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Glee: thinking of you by meggers_27 - This is not a happy story. At least not yet, since it's labeled part 1/3, but I find that it works really well on its own so far, too. It's one of those... Rachel can be a difficult character to like, especially in her relationship with Finn and how she can't/won't stay away from him even though he's clearly said he's going to stay with Quinn and their baby, but that's what works for me here. That the fic doesn't shy away from Rachel and all her imperfections even as you can't help but feel empathy for her. It feels very much like the show itself in that regard here, along with some really beautiful and almost painful writing here (in the way it's meant to be). It can be a little hard to read, but in that way that these characters' lives are all a little hard to read, which is lovely. (Puck/Rachel, Finn/Rachel.)

Glee: Life Goes On by msathenaxf - To be honest, I read this fic for the Finn/Quinn more than anything. I liked what the author did here, the way high school isn't the entire world for any of these characters, the way, as the title says, life goes on, even if it's not in the directions they were all determined to go in. And while it doesn't work quite as well for Rachel and Puck (but I am willing to go along with it because I am a giant sap and it's not out of the realm of possibility, I just think it needed more expanding on), it kind of works really well for Finn and Quinn. It's nice that things aren't perfect for them, that it doesn't end well when things come out about the baby. This fic was a really interesting look at the future for the characters and I-- I would not mind if this is how things turned out. <3 (Finn/Quinn, Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: Thinking of You by meggers_27 - [ part 2 - part 2.5 ] - I have to admit to being a little wary of these two chapters, since the author has done well with keeping the Puck/Rachel and Finn/Rachel balanced in them, to the point that I'm not sure which direction it's going in. And while that's the point (and part of why I'm impressed with the fic and its lovely writing), it makes the shipper fangirl heart fear it's not going to get what it wants. *g* I do like this Rachel, though, because she feels very much like the Rachel I see on the screen and I like this Puck/Rachel because they don't just fall straight into love with each other, it's complicated and messy and they're taking what they can from each other. I'm curious to see where the rest of this goes. (Puck/Rachel, Finn/Rachel.)

Glee: Spiraled Escalation Out of Control by angel-dawes - You know, I kind of want to doodle little hearts all over this fic. Part of it is that I keep expecting to run out of good Puck/Rachel fic; I mean surely it has to end at some point, right? Knowing my luck with this sort of pairing. And yet. Here is another utterly delightful and sharply written fic! And that's the other reason I want to doodle little hearts all over it--it's post-1x08 and it's about Puck deciding, well, okay, maybe they can be friends and having a really hilarious Puck POV about it (some of the stuff that goes through his head is really great, I don't think I'll ever get tired of a good Puck narrative voice) and I love how... how much of jerk he can still be, but you can tell there's a decent guy underneath there, especially when, just because he's grown up, doesn't mean the rest of the school is going to treat Rachel so nicely now. Moar plz. (Puck/Rachel eventually, one assumes.)

Glee: How To Fight Loneliness by stainofmylove - I never know what to expect when I go randomly clicking without looking at the author's previous stuff, but fics like this one are the reason why I keep doing it. (Well, that and my apparent obsession with this pairing.) Because sometimes I get fics that just fly right on by, that get at the potential of these characters and aren't necessarily fluffy, that actually hurt in a lot of ways, but manage to move towards something better at the same time. That's what Puck and Rachel are for me--each of them trying to grow up, to deal with the other people in their lives, and both of them being driven to be better people around each other. And, hell, I love that this fic has them having sex without it being fluffy, either, which feels right to me for these two, the way Rachel does and yet doesn't use him for her own needs sometimes, too. I love that it's not easy, that Puck is still a real dick in a lot of ways. I love that this is the flawed Rachel I love so much. And, hell, even the sex was really hot, mm. I do wish there was another part of this one, it leaves off in a bit of cliffhanger, though, it actually stands pretty well on its own. And the dialogue/writing is worth reading for by itself. *__* (Puck/Rachel, NC-17.)

