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- Gravitation - It Came from the Dresser Drawer by Nashi Hane - I admit I was a little concerned about what the speaker was going to turn out to be, but this story was so damned cute! Really funny and clever and just... neat. I love it. (Yaoi implications. Not telling who.)

- Gravitation - Safekeeping by Mockingbird Q - Awww, this was cute. Sometimes cute little AU stories (it's not specifically stated, but I believe at that time Eiri would have either been far too traumatized to be acting as he was or the cute little genki kid he used to be, but he was more like adult Yuki here) are just so much fun. If Yuki and Shuuichi were little kids meeting for the first time, this is exactly how I'd like to see them meet--Yuki trying to be cold, but won over by cute little Shuuichi. The story was mostly fluffy, with only a touch of angst, much like the original Gravitation. Uh... yeah, okay that totally sucked as a rec. Just go read the cute story. (Not really any pairings.)

- Gravitation - A Ghost Story by Synergy (Hoshiko and silvershadeus) - Wai! Two of my favorite writers working together on a Gravitation fanfic. ^_^v And it's a fun read so far (two chapters have been posted as of this review), the characters very nicely done, the writing wonderfully readable, the little details woven nicely into the AU, and I cannot wait to see what happens. (No real pairings so far.)

- Gravitation - And So I Drown Again by Psycho gurl - Okay, so I love Hiro. I do. But there aren't a lot of fics that can portray him well enough to make me interested, because it seems like the majority of Hiro-centric fics are all about breaking Shuuichi and Yuki up and giving Shuuichi to Hiro and just... no. That's not the point of Gravitation. Plus, so few writers have really gotten the delicate balance of Hiro's feelings (as I see them, anyway) just right, usually going too far off into melodrama and make me start to think that Hiro having feelings for Shuuichi just doesn't jibe with the source material.

But it's stories like this one that reaffirm my belief that Hiro could have feelings for Shuuichi, because he knows that Shuuichi really does love Yuki, that Shuuichi will always love Yuki, and that Shuuichi will never love him that way. He's not angry at Shuuichi, would do anything for his friend, but he knows it's not going anywhere. I just... I want to give Hiro a big hug in this story, because someone needs to be there for him, and while this story barely mentions her, I want him to find that happiness he needs with Ayaka. This is the Hiro I know from the series. The writing is also lovely, just perfect for this oneshot, making it one of those stories that sticks with me, one that makes a very good case for the idea it presents. I love when writers can do that. (One-sided Hiro+Shuuichi, mentions of YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Kaoroku's Story by Genesis Grey - I always look forward to Genesis Grey's stories, because she so often presents a different story/view than a lot of other Gravitation authors out there and does it well. This time it's the point of view of a reporter from early in the series, one who broke the story on Yuki and Shuuichi and how that crossed Seguchi Tohma. What I really like about this story is all the little details, all the connecting pieces--the way the reporter interacted with Tohma or Mika or Aizawa, the subtle allusions in the fic, the wry commentary from the reporter... it was just a really cool little story. (No major pairings/warnings.)

- Gravitation - Pistol Whipped by Shiori - HEE! Oh, I love Judy Winchester and she does not get written about often enough. I love, love, love her and her craziness and her being just the perfect woman for K. XD So to see a fic that does such an amazing POV on her, capturing her character so well, is wonderful. I cannot wait to see Judy's Extra-Special Husband-Winning-Plan in action, because so far this fic is fucking hysterical. And Ark! I just want to snuggle Ark in this fic. XD (K/Judy, little bit Ark+K/Judy.)

- Gravitation - Is it True? by Silverone - Blah, blah, blah, I know Gravitation is a shounen ai series, but, dammit, the het pairings are interesting, too, and almost no one writers Hiro/Ayaka without it being some sort of bad relationship or without them being in love with someone else, so to find a cute, sweet, fluffy fic like this? To find one that's actually well-written and in character and sweet? Makes me heart to happy little cartwheels. Just... they're so cute! and that really comes through in this story. So I'm happy. ♥ (Hiro/Ayaka.)

