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Glee: In Which Dave Karofsky Doesn't Come Out by SaltwaterGarden - I've been kind of teetering on the edge of what Kurt ship I land on, especially this one, because I'm not sure I trust the show, and yet... something kind of pulled at me a little. And then I stumbled over this fic. Which is a gorgeous look at Dave Karofsky that gives him this incredible depth of character without excusing his behavior, yet still taking him beyond it. It's a gorgeous look at his secret coming apart at the seams, no matter how hard he's tried to keep it together, and the people who are and aren't there for him as it happens. The voices are fantastic, they're spot-on to the characters and it's amazingly easy to see this playing out (if I trusted the show to do it this well, which I don't) and is that one fic that... you know how you can have that one fic that really convinces you of a ship and it kind of ruins you for any other take on the character that's not in that vague direction? This is one of those fics for me. I'm a little wary of how it's going to turn out (since it's only seven chapters so far) but it's so well-written and so gut-wrenching in all the right places and it's so damn engaging that I could not put it down this morning. Shit, I think this might be my ship. I am so doomed. And yet. This fic was totally, totally worth it. (This could be sort of gen, in a sense, but it could also be Karofsky/Kurt.)

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