Glee: all of our moves make up for the silence by andbless_mybaby - I'm not entirely sure how to put all of my feelings about this fic into words, because it deserves a thoughtful rec. It's a harsh and painful fic in a lot of ways, much like Glee itself can be when it's really on its game. The author doesn't pull any punches away from what a hurtful bastard Puck can be, he is very easy to dislike in a lot of ways here, because that's part of who the character is, too. At the same time, the author does a fantastic job at showing there's more to it, that it's a little more complicated than that, making his dynamic with Rachel just so very fucked up and interesting. I love that it can be such a simple fic--they run into each other at a party, they have sex, it's complicated from there--can produce such a fascinating piece on both characters. Hell, even the sex is complicated--both hot and a little awkward, it felt right for these characters. (Puck/Rachel, NC-17.)

Glee: It Goes Down Easy by une fille - So, I'd been having a bit of a crappy night and said to myself, okay, I'm going to go read some Puck/Rachel fic to cheer myself up. And pretty much by the end of this one, I was back to a better place because, god, I love these two when they have this dynamic. I love Puck's point of view as he tries not to fall for Rachel, but somehow their relationship just works and he never loses that attitude of being a dumb teenage boy but there's something worthwhile there, too. I love how they just sort of stumble into a relationship and falling for each other and then Puck has to meet her dads and it's kind of sincerely beautiful. This author has one of the best razor sharp senses of humor in the fandom, her writing pretty much NEVER EVER FAILS to make me crack the hell up at multiple points. This fic was no exception. (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: Ten Steps to a Happier You by boonies - I have to admit, I came here for the Puck/Rachel, but wound up staying for, well, everything. The pairings aren't really much more than what we see in canon and they're not really the point, instead it's an ensemble piece that's kind of beautiful. I honestly can't pick a favorite, I love that the author clearly has affection for each and every one of the characters, I love that ten short little scenes breathe life into them so fantastically here. Actually, I think Kurt might have been my favorite here, but then I think of the Brittany one and how, hey, mash-ups are working for her, too, and oh, man, the Finn and Puck one--!! Or Rachel and Kurt gossipping together! Or pretty much ALL OF THEM. This was wonderful. (Some minor Puck/Rachel and one-sided Kurt/Finn, but neither are the point. This is more of a gen piece.)

Glee: Nine-Tenths by soliloquyrain - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] So, this fic was written for the Glee kink meme and then it was posted here and, well. I had to give it a shot at least. I'm really glad I did, too, because it's that thing I love about fandom--when they take events from an episode and spin off a neat story from there; Rachel's hot black outfit attracts Puck's attention and he's a little possessive. The author has some really good voices for both characters, a really fun narrative style for Puck's thoughts, and then some very, very nice porn once they're by themselves. Just. Mmm, this was a very nice fic to read today. (Puck/Rachel, NC-17.)

Glee: Sixty-four Colors by soliloquyrain - Puck and Rachel, coloring crayons, and domesticity, and then heavy makeouts on the couch! It's like this fandom is the best fandom ever! I like how... peaceful this piece is, how it's solid for both characters and is the fun kind of playing house yet still snarky and still themselves dynamic that I love, and then... crayons! Tracing them over parts of her and it manages to be hot without having to be terribly graphic and just. It was a really pleasant read this afternoon. ♥ (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: Salvation by InkTippedQuill - Admittedly, this fic drops you right into the middle of the story, where Rachel is giving birth to a baby and Puck is the dad, but the author does a good job of catching you up through Puck's narration and keeping him rough around the edges while showing that he does indeed give a crap. I kind of loved this, it's got some really fun dialogue/narrative voice for Puck and it's really easy to see both of them behaving just like this, given the circumstances. You know Rachel would totally go into full-on independant diva mode while in labor and Puck would bitch about the entire time in his head and just. ....dammit, I want more babyfic now. Sigh. And more of this fic, too. +__+ (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: A Tale That Can't be Told by waldorph - [Note: This fic is a sequel to In a Giddy Whirl, which would help to have read that one first.] I'm not sure how to even begin talking about this fic because it's just so damn much fun and full of ridiculously infectious glee and has a great Puck narrative voice and... it's everything it needs to be. It's the complicated dynamics of their little group of people as things unfold over the next year or so (and then a completely awesome 11-years-later scene at the end!) and it's not always perfect or easy or smooth, but it's good and somehow things work out. I love this Puck, who is so rough around the edges and thinks like (as the author says) a frat boy and there are some horrible lines he says (which I totally laughed at inappropriately) but he's growing up and trying to do the right thing. I love every second of this fic, it was all kinds of fantastic. (Puck/Rachel, some background traditional pairings of the variety I usually go for.)

