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Glee: 5 Reasons Kurt Hates Glee Club by vine - I didn't plan to read, well, any Glee fic. The show is a ton of fun by itself, but I don't really have any pairings (that aren't completely doomed) and I didn't want to wade through it all for genfic. Except this one happened to fall into my lap, right around the time Kurt's episode had aired (which was my favorite thing just about ever that week) and I had to read it. I'm very glad I did because it's such a great take on the character, it really did a solid job with getting into a bit more of the complexities of his character, even as it touches on the stereotype so many people see him as. It was just. A good little read. (No warnings/pairings, not really.)

Glee: A Side by vine - Well, as along as I was reading the author's fic, I figured, what the hell, I'll try out her Tina fic as well. Which I'm glad I did because it was an interesting piece, one of the most interesting observations about her is that she's one of the few who's not gravitating towards Finn Hudson. I liked that observation in the fic here. But it's also a solid little piece about who Tina is and how her place in the Glee club is slowly changing the way she looked at her place in life, which is something I really want more of from canon, too. Or more fic like this one. (Pairing implications, but nothing too major.)

Glee: Moment's in Time: Santana's Take on Things by ayleecambell - [Note: There are mild spoilers for 1x08 in this fic and this rec.] I think what really made this fic work for me, including the typos and deliberate structure, is that it's Santana. It sounded pretty much exactly like how I would expect Santana to speak or write something down, plus I really like that it doesn't shy away from what a dick she is (and she knows it, too) and yet shows her character growth. Shows all of their character growth, really, as she watches Puck and Rachel. Aw. (Puck/Rachel, though, it's only half the point.)

Glee: Bah bah bah by ethrosdemon - [Note: I don't think there are spoilers for 1x08 in this fic, but just to be on the safe side, assume there are.] So, after about nine Gleefic recs in a row, I kind of told myself, no, you need to take a break. Save some of that fic for tomorrow! But I was looking for meta posts, happened to stumble over what was a fic instead, and just... couldn't stop reading. A lot of the Puck/Rachel fic I've read has focused more on Puck's point of view and I've liked that, because it's easier to show the blend between douchebag and sort of sweet guy underneath. But this fic was about Rachel and it was seriously one of the best Rachel points of view that I've read yet, it's so sharp and perfect and amazing and brilliant and just right for her character. And, if that weren't enough, it's all about Rachel's relationships with the people around her, the glee club as a whole and all the scenes are showing facets of her. Actual facets and how much better off she is now. The scene with Mercedes and Tina might actually be my favorite, just for how much it revealed about Rachel right there, all her fears that came bubbling up to the surface of her mind and then the fic just... was completely Glee about it and I don't think I stopped smiling the rest of the time. I also love, love, love the Puck/Rachel here--not the focus, but it's this mix of something a little harsh and not quite meant to be, but also sweet and genuine. Just. I want to read this kind of Gleefic pretty much forever. (Some Puck/Rachel, but it's only half the point, it's a Rachel story.)

Glee: A Complete History of Noah Puckerman, Abridged -- As told by Rachel Berry by them0rgue - I told myself that I was going to stop reading so much Gleefic tonight, but... this was another one that I read just a few lines of it and then was completely unable to put it down. I am really charmed by the backstory fics that have been popping up lately, especially ones that deal with Rachel and Puck both being Jewish and how they must have known each other in such a small town because of it. And I really love how sharp and harsh this fic is, both of them are flawed people, and Puck is such a dick in this fic, but they're both also human with their good points. Even if you have to really look hard to see it out sometimes. I even love that the point isn't about bringing them together (even as friends, though, they sort of are friends, in a way, here), that it doesn't necessarily end on a happy note (but not a sad one, either), instead it's just... what it is. A history between them. (This is gen, but if you like Puck/Rachel, you might like this.)

