicate colors that almost look like I could reach my hand onto the screen and come away with a sheen of powder on my fingertips and I love that style. But there's also some b&w sketches of Katsura or an anime-style image of them walking down the street together or the one with the tattoos and then there are Sims caps and, omg, ICONS, EEEE. Part of it is that I want to keep an eye on the site, but part of it is that I definitely liked what I saw and it's still some of the better GinZura art I've found. ♥ (Some Gin/Katsura.)

- Gundam SEED/Harukanaru Toki no Nakade/Gintama - HoramakiNet [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I sat on the fence about this site for awhile, since I'm not as into the SEED Destiny side of things as much as I am with the original SEED pairings, but... I kept at the site because the CG-style art wasn't bad at all. And then when it got to the Ashuran/Cagalli fanart that I wanted to see? Yeah, that's when the site got kinda squeeful for me. But they're so cute together and Cagalli is so pretty in her green dress with her gold hair and Ashuran's eyes are so bright and green and everything is shiny! I totally fall for that kind of thing. And then there's also Kira/Lux and in some of them, they look older and, man, they're kinda hot together. They're much the same as what won me over with the Ashuran/Cagalli--so much shining hair and kickass clothes and beautiful eyes and they're always touching each other, which gets my romantic fangirl going. And also the same pretty much applies to the HaruToki3 and Gintama fanart, it has the same bright colors and loads of detail and shining CG style that's used pretty well. The kind of site that makes me feel all shoujo-y in the good way. Probably not going to appeal unless you like the pairings, but if you do... it's a really nice site. And maybe even if you don't--the Gintama ones weren't my pairings, but I found the art to be pretty enough? :D (Ashuran/Cagalli, Kira/Lux, a smidge of Dearka/Millie, Okita/Kagura and Hijikata/Gin, and HaruToki het pairings.)

- Gintama - under tone [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This totally isn't my fault, I swear! I was just minding my own business, poking around for Saiunkoku Monogatari fanart and happened to see a bunch of Gintama links, I didn't mean to wander through them to see if I could find any new GinZura links. Naturally, I happened to stumble over one. And of course it had totally cute/funny/adorable/pretty art for me to coo over. Of course it had a series of comics with a totally hot Gin or Katsura with cat earts and none too happy about it. Of course it had a insanely hot bloody!Gin and then gorgeous, gorgeous handporn/hand kissing. *sigh* Now I want GinZura fic. *kicks fandom* But the site was fabulous. And there's hot!Gin doctor sucking on a lollipop that should be illegal on the oekaki board. :9 (Gin/Katsura.)

- Gurren Lagann/Fullmetal Alchemist/Gintama/Howl's Moving Castle - AuroraVision [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, I loved this site right away, the art is totally hot and fantastic looking. Not only does each piece look terrific, with all these strong, smooth lines and really good colors, but the artist draws so many different things. You've got adorable Simon/Nia under the bright blue sky, you've got older Simon and Rossiu looking out over the city, you've got little princess Nia surrounded by toys and looking a little lost, you've got Simon and Viral with their hands around each other's throats, etc. So many of them are so vivid with this artist, the colors she starts using are just gorgeous. ♥ As for the rest of the art, there's not much of a gallery proper, but there's a lot of sketches and diary art tucked away on the site that are absolutely worth going through, the FMA images are lovely (and some of them are so hot and remind me of why I spent so much time with FMA sites in the past) and I think this may be the first Gintama site I've seen in awhile where I'm actually charmed by the art again! *__* (Some Simon/Nia, some Gurren Lagan gen. Mostly gen for FMA and Gintama, I'm going to say. Maybe a little Hijikata/Okita. Howl/Sophie for HMC.)

- Gintama - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I had been spending the morning looking for D.Gray-man fanart and surfing around a bit and somehow I managed to end up on a Gintama site. A Gintama site with a rather pretty Katsura. A Gintama site with a rather pretty Katsura in GinZura art. I love that pairing deeply, but it tends to be extremely rare in fandom. And there's not a ton here and the artist took about half of the site to really improve (though, she's always been good), but she has these really sharp CG-style colors that I really like, so I enjoyed pretty much everything on the site. There's some really hot Gintoki fanart on the site as well, the one of him in his old samurai clothes is beautiful. Fantastic site. ♥ (Some GinZura, some other, a lot of gen, too.)