Glee: All The Cool Kids in the Back of the Bus by snoozin81 - One of these days, I'll stop reading endless amounts of Gleefic (and usually Puck/Rachel at that), but today is really not going to be that day. So, fic where Puck and Rachel try to quietly, ah, finish each other off on the bus ride home from Sectionals after Rachel extends another olive branch of friendship? Do want plz! It's mostly about the porn, but it's easy enough to see the characters in this and of course Puck would manage to somehow talk Rachel into something like this. ....god, I love fic for these two. <3 (Puck/Rachel, NC-17.)

Glee: The benefits of honesty by becca_radcgg - [Note: This fic and this rec will contain spoilers for 1x13.] I actually haven't seen that much fic that deals with post-1x13 fallout or where the characters go from there, so it was nice to find this piece. It was satisfyingly long and I'm always happy when Puck and Rachel have chemistry with each other but it still takes awhile for them to come around, because it would take awhile. I think my favorite parts of this fic are the ones where they're just sitting with each other and neither of them has to say anything, that struck me as very real to these two characters. Plus, hey, eventual makeouts! I always appreciate that! :Db (Puck/Rachel, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

Glee: Rolling in Enclosed Spaces by nyafangirl - So. Makeouts in a closet after "Wheels"? Why, yes, this sounds relevant to my interests! The author also has a fun Puck voice, which is a mix of douchebaggery, knowing he's a douchebag, and not being entirely a douchebag. Rachel's voice is also a fun mix--part diva, part genuinely wanting this, and part real person. My favorite mixex for both characters! I'm also impressed with this fic because it's all about getting wheelchairs into a closet and then having the two of them makeout and the author still manages to make it pretty hot and I love that it doesn't even have to be "all the way" to still be really good. :Db (Puck/Rachel, somewhere between R and NC-17 or so.)

Glee: Right Through The Very Heart Of It -- New York, New York by theberrifairy - I pretty much sat down and read this whole fic in one sitting because I just couldn't put it down, at all. Usually, I at least check my flist or e-mail or something, even if I don't actually get up, but this one I just kept reading because I'm developing a fondness for... you know the post-high school stories where two people who have chemistry become friends and move to a big city, usually New York, and move on with their lives, only to discover they've somehow fallen in love with each other? Yeah, this is one of those and it's fabulous for it. The writing is spot-on for the characters and the way they've grown (yet still so recognizable) and all the issues from high school slowly get worked out without anyone really realizing it and then there's this perfect ending and just. Yeah, I think I'll probably be with these two for awhile. (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: no song for this feeling by bellonablack - This is one of those fics that I didn't even realized was a little over 10,000 words long, because I just sat there and kept reading and it kept sailing on by. That's one of the things I really appreciate about longer fics--even if a ton of actual stuff doesn't have to happen, as long as the pace is good, it feels like a really satisfying read. Then you combine it with solid characterization and a Puck/Rachel dynamic that's actually more about friendship than it is about romance (though, it does seem to be heading in that direction, which doesn't hurt my feelings at all), it was really kind of nice to see. It's all about Puck and Rachel in a Washington DC mall when they're in the city to perform and Rachel has to deal with being ditched constantly and I like that the fic didn't overdo anything, it didn't back away from Rachel's obnoxious qualities, but also made her sympathetic to read. And, of course, Puck with all his rough edges and he can be a real dick sometimes, but he can also be a decent guy sometimes. Lovely. ♥ (Eventual Puck/Rachel one assumes.)

Glee: That One Time Everyone Was Sort of Nice to Rachel by boonies - So, the Glee cast goes to an STD fair (as snatched from Community, which I heartily approve of!) that Vocal Adrenaline are at and it's full of hilarious antics and absolutely beautiful voices for every single cast member. It's amazing how well the author does at an ensemble fic, so many characters and yet they all get their moments to shine! The dialogue is spot-on and, oh, god, does she ever do beautifully with Finn; I can't even begin to count how many times I was giggling over his adorably dumb lines. And asd;lkjaljks the Puck/Rachel was just that much more icing on the cake. This is an absolute must-read in the fandom. ♥ (Some Puck/Rachel hints, but this is mostly gen.)

