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- Gravitation/Weiss Kreuz - Crossroads by Robin Terrae - .............holy shit, a Gravitation/Weiss Kreuz crossover that's not only done really freaking well, but believable?? Damn. I was really quite impressed by this story, it's captured both series very well, and blended them together wonderfully. Not only that, the writing is fantastic, it has my favorite pairings (Waaiii~!), several touches of humor, and it captured my interest. I want to know what the hell is going on and want to know right now, dammit. (YukixShuuichi and AyaxKen.)

- Gravitation - Shuichi's Pet by Red Angel - I can't decide if this concept worked for me or not... it's like that Star Trek: The Next Generation/X-Men crossover book Pocket Books put out (though, to a much lesser degree). No matter how well done it is, my brain refuses to wrap around the basic concept--in this case it's a being from another world taking on the shape of a dog and coming into Shuuichi's posession... and it turns into a human shape and seduces Shuuichi every time no one's not looking. .......yeah. That aside, I was really impressed by the quality of the writing, it's definitely better than your average fare. While reading I didn't have any trouble believing Shuuichi-tachi's characterizations, given the situations they were in. The prose was very readable and I am not-so-patiently waiting for the next part. So... yeah. I liked it a lot. ^_^v (YukixShuuichi, OCxShuuichi, OCxYuki... sort of. >_>)

- Gravitation - Yuki Eiri by Medea Dracena - I admit the fragmented style of this story put me off at first, but it probably only took me a page and a half to get into it and I thought it worked for the story. This was just a lot of fun to read, little snippets that let you see a larger part of the character of Yuki. Some clever lines and some nice character insights making for a good read. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Sapporo by Medea Dracena - I admit, I wondered a bit what the author's style would be like not doing that fragmented journal entry type, which I found myself enjoying quite a bit. And Medea does a more traditional style nicely. And really, really nice sex. The kind I find myself rereading a few times especially right before bed to give me nice dreams. ^______^ And I admit that I'm such a sucker for the circumstances of the story (Yuki going to visit Shuuichi on tour) made it that much more fun to read. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The CD of a Lifetime by Nivella - I liked this characterization of Tatsuha, the melodramatics and little bit of over the top-ness were fitting with a sixteen year old's behavior on a bad day, I thought. And I absolutely adored cranky Yuki who was actually being kind of brotherly, and seeing that filtered through Tatsuha's eyes. So... yeah. Loved the characterizations. Loved the idea, adored the writing, burble, burble, burble. (Okay, I admit, I have a soft spot for those Uesugi brothers interacting, since it doesn't happen nearly often enough in fic, and this fic was the kind of story I've been bitching for.) (Little bit YukixShuuichi and Tatsuha+Ryuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Loyalty by Jennifer Wand - I didn't think I would get into this story, the idea of the Gravitation characters in fuedal Japan just seemed... well, boring to me. But I started in on the story anyway because Jennifer Wand is one of my favorite Gravi authors, and I'm very glad I did. The concept really works for the characters, their original story situations lending themselves very well to this setting. The characterizations were wonderful, the writing fantastic, and I'm terribly, terribly curious to see where this one goes. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Anniversary by Kagedtiger - There's somtehing about this concept that I just adored. Yuki's thoughts were beautifully done, which was necessary given the concept--every year on that one day, Yuki goes to New York, and Shuuichi goes after him, and Yuki goes home with him again... Yuki wonders if this will be the one where Shuuichi is tired of putting up with him and won't come for him, and he'll finally go through with killing himself. The idea was something I'd never seen done before and I thought it was a rather clever little twist! (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - In the Stony Garden by Artemis - One thing I will give this story is that even though I'm writing the rec a day later, this story was unique enough (in its own way) that it sticks out in my mind very clearly. Okay, first the things I didn't like--there are two of them. One, this was an AU, but it followed the events of the original timeline closely enough that I wondered what the point of the fic was. Just another way Yuki and Shuuichi could have started off? Mmmn. Two, the ending was rather abrupt, just all of a sudden Shuuichi had forced his way through Yuki's walls because the author got tired of the story and just wanted it done.

Now, despite that, I wasn't really displeased with the ending, because the way the scene was written... it was a little fast, but it was also pretty believable. The things I really, really liked... Yuki was a jerk. Even moreso than usual. (Shuuichi was just so cleary... Shuuichi and I loved that.) Well, okay, I didn't like that, but I could appreciate it. >_> The sex scene was good, as was Yuki's clear attraction to Shuuichi. There were some nice details in the fic, and the prose flowed very smoothly, one of those styles I wish terribly that I had. ._. Even with stories I like, I often times get distracted and wander off to check a few things before going back to the fic, but with this one I sat there and read the whole entire thing without looking away once. It was just that readable. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Porcelein-like by Ran Mouri - Another story that I should have hated (Gravitation fused with Angelic Layer!? WTF?), but was written well enough that I found myself caught up in the story and it was just... really freaking CUTE! I suppose a lot of it is from coming off my Chobits high, but the idea of a robot/computer in cute human form that has the potential to be non-stupid (Mahoromatic, I'm looking in your direction) and possibly something more combined with cute writing... eeeeee! XD XD I want more of this one. (YukixShuuichi, I assume.)