- Gintama - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - For awhile, I was really trying to avoid recommending this site because the art style isn't really my usual preferred style, but I at least wanted to stick around the site to see if there was any interesting GinZura art. I'm very weak to this pairing, so when the artist started having some these interesting illustrations that were almost sort of stylized (well, I chose to look at them that way, anyway) and the site turned out to be a fun, interesting little stop... well, I had to go ahead and recommend it anyway. Not going to be for everyone, but if you like any and all Gintama fanart or are partial to the GinZura pairing, then you might like this one, too. (Some GinZura, some other, some gen.)

- Gintama - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site will definitely not be for everyone, the art tends to very much lean towards being cute more than anything, but... well, it's got GinZura in their past soldier days and I'm really, really fond of that sort of thing. The artist also has the occasional very pretty Katsura illustration and she does improve a lot as the site goes along, some of the later art is very pretty. The artist also does really well with Gin's flat-eyed stare and I just... enjoyed this site, it was fun. (Some GinZura, some other, some gen.)

- Gintama - Silver Labor Council [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm beginning to sound a bit like a broken record with how many times I've said this lately, but it's still very true and I say it because I want to convey my recommendation in the right frame of mind, as pretentious as that sounds. I really was going to pass right by this site, I'd planned to skip the last few images in the gallery, hit up the links page for anything that caught my eye, and move on. I don't really know what did me in with the site, much of the art isn't to my particular taste, but... when the artist would do some of the GinZura illustrations, she had this particular style. A style that felt very reminscent of a shounen manga, the tiny little lines and sharp detail, but without the "prettiness". (This, by the way, is not an insult at all, I like this style.) And then applied it to art of things like Gin kissing Katsura under a momiji tree, or the foursome walking along at a festival, or Gin lying with his head in Katsura's lap as they sit on a porch. And it just somehow fit with the Gintama style or fit with the characters or something, that those turned out to be my favorite illustrations on the site. ♥ (Some GinZura, some gen.)

- Gintama - Lesport [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, Hijikata/Yamazaki isn't my preferred pairing, it's not something that would have occurred to me with this series (though, it's not like the pairing has never crossed my mind, I could have seen it in Peacemaker, if Hijikata/Okita weren't so OTP there), but... goddamn, some of this art is just gorgeous. It's got those clean CG-style colors and lines and Hijikata looks so hot and I am always, always for Hijikata looking hot. There's also a smidge of Okita/Yamazaki here, which is drawn looking just as pretty. There's the occasional Shinsengumi as a group illustration and there was even a cute Kagura illustration floating around. Even if it's a bit of a rare/unusual pairing, it's worth a visit to the site, I think. (Hijikata/Yamazaki, some other.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN!/Gintama - nkk [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I feel like maybe I've been to this site before, but that it might also just be because the style is similar to one I've seen used on other Dino/Hibari sites or even because I've been looking at so much fanart in the last few days that my brain is sort of starting to dribble out my ears a little. However. It's a style I greatly appreciate for Dino/Hibari sites because it's got this almost rough quality to it, except that's not really it, maybe intense might be a better word for it. Their hair is messy and their eyes draw in my attention with how sharp they look and the Dino/Hibari chemistry totally carries over into the art, I think. I do wonder if Hibari is a little more passive than I would like here (as well as put in dresses a little more often than I might have believed), but... well, I totally forget that in the face of the artist's smoking hot Dino. His tattoos are so hot. As for the Gintama fanart, it's much the same. I really like the artist's pseudo-rough style and her Hijikata looks really kinda super hot and I wonder if Okita isn't a little too passive, but I forget about that in the face of art that makes me smile. A very nice site! ♥ (Dino/Hibari, Hijikata/Okita.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN!/Gintama - graycells [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I hesitated a little bit with this site, I wasn't quite sure it was to my taste, but I definitely wanted to keep going because I liked the artist's sharp, clean b&w style. And there were a lot of characters I thought she did really well, her Dino is very nice and I like her Squalo a lot. But it wasn't until getting to the one of Dino giving a kidlet!Hibari a ride on his shoulders that I officially fell for the site, because it was just too adorable to resist. Then she followed it up with one of Hibari with little kidlet!Dino and I was just... utterly charmed. I sometimes have a bit of trouble telling who's supposed to be whom, but when the artist is on, I love the art a lot, so I don't mind so much. The one of Dino and Hibari touching foreheads (where Hibari looks like some combination of bored and wtf and it's nice) is worth the site alone, her Dino is fantastic. Her Gintama fanart is much the same, though, I think I love her Hijikata/Okita even more, such pretty and sharp b&w lines for them. And when she uses color, it's really nicely done. ♥ (Some Dino/Hibari, some gen for Reborn! and some Hijikata/Okita, some gen for Gintama.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN!/Bleach/Gintama/Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site didn't take me long at all to really come to like. Not all of the illustrations are perfect, but the artist has a style where she has very fine, detailed lines, the kind with the really fleshed backgrounds (or sometimes just really complex looking structures around the characters) or just really detailed looking clothing and it's a very cool style. And it's just even better that, while I came here for and really like the Dino/Hibari, the artist also seems fond of Gokudera/Tsuna! I reallylike the way the artist draws Dino's hair, too. *__* Her Bleach art is in much the same style and while I think it works better with other series, I find the art really cool-looking still. And ditto again for the Gintama and Naruto fanart, they're definitely worth visiting for those series as well. (Dino/Hibari and some gen for KHR. Some Aizen/Gin and some gen for Bleach. Some GinZura and some gen for Gintama. Gen for Naruto.)

