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Glee: Sleep Out in the Quiet by Glow - Part of me still hesitates to start reading Puck fic because I don't want to be an apologist for his crappy behavior, but... the thing I liked about this fic (and this author) is that she doesn't gloss over that part. Even when she's writing from his perspective, you still get that Puck is a total dick sometimes, even if he's a human one, too. And what I really liked about this fic is that it's not really a pairing fic so much as it is a Puck exploration fic, where he thinks about Quinn and Finn and Rachel and the complications in his lives. I really liked the take on the characters here, especially the background Quinn/Rachel friendship that was developing. (Mild Puck/Quinn, Puck/Rachel, and other canon implications.)

Glee: Jew Talking To Me? by aggybird - [Note: There are spoilers for 1x08 in this fic and this rec.] Puck/Kurt is not a pairing I thought I would be seeking out much, but... I have gained an appreciation for Puck's character, especially when an author is good at showing that, yeah, he's still kind of a douchebag, but there's a real person under there. Well, that and fabulous dialogue. I love the premise--Puck's not good at being a good Jew, so he's going to be the worst one ever. Which includes making out with Kurt. And then he has to pick Kurt up for a date and I didn't know that I needed Puck and Kurt's dad in the same room until this fulfilled that need for me. Hilarious. (Puck/Kurt.)

Glee: typical by falsemurmur - Quinn is one of the more fascinating characters on the show for me and this fic captures a lot of why that is, because she is a Mean Girl when she first starts out and she's sure of herself in that role and there's just something about her that's utterly confident in her place in the universe, which all changes after a certain point, of course. I really like this take on her relationships with Finn and Puck both, there's such an... almost elegant quality to the writing. Something that's really smooth and clean, that really worked for me as a Quinn piece. (Mentions of Finn/Quinn, Puck/Quinn. Neither are entirely the point.)

Glee: But It's Better If You Do by anomalousalanna - So, there's a femslash porn battle and, well, I had to wander over to see what'd been written. One of the first bits I stumbled over was this lovely Rachel/Quinn piece that was wonderful both for the sex between the two girls, but also because it dealt with Rachel finding out about the father of Quinn's baby and somehow it's just... of course it'd go just like that in a fic like this. I love the way the prompt was worked into the fic and I just. Really love the potential friendship with these two girls. (Quinn/Rachel, NC-17.)

Glee: If She Does It Like This by 08adabry - Continuing to browse through the comments, I'm normally not that intrigued by this possibility, but I was curious and had to stop and read. I'm glad I did because this is seriously one of the best Quinn takes I've ever read, at least pre-series, with Brittany and Santana. I love Quinn in Queen Bitch mode here and the way she's so damn fierce and the language of this is perfect. I love it. (Brittany/Quinn/Santana, NC-17.)

Glee: Wonderwall by MsAlannaRae - I started reading this fic when I thought it was gen, because the idea of Quinn being taken in by the Berry family intrigued me and I wanted to see how the author handled it. Eventually, it turned to Rachel/Quinn and it made me realize all over again... I'm okay with shipping them sometimes. Especially if the fic has a clever premise like this one does, where slowly Quinn integrates into the Berry household and starts to blossom there in ways she couldn't before. It's fluffy in a lot of ways, but the short scenes have a great pacing, there's tons of clever little details worked in, and I liked this take on the relationship between the girls and I found myself really wanting this for Quinn. The fic really made me feel for the characters, which I loved. (Rachel/Quinn.)

Glee: Your Week by diamondinsanity - [Note: There may be spoilers for 1x10 in this fic and this rec.] This fic is really kind of terrible. But it's terrible in the way the show is--as in that I laughed even when I knew I shouldn't have because that's awful to make fun of Rachel like that and yet. I couldn't help it because it was kind of true. Also, the ending was kind of hilarious, too. In a really terrible way. Which is exactly what the author was going for. (Implications of Will/Rachel, Puck/Rachel, and Artie/Rachel.)

Glee: thinking of you by meggers_27 - This is not a happy story. At least not yet, since it's labeled part 1/3, but I find that it works really well on its own so far, too. It's one of those... Rachel can be a difficult character to like, especially in her relationship with Finn and how she can't/won't stay away from him even though he's clearly said he's going to stay with Quinn and their baby, but that's what works for me here. That the fic doesn't shy away from Rachel and all her imperfections even as you can't help but feel empathy for her. It feels very much like the show itself in that regard here, along with some really beautiful and almost painful writing here (in the way it's meant to be). It can be a little hard to read, but in that way that these characters' lives are all a little hard to read, which is lovely. (Puck/Rachel, Finn/Rachel.)

