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Glee: Conversations Between Two McKinley High Students by Glow - So, that whole thing about how I don't have any ships in Glee? Well, of course, as soon as I say that, I find one. One that's never going to happen. But the idea of Puck and Rachel delights me somehow because I want to believe Puck could be a better person and because he would play beautifully off Rachel. Which is what this fic is all about, the way Puck is slowly starting to not be a total douchebag, the way it's set from his perspective and doesn't shy away from what a dick he is much of the time, but also makes him an interesting character. The writing was a little tough for me to get into at first, it's very short and choppy, but halfway through the first chapter I found that that worked incredibly well for this fic, because it's set inside Puck's head and his views of everything around him. Not to mention the author got me to grin at least once per chapter, got me to sit down and read 20,000+ words in one sitting and would have kept going if there were more chapters.

It's the kind of fic that took me from teetering on the edge of shipping something to full on shipping it pretty hardcore. It deals with the same themes that the show deals with--these kids aren't perfect, but they're all trying to grow and they're all real human beings. It deals with the complicated dynamics between Puck, Rachel, Finn, and Quinn. It's all about the fun dialogue and snappy lines, so many of which were really easy to hear in the actor's voices and the banter/flirting between Puck and Rachel worked beautifully for me here. I imagine you probably still have to be open to the idea to really enjoy this fic, but I really, really did. ♥ (Puck/Rachel, other implied canon pairings.)

Glee: Solace by becca_radcgg - I'm still wary of shipping this ship because I'm not sure Puck is a decent enough person to make me want to read about him and yet... the shipper fangirl heart wants what it wants. And I really do like the idea of Puck/Rachel. This fic, set from Rachel's point of view this time, is all about the things they have in common, the way they both are stuck and want something (someone) they can't have and it's... it's not nice, but it's not hurtful, either. It's a little painful for both of them and the attraction between them has a lot of potential to go places. The writing was very nice as well, I'm interested to see where this author goes, too. (Puck/Rachel, other implied canon pairings.)

Glee: Sleep Out in the Quiet by Glow - Part of me still hesitates to start reading Puck fic because I don't want to be an apologist for his crappy behavior, but... the thing I liked about this fic (and this author) is that she doesn't gloss over that part. Even when she's writing from his perspective, you still get that Puck is a total dick sometimes, even if he's a human one, too. And what I really liked about this fic is that it's not really a pairing fic so much as it is a Puck exploration fic, where he thinks about Quinn and Finn and Rachel and the complications in his lives. I really liked the take on the characters here, especially the background Quinn/Rachel friendship that was developing. (Mild Puck/Quinn, Puck/Rachel, and other canon implications.)

Glee: Paradise by the Dashboard Light by cuethe-pulse - I pretty much had to stop and read this fic because it promised me Puck/Rachel potential dirtiness. And while it's not full-out porn (but didn't need to be, the sex that was here was really nice just the way it was), it was so much of what I was looking for. I love that it was all about the mutual attraction, how both of them wanted it, even while they both still agreed that the other annoyed the crap out of them. I love that it was great for both of them. The use of the song was actually really cool in this fic and just a really solid piece that dragged me back into this fandom. (Puck/Rachel, somewhere around an R rating.)

Glee: waging wars to shake the poet by andbless-mybaby - Cripes, at this rate, I might actually turn into a shipper for these two. I pretty much clicked on the first available link on the newsletter that was Puck/Rachel (because I was curious if it was a one-time thing or if I'm really falling for the day) and I think what this fic did was kind of cement it in by not making them a total OTP here. As much as I enjoy fics where they're slowly coming to realize genuine feelings for each other (not that there's not an element of that here, too), this one was interesting for it's harsher, probably more realistic (in relation to the show, that is) take on Puck and Rachel's characters. The animosity between them is just as sharp as the attraction, where it's something not nice at all, but instead this fic really doesn't shy away from that Puck is an asshole with occasional sparks of humanity. Very occasional. And that's what made me really kind of like this pairing even more--they're versatile enough to get fic like this, which is gorgeously written and just so damn solidly good, right down to the impact of the final lines. It's one of the best written pieces in the fandom I've seen yet. (Puck/Rachel, R.)