- Gintama/Gurren Lagann - RABIES [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's something about Gintama art on this site that I really like, something more than just the solid level of skill the artist has. Not all of the illustrations set this feeling off in me, but there's a handful of images on the site that are just... really pretty and interesting. There's not a lot of art here and it does seem a bit all over the place, but I was very intrigued by the work so far and really want to see more from the artist. It's... interesting. In a good way. As for the Gurren Lagann section... w-well, I think this is the first time I've seen a Viral/Rossiu illustration ever. XD Most of the art is pretty gen, probably all of it is intended as gen, but it's still kind of great to see an image like that. The art is very solid, the artist has a lot of skill, very solid and professional looking lines, some of the illustrations go beyond just good and are really sort of gorgeous. This was a delightful little site to stumble over. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gintama - East Scandal [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Somehow, of all things, I got here from a D.Gray-man site. But I was immediately sucked into the Gintama section because there was shiny, shiny GinZura art, which is my pet pairing of choice. The further I got into the gallery, though, the more I came to really like the Kondo/Tae and Okita/Kagura art as well, since the artist does these sunset-colors-style CG illustrations and these pretty, pretty pastel colors so very well. I generally prefer Hijikata/Okita, but this site... it really makes me kind of fond of the idea of Okita/Kagura (which I've never hated, because it's hilarious in the manga), especially if fanartists are going to draw it so well. (Some Gin/Katsura, some Kondo/Tae, some Okita/Kagura.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN!/Gintama - crown [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This style took a little while for me to get used to, it's the kind of CG art where the artist draws what looks like a million strands of their hair, so my eye is naturally drawn towards it. And it's the kind of style where the artist actually has to be really good at it for me to like it and while the artist may have started out a little shakey, I came to really like her art here. Of course, part of that is that it's Dino/Hibari and friendly towards GinZura, so I was more prone to be weak to it, but I still think it's well done and has a certain intensity to it. Not everything is perfect, but it's worth the time it took to go through for me. (Some Dino/Hibari, some other yaoi, some gen. Some GinZura for Gintama, some other yaoi, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN!/Gintama - cotola [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came here for the possible Dino/Hibari fanart, but got distracted by some of the cute Haru fanart I managed to click on first. Not much longer I got into the Dino/Hibari stuff, which has some utterly adorable chibis, but I still had the warm and happy feeling that the artist liked the other characters, too, and even some of the girls. Though, the yaoi is totally the point of the site and I really loved the art, the artist uses some very nice yellows and blacks, lighter versions that aren't quite pastel, but fit with the fun side of the couple. Mostly it's chibi-esque art (did I mention that these are adorable?) but occasionally there are some regular sized illustrations, too, and for someone who's gone, like, three whole days without stumbling into a cache of art for these two, this was a delight. ♥ The Gintama art is much the same, it has a lot of lighter, airier colors and is just kinda fun to go through. :D (Dino/Hibari for REBORN! and maybe some Gin/Kagura, Hijikata/Okita, and a lot of gen for Gintama.)

