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- Gintama - To The Dogs by Mina Lightsar - Mina is spoiling us with all the Gintama fic, she really is. I don't know what I'm going to do after this, when I have to go back to pining for more, it'll be so hard! In the meantime, though, it only took me about a third of the way into this fic before I started giggling so hard I actually had to pause for a minute to just laugh. I swear, the cracked out drama names and plot antics really are half of the reason to get into the series/fandom, especially when it comes to Mina. The fic has the same frentic (except that's maybe not quite it) pace of jokes that the manga does, so I really feel like I'm reading a novelized form of it, especially when there's actually a job for them to do (....sort of) and almost everyone gets in on the action in their own way and... I mean, Hijikata and Okita show up just long enough to make me laugh, Katsura continues to be one of my favorites and, god, Mina is brilliant at writing Kagura and I enjoyed this story so fucking much. I love ficlets and short little pieces and they're often some of my absolute favorites, but, yes, real Gintama fic with a real job and squee. >:D (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gintama - A Day in the Life of Hijikata by Mina Lightstar - God, I love that Mina is writing Gintama fic. It's one of those series that I quietly loved but too few people had heard about it and I worried that English fic for it just wouldn't translate, but Mina has totally proven me wrong. She writes a brilliant Hijikata and Okita, so... so... so cracked out like in the original series, that same blend of Hijikata constantly having the worst day ever, of sexual attraction/tension, and... homicidal tendencies. I love that Mina captures all the batshit crazy of the series, of Okita's rocket launchers and the various attempts to kill Hijikata, but yet it's still so... ordinary for Hijikata's life. This is why I love Hijikata/Okita. And one of the many, many reasons I love Mina. (Hijikata/Okita... sort of. It could be gen, too.)

- Gintama - The Snow Maiden by gamera - I was enjoying this fic when I got to this line about the gang watching their regular alien dramas on TV and how rising production costs means fewer and fewere human actors: Gintoki can't remember the last time he saw a drama with exclusively human actors, and it's at times like this he kind of regrets abandoning the fight against the aliens. Maybe if he'd kept with the Jyoue they'd have better winter drama programming now. And I totally sporfled with laughter because, yes, Gin would totally think that. The whole fic is filled with little moments like that, the author obviously knows the series very well and the familiarity shines through, so all the details feel right. But then she adds these brilliantly hilarious moments on top of everything and it feels like I'm reading the manga again and, okay, sure, the fic ends rather abruptly (I don't think it's finished?) but it's so, so worth reading and I want more of it and, ahahahahaha, god, beautiful group dynamics and I can never decide who I love the best because they're all brilliant. Also, there's something a bit like an actual case... just... you know... a Gintama sort of case. I love that they're about as good at their job here as they always are. XDDDD (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gintama - Footing the Bill by Mina Lightstar - Every time I see Mina posting Gintama fic, a part of me thinks, "Her writing just can't be as good as I remember. The series itself can't be as good as I remember." Then I'll read. And I'll be practically having spastic fits of love and wheezing laughter by the time I'm done and, yes, it really is just as good as I remember. I have never seen someone get the feel and pacing of a manga down so brilliantly, so perfect down to the littlest details, not like the way Mina does with Gintama. The pacing, the details, the characterization, the randomness that comes out of nowhere, the breaking the fourth wall comments, all of it. All of it. I honestly cannot pick a favorite of her characters. Her Okita is off kilter in all the right ways, her Gin is lazy while still being aware at all the right times, her Hijikata is filled with rage at all the right times, too. All over Gin's inability to pay for lunch and then it spirals off into this and it just. It GETS what the mangaka was going for with his cracked out parodying of JUMP ways. I just. Mina's a genius. There's no arguing that fact. Ever. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gintama - Kinks by Reston - This was a fun, cute little Gintama fic with Hijikata and Okita, where Okita is just so very trying to take anywhere, much less in a place where he could really cause trouble. And I liked how very, very hard it must be to be Hijikata, especially in a place like that, and it was a fun little piece. I laughed. (No warnings/pairings.)

Gintama: Groceries, Jackets, and Groceries by Taril - Okay, I was enjoying this entire fic, but. When I got to this line: People on the street were staring at them, as it wasnít everyday that you see a long-haired pirate walking in the streets with a silver natural perm. Letís just say that they made an extremely curious sight. I knew I was going to have to rec the fic because it's just-- It captures that batshit sense of humor that the series has and it's Gintoki and Katsura being retards at each other in that way they have. They bicker the entire way through the fic, coming up with the most random, off-the-wall things, and every time they do, I just started cracking up because asdfl;jkasdlkj I love those two so much, seriously OTP, whether gen or something more. (Maybe you can read GinZura into this or maybe it's just gen, either way.)

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