Glee: I wasn't going to break up with you by GennaJoy - [Note: There are spoilers for 1x08 in this fic and this rec.] Okay, you can all pretty much just shut up, because I totally needed a fic like this after the way 1x08 ended up. Not that it wasn't a great episode (because it was), but I have my OTP and I wanted just a little while longer. And makeouts. Which this fic provides me with! It's cute and a shameless "fix the ending of that episode" fic that's all I needed. (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: sin tetas, no hay paraiso by dress without sleeves - [Note: There are mild spoilers for 1x08 in this fic and this rec.] Oh, my god, this was 9,000 words of the most perfect Puck/Rachel fic ever. It was beautifully written, there were so many lines that I actually laughed out loud at and I seriously had one of those face-hurting grins on the entire time I was reading this. But it's more than just snappy dialogue and a tone that's on par with the show itself, it's also that it was exactly what I wanted to read with these characters--it's not easy, but it's so charming, and the characters actually do some growing up. Puck tutors Rachel in Spanish and they develop a connection and somehow it works. It's perfect. And then the second chapter is based on the preview for 1x08 "Mashup" and it takes elements of that but spins things a little differently and, in my head, that is now how things went. I love it for addressing the Finn/Rachel and Puck/Quinn aspects, I love it for the brilliant look inside Puck's head, and I love it for being so damned awesome to both characters. New favorite Puck/Rachel fic, for serious. (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: Not Quite Strangers by Liberty Roth - This was a very brief fic, just a short piece from Puck's point of view, where Rachel asks to borrow his jacket, set before 1x08 and is just a quiet "What if?" moment. But I like it because Puck's nicely in character and it's one of those where... I have a thing for Rachel being such a short little thing compared to Puck and the way she just about swims in his jacket. It was totally adorable. (Puck/Rachel... sort of.)

Glee: to tempt back luck by a dress without sleeves - Since I liked the author's previous fic so much, I figured I'd give this one a shot, even if it was labeled as being angsty. And, in a way, I kind of like that, it's yet another genre that works for this pairing, further cementing it as my favorite. And I do like what this fic says about Puck, about how he treats the people in his life and the kind of person he deliberately makes himself out to be. The writing is sharp as a tack and I love the little scenes they've had together all their lives and it works, considering what we know of them. (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: Moment's in Time: Santana's Take on Things by ayleecambell - [Note: There are mild spoilers for 1x08 in this fic and this rec.] I think what really made this fic work for me, including the typos and deliberate structure, is that it's Santana. It sounded pretty much exactly like how I would expect Santana to speak or write something down, plus I really like that it doesn't shy away from what a dick she is (and she knows it, too) and yet shows her character growth. Shows all of their character growth, really, as she watches Puck and Rachel. Aw. (Puck/Rachel, though, it's only half the point.)

Glee: Bah bah bah by ethrosdemon - [Note: I don't think there are spoilers for 1x08 in this fic, but just to be on the safe side, assume there are.] So, after about nine Gleefic recs in a row, I kind of told myself, no, you need to take a break. Save some of that fic for tomorrow! But I was looking for meta posts, happened to stumble over what was a fic instead, and just... couldn't stop reading. A lot of the Puck/Rachel fic I've read has focused more on Puck's point of view and I've liked that, because it's easier to show the blend between douchebag and sort of sweet guy underneath. But this fic was about Rachel and it was seriously one of the best Rachel points of view that I've read yet, it's so sharp and perfect and amazing and brilliant and just right for her character. And, if that weren't enough, it's all about Rachel's relationships with the people around her, the glee club as a whole and all the scenes are showing facets of her. Actual facets and how much better off she is now. The scene with Mercedes and Tina might actually be my favorite, just for how much it revealed about Rachel right there, all her fears that came bubbling up to the surface of her mind and then the fic just... was completely Glee about it and I don't think I stopped smiling the rest of the time. I also love, love, love the Puck/Rachel here--not the focus, but it's this mix of something a little harsh and not quite meant to be, but also sweet and genuine. Just. I want to read this kind of Gleefic pretty much forever. (Some Puck/Rachel, but it's only half the point, it's a Rachel story.)

Glee: A Complete History of Noah Puckerman, Abridged -- As told by Rachel Berry by them0rgue - I told myself that I was going to stop reading so much Gleefic tonight, but... this was another one that I read just a few lines of it and then was completely unable to put it down. I am really charmed by the backstory fics that have been popping up lately, especially ones that deal with Rachel and Puck both being Jewish and how they must have known each other in such a small town because of it. And I really love how sharp and harsh this fic is, both of them are flawed people, and Puck is such a dick in this fic, but they're both also human with their good points. Even if you have to really look hard to see it out sometimes. I even love that the point isn't about bringing them together (even as friends, though, they sort of are friends, in a way, here), that it doesn't necessarily end on a happy note (but not a sad one, either), instead it's just... what it is. A history between them. (This is gen, but if you like Puck/Rachel, you might like this.)

