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- Gintama - untitled by Mina Lightstar - Seriously, it took ONE PARAGRAPH to know I was going to be rather in love with this fic. I mean, I was probably pre-biased to like it because OMG GIN/KATSURA, YAY, I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE. But then it starts out with: It starts with a forgotten pair of underwear. It's an honest mistake, an accident. Katsura stumbles home with a drunken Gintoki one night, and ends up staying over at Kagura's invitation. This "invitation" consisted of the words "Did you bring food? Because you can stay if you did." and I promptly snorted and had to tamp down a giggle fit before I could continue reading as that is so beautifully Kagura and Gintama's style. The whole thing is, really. Oh. Oh, god, the trio is beautiful and Kagura and Shinpachi are perfect and Gin and Katsura are perfect together and I was leaning towards OTP before, but Mina's fic is just so damned much like the manga and so brilliant that now they shall be OTP FOREVER. I am totally on a fic high now. (Gin/Katsura, except not, except yes.)

- Gintama - untitled by Mina Lightstar - Oh. Oh, god. I don't know how she does it, but Mina has this brilliant way with her Gintama fic, she gets the sense of humor around the series, the cracked out amusement that drew me in in the first place. And, god, in her hands, Gin/Zura is quickly becoming an unbreakable OTP for me. Especially when they get into situations like this and the little details are brilliant because Gin is just as lazy-brained as ever, the hazy not-quite-getting-it except that it's not precisely dumb or out of it, it's that thing Gin has, and then the Katsura/Zura joke still works, is still fucking funny, their interaction is perfect and, god, I've reread this about four times now and I still giggle every goddamned time. ♥ (Implications of Gin/Katsura.)

- Gintama - Favors by Mina Lightstar - I swear, every time I read a fic of Mina's with the main gang, I wind up literally kicking something or beating on something/someone in my hysterical, violent laughter. This fic was no exception because she nails that group (plus Katsura) dynamic just so perfectly that I don't even have to try to see them in my head, they're just there. And it's beautiful, the little details of Kagura constantly chowing down on food, Shinpachi being the only sane one around, Gin's ability to be perpetually bored with everything, except when he's being a bit of a spaz and shooting milk out his nose in surprise, Katsura trying to be above all of this, trying to hold onto that last shred of dignity, and nobody cares or notices, and everything just comes together perfectly. The pacing is absolutely grand, the jokes are brilliant, and, oh, my heart sings with love. For Mina, for GinZura, and for the couch. Especially the couch. ♥ (GinZura implied.)

- Gintama - Interlude by Mina Lightstar - *beams* More GinZura fic! And it's ALMOST PORN and that deserves all the love in the world, too. Especially when it's set pre-series, when Gin and Katsura were fighting together and this is just like how I imagined it would have gone. The way they're fighters, but it's not precisely a battle here, it's something a little different than that and there's this gorgeous sense of intimacy between the two characters, the way I can practically feel the light touch on skin before it deepens, the way I can feel Katsura's wet hair or see the way the lightning makes Gin look like the demon he's so often said to be. And, mmn, the almost porn is really very, very hot. ♥ (Gin/Katsura.)

- Gintama - 7-SEAS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Normally, I'm not much of a HijiGin fan, but... well, I do have much love for both characters and this artist can do some really cool things with CG coloring and her basic lines aren't bad at all... but what really put me over the top? Even more than hot!Hijikata or pretty!Gintoki? That there's Gintoki/Katsura art here. That's terribly rare to find, much less when the artist draws it so pretty and there's this one. This one illustration that totally made the site for me. The two of them lying on the ground with Katsura's hair spilling everywhere, the red cord tying it back wrapped around Gin's fingers. Sure, sure, the rest of the site is cool and worth checking out, but that image was my favorite. *_* Though, in all seriousness, if you like either character and don't run screaming from the pairing, I really recommend this site. (Mostly Hijikata/Gintoki, a little GinZura.)

- Gintama - Tidings of Comfort and Joy by Mina - You know how every time I say that I'm floored at how amazing Mina is at capturing the Gintama world's feel? AGAIN. AGAIN I GO THROUGH THE SAME REACTION. "She can't possibly be as good as I remember. *reads* Shit, this is awesome. \o/" Yet again, I end up in a pile of spastic laughing fangirl, yet again I delight in each and every character, yet again I'm convinced that the GinZura pairing is the greatest thing ever. The way she puts this brilliant spin on Christmas in the Gintama universe, the way Gin is dressed like Santa and I can completely picture it, the way all these little details come together to make the most hilarious chaos... none of us are worth of Mina's Gintama fic. None of us. (GinZura.)

- Gintama - Feminine Side by Mina - In an effort to focus on something new to say besides, "Omg, she captures the Gintama world so well!", this time I will mention how great Mina is at capturing everything she needs to in just the right amount of time. The fic is this perfect little encapsulated idea, it didn't need to be any longer or any shorter to get the perfect image across. Also, there's kissing and it's hilarious and her knack for detail ones again rules. (GinZura, sort of.)

Gintama: stop trying to kill injured people! by Luinael - Man, it's been forever since I read any Gintama fic and somehow I'd never really thought to look much on FFNET, but this was a delightful little piece set while Gintoki has amnesia and Katsura... helps him out a little, while there's a lot going on underneath that's not said and it's just... it fits with what I know of the characters (even if it has been ages since I touched the manga, too) and it's fluffy without being saccharine. :Db (GinZura.)

Gintama: Groceries, Jackets, and Groceries by Taril - Okay, I was enjoying this entire fic, but. When I got to this line: People on the street were staring at them, as it wasnít everyday that you see a long-haired pirate walking in the streets with a silver natural perm. Letís just say that they made an extremely curious sight. I knew I was going to have to rec the fic because it's just-- It captures that batshit sense of humor that the series has and it's Gintoki and Katsura being retards at each other in that way they have. They bicker the entire way through the fic, coming up with the most random, off-the-wall things, and every time they do, I just started cracking up because asdfl;jkasdlkj I love those two so much, seriously OTP, whether gen or something more. (Maybe you can read GinZura into this or maybe it's just gen, either way.)

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