- Gravitation - Family by Akot - Ohohohoho, THIS WAS SO CUTE. I was just saying the other night about how much I missed Maiko in the Gravi anime because she RULED and then I stumble over this absolutely adorable story about her and Shuuichi. Just... I don't want to basically detail the whole thing here, so instead I'll just comment on how much I love Maiko to little pieces, how much fun this story was, and how I could just see the entire thing in my head. Wah, I want more of the Shindou siblings! XD (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gravitation - Intent by Akot - You know, I admit that I don't really know that much about Suguru (or his family history that's hinted at more in the manga--I'm only on volume 3 *hmph*), but I read this story anyway because I liked the author's other work and... this story really just sort of hit me in the solar plexus because it was so very subtle and yet there was this sense... even just reading it, I was uncomfortable and out of sorts with Suguru. Even in such a short story, the author really got the frustration and off-kilter and, well, out-of-sorts feeling he had visiting his mother. Lovely job on this story. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gravitation - Damned Snow by Rosa Aquafire - ...........I literally made a squeaking noise at the end of this fic, that's how much I just absolutely adored this story. God, it's so sad that I'll admit that aloud. The writing was solid, it read smoothly, but the thing that pounced onto me and wouldn't let go was the sweet, wonderful, lovely characterizations of both Hiro and Ayaka. I've mentioned before that it's rare to find a story about them that doesn't break them up or make it a bad relationship, but it's even rarer to find one that really just... illustrates the couple that I fell in love with. How much Hiro genuinely WANTS to be with her, how much he really loves her. How much she's come to genuinely love him in return, how much she really wants to be with him. Plus, it had that fun sort of Gravi humor! Not necessarily Shuuichi type of humor, but, god, this was so perfectly Hiro and Ayaka that I'm currently floating around the room in a happy, blissful little cloud. It just nailed these characters and their romantic, sweet, lovely relationship. I am a happy fangirl yet again. (Hiro/Ayaka.)

- Gravitation - Disarmament by Katie - This was a cute fic about one Mizuki and Yuki's meetings about handing over his manuscript and was just... the writing was good, the dialogue and characterizations smooth, and it was nice to see Mizuki strike back for once, considering the hell Yuki probably puts her through. I admit, knowing Yuki's issues and past, I kind of wondered how much his reaction was surprise versus genuine panic of the very bad kind, but.... >_> But, the strength of this fic was that it was cute, funny, and sparkled. Plus, yay for Mizuki fic~ ^__^ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gravitation - Shoushi Shigaretto by Savidana - Another fic I snitched off Meg and rec'd it, too. >__> Anyway, I generally don't go for stories that are so heavily laden with imagery, but when an author is a really good, solid writer, I'll often find myself liking the fic anyway and this was... it was a very visual piece, more about focusing in on the pictures in your mind's eye, almost to the point of sensation, rather than just still images. When you read a summary like Time wasn’t something Yuki Eiri measured with numbers., it's one of those types of stories that almost always seems to be hit or miss, very little in between room, and... I liked this one. It worked well for a little vignette and there were lots of pretty words. ^___^v (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gravitation - Homebound by Genesis Grey - I've mentioned before that I have a strong, strong love of interaction between the Uesugi siblings and this fic played right into that. The author's Mika is fantastic--strong, but not perfect or a bitch about it, vulnerable in her own way, and loves her brothers, but isn't a doormat for them, either. The simple emotion in this piece, the way they all miss their mother, the way they all three remember her, the way they can stop fighting for a few minutes and quietly remember her is just so perfect and wonderful to remind you that... no matter how much they fight or are distanced from each other, they are still a family. Wonderful Uesugi sibling interaction. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gravitation - Shu and Ryu's Halloween Escapade by Aoi Umi - Ahhhh, you know, it's kind of sad that sometimes it's the little things that can make me want to glomp a fic so hard. Like, when an author includes Ryuuichi and Shuuichi interacting and remembers that Shuuichi calls him 'Sakuma-san'. Blessed, blessed fic. But, beyond that, it's actually entertaining and a cute little Halloween treat and I grinned or giggled a lot while reading the fic. Eiri was suitably cranky, but not too far over the line, Ryuuichi and Shuuichi were crack-headed together, but not too far over the line, and the writing was solid and genuinely cute, as the concept of Ryuuichi and Shuuichi getting into the Halloween should be! <3<3<3 (Yuki/Shuuichi in the background, but it's more gen than anything.)