Glee: In a Giddy Whirl by waldorph - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers for 1x08 in this fic and this rec.] I'm not sure where to start with this rec, because I just sort of want to explode with joyful glee over this fic. I continue to love fics that don't shy away from Puck being kind of a real dick, but with a genuine personality that's not entirely bad underneath that, right down to a hilariously great narrative voice for him. But it's not just that, it's also all these little scenes Puck has with the other characters around him, the way Rachel is just this tiny little giant force of nature, the way the rest of the Glee club is wonderful, the way there are all these little moments worked in. And I love, love, love the semi-meta-esque reference to movies without it being a suffocating ever-present theme. Instead, it's Puck and Rachel working towards realizing they could maybe work out and lots of hilarious lines along the way (I want to quote so many of them omg) and just. I could not stop grinning the whole time I read this. Also there were sexytimes. That just made my day. Also also also. Puck's thoughts on Finn. SO MUCH LOL. (Puck/Rachel, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

Glee: The Ones that Entertain by waldorph - [Note: This is a sequel to the previous fic by the author, it would help to have read that one first. Also just assume there are spoilers for 1x08.] I saw there was another fic by this author and assumed I was going to get more of the same delightful Puck point of view. Instead, I got an awesome Kurt point of view that's less focus on the romance of this series and more on how much Kurt loves the girls in Glee and how much fun it is to watch him be his entirely awesome self. I love how very flaming he is here, but yet it's like him on the show--it doesn't overwhelm the fact that there's an actual person in there, you feel that real person in there the whole time. Plus, all the celebration of clothes and pretty things and hair and nails and all that girly stuff is so much fun. (Background Finn/Quinn and Puck/Rachel and Kurt-->Finn, but none of them are the point.)

Glee: I sing the body electric by Nova802 - [Note: There are spoilers for 1x08 in this fic and this rec.] This is not as happy a take on 1x08, but part of what I fell for with this pairing is the versality of them and how some stories about them aren't going to have them working out. (At the same time, I love that this fic is only mostly about that, it's also about a very quiet thread of something that may or may not go somewhere eventually, someday.) The story is beautifully written and I really like this Rachel voice, it feels spot on for where she was at the end of that episode, just a little painful but still with her forceful positive spin on things. Very pretty writing. (Mostly Puck/Rachel, but the whole Puck/Rachel/Finn/Quinn thing is in the background.)

Glee: two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, chapter 1 by of_hearts - [Notes: There are spoilers for 1x08 in this fic and this rec.] Another fic with a really solid Puck voice in the narration, but also one with a whole lot of potential to go really interesting (and fannishly satisfying) places. There had to have been at least five different lines I wanted to quote from this one fic alone (which wasn't quite a thousand words--though, it felt a lot shorter than that because it just sailed on by), but I also like that the fic is about Puck trying to be Rachel's friend because he needs someone to talk to, even if he realizes how pathetic that is, while there's obviously something more driving it. I really, really want more of this one. (Puck/Rachel, background Finn/Quinn/Puck/Rachel stuff from canon.)

Glee: this ain't all it's cracked up to be. by catalysted - [Note: There are spoilers for 1x08 in the fic and this rec.] I'm not sure this narrative voice for Puck matches up with my own view of Puck's internal voice, but... the writing is lovely and I'm still quite in love with this episode, so viewing the events of it through Puck's POV is still fascnating to me. The author also has several really quotable lines in this and the writing is just so smooth and I would seriously love to read more from her. (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: Never Had No One Ever by stainofmylove - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers for 1x08 in this fic and this rec.] Oh, this was actually a really great exploration of the depths of Puck's character without stretching things too far or too hard--I mean, Puck? Having depth of character? It feels like it should be trying too hard! And yet it kind of doesn't, because the author does a fantastic job of keeping him still kind of shallow with the narration in his head, even as he sees a little more about the people around him--especially Rachel and himself--than you might think he would. It worked for me here. (Puck/Rachel, implications of the other canon stuff.)