Glee: The Ones that Entertain by waldorph - [Note: This is a sequel to the previous fic by the author, it would help to have read that one first. Also just assume there are spoilers for 1x08.] I saw there was another fic by this author and assumed I was going to get more of the same delightful Puck point of view. Instead, I got an awesome Kurt point of view that's less focus on the romance of this series and more on how much Kurt loves the girls in Glee and how much fun it is to watch him be his entirely awesome self. I love how very flaming he is here, but yet it's like him on the show--it doesn't overwhelm the fact that there's an actual person in there, you feel that real person in there the whole time. Plus, all the celebration of clothes and pretty things and hair and nails and all that girly stuff is so much fun. (Background Finn/Quinn and Puck/Rachel and Kurt-->Finn, but none of them are the point.)

Glee: Glee drabbles by fuzzy_paint - [Note: Go ahead and assume there are spoilers for 1x08 in this fic and this rec.] I think what I like most about this fic is the potential future that's unfolding for the characters here, set in short little ficlets all along the timeline. I even like that they're not in chronological order, somehow that added to the interesting feel of this piece. I like that it's mostly about Puck (and a little about Quinn and their kid, a time or two) because it helps narrow the focus down and I like that it's not just about Puck/Rachel (though, it's there in the background sometimes, just not necessarily the focus) and it's a neat little exploration of where his life could go. I-- have apparently really warmed up to Puck's character after the initial dislike. (Some Puck/Rachel, but it's not the point.)

Glee: typical by falsemurmur - Quinn is one of the more fascinating characters on the show for me and this fic captures a lot of why that is, because she is a Mean Girl when she first starts out and she's sure of herself in that role and there's just something about her that's utterly confident in her place in the universe, which all changes after a certain point, of course. I really like this take on her relationships with Finn and Puck both, there's such an... almost elegant quality to the writing. Something that's really smooth and clean, that really worked for me as a Quinn piece. (Mentions of Finn/Quinn, Puck/Quinn. Neither are entirely the point.)

Glee: First Gear by vnilla - I don't want to meet the person who doesn't love Kurt. Or the idea of Kurt just learning to drive while his dad tries to teach him. Or who doesn't find this short fic completely charming. Because it really was and had a couple of really great lines in it. ....crap, now I want more Kurt fic, sigh. (No warnings/pairings.)

Glee: Professionally Speaking by vnilla - You know what else I want more of in Glee fandom? Sue fic. And more of Sue and Emma interacting, because that's kind of seriously delightful here. I love just how well Sue's total crazy comes across here and how you can just see Emma's deer in the headlights look, it's... well, it's kind of darling and I loved this a lot. (No warnings/pairings.)

Glee: Can the Cliché by Aishuu - This post is actually three ficlets in one, but the Glee fic is sufficiently long to rec by itself, I think. Not to mention it's kind of a really fantastic Kurt piece and a great Kurt - Mercedes friendship piece. I love how much Kurt really cares about Mercedes, how much he values her friendship and how much he gets how she felt about him. I love Kurt's voice in this, I love their friendship, and I really loved the impact of the final line of this piece. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

Glee: In the Middle by une fille - [Note: You really sort of need to have read Easy Girl for this fic to make sense.] Oh god. I think I was on the verge of a full-on giggle fit the entire time I was reading this fic. It's all about the way Rachel and Puck were fighting during a time in the "Easy Girl" fic and it totally comes off like, well: Kurt hates it when Mommy and Daddy fight. What's beautiful about it is that the comparison is obvious and yet it's still so damn easy to see and, god, do I ever love Kurt with a fiery passion. (Implied Puck/Rachel, it's only half the point.)