- Gravitation - Bound by TheNeme - Funny little Gravi fic where Tatsuha gets into a mess and has to explain himself to Yuki. Sort of. Yuki doesn't really want to know that badly. Don't let the slight S&M tone to the fic stop you (it's very mild, honest), it's silly and funny enough to be a delightful read, the writing is lovely, and it's the ending that made me grin like mad. (Errr. Shounen ai, but. Mostly it's Uesugi brothers interaction.)

- Gravitation - Man On A Mission by TheNeme - This fic just somehow... amused me. Yuki being cranky (from the lack of beer and cigarettes) and the trials he has to go through just to make it to the door, only to have Shuuichi show up at the end... it kinda felt a little like one of those random crazy batshit moments that the series has. Plus, Shuuichi is rather adorable here somehow and the opening paragraph was funny, so I couldn't help liking it. <3 (Yuki/Shuuichi, but it's sorta background to the fic.)

- Gravitation - Playing House by Hawk Clowd - [ chapter 06 - chapter 07 - chapter 08 - chapter 09 ] - This is an update to rec the last four chapters of this story because I just recently read them and because it's my journal/site and I can rec something as many times as I want! ^_~ It really shocks me how this story went from adorable little vaguely crack-ish idea to something that was touching, sweet, and insightful. These three kids were brilliantly written--they were likable, but they weren't perfect or overly precocious. I did wonder a little at their ages (or how old Eiri was if he could have kids this old, since he's only 23 in the series, blah, blah, blah), but they were surprisingly grounded characters, they weren't extreme, they werne't perfect, they were still children and Eiri's interaction with Miho in chapter eight was so much more than I would have expected. The way the story built to the situation with her, the way it didn't come out of nowhere (there were hints in previous chapters), the way it wasn't perfect, the way it was raw and aching, but still somehow sweet and just... *flails* good lord, Eiri with kids. Eiri having to put up with them for a weekend, still being Eiri about it, but it wasn't the kind of fic that made me sick because Eiri can be such a fucked up bastard sometimes. It wasn't always happy, but it was good. And I love, love, loved the ending, it was the perfect note for a Gravi fic to end on and... okay, yeah, this rec kind of sucks, but I had to get it out of my system anyway. I adored this fic, so much more than I thought I would, it's really well-characterized and tells a good story, and was actually pretty moving. I have lost all coherence. (Some Yuki/Shuuichi, but it's not quite the point of the story.)