Glee: Break You In by kathrynthegr8 - I admit, I picked this one up for the Puck/Rachel because I was curious and I was intrigued by the Artie/Quinn, which I usually prefer as friendship, but wanted to give this one a chance. I'm really glad I did, because this fic has an absolutely fantastic voice for Artie and his view on life and music and the people around him and Quinn in particular and his own being in the chair. Everything felt so incredibly spot on, right down to the background the author put in for Artie's family--which I seriously want to be canon because that's how much I loved the brief glances of Artie's mom and his step-dad. I was actually really comfortable with the movement from platonic to romantic with Artie/Quinn and it was just... wonderful and heart-warming to see it here. I read this fic for one reason, but wound up staying for a completely different one. ♥ (Artie/Quinn and some Puck/Rachel way, waaaay in the background.)

Glee: Twenty Random Facts About Everybody's Favorite Douchebag by une_fille and unequivocally - This was a really fun little fic to read because I really like both authors and the way they write, their take on the characters, especially Puck. And I loved the title, that it reflects that often times Puck is still a total douchebag and the fic follows through on that. Not all of the "random facts" about Puck are nice, some of them show that he's a real dickwad at times, even when there's a person that manages to shine through at other times. I love the focus on his home life and especially his sister, how he's not a horrible older brother. Sure, I read this because it was Puck/Rachel, but I actually liked it for the Puck character study, too. (Some Puck/Rachel and Puck/Quinn, neither are really the point.)

Glee: reruns all become our history by andbless_mybaby - [Note: This fic has triggering content, there is a misscarriage plotpoint in the fic.] If I'd been thinking about it, I maybe should have avoided this fic because of my own triggers of recent. But I saw the warnings and decided to read anyway, which I'm glad for. (And I'm so glad the author put a warning on there, bless her.) Yeah, the funeral scene for the baby destroyed me a little, but I still think it's a beautifully written fic that I empathized with so much. The narrative voice for Puck was spot on, in his dealings with Rachel and the way he looks at the entire world, but especially about the loss of the unborn baby and what that does to him. The author does it brilliantly, she never really has to explicitly state what's going on with him, just the thoughts that are in his head and you can pick up everything that's not being said, and it was just. Really pitch-perfect. This is one of those must-reads in the fandom, imo. The Puck/Rachel relationship is developed fantastically well, but it's also a character piece and an angst piece that worked really well. (Puck/Rachel, NC-17.)

Glee: In the Music Room by of_hearts - And thatís when a voice deep in his soul spoke to him: DROP THAT FUCKINí QUESADILLA, PUCKERMAN. THIS IS HOW ALL THE BEST PORNOS START. Okay, Puck/Rachel makeout scenes in the music room and some really hilarious lines from the Puck POV? I'm there. This was one of those fun little pieces I read this morning that was just entertaining and had some great lines. ....apparently, I am still ridiculously in love with these two. (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: In the Janitor's Closet by of_hearts - I think what put me in exactly the right frame of mind for this fic was going in knowing that it was an AU fic and that even the author couldn't decide if it was serious fic or crackfic, that it was probably somewhere in between, that she was writing the sitcom that was Puck and Rachel's romantic life. And that's exactly what this is and why it was so much freaking fun--Puck and Rachel have broken up, she's dating someone new, and Puck is driven nuts by this. Clearly, he has to sabotage it. And drag Finn in along with him. The Puck narration is hilarious (because he's a douchebag but the douchebag that gets all the best lines) and the Puck & Finn BFFery is awesome, both because it's genuinely hilarious (Puck finds Finn's stupidity pretty hilarious, too) and because it's just so nice to see them actually being friends. I only half read it for the Puck/Rachel, the other half was just that it was a fun read with fun dialogue and because of the BFFery. God, I think I could read fic like this forever. (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: Buenos Nachos, Mr. Schue! by une_fille - In the same spirit that I read the previous fic, that line that's somewhere between canon-like and totally cracked out, I read this fic that's about Puck's mangling of the Spanish language and poor, poor Will's attempts to help him and just deal with Noah Puckerman in his class, even though it only happens a couple of times a year. I love it because it's just so unapologetically douchebag Puck revelry and so many hilarious lines and a great Puck POV and I don't think I stopped laughing the whole time I was reading this. And, sure, it's a Puck/Rachel fic, but it's really more about the interaction between Will and Puck and it's just. It's beautiful. (Some Puck/Rachel, but it's not really the point and it's in the background.)