- Bleach/Gintama/Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - zizz [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, I was all set to glide right on past this site since the current top illustration wasn't my thing, but I figured, what the hell. And the artist had Bleach art, I'd just click through to see what characters she liked. And then I stumbled over some seriously hot Tousen fanart. There's not a lot of it, but I don't think I've seen a site with Shuuhei/Tousen before and the Zaraki/Tousen illustration is amazingly canon-like. As for Gintama, there's even less art, only four illustrations, but the Joui art is some damn fine art and thus I am easy. And, finally, the REBORN! art is also in similar veings, there's a lot of b&w and it's kind of harsh in style, and in content with the Mukuro/Hibari art, which is... well, a handful of pieces are pretty non-con. But the site is really interesting and I found myself impressed by a lot of the illustrations. (Some Shuuhei/Tousen and some other yaoi for Bleach. No warnings for Gintama. Mukuro/Hibari and Mukuro/Lanchia and some other for REBORN!.)

- Naruto/Katekyou Hitman REBORN!/Gintama - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I probably would have skipped right past the Naruto section on this site if not for a few things: I do really like the artist's style, it's interesting and cool to look at, it's not a style I see super-often, but when it's done well, it's good. The Sasuke stand-alone character art was fun for me to look at, the almost b&w style the artist has is a little reminiscent of a shounen manga style (different enough from Kishimoto's to be interesting, but similar enough to be recognizable, a good balance) and I know there are a lot of people who like Kakashi/Sasuke. As for the REBORN! art, the style suits the characters as well (though, I thought maybe the Naruto art was a little bit better done) and the artist's Gokudera is especially fantastic. The amazing amount of detail she puts into illustrations with him is terrific. ♥ Though, I think the Gintama art might just be the best out of them all, since the detail and b&w-esque style works so perfectly with the feel of the Gintama art, it's very canon-like! (Kakashi/Sasuke for Naruto. Maybe some Mukuro/Tsuna for REBORN!, but mostly gen. Mostly gen for Gintama.)

- Gintama - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was originally looking for more Soul Eater fanart sites, but somehow I stumbled over a Gintama site and got sucked into the really beautiful art. Gintoki/Takasugi isn't my favorite pairing, but I'm not against it either, so sites like this... I can't help but fall into them. The artist clearly likes drawing Takasugi a lot, he's especially pretty in her work (and the one that shows up most often), but pretty much everything on this site is beautiful and richly detailed. There's one of Gin sitting on a leaf-covered branch while he fishes and the detail in all those leaves is just gorgeous. *__* Definitely worth a look if you like the Joi-era characters or just want some pretty Gintama art. (Some Gintoki/Takasugi, some other, some gen.)

- Gintama - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was all set to stop after the last Gintama site, I was just closing the last of the tabs I'd opened and I thought, eh, I'll just take a look around at this last site before I close it and lost the URL forever. And then I kind of fell in love, even if it was rather grudgingly. (I have Soul Eater fanart to go look for!) The illustrations are the kind I just love--there's a rough quality to them, but they're so detailed and so pretty, with all these darker colors or sunset-esque colors that work beautifully together. There's also a lot of art here and there's even some Hijikata/Okita art and as;dlkfjaslkj it's like the site is kind of designed to draw me in! The only way I could have loved it more is if there had been more than just one or two GinZura illustrations on the site. Other than that, it was a fantastic little side. ....possibly I may have recommended this site before. Eh, you can go look through it again, I'm sure there's new art here. XD (Mostly gen, some Hijikata/Okita, some other.)

- Gintama - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was actually looking for Nabari no Ou fanart when I stumbled over this site and started randomly clicking through the gallery. There was this really beautiful illustration of Kagura and Sadaharu against a nature background that had the prettiest colors and I was just. Totally sold on the site. The rest of the site is very cute as well, I'm not really big on the pairing, but I like both Okita and Kagura as characters and the artist does amazing detail on their hair and clothes and the backgrounds that I couldn't not recommend it. Seriously, there's one of little baby Kagura near a forest while in a cute little rainslicker that's the most adorable thing I've seen all day omg. ♥ (Some Okita/Kagura.)

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