- Gravitation - Little Conversations by Hawk Clowd - *shimmers* Uesugi brothers interaction! Tatsuha has trouble with his homework and calls Eiri to help him with it and it is FUN. Because they're such brothers, they irritate each other, but they also are still family and it's just grin-inducing to watch Tatsuha be frustrated as hell at his big brother. (He was cooking while he tried to help Tatsuha with the math homework! Tatsuha fumed. It wasn't fair. Why was Eiri the smart one? Had he garnered up a shit load of good karma in a former life or something?) It was perfectly characterized, it sparkled, and the ending was fucking perfect. I crack up just thinking about it. But, then, I'm a sucker for those little touches like that. <3<3<3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gravitation - Do Not Mix With Bleach by TheNeme - I can't decide which was more fun with this fic--Hiro and Shuuichi's antics as they're worrying over Suguru (who inhaled a little too much of the bleach fumes after Shuuichi's disasterous attempt at cleaning up the previous night) or the crack-addled and surprisingly hysterical hallucinations Suguru was having. I still laugh at the randomness of his shoutings when you switch back to Hiro and Shuuichi's POV that actually work because you get to see the hallucinations that are causing them. Great little humor fic so far. <3 (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Gravitation - His Vices by Hawk Clowd - An interesting style to approach the course of Yuki Eiri's life, between New York and the beginning of the series, giving an overview of how he changed, how the vices he had became such a part of his life. There's a certain melancholy, sad tone to the fic, but not depressing, given the way things are going to change, obviously. My favorite thing about the story is the sense of emptiness to his life without the reader having to have that bashed into their head. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gravitation - Little Conversations (chapter 03) by Hawk Clowd - Shut up, I know I rec too much Gravi fic, especially by the same authors, but I don't care, because there's just something so hilarious to me about the idea that Eiri calls Tatsuha at random points in the week, just to inflict insanity and irritation on him, that's the best kind of brother relationship, especially when you hit that point when you realize how truly stupid the other one is. Eiri calls Tatsuha to make him go look for a certain object and I glee'd my way through the entire thing. :D :D :D (No pairings enough to count.)

- Gravitation - Summer Movie by Sabina - Marriage, he'd known from the start, was predicated entirely on the participants' ability to have fun away from each other. I have disgusting amounts of raburabu for Sabina's fic with pretty much anything she writes, because she has this genius ability to write in details that are genuinely clever, the kind that don't overwhelm a fic, but bring it into this sharp sort of clarity that's amazing. The background details of Judy's current role or K's... ah, trouble... with Thailand, done in that casual way that Graviation had, had me falling hard for this fic within the first page. And then. Oh, god, and then. K and Ryuuichi and complete and utter insanity that makes me howl with pain that more people don't write batshit antics with them, because they would somehow understand each other or, at the very least, feed off each other in that way that normal people could never do, and this was just... oh, so brilliant and perfect. It was them. (Hints of canon pairings, but it's not the point.)

- Gravitation - by Firelight by trixie_chick - You know how I keep mentioning sometimes that I should save some of these fics for a ficbits post but then I say "Screw it." and write a regular rec 'cause I loved the fic so much anyway? Yeah, this is another one of those. Because it's K/Judy and it is good K/Judy. It's... perfect. It's a lovely image of them on the beach and it's got these little touches that made me laugh so hard because, yes, this is K/Judy the way it should be done. I would seriously love to dig my claws into trixie for more of her take on these two. *__* (K/Judy.)

- Gravitation - Welcome to My Romance by Misura - I grant that this fic does seem very subdued or a few degrees off for characters like K and Judy, it doesn't have that manic edge I usually associate with them, but the writing is solid, the affection between them real, and, really, who doesn't want to read about K lighting a movie set on fire to simulate a romantic dusk for the two of them? Because he would. XDC (K/Judy.)

- Gravitation - Metallic by Tsuyomi - I would have liked to have seen this story fleshed out a little more, because it feels like it's building somewhere, that Tatsuha's thoughts are rolling around the various ways his life disquiets him, and it feels like the ending is rather abrupt, like the author cut if off a few pages too early. Or like it's only the first chapter of a longer fic. (Which, if that's the case, then this is fine.) The reason this sticks out so much, though, is that the rest of the story is really interesting, a solid take on Tatsuha's character, the way he's frustrated with his life, but still a good person and not over the top. I believed this Tatsuha, the way he feels overshadowed by his two older siblings and doesn't quite wangst about it, the way he interacts with his father, the way the holiday season settles over him. Very solid charcterization all around and readable writing, so I definitely hope this author writes more in the future. (References to Tohma/Mika and Yuki/Shuuichi, but they're so far from the point that you'd have to get out the binoculars to see them.)