Glee: easy as one-two-three by hardlygolden - Somehow I managed to miss this one last Yuletide and, randomly, I was in the mood for Puck/Rachel fic today and managed to stumble over this one again. And, having recently decided to tell the actual show to go screw itself and I'm just going to dive back into the delicious Puck/Rachel fic, I decided to give it a read. And, man, this is why I should have never left the fandom! I totally laughed my way through this entire thing because it's just so... so... them somehow, that Puck would say he couldn't read this, gesturing to a sheet of music, and Rachel would take it all the wrong way and it would somehow end up being kind of adorable. And hilarious. So, so hilarious. (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: I could wait forever for this by Nova802 - I think, if the author had been a less talented writer, I might not have made it through this fic--but, then, fics set a few years down the road where Puck and Rachel are both in New York aren't usually my thing, I have to be convinced a bit. And I'll also admit that I wasn't quite sure how to feel about the Santana and Rachel friendship, even several years after high school or the... delight of Rachel's character? I'm so used to her being obnoxious, I guess. And the reason I mention these things is because the fic had an uphill battle with me... and yet still managed to win me over. Puck's point of view in the fic was nicely done, the rough around the edges but with a decent guy underneath, the smooth writing of the entire piece, the sexual charge between him and Rachel, all of that was very nicely done. (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: A Fine Bromance by joker to the thief - Oh, this is what I love from fandom! Humor fic that made me snort with laughter and had a great ending line! I knew it was probably going to be good from the summary--I'm like the LeBron of bras. I can do it with one hand. I can do it with my eyes closed. One time, I just looked at this Cheerio's bra and it literally popped open.--but I really enjoyed it for the Puck and Finn friendship as well as Puck losing his shit over not being able to get Rachel's bra open. The rest was just kind of beautiful, totally an excellent read tonight. (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: friday i'm in love by joker to the thief - Well, since I'd read the author's previous fic, clearly I had to read another one as well. And I really wanted to write a decent recommendation for another delightful fic with Puck hanging out with Finn and Sam while thinking about Rachel, but I feel nothing gets the humor across best rather than a long-ass quote: Come to think of it, he's been in this position more times than he can count in the last couple of weeks. Three days ago, it was a Lord of the Rings marathon at the Hudson/Hummel house, where Kurt kept insisting they put on this weird as fuck avocado mask for their U-zone (or was it T? Whatevs. ), which ended up being a Lord of the Rings drinking game where everyone had to take a shot whenever Gollum said 'precious'. Needless to say, his girl did not appreciate the drunken booty call, asking her if she wanted to 'blow his Horn of Gondor'. I have missed this Glee. (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: Puckasaurus Rex by joker to the thief - More adorable Puck and Rachel! This time, set from Rachel's father, Leroy's point of view, starting back when they were just little toddlers and Puck and Rachel first met. They are freaking adorable as kids and yet not too sugary sweet and then there's the flashforwards at the end and you know it's coming and yet. I think I kind of died a little of fangirl squee at how fucking cute it at all was. So. Much. Adorable. ♥ (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: i can't quit you, baby by joker to the thief - I know! But I can't quit reading this author now that I've found some Glee fic that hits me just right! And this one was less funny and more cathartic, when Puck's dad shows up and offers his son a way out of Lima after he knocks Rachel up. And it's nice to see that Puck's not his father and to have his life be really happy, even if it's not the big stardom that he probably dreamed of. It was just... happy-making. (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: here she comes again by vnilla - Do you know what I love about this fic and the author's take on the characters? It's still as sharp and wonderful and excellent as the potential the show has, but it's good and it makes you really love all the characters and their relationships with each other. Rachel especially is just wonderful in this fic, she's still just as crazy as ever but in a much more positive way. And, oh, the back and forth with Puck and Rachel's relationship, the long road it takes, the moments of humor and the awesome moments of humor and actual character growth and the interspertion of songs into the fic, all of it is fantastic. It makes me want to believe in this show and this fandom again! A really excellent, satisfying read for today. (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: Browser History by cruiscin_lan - I have missed Puck/Rachel (well, stealth Puck/Rachel) fic like this, even if it's a bit softer on Puck than maybe pre-series should have been, it's excellent for the way he shows that maybe he likes someone. By tormenting people who are kind of total creepers. I mean, any fic that has this line: He was, like, gay for Rachel Berry, or whatever. is automatically getting a gold star in my book. :Db (Puck/Rachel.)

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