Glee: Thought What I Felt Was Simple by vnilla - Okay. Seriously. I am not going to be satisfied until Rachel actually sings this song on the show; my life will not be complete until it happens. I love this fic just for the music choice, but I also love it for the perfect summation of Rachel's conflict on her feelings for Finn versus her feelings for Puck: On second thought, being in love with two boys is exactly like a musical. And, like in musicals, she has to make a choice. I really like how determined Rachel is in this fic, too, it's such a great take on her. I loved this. ♥ (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: One of Us by CountryGirl914 - I picked this one up for the pairing (Puck/Rachel, of course) and because the title made me smile on a night when I really needed it, but what really got me about this fic is that it's everything I want from the series that I know I'm not going to get. Things coming to a head, people realizing that certain things just wouldn't work out, other certain people slowly finding their way back to each other, and some things that just do work out. I am firmly placing this fic in my head as how the Glee storyline really unfolded because it's everything I want for (and from) these characters. Dealing with the pairings I want to happen, the best possible outcome for the baby, the way I want these people to be happy, that fic gives me all of this. It's a little on the sappy/fluffy side, true, but it was perfect for what I wanted. It also has a really great Puck voice, which I always am happy to have. I love the structure, little scenes set across the next year and a little beyond, it worked so well here. (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: Of Laundry and Show Tunes by CountryGirl914 - Well, as long as I was reading the author's Glee fic, I had to read the other one as well. This time, it's a focus on Finn finding out about the baby and Puck's reaction to everything and... sometimes I feel guilty because I mostly focus on Puck's side of thing in the whole mess, but he gets such great fic like this one! The tough exterior and rough attitude he has, covering something more human, it fits with the character I recognize from the show. I love how deeply all of this cuts into him without softening him up too much, I love the anger and hurt and frustration that comes through with this piece. And this is the Rachel I love, the one who works at not being so self-centered and is a little more mature. Wrap all that up in some lovely language with the writing and you have another great piece. I love it so much. (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: Easy Girl by une fille - Speaking of Puck/Rachel fics that fulfill a desperate longing I have for satisfying fic, along comes this one as well. Which is another fic that has all the right ingredients--a great Puck narrative voice, a great Rachel characterization, sparks flying between the two of them, some completely LOL-worthy moments, a great progression of their relationship, dealing with all the other crap in their lives, excellent writing all the way around--and it left me feeling so damn satisfied that I'm not sure I can put it into words. I really loved so many moments of this, I loved the non-linear nature of the scenes, I loved that there was actual focus (if briefly) on the Puck and Finn friendship, and I love that everything here was complicated but they all worked their way towards something better. Just. More delicious Puck/Rachel fic and, yeah, I still OTP the hell out of them. *happy sigh* Also, it has some killer one-liners, which is awesome. (Puck/Rachel, slight content warning.)

Glee: In the Middle by une fille - [Note: You really sort of need to have read Easy Girl for this fic to make sense.] Oh god. I think I was on the verge of a full-on giggle fit the entire time I was reading this fic. It's all about the way Rachel and Puck were fighting during a time in the "Easy Girl" fic and it totally comes off like, well: Kurt hates it when Mommy and Daddy fight. What's beautiful about it is that the comparison is obvious and yet it's still so damn easy to see and, god, do I ever love Kurt with a fiery passion. (Implied Puck/Rachel, it's only half the point.)

Glee: Little Miss Perfect by Cakestar - Normally, I tend towards the more humorous fics, but every once in awhile, I also go for something that's a bit more on the dramatic side. The writing of this one is solid and it's an interesting bit of growth for Puck's character (since he's narrator of this story) and it gets at a lot of the stuff that intrigues me with the characters--the love/hate dynamic, the slowly growing to see each other as real people, the attraction that neither wants to admit to, and so forth. It's a light, easy ready as well (in terms of the fic sailing right by, I mean) and that make it a nice capper for my evening of OTP fic reading. (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: blame it on bartle & jaymes. by jan - I think what really got me with this fic was the use of the line from the second episode about Rachel not having a gag reflex--I love it when fandom runs with a line like that, especially when it's put together with a hilarious Puck narrative voice and great characterization for both of them. I love the way Rachel is about giving her first blowjob here, of course that's how she'd be. And I love that Puck is... he's a teenage boy still, but he's not a total jerk and there are moments of not being so bad even if he's not really a gentleman or anything. And mostly I just love that the whole thing felt right and was kind of hilarious. Plus, Puck/Rachel makeouts and more! Awesome. (Puck/Rachel, NC-17.)

