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- Gravitation - Silent Night by Robin Terrae - "Silent Night" is a post-anime TV series fic, dealing with what happened next, that I really liked. There were things that weren't fully dealt with in the anime, especially Yuki's non-vocalized feelings for Shuuichi. They definitely needed to have a chat, and Eiri especially needed to tell Shuuichi about Yuki--which is the point of this story. Not that everything is wrapped up in a neat little bow (Yuki still needs to tell Shuuichi that he loves him while Shuuichi is awake and can hear it), but I could easily see this story sliding right into the canon of the anime.

I adored Tohma (well, in the last part anyway *grin*) and it was great to see hints of Tohma/Mika--I adore that pairing. ^_^ I just wish the fic had been longer--I would have loved to have seen more scenes from the two weeks that Shuuichi was forced to spend at rest. (YukixShuuichi, one-sided Tohma+Yuki, and bits of TohmaxMika.)

- Gravitation - Chasing After Me by Sabrinne - Okay, I'll start this rec off by admitting that the first couple of parts of this story are rather cliche, Shuuichi leaving so quietly and Yuki's little bit of a spaz felt a little forced/melodramatic to me, but they're far from bad (and still made my heart hurt >_>) and they contain a lot of elements I love (like Maiko! Her interaction with Shuuichi was so much fun and that sibling time is sorely lacking in Gravi fic out there.). And if you stick with this fic, around the third or fourth part it kicks into gear and is excellent. Sabrinne has really nailed the characters, presenting this story in a way very much like what the original series would have done, including all of the other Gravitation characters and not letting Shuuichi's responsibilities to Bad Luck slip by the wayside.

One of my favorite things about this story is the way she portrays K, he makes me laugh so very much, especially in his interaction with Suguru and his "writer's block releaser"! (If I'm a bit snipey, I'll admit that it's nice to read two male semi-minor Gravi characters interacting where it isn't about making them a couple.) I absolute loved the way Mika and Tohma are portrayed here, the way they react to each other and to Yuki and Shuuichi. And, of course, Yuki and Shuuichi... *sigh* they're themselves and, yet at the same time, they're moving forward (or at least I hope they will by the end of the story >_>); they've hit a bumpy patch, which was bound to happen, and are both reacting to it in their usual manner. These are the Yuki and Shuuichi that keep me coming back to Gravi fic again and again. (YukixShuuichi, some TohmaxMika and TatsuhaxRyuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Darkness Falls, Smile, Visiting Hours, Smoke, and Darkness Rises by Genesis Grey - I admit, the first story made me pause a little at Mika's characterization--she's never struck me as the type to have the kind of low points that make you want to commit suicide. What makes it so much easier to accept is that afterwards she realizes how stupid she was an is ashamed of herself and it meshes very nicely with the Mika I saw on the screen. What made this series of stories so wonderful for me is that they showcased relationships that often don't get nearly enough 'screen time'--the Uesugi siblings' relationships with each other. The reaction from Tatsuha and Eiri and the scene where they went to visit her were especially well done and one of my favorite particular Gravi fic scenes. The writing is smooth and readable and there's just enough moments of the other Gravi elements (like Tatusha's obsession with Ryuuichi, Eiri and Shuuichi's relationship) to give this an across-the-board appeal and keep that Gravi feel to it. So, yeah, great stories. (TohmaxMika, some YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Understated by Occurs - *shining eyes* It's a very rare story that focuses on Tohma and Mika and does them justice! Understated is Occurs attempt to show how the two of them got together and how they got to where they are in the TV series, and I adore it~! Mika is strong-willed and clever without being a bitch, Tohma is alluring and elegant without being reduced to a chick with a dick, and their interaction is full of chemistry and sparkle. There are a few things that twigged me (Eiri and Tatsuha's ages were a little off, Tatsuha calling her "Mika-san", and I wasn't crazy about the Tohma/Ryuuichi thing), but they're very, very minor quibbles in a story that I liked quite a lot. (TohmaxMika, references to TohmaxRyuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Classic by Genesis Grey - This is a beautiful oneshot that shows why I adore Tohma and Mika so much--they're strong-willed, intelligent, elegant people, who care a great deal about each other and react well to each other, but in a sublte way that a lot of people might not pick up on. Combine this with lovely writing and how the fic was just about this one moment in their lives (I love longer stories, but sometimes a short oneshot gets an authors point or idea across so much more clearly.), and I absolute adore the story. (TohmaxMika.)