Glee: Breakdown, Build Up by Upside-Up - This fic takes a different track from where 1x10 went, but I read it in the spirit of a divergent timeline and it was wonderful for that. I have such a soft spot for this group of characters having all this history between them since they all grew up in a small town, which this fic played really well on--the friendship between Artie and Quinn was wonderfully done. I loved seeing her character grow, but even more I loved how much I came away from this fic really loving Artie. He is such a fascinating and amazing character in this piece and I love the author's take on his family and the way Quinn just sort of folds right into their lives and how she comes to see Artie/Tina as adorable (because they are) and just. How good everything is here. It's a wonderfully sharp, but also satisfying story for Quinn being kicked out of her parents' home and where she goes after that, how Artie is there for her in a way she doesn't expect. And I have to admit, I love that a guy and a girl can have a friendship here that's not about romance at all, that it's about real friendship and being there for someone who needs it. Wonderful. (This is mostly gen, there's some Artie/Tina background, but it's not really the point.)

Glee: Amends by Upside-Up - [Note: There are spoilers for 1x10 in this fic and this rec.] After reading the author's previous fic, well, naturally I had to start clicking on the rest of her Glee fics. And this was a fix-it piece for 1x10, with Tina talking to Artie afterwards and trying to make things up to him and being honest with him. As much as I agreed with Artie's feelings in the episode, it was also really, really nice to have a lovely piece that fixed it, too. (Artie/Tina.)

Glee: Thinking of You by meggers_27 - [ part 2 - part 2.5 ] - I have to admit to being a little wary of these two chapters, since the author has done well with keeping the Puck/Rachel and Finn/Rachel balanced in them, to the point that I'm not sure which direction it's going in. And while that's the point (and part of why I'm impressed with the fic and its lovely writing), it makes the shipper fangirl heart fear it's not going to get what it wants. *g* I do like this Rachel, though, because she feels very much like the Rachel I see on the screen and I like this Puck/Rachel because they don't just fall straight into love with each other, it's complicated and messy and they're taking what they can from each other. I'm curious to see where the rest of this goes. (Puck/Rachel, Finn/Rachel.)

Glee: Cinderella by frickative - I have such complicated feelings about the Will/Emma dynamic and this fic was written before a lot of the developments came along as the first season unfolded, but it's still an amazing fic. The writing is spot-on for these characters, they're so very much themselves and the Emma narrative voice is all kinds of ridiculously awesome (the lists she keeps in her head or the details of how she avoids germs and the little tortures she goes through every day and just how much she cares about Will and wants to do the right thing and how painful that is), but also the way they unfold and it's not perfect or easy or a traditional Cinderella fairy tale. I love that Emma is not a damsel in distress, I love how honest she is with herself here, I love that I adore both of her and Will so very much here. I even love the way Will tries so hard and is so genuinely distressed about the way his marraige is going, if all of this has to happen... I want it to go exactly like this. It was a brilliant, beautiful fic. (Will/Emma, some Will/Terri.)

Glee: Nemesis by frickative - Generally, I'm not as frustrated with Terri as this fic is, but... I forgive it for a couple of things. One, it's a fic from Emma's point of view so it's not meant to portray Terri in a positive light and, two, I can't say something like this wouldn't happen in the canon. I went into this fic for the Emma characterization, which is what I stayed focused on, and what was ridiculously charming and delightful about this piece. Emma's arch-nemesis and all the little details of how she goes through her life and the beautiful Emma vs Sue was totally worth the ride, I could be so interested in the way those two interact. (A little Will/Emma, but not entirely the point.)

Glee: Five Times Will Kisses Emma and One Time It Counts by frickative - Well. As long as I was reading the author's Will/Emma fic, I could hardly stop at just two. So, I read this one. And, oh, man, it's the cutest thing just about ever. It's got its moments where you feel so badly for the characters--Will as his life becomes lost and directionless, Emma as she tries so hard to be there for him, yet is in love with him--but it's also all about the sparkle and charm and delight of these two characters, as the six scenes are centered around innocent kisses. In this particular fic, I like that Terri is dealt with off-screen rather than dragged into things, because I just wanted my cute Will/Emma flirting and eventual get-together, which this fic made me feel really great about. ♥ Dammit, I think I ship it again. (Will/Emma.)

Glee: Ten Steps to a Happier You by boonies - I have to admit, I came here for the Puck/Rachel, but wound up staying for, well, everything. The pairings aren't really much more than what we see in canon and they're not really the point, instead it's an ensemble piece that's kind of beautiful. I honestly can't pick a favorite, I love that the author clearly has affection for each and every one of the characters, I love that ten short little scenes breathe life into them so fantastically here. Actually, I think Kurt might have been my favorite here, but then I think of the Brittany one and how, hey, mash-ups are working for her, too, and oh, man, the Finn and Puck one--!! Or Rachel and Kurt gossipping together! Or pretty much ALL OF THEM. This was wonderful. (Some minor Puck/Rachel and one-sided Kurt/Finn, but neither are the point. This is more of a gen piece.)

Glee: Mail Fail by cruiscin_lan - So, I was reading fandomsecrets and there was discussion of Finn/Brittany and then a link to fic and I was kind of like, "" but had to read it anyway and then there was this. A seven minutes in heaven game in the hottub naked and it's just. Oh, god, they're both so adorably dumb and of course accidents happen and Finn's little, uh, problem never fails to make me laugh. And then the epilogue of brb lolling forever. This was just really fun! (Finn/Brittany.)