Glee: Diverging Normality by dazeyhaze - [ part 1 - part 2 ] - I wasn't sure what to think when I read the prologue. Awhile later, I read the first chapter (not realizing that it was connected to the prologue, because I'm a genius and can totally remember stuff from day to day) and found that the first chapter stood pretty well on its own and sucked me in with a whole lot of curiosity--I really want to know where the author is going with this storyline! It's sort of a retelling of the first few episodes that sticks to the basic backbone of events, but works in a Puck/Rachel pregnancy storyline and I am not ashamed to say that I want more like burning, especially if it's a pairing I'm onboard with. And I do like that they're not instantly in love, that Puck is a dick with a lot of growing to do here, but he shows the same signs he does in the canon series. More plz. (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: set myself on fire by dress without sleeves - I'd been waiting until this fic was finished to read it and then sat down and read over 40,000 words in one sitting. I think this is kind of a huge testament to how a) fucking much I love this pairing omfg and b) how really epic and great this fic is. It's a story that starts with Puck and Rachel as kids and then shows them growing up, takes the story all the way through 1x08/1x09, then creates this really kind of perfect future for them because it's not perfect. But it deals with their feelings for other people and the problems between them and the growth of both of their characters and touches on so many complicated issues between all four of the love quadrangle characters. Hell, it even addresses Finn and Puck's friendship! It's mostly centered on the Puck/Rachel relationship, but the voices for everyone are stellar, the building/use of fanon (the whole thing with Rachel and Puck having known each other since they were kids since they're both Jews in a small town) is the kind that's so completely in tune with the show that it'd be easy to blur it together with the actual canon.

This fic is one of those where it does things right, it doesn't just shove them immediately back together, but instead takes its time and builds something genuine between them again. It genuinely deals with the Finn/Rachel and Puck/Quinn. It genuinely deals with the ups and downs of kids that had a lot of growing up to do before they got to the point they're at. Hell, it even touches on all the other kids in Glee and I swear. One of the greatest things ever was the way Puck thought about Artie. Seriously, after reading about them in this fic, it was kind of a struggle not to hit up the rest of FFNET to see if there was more Puck - Artie interaction because it was just that beautiful and yet I know no one else would do it justice, but I didn't really mind. ....which is the thing about this fic, I guess. It was so complete, so satisfying that I really didn't need much more after it. Well. For that day. I think this'll probably always be one of those defining fics in the fandom for these two and one of the ones I hold up as why the Puck/Rachel fandom is so goddamned much fun. ♥ (Puck/Rachel, some dealing with all sides of the Finn/Rachel/Puck/Quinn thing.)

Glee: donít do sadness by hariboo_smirks - And, no matter how satisfied I am by previous fics, I always want more and fic like this is the reason why. It's another fic where I plunked myself down and read almot 9,000 words of fic in one sitting, then being disappointed when there wasn't more to immediately read with this story. It's another fic that deals with so many of the issues of these characters and I think this Rachel is a little off from the canon Rachel in the sense that she's kind of a better person and has done some growing and is the Rachel that came out of 1x08 rather than 1x09 (meaning, a Rachel that never backslid) and this is the Rachel that I'm pining to see on the show. I know she's in there. And this fic brought out all that potential in her character, the way she's slowly making friends and she's good in this group of people and they're warming up to her as well. I even love that it's not precisely Puck/Rachel in the romantic sense but deals with their relationship in a really natural-feeling way, I can so easily see all of this. And I really like that the fic also deals with Quinn's pregnancy and deals with a lot of the hurt and pain so many of them have gone through, but is ultimately about healing. And I really, really adore this Rachel a whole hell of a lot. ♥ (Sort of Puck/Rachel with implications of the quadrangle, but is ultimately more gen than anything.)

Glee: like that stupid police song by hariboo_smirks - This is a shorter piece, but a nice way to cap off my evening of fic reading, with Puck and Rachel making out on a couch, in Puck's POV. I am really charmed by how... fond he is of her crazy even as she drives him up the wall. It's the kind of dynamic that gives off a ton of sparks and is really kinda hot. It's fluffy, sure, but it's also so damn cute and fun to read. <3 (Puck/Rachel.)

Glee: Your Week by diamondinsanity - [Note: There may be spoilers for 1x10 in this fic and this rec.] This fic is really kind of terrible. But it's terrible in the way the show is--as in that I laughed even when I knew I shouldn't have because that's awful to make fun of Rachel like that and yet. I couldn't help it because it was kind of true. Also, the ending was kind of hilarious, too. In a really terrible way. Which is exactly what the author was going for. (Implications of Will/Rachel, Puck/Rachel, and Artie/Rachel.)

Glee: War by Bellatrix13 - I clicked on this fic for the summary: Noah Puckerman is not happy. Why? Because McKinley Highís marginally less annoying version of Mariah Carey just threw a slushie in his face. No joke. And now itís payback time. Puckleberry. But what I wound up staying for was the conversations Puck has with the other football players/his friends and the narrative voice he has through the first chapter because they are such idiotic, obnoxious boys. It's kind of hilarious how god-awful and dumb they are and makes for great parody of the characters. But I'm also curious to where the Puck/Rachel will go and how the author will evolve Puck's character, so this was a fun read. (Eventual Puck/Rachel, I assume.)

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