- Gravitation - Trials and Tribulations of Seguchi Mika by Genesis Grey - *fangirls* Oh, jeez, how much do I love this fic? Because, yeah, it's a lot. I would have loved it just for the beautiful portrayal of Mika (who is easily my favorite Gravi female... possibly my second-favorite character after Eiri... I guess I just adore all those Uesugi siblings ♥), but that the author did a gorgeous, gorgeous Tohma/Mika? *SPARKLES* Their relationship was portrayed here exactly as I see it--sometimes cold, sometimes very, very hot, but never a marraige of convenience. That they clearly had such fantastic chemistry here (the thing with the pillow makes me laugh and sparkle so much), that they were genuinely attracted to each other, that they were both smart and capable... *LOVES* Plus, Mika's just a cool chick, whether she's interacting with her husband or with Tatsuha (which is half of the fic--but the two 'halves' of the fic combine wonderfully to show more to Mika than a lot of authors do). So, yes. I'm clearly fawning now. I'll be quiet. (Some Tohma/Mika.)

- Gravitation - Vows by sobriquette - There were a couple moments when this fic felt off (there were a few honorifics problems especially), but the writing is smooth, readable, and flows very well, the characterizations were quite good, and the story tackled an idea that I've seen done far, far worse and actually made it rather palatable for me here. I usually hate Yuki/Shuuichi marraige fics (I don't know if they WILL get married, but the issue has come up), but I find myself really craving the next chapter of this story because it's not just about YukixShuuichi, it's also about Tohma and Mika and ties the two together really well. Mika's characterization absolutely sparkles here, the way the author writes Yuki and Shuuichi together is wonderful (their conversations over breakfast and at the amusement part were just gorgeously done and, oh my god, Eiri and Mika having lunch and in character and EEEEEEEEE I LOVE IT WHEN AUTHORS WRITE THE UESUGI SIBLINGS), and while I expressed some doubts about the Tohma/Mika relationship (I firmly believe they love each other very much and they married because they loved each other, not for any other reason, like business, family, or Eiri.), but because the author is skilled enough at what she's doing, I'm willing to follow her so far. Also? The author notes at the end utterly cracked me up for some reason. ^_____^v (Some YukixShuuichi and TohmaxMika.)

- Gravitation - The Consquences of Failure by Hawk Clowd - I admit, it makes my fangirl heart sink a little to think of Tohma and Mika being married in this kind of situation, for anything less than because they loved each other, but it's not a passionless marraige, either. And it's well-written and something I could see happening, that Tohma is approaching the relationship... because Mika is what he wants, even if it's somewhere between a good arrangement and real love. And Mika... she's interesting here, strong and yet still vulnerable in her own way (if that's the word to use), and there's some really fun stuff with Tohma and Noriko just being silly friends as they try to break into the Uesugi household. I liked the story. (Some Tohma/Mika.)

- Gravitation - Late Night Conversation by Arislan - Once again, I must bitch that there's not enough Tohma/Mika fic out there, so it's really nice to see a light, quiet little fic for them, especially where they have all these soft touches that show how much they love each other, without feeling forced to me. I love, love the supportive, mature relationship they have here, even while they worry over Eiri or they discuss Nittle Grasper's plans. I just... I really liked the way they approached or talked about Eiri, it just seemed so them. They worry, but they know pushing too hard will get them locked out of his life. It's the things like that in a fic that make me go all ♥ *__* (Tohma/Mika.)

- Gravitation - Melodie by Castalia - I started this fic because I'd enjoyed the author's other Gravi fic and I was curious to see her take on the Tohma/Mika relationship. But I wound up staying because the Mika - Eiri interaction is gorgeous stuff, he's such a cute little kid, so surprisingly delicate and even when they're putting a smile on my face with their cuteness and their struggle to get through their mother's death or Eiri's looks causing problems, there's still that bittersweet quality because I know what's going to happen to him. The Tohma sides of the fic are interesting as well, genuinely focused on establishing his character as himself, rather than defining him through his relationships to other people. Not that I didn't enjoy him noticing Mika in the fourth chapter, the way he notices her before she notices him was really quite lovely. The pacing of the fic is just right as well, not too fast, not too slow and the writing itself is lovely. But it's also that the author wove all these little details of the culture in without overwhelming, it truly felt like a series taking place in Japan, through the small touches and just something about the way they all interacted with each other. It's a genuinely good fic about these characters, about a time several years before the series starts, and it's one of the best I've read for Tohma and Mika, certainly. ♥ (Eventual Tohma/Mika.)

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