Glee: don’t do sadness by hariboo_smirks - And, no matter how satisfied I am by previous fics, I always want more and fic like this is the reason why. It's another fic where I plunked myself down and read almot 9,000 words of fic in one sitting, then being disappointed when there wasn't more to immediately read with this story. It's another fic that deals with so many of the issues of these characters and I think this Rachel is a little off from the canon Rachel in the sense that she's kind of a better person and has done some growing and is the Rachel that came out of 1x08 rather than 1x09 (meaning, a Rachel that never backslid) and this is the Rachel that I'm pining to see on the show. I know she's in there. And this fic brought out all that potential in her character, the way she's slowly making friends and she's good in this group of people and they're warming up to her as well. I even love that it's not precisely Puck/Rachel in the romantic sense but deals with their relationship in a really natural-feeling way, I can so easily see all of this. And I really like that the fic also deals with Quinn's pregnancy and deals with a lot of the hurt and pain so many of them have gone through, but is ultimately about healing. And I really, really adore this Rachel a whole hell of a lot. ♥ (Sort of Puck/Rachel with implications of the quadrangle, but is ultimately more gen than anything.)

Glee: Vera Wang by smilebackwards - Another fic based off a hilarious line from the show: I'm a stud, dude. I could wear a dress to school and people would think it's cool." I love it when fic does that. But I love it even more when it's a great fic that accomplishes two things--gets Puck to grow up a little more once again and kind of starts to build a friendship with Kurt. I love Kurt's reaction to Puck wearing a dress to school, I love the little details worked in and the things that don't have to be said to be understood, and I am in utter love with the ending of this piece. Wonderful. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

Glee: Revolution by Lady Chronic - I have this thing about taking two characters who don't interact much and shining a spotlight on a conversation between them, which this fic does beautifully with Artie and Kurt. I really like how human and normal both of the characters are here, even when they're not really that normal, I like how much Kurt really sees and how he gets kind of angry in the way that's simmering under the surface even when he's not in a bad mood. And I love how laid back this fic is while still saying so much intense stuff without having to say it at all. ...this is a terrible rec, so instead just go read the fic, it's really interesting. (No real warnings/pairings.)

Glee: Suspension of Disbelief by amaXdear - [Note: There are some spoilers for 1x10 in this fic and this rec.] Same as I loved the previous Kurt and Artie fic, this one is about Kurt and Quinn, which I love in the same way. Taking two character who don't interact much and exploring a little of how they might work off each other, especially with Finn between them. It's a lovely piece, I really adore how a character like Kurt just sees stuff about people, but it's also nice that Quinn sees a little more depth to him, too. I really like this Kurt and why he continued to crush so hard on/flirt with Finn even with Quinn and the baby in the picture, it's a great little piece about these two. (No real warnings/pairings, background implications of canon.)

Glee: Breakdown, Build Up by Upside-Up - This fic takes a different track from where 1x10 went, but I read it in the spirit of a divergent timeline and it was wonderful for that. I have such a soft spot for this group of characters having all this history between them since they all grew up in a small town, which this fic played really well on--the friendship between Artie and Quinn was wonderfully done. I loved seeing her character grow, but even more I loved how much I came away from this fic really loving Artie. He is such a fascinating and amazing character in this piece and I love the author's take on his family and the way Quinn just sort of folds right into their lives and how she comes to see Artie/Tina as adorable (because they are) and just. How good everything is here. It's a wonderfully sharp, but also satisfying story for Quinn being kicked out of her parents' home and where she goes after that, how Artie is there for her in a way she doesn't expect. And I have to admit, I love that a guy and a girl can have a friendship here that's not about romance at all, that it's about real friendship and being there for someone who needs it. Wonderful. (This is mostly gen, there's some Artie/Tina background, but it's not really the point.)

Glee: A Father, A Friend by Upside-Up - Of course I had to read the next piece by the author as well, all the more so because it's a Puck and Finn friendship piece, which I have been craving from the fandom. It's all about Finn's father being gone and how he deals with that growing up, shown through a handful of short scenes, and the way Puck being his friend made things a little easier to bear. And I love that the author didn't try to oversell it, the understated quality of the fic makes it that much stronger, and I love her take on the friendship between these two boys. The final scene after Sectionals was especially nice, too. (No warnings/pairings.)

