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Glee: The Ones that Entertain by waldorph - [Note: This is a sequel to the previous fic by the author, it would help to have read that one first. Also just assume there are spoilers for 1x08.] I saw there was another fic by this author and assumed I was going to get more of the same delightful Puck point of view. Instead, I got an awesome Kurt point of view that's less focus on the romance of this series and more on how much Kurt loves the girls in Glee and how much fun it is to watch him be his entirely awesome self. I love how very flaming he is here, but yet it's like him on the show--it doesn't overwhelm the fact that there's an actual person in there, you feel that real person in there the whole time. Plus, all the celebration of clothes and pretty things and hair and nails and all that girly stuff is so much fun. (Background Finn/Quinn and Puck/Rachel and Kurt-->Finn, but none of them are the point.)

Glee: typical by falsemurmur - Quinn is one of the more fascinating characters on the show for me and this fic captures a lot of why that is, because she is a Mean Girl when she first starts out and she's sure of herself in that role and there's just something about her that's utterly confident in her place in the universe, which all changes after a certain point, of course. I really like this take on her relationships with Finn and Puck both, there's such an... almost elegant quality to the writing. Something that's really smooth and clean, that really worked for me as a Quinn piece. (Mentions of Finn/Quinn, Puck/Quinn. Neither are entirely the point.)

Glee: Life Goes On by msathenaxf - To be honest, I read this fic for the Finn/Quinn more than anything. I liked what the author did here, the way high school isn't the entire world for any of these characters, the way, as the title says, life goes on, even if it's not in the directions they were all determined to go in. And while it doesn't work quite as well for Rachel and Puck (but I am willing to go along with it because I am a giant sap and it's not out of the realm of possibility, I just think it needed more expanding on), it kind of works really well for Finn and Quinn. It's nice that things aren't perfect for them, that it doesn't end well when things come out about the baby. This fic was a really interesting look at the future for the characters and I-- I would not mind if this is how things turned out. <3 (Finn/Quinn, Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: untitled by leobrat - I was journal-hopping and happened to see this Finn/Quinn piece and I was curious enough to stop by and read. And it's just. It's this perfect, heartbreaking, wonderful piece set after Quinn moves in with Finn and he doesn't know how to make her feel better and then goes and asks his mom if it's okay if he goes into Quinn's room that night because she sounds so lonely. And then there's just a quiet moment between Quinn and Finn and it's... so perfectly them and Finn is just so Finn here and it's just... okay, clearly I have lost the ability to be coherent, but I love this pairing and I loved this fic, so shut up. ♥ (Finn/Quinn.)

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