Glee: Rare Stolen Air by voleuse - I have such a fondness for Terri's character and that's only increased as the season has gone along (possibly because they tried so hard to make her unlikable that I got contrary about it) and then this fic came along and was... it doesn't make excuses for Terri's lies, but it shows a little more of what she goes through, the way she's terrified of Will finding out and shows just how badly she wants things to go right again. This is the kind of fic that makes me remember that Terri is a potentially interesting character, too. (Will/Terri, but it's not really the point.)

Glee: Pregnancy hormones make her wanna jump his bones by darknessgryphon - So. After the previous fic I read, I had to click on the link for the Gleefic battle post and saw Quinn/Kurt listed and I... couldn't resist reading out of curiosity. And this was delightful and really kind of perfect. Quinn's hormones are really kicking in and of course they choose one of the worst candidates for her to get all hot and bothered over, no matter how hard she tries not to, and it's just... it's so perfectly Glee that I loved it. XD (One-sided Quinn/Kurt, PG-13.)

Glee: Lucky Charms cereal by zinnydark - Okay, any fic labelled Finn/Brittany that starts off with the line "Can I have your red balloons?" is probably destined to be awesome and, sure enough, this was kind of beautiful. I have a secret soft spot for the idea of these two, they would be completely hilarious together and the author manages to capture that very delicate balance between brain-dead and completely endearing that they both have. Finn's POV as he shares his Lucky Charms cereal with Brittany is beautiful, too. (Finn/Brittany, though, it could be gen, too.)

Glee: Questions by emocezi - Aishuu also pointed this one out to me, since I don't read much Puck/Kurt fic it wasn't something I'd seen around much myself. And what really caught me about this fic was that it... when it really gets going, it's only partly about the growing Puck/Kurt relationship, but also it has a strong sense of Kurt's character and the kind of inner strength he has to have to live his life every day. Kurt's sharp words and polished smooth look that gives nothing away are done so very well here, the author does beautifully at having Kurt hold strong through the hell that is his high school life every day. It starts out with Puck asking why Kurt blew the solo for Defying Gravity and then snowballs from there, getting into what motivates him every day, and showcasing one of the best dynamics with his dad that I've ever read. Burt Hummel is all sorts of fantastic in this fic, especially when the football team tries to TP his house. The author is great at getting real emotion into the piece--the final scenes of this fic were almost a little hard to read for how much you could feel right along with the characters. (This piece is gen, but eventual Puck/Kurt.)

Glee: You're Not My Type, Except You Kinda Are by bekkis - Aishuu linked this fic to me and I just-- fell completely head over heels for the idea of Matt/Mercedes now. I read it at a good time, because that one brief moment of interaction between them in 1x13 fed into this beautifully, making it so easy to see this slide together with the actual canon. It's a really interesting look into Matt's character (not that we really have a character for him yet) and how he grows to like Mercedes in that way, bit by bit. It's a sparkling look at the two of them and finding connections and music and I really kind of want this to happen now. Mercedes should get a story just like this. ♥ (Matt/Mercedes.)

Glee: Break You In by kathrynthegr8 - I admit, I picked this one up for the Puck/Rachel because I was curious and I was intrigued by the Artie/Quinn, which I usually prefer as friendship, but wanted to give this one a chance. I'm really glad I did, because this fic has an absolutely fantastic voice for Artie and his view on life and music and the people around him and Quinn in particular and his own being in the chair. Everything felt so incredibly spot on, right down to the background the author put in for Artie's family--which I seriously want to be canon because that's how much I loved the brief glances of Artie's mom and his step-dad. I was actually really comfortable with the movement from platonic to romantic with Artie/Quinn and it was just... wonderful and heart-warming to see it here. I read this fic for one reason, but wound up staying for a completely different one. ♥ (Artie/Quinn and some Puck/Rachel way, waaaay in the background.)

Glee: Twenty Random Facts About Everybody's Favorite Douchebag by une_fille and unequivocally - This was a really fun little fic to read because I really like both authors and the way they write, their take on the characters, especially Puck. And I loved the title, that it reflects that often times Puck is still a total douchebag and the fic follows through on that. Not all of the "random facts" about Puck are nice, some of them show that he's a real dickwad at times, even when there's a person that manages to shine through at other times. I love the focus on his home life and especially his sister, how he's not a horrible older brother. Sure, I read this because it was Puck/Rachel, but I actually liked it for the Puck character study, too. (Some Puck/Rachel and Puck/Quinn, neither are really the point.)

Glee: inscrutable by bossymarmalade - This was very short but it has, once again, fueled my interest in the idea of Mike/Tina because it's charming and adorable and everything I wanted it to be. Up to and including the fantastic first line: The really stupid thing is that they hold off for so long, because they don't want it to look like of course the two asian kids would get together. I really wish this had been longer because I love what the author did with them and how well she wrote them, but this piece was fantastic the way it was. (Mike/Tina.)

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