- Gravitation - Burning the Osenko by Hawk Clowd - This story... started out a little sad. Then about halfway through it, I wondered if I wasn't going to end up in tears by the time the story was done. The story does a masterful job of the day after Uesugi-papa's death, of setting it from Tatsuha's point of view and making him such an in-depth character. He isn't just a one-note character, he isn't just reduced to a pile of angst that Tatsuha would never become, instead he's a teenaged boy who has been on his own a little too much but is still a teenaged boy. And, man, the Uesugi family issues are brilliant here, so incredibly subtle and old, but still there, especially after their father has died and everyone is busy and will soon go back to their own lives. The emotion of the piece had me nearly wanting to cry from the heavy punch of it, especially Eiri and Tatsuha's interaction, the way nothing is easy, the way I felt the loss and emptiness that Uesugi-papa's death left behind, even as he was never really a large presence. Just... the way the story showed the loss of a parent, the way it got into Tatsuha's reaction to the whole piece, the way it just struck straight at my heart... ...*frustrated sigh* this rec isn't turning out to be what I wanted, so instead I'll just say this this was a terrific fic, both for scratching my Uesugi sibling interaction itch and for being a damned fine story told. (Barely even any mentions of canon pairings, no warnings.)

- Gravitation - Heaven by Hawk Clowd - The temptation to squeak and flail my arms is strong with this fic, because it's Hiro and Shuuichi talking about love and life and death, wrapping up with the most squeak-worth Hiro/Ayaka ending that I could have asked for. The characterization through the whole thing is lovely, from the sense of Hiro and Shuuichi's friendship you get to the way Hiro suddenly understands a little more when Ayaka shows up and they start dating and it's just so Hiro and the ending actually made me melt into a puddle of goo and, god, how I wouldn't kill for more fic like this one. *wibbles* (Some Hiro/Ayaka.)

- Gravitation - Poetry Slam by Hawk Clowd - Fufufufu, I continue to love Uesugi sibling interaction, especially when Eiri is being a bastard to his little brother and Tatsuha is trying to do his homework, but Eiri obviously has a lot more free time than he does and they're such... brothers. That they're arguing about poetry, that they're both such idiots around each other... I keep clapping my hands together in utter glee. This is what I keep looking for with Uesugific. <3 Also? Eiri bringing his job into it? Cracked me the hell up. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gravitation - Murphy's Law by Tammaiya - *rolls around in utter delight and glee* Even if this hadn't been the Christmas fic I requested from Tammaiya, I would have been all over it because it's just so damned brilliant and wonderful and every sparkly adjective I can drag out of It has two of my favorite things in the whole world--Eiri being tortured by his siblings and Eiri being tortured by Shuuichi's mere presence in his life. The characterization was a thing of beauty, it's one of the best Shuuichi's I've read in quite some time, actually, genuinely clever. There are so many little moments whenever any of the characters are on the screen (And how much do I love Mika? So much that I cannot tell you. She is the best older sister EVER, especially when she's dragging her little brother out for his birthday.) and I giggled the whole way through... well, until about 3/4ths of the way and then I just broke. The timing of the humor is brilliant, Shuuichi being an idiot is utterly brilliant, Eiri being so put-upon is brilliant, everything that could go wrong going wrong is brilliant, the cleverness of the fic is brilliant, Eiri blaming Shuuichi even when he's not there is brilliant, and the whole thing is brilliant right down to the way everything flows together and the author never tries too hard. I'm just sitting here in a nice, warm, fuzzy glow now. ♥ (Some Yuki/Shuuichi, some gen/Uesugi siblings fic.)

- Gravitation - Aging by Hawk Clowd - ....I'm dectecting a pattern in the authors I've been rec'ing lately. Ie, that I'm really not reading that much fic lately. Mostly because even I got tired of combing through FFNET for readable fic, so I just stick to the authors I know and when it's an author I like.... Anyway, right. God, do I love Eiri and Tatsuha having conversations, they're such brothers to each other, they annoy each other in that way that's gorgeously family. Especially when they're so good at pushing each other's buttons and making it seem like they're not even trying, which takes a lot of talent for an author to pull off and this fic definitely does a great job of it. I ♥ Tatsuha and I ♥ Eiri and the silences, I adore the whole thing right down to the silences between conversation. XD (No real warnings/pairings, other than references to canon.)