Glee: We'll Make It Through by wanderinghope - This is a lovely look at Quinn's point of view during the "Keep Holding On" song and how much she's hurting, how much she's about to lose, and how much she's starting to realize that the people in glee will be there for her. It's a lovely look at her realizing how much these kids have been hurt, often times by her, and what good people they are underneath that anyway. The look at each of them in turn is a nice touch and the writing is lovely as well. A very nice Quinn piece. (This is mostly gen, with background canon implications.)

Glee: Kurt and the Castrati by Aishuu - Another interesting look at Kurt's character and I really like the background of music that's put into this. I like that Kurt's a little off-beat with this and he's very much himself, no matter how painful it kind of is in that school, and the whole fic puts together an interesting background for him and his vocal range that must have been really fun to explore. I especially like the mention of other male sopranos that Kurt looked up, it's one of those things that just... felt like the right touch for the character. (No warnings/pairings.)

Glee: untitled by pyrat_xo - This is a bit of a simple fic, it's just Tina on the piano while Puck plays guitar and they're just sort of... in the same room at the same time, for a brief moment. That's a lot of what I want from this fandom (--I can be not obsessed with pairings sometimes, you know!) and I really like what the author does here. It's not quite comfortable, but it's not terrible, either. Puck is still rough around the edges, but forces Tina out of her shell in a way, while she isn't exactly forgiving or trusting of him just yet. There are some good turns of phrase here as well (especially in the way Puck sees the rest of the club) and it was a cool piece to read this afternoon. (No warnings/pairings.)

Glee: In All Honesty by Eldee - So, Tammaiya and I have tossed around the idea of Kurt and Puck being step-brothers because we thought it would be hilarious and then I stumbled over this fic today, where Finn and Kurt's parents are the ones that get married, and I-- well, now I'm torn! Because this was pretty damn awesome. I love how it's awkward in a lot of ways, but it's a slow progression towards something a little better, I love that it's so Kurt and Finn and even Puck is completely IC when he shows up. I adore the little touches of Finn with Kurt's dad and Kurt with Finn's mom, how it's not instant connections, but slowly coming together as a family and just. I think I grinned the entire way through this piece and would love to see more in this universe. (No warnings/pairings.)

Glee: Nemesis by frickative - Generally, I'm not as frustrated with Terri as this fic is, but... I forgive it for a couple of things. One, it's a fic from Emma's point of view so it's not meant to portray Terri in a positive light and, two, I can't say something like this wouldn't happen in the canon. I went into this fic for the Emma characterization, which is what I stayed focused on, and what was ridiculously charming and delightful about this piece. Emma's arch-nemesis and all the little details of how she goes through her life and the beautiful Emma vs Sue was totally worth the ride, I could be so interested in the way those two interact. (A little Will/Emma, but not entirely the point.)

Glee: Ten Steps to a Happier You by boonies - I have to admit, I came here for the Puck/Rachel, but wound up staying for, well, everything. The pairings aren't really much more than what we see in canon and they're not really the point, instead it's an ensemble piece that's kind of beautiful. I honestly can't pick a favorite, I love that the author clearly has affection for each and every one of the characters, I love that ten short little scenes breathe life into them so fantastically here. Actually, I think Kurt might have been my favorite here, but then I think of the Brittany one and how, hey, mash-ups are working for her, too, and oh, man, the Finn and Puck one--!! Or Rachel and Kurt gossipping together! Or pretty much ALL OF THEM. This was wonderful. (Some minor Puck/Rachel and one-sided Kurt/Finn, but neither are the point. This is more of a gen piece.)

Glee: Rare Stolen Air by voleuse - I have such a fondness for Terri's character and that's only increased as the season has gone along (possibly because they tried so hard to make her unlikable that I got contrary about it) and then this fic came along and was... it doesn't make excuses for Terri's lies, but it shows a little more of what she goes through, the way she's terrified of Will finding out and shows just how badly she wants things to go right again. This is the kind of fic that makes me remember that Terri is a potentially interesting character, too. (Will/Terri, but it's not really the point.)

