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- Gintama - untitled by Mina Lightstar - GINTAMA FIC. And not just any Gintama fic, but Hijikata/Okita fic that actually keeps the feel/style of the manga. I've been kinda-sorta-maybe-hoping that Mina would write Gintama fic ever since she got into the fandom and NOW SHE HAS and it's actually batshit crazy and Okita is... well, Okita and things tend to happen around him and Hijikata's life is hell and I totally cracked up at the part with the megaphone. That's just beautiful right there. I can rest easy knowing that good Gintama fic exists now. ♥ (Hijikata/Okita, except not entirely.)

- Gintama - A Day in the Life of Hijikata by Mina Lightstar - God, I love that Mina is writing Gintama fic. It's one of those series that I quietly loved but too few people had heard about it and I worried that English fic for it just wouldn't translate, but Mina has totally proven me wrong. She writes a brilliant Hijikata and Okita, so... so... so cracked out like in the original series, that same blend of Hijikata constantly having the worst day ever, of sexual attraction/tension, and... homicidal tendencies. I love that Mina captures all the batshit crazy of the series, of Okita's rocket launchers and the various attempts to kill Hijikata, but yet it's still so... ordinary for Hijikata's life. This is why I love Hijikata/Okita. And one of the many, many reasons I love Mina. (Hijikata/Okita... sort of. It could be gen, too.)

- Gintama - 7-SEAS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Normally, I'm not much of a HijiGin fan, but... well, I do have much love for both characters and this artist can do some really cool things with CG coloring and her basic lines aren't bad at all... but what really put me over the top? Even more than hot!Hijikata or pretty!Gintoki? That there's Gintoki/Katsura art here. That's terribly rare to find, much less when the artist draws it so pretty and there's this one. This one illustration that totally made the site for me. The two of them lying on the ground with Katsura's hair spilling everywhere, the red cord tying it back wrapped around Gin's fingers. Sure, sure, the rest of the site is cool and worth checking out, but that image was my favorite. *_* Though, in all seriousness, if you like either character and don't run screaming from the pairing, I really recommend this site. (Mostly Hijikata/Gintoki, a little GinZura.)

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