- Gravitation - Little Conversations by Hawk Clowd - [ part 09 - part 10 ] - Y'know, one of these days, I'll read a fic by an author that's not on the short list of authors I keep rec'ing over and over. Today is not that day. Because, omg, I continue to love this fic series like you wouldn't believe. Tatsuha and Eiri interaction is something that I'll never have enough of, especially when Tatsuha is being Tatsuha and Eiri is being Eiri. I read both of these chapters awhile back and, in preparation for this rec, I reread them yet again because they're the kind that are rereadable, the kind that are just so solidly fun and clever that it doesn't get tiring. The first one is just... Tatsuha being certain that Eiri is going to die soon, his reasons for this, the way he's so casual about it, the way it gets under Eiri's skin, even across the phone... priceless. Plus, chapter 10 also put the biggest grin on my face, because Eiri bugging the shit out of Tatsuha (while still being an idiot himself) in the middle of the night is just so much fun. I never get tired of watching Tatsuha try to juggle a conversation with his older brother and to not get caught with the cell phone. Or of the beautiful, beautiful brotherly dialogue or all the little, tiny moments that just make the whole thing so damned sharp. ♥ (References to canon, but not the point.)

- Gravitation - Family by baka_neko - This fic is so short and it probably won't make sense if you haven't seen the image it's based on--assuming I'm even getting it right, but the first thing I thought of was instantly that image from Murakami-sensei's website, my reaction to that just like Eiri's family had in this fic. Anyway. Short fic. Beautiful ending. Fantastically timed/phrased. I laughed and laughed. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gravitation - Soot Cake by Hawk Clowd - Every time I reread this fic, I like it a little bit more. Many times I've made mention of how much I adore Uesugi sibling interaction, especially Eiri and Tatsuha, especially when they're snarky and such boys, but you can tell they really love each other underneath everything. And, god, this fic gets me, with Eiri being a good older brother (in a very Eiri-ish way, mind) and Tatsuha being a little shit, but still upset and genuinely needing his brother, and every time I reread, my fangirl heart twinges a little because I am so weak to these characters. The author writes them very well and, yes, THIS is why I stay in the Gravitation fandom year after year. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gravitation - Taking by Hsuan - I wondered if I'd read this fic before, since it's several months old by now, but I'm pretty sure I would have remembered something that made me want to clutch at my fangirl heart and go, "Oh, Eiri, baby." in that heartbroken way only the truly dippy fangirls can. This is a gorgeous piece set around the time he leaves America for Japan again and the transition between such a good, sweet kid and the Eiri we know later in the series is deftly handled here, the kind of writing that expresses the characters emotions and the reaction of his attack in a way you can't help but feel, even when the author doesn't have to explicitly say. The sense of something building in Eiri, the way he's changing here... it's gorgeous. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gravitation - Reasons by Anria - This fic's summary reads: Shindou's an idiot, and it's a shame Fujisaki's not gay. I was curious. And it's short, not even 500 words, so I figured I could at least skim it. The author has a charming narration style and I like her voice for Fujisaki's character, I could actually imagine him seeing/thinking these things. The way he looked at Hiro, the way he looked at Shuuichi, the way he expressed his disgust for Shuuichi's idiocy, the way it was so cute that he was definitely, definitely not gay, it's a shame he wasn't, but he really he was definitely not gay, came across really well. A fun, light read that surprised me by how much I enjoyed the not-pairing. (....implications of pairings, but it's one-sided at most. But it's not actually a pairing. Oh, you'll see.)