Glee: Roots and Wings by rhap_chan - Aishuu pointed this fic link out to me yesterday and was curious what I'd think of it. It's... not a plotline I would have come up with myself, but I am very interested in the Rachel - Kurt dynamic when an author takes the time to progress it to a point that I can see them getting along. And this fic is sort of fabulous for that, because Rachel wants a baby and Kurt has good genes and it takes some time for him to come around on her, even though it's been ten years since high school here. The fic has a fantastic Kurt voice and, through his view, Rachel is done pretty damn spot-on, too. And it's just. I love this Kurt. I love the little moments of completely wrong humor and the genuinely touching relationships he has with other people, and even the future these characters find themselves in. And, of course, the baby part is darling. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

Glee: Lucky Charms cereal by zinnydark - Okay, any fic labelled Finn/Brittany that starts off with the line "Can I have your red balloons?" is probably destined to be awesome and, sure enough, this was kind of beautiful. I have a secret soft spot for the idea of these two, they would be completely hilarious together and the author manages to capture that very delicate balance between brain-dead and completely endearing that they both have. Finn's POV as he shares his Lucky Charms cereal with Brittany is beautiful, too. (Finn/Brittany, though, it could be gen, too.)

Glee: Sing a New Song by black_eyedgirl - Another fic Aishuu linked me to. This one was written before the finale obviously but it's still really worth reading, I feel, because it reminded me of just how much I can adore the character of Finn Hudson. Well, all of the Glee kids, really. It's a story about the secrets spilling out and everything is so painful and so hard, but somehow the glee club members manage to stumble their way forward. And it's a little sappy at the end, but sometimes that's nice, it's a really happy, positive fic and it's even got one of the better uses of a song in-fic that I've seen! (References to canon pairings, but none of them are the point.)

Glee: Questions by emocezi - Aishuu also pointed this one out to me, since I don't read much Puck/Kurt fic it wasn't something I'd seen around much myself. And what really caught me about this fic was that it... when it really gets going, it's only partly about the growing Puck/Kurt relationship, but also it has a strong sense of Kurt's character and the kind of inner strength he has to have to live his life every day. Kurt's sharp words and polished smooth look that gives nothing away are done so very well here, the author does beautifully at having Kurt hold strong through the hell that is his high school life every day. It starts out with Puck asking why Kurt blew the solo for Defying Gravity and then snowballs from there, getting into what motivates him every day, and showcasing one of the best dynamics with his dad that I've ever read. Burt Hummel is all sorts of fantastic in this fic, especially when the football team tries to TP his house. The author is great at getting real emotion into the piece--the final scenes of this fic were almost a little hard to read for how much you could feel right along with the characters. (This piece is gen, but eventual Puck/Kurt.)

Glee: Aretha by Elenauial - One of the reasons I stay with Glee, as a show, is because the characters do have potential and the fandom often times will play with that. (Not that I read enough of it, I'm a little busy trying to keep up with the shippy stuff. orz) And it's nice to come across these little pieces that get into the friendships between characters, like with Mercedes and Quinn here. It's nice to see Mercedes' character fleshed out a little more and to see them connect, to see the potential for something better for them. And I like what it says about Mercedes, being willing to reach out, even though she doesn't know exactly what Quinn is going through. (No warnings/pairings.)

Glee: That One Time Everyone Was Sort of Nice to Rachel by boonies - So, the Glee cast goes to an STD fair (as snatched from Community, which I heartily approve of!) that Vocal Adrenaline are at and it's full of hilarious antics and absolutely beautiful voices for every single cast member. It's amazing how well the author does at an ensemble fic, so many characters and yet they all get their moments to shine! The dialogue is spot-on and, oh, god, does she ever do beautifully with Finn; I can't even begin to count how many times I was giggling over his adorably dumb lines. And asd;lkjaljks the Puck/Rachel was just that much more icing on the cake. This is an absolute must-read in the fandom. ♥ (Some Puck/Rachel hints, but this is mostly gen.)

Glee: Twenty Random Facts About Everybody's Favorite Douchebag by une_fille and unequivocally - This was a really fun little fic to read because I really like both authors and the way they write, their take on the characters, especially Puck. And I loved the title, that it reflects that often times Puck is still a total douchebag and the fic follows through on that. Not all of the "random facts" about Puck are nice, some of them show that he's a real dickwad at times, even when there's a person that manages to shine through at other times. I love the focus on his home life and especially his sister, how he's not a horrible older brother. Sure, I read this because it was Puck/Rachel, but I actually liked it for the Puck character study, too. (Some Puck/Rachel and Puck/Quinn, neither are really the point.)

Glee: Buenos Nachos, Mr. Schue! by une_fille - In the same spirit that I read the previous fic, that line that's somewhere between canon-like and totally cracked out, I read this fic that's about Puck's mangling of the Spanish language and poor, poor Will's attempts to help him and just deal with Noah Puckerman in his class, even though it only happens a couple of times a year. I love it because it's just so unapologetically douchebag Puck revelry and so many hilarious lines and a great Puck POV and I don't think I stopped laughing the whole time I was reading this. And, sure, it's a Puck/Rachel fic, but it's really more about the interaction between Will and Puck and it's just. It's beautiful. (Some Puck/Rachel, but it's not really the point and it's in the background.)

Glee: Brittany & Finn - Hip-hop and Hippos by polychromic - Brittany and Finn is one of those pairings that... I'm never quite sure if I'm onboard with it or if I like them better with other people or what. But, oh, this fic totally sold me on their very weird and very spacey friendship that is completely, utterly adorable. And hilarious. So hilarious. I love how the author just nailed their voices and the little actions, making it so very easy to see it in your mind's eye and just. It made me wish I could see this for real on my screen every week. (It's Finn and Brittany, but this is gen.)

Glee: It Means No Worries by miggy - I was a little hesitant to click on this link, I'm not sure why, because I usually love oddball match-ups, maybe I just didn't think I was in the right headspace for Kurt and Brittany fic. But then I read it. And it's this gorgeous piece with the two of them and their odd sort of friendship, how the author plays with gender stereotypes just a little bit, but mostly writes two kids finding a connection with each other that you wouldn't maybe expect, which is one of the best things about this show, when it's on its game. But it's also how the author just nailed both their voices, how the serious moments were serious, how the funny moments were funny, how everything was perfectly timed. Fic like this is why I want to read more about Brittany forever. And why I want to read more about Kurt forever. And, also? A beautiful ending, which is the kind of ending that made me fall back in love with this whole show. And wish Kurt and Brittany's lasting friendship was totally real. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

Glee: In Which Dave Karofsky Doesn't Come Out by SaltwaterGarden - I've been kind of teetering on the edge of what Kurt ship I land on, especially this one, because I'm not sure I trust the show, and yet... something kind of pulled at me a little. And then I stumbled over this fic. Which is a gorgeous look at Dave Karofsky that gives him this incredible depth of character without excusing his behavior, yet still taking him beyond it. It's a gorgeous look at his secret coming apart at the seams, no matter how hard he's tried to keep it together, and the people who are and aren't there for him as it happens. The voices are fantastic, they're spot-on to the characters and it's amazingly easy to see this playing out (if I trusted the show to do it this well, which I don't) and is that one fic that... you know how you can have that one fic that really convinces you of a ship and it kind of ruins you for any other take on the character that's not in that vague direction? This is one of those fics for me. I'm a little wary of how it's going to turn out (since it's only seven chapters so far) but it's so well-written and so gut-wrenching in all the right places and it's so damn engaging that I could not put it down this morning. Shit, I think this might be my ship. I am so doomed. And yet. This fic was totally, totally worth it. (This could be sort of gen, in a sense, but it could also be Karofsky/Kurt.)

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