- Gravitation - Dante Didn't Know by Castalia - I'm sort of not sure what to make about this fic, because it's well-written, it's something I've never quite seen done before, but... I'm not quite sure I really believe it. I think it was an interesting experiment, I think that the writing is well-done and I enjoyed it for the Eiri angst, I'm glad I read it. But... well, it's a strange piece. I think I'm recommending it mostly for the technical aspects and Eiri angst... and a little bit because the experience of the fic was interesting. I know repeating that word makes it seem like I'm insulting the fic, but I'm not! I liked it, obviously. But it's probably one everyone should make their own mind up about. (....all the nastier things in Gravitation are in here.)

- Gravitation - Christmas, Snipers, Snapping by still_ciircee - You know, there are very, very few authors who can make me like a fic that feels manga-based as much as I like this one, but Ciircee just... she has these ideas that turn into great fics and then she has brilliant timing to actually make the jokes work and have me nearly spitting my drink back onto myself. Because OH MY GOD this was hilarious, from start to finish. Dragging Yuki to a Christmas party to K's involvement in the whole thing to HOLY CRAP RYUUICHI MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD to the middle parts to the K/Judy relationship that OH MY GOD I WOULD PAY CIIRCEE TO WRITE MORE OF to just everything in this fic. Even an hour later as I'm writing this rec, I have to fight the urge to giggle because it was so hilarious. ♥ (Some Yuki/Shuuichi, some K/Judy, and pretty much whatever else was canon is at least implied.)

Gravitation: Close Only Counts by Circe - asd;lfkjaslkj oh my god. After you've been in the Gravitation fandom for awhile, you sort of start to give up on the idea of getting good K/Judy fic unless you want to claw it out of your friends yourself. And even then. But this came as a total surprise to me and oh my god Judy is so fabulous in Circe's hands. She is so crazy and so awesome and so in love with guns and her husband, the two of them mixing together brilliantly here, it feels so incredibly spot-on with these characters. I cannot flail hard enough over the use of explosives and flak jackets and everything that the Winchesters love here, yet also being hot. They are so perfect together, especially in Circe's hands. (K/Judy.)

Gravitation: Just Fine by cuethe_pulse - Wow, do you know how rare Hiro/Ayaka fic is? So, as soon as I saw this fic, I had to immediately rush over to read it and I was so delighted by it. I love that Ayaka gets to be an actual person in this fic, that she gets to be a little jealous sometimes and Hiro just rolls with it, because it makes her interesting to read about. Plus, they are so sweet and I love how well he knows Ayaka and I love that they're married and living together and just. So darn cute together. <3 (Hiro/Ayaka.)

Gravitation: Dog by cuethe_pulse - Wow, you don't find much Hiro/Ayaka fic, much less dirty Hiro/Ayaka fic! But I love that it's all about how adorable and sweet they are together, how much Hiro is genuinely attracted to her and wants to be with her, thinks of her that way, even when she's this cute, pristine girl. It's just really fun and... well, adorable. I heart these two something fierce. (Hiro/Ayaka.)

Gravitation: Open and Carefree by cuethe_pulse - I would have read this fic--or at least given it a shot--regardless of whether it was good or not, because Hiro/Ayaka fic is so rare. But then this fic was just perfect for Ayaka's character, who gets nervous and fluttery over something so simple as wearing a pair of jeans, because it's out of the norm for her. I adored her in this fic, where she tries so hard to make them carefree and comfortable, so nervous about something so simple, and then with the really heartwarming, perfect ending! She's a lovely girl and this fic absolutely did her justice and just. Oh, my heart. (Hiro/Ayaka.)

Gravitation: The Miracles of Peanut Butter by Electralane - I wasn't planning on looking for any new Gravi fic today, but I stumbled over the link to this one and I liked the summary, so I gave it a shot. And a;sldkfja;lskj I kind of loved it ridiculously! Eiri and Riku eating a sandwich together and, man, Shuuichi's family is weird. I love how adorable this is and how Eiri is still so rough around the edges, but not entirely a bad person and asdl;kfjalskj oh man I just want to pick Riku up and hug him pretty much forever. This one had some really great lines in it and, shit, now I want more Gravi fic. (Background Yuki/Shuuich, but it's not the point.)

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