- Gravitation - Sense by Ryo0oki - A short little fic done in an interesting style--an anonymous third person POV seeing or hearing snippets of Yuki and Shuuichi's lives, and the style really works. The impact of the story is greater for that style and I thought the second part was especially... well, especially realistic for the Gravitation characters. (When they're not being on crack, of course. ^_~) (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Fumbling Virgin by StaceS - Honestly, I thought I was going to dislike this fic because of the premise (Yuki a virgin?, but I give all Gravi fic a shot, so I started reading... and it was really good. It wasn't like I feared it was going to be (ie, Yuki actually fumbling), but Yuki being uncertain on the inside, but never letting his cool exterior drop... and I found that to be quite in character in this story. The writing was very smooth and readable and the sex was good. Definitely one of the better Gravi fics out there. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Of Muses and Ambrosia by PinkLemonade - Ahhh, what sets this story apart from so many of the other Gravi fanfics I read? It did a beautiful job of capturing the pure CRACK-headed-ness of the manga. These people and events are insane, but in the way that makes them so much fun to read about, just like in the original manga. Not quite what I was used to, but I quickly grew to adore it~! *hearts* (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The Bible of Kumagoro: Getting Closer to Your God by Psycho gurl - Goodness, this is a fun story. I admit, I pay more attention to the Yuki/Shuuichi parts of the story, but everything is well-written and cute and adorable and fun and nicely in character and a nice length. This is one of those stories that keeps me sane in the Gravi fandom, thank god. Urgh, crappy review for one of the better Gravi fics I've read recently. (YukixShuuichi, TatsuhaxRyuuichi.)

- Gravitation - SOS by Anomay - So cute! XD I absolutely adore Tatsuha and there really aren't enough stories out there that have him interacting with his brother. Don't get me wrong, I love TatsuhaxRyuuichi, but I like Uesugi family interaction a lot, too. (I also adore the idea of Mika and Eiri interacting more as well as Mika and Tatsuha interacting more), and while this fic had TatsuhaxRyuuichi elements, it had enough Uesugi brothers in it to help satisfy that craving. Beyond that, it was such a cute story, the characters wonderful to read, the humor spot on, the thing with the strawberry shortcakes a perfect plot developer, and the Yuki/Shuuichi stuff made me do this face XD again. ^_^;; Okay, a few things were a little over the top, but, honestly, they didn't detract from my enjoyment, and that's all that really matters. ^_~ (YukixShuuichi, TatsuhaxRyuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Almost Perfect by Ami - I randomly clicked onto this story the other night, just intending to skim it to see if it was any good, and within the first page I was hooked and unable to put it down. It's not an ultra-long story, but it's just long enough to accomplish what it sets out to do. I loved this story for a number of reasons, but largely because Yuki was in character yet the plot still moved forward. Part of the problem of writing Gravi fics is that it's hard to get Yuki and Shuuichi out of their regular cycle, because Yuki just can't admit (to Shuuichi or to himself) how he feels and Shuuichi can't leave Yuki because he loves him too much. So it takes a delicate hand to move them away from that while still remaining true to the characters. I love it when authors can do that. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Wingardium Leviosa by Talya Firedancer - One of the reasons I'm very glad to see that Talya Firedancer has written Gravitation fanfic is that she's one of the few authors who really captures the anime feel of a series. A lot of writers do gorgeous things with the characters, nail their characterizations perfectly, and write beautiful passages, but few really capture the whole defying-the-laws-of-gravity anime feel in their stories. With Gravitation it's especially nice, since it fully utilizes the anime-ness in the series. Plus, Talya writes a wonderful Yuki and Shuuichi. ^_^v (YukixShuuichi, and some TatsuhaxRyuuichi.)

- Gravitation - My Suite-Valentine by Talya Firedancer - This story has the same anime feel to it that Talya's previous one did, and really does make it read like an episode of the series, as Talya intended it. Every time I picture Shuuichi's dash back to Yuki's apartment towards the end of the fic, I can just see it in my head, and I absolutely adore the final scene. It's just... good, solid Gravi fic that makes me happy to read. *happy sigh* (YukixShuuichi, some TatsuhaxRyuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Snow Angels by Anahita - I wasn't having the greatest night (not a bad night, just not a great one), so when I saw this cute little Gravi fic, it was a nice little treat to help cheer me up. As anyone who's read any of my Gravi recs before, you can see I'm a fan of Anahita's writing, she captures the Yuki/Shuuichi dynamics very well. This fic also made me giggle for the references to snow angels (which is kind of an inside joke between me, Di-chan, and those that read my blog a little too carefully. ^_~ The part that never fails to crack me up? Shuuichi trying to get Yuki to make a snow angel with him, and Yuki refuses until Shuuichi offers him a blowjob in exchange, and Yuki finally agrees. "HA! I knew I could convince you if I offered sex in exchange! God, you're so obvious!"

"And since you don't mind exchanging sexual favors in order to get people to do things for you, what do you think that makes you?"

"A pervert's boyfriend?" (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Yaminashi, Ochinashi, Iminashi by Eidolon Tree - When I got the line But when a giant blonde over six feet tall looms over you and says, "I will shoot you if you become more stupid," -- you're inclined to believe them. I was completely sold on this fic. Eidolon Tree does some really wonderful little insights into the characters, especially with Yuki and the writing is probably some of her best. This was a wonderful Gravi story for me to read as I'm sliding back into the fandom--one of those stories that reminds a person why they comb over the various archives in the first place. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - License to Shrill by Melody Mist - You know, I wasn't expecting much when I clicked on the link for this story and started to read; mostly, I thought I'd find a semi-cute story that focused on Shuuichi learning to drive and that it'd be a fun way to spend a half an hour. What I actually found was a lovely story that's filled with little character insights (especially Yuki realizing a few things about Shuuichi), bits of humor, bits of angst in all the right places, one of the best Yuki POVs I've ever read, and some really wonderful writing. Chapter four is easily my favorite so far, because it contains some of the best Gravi fic moments I've ever read. I don't want to say too much, lest I give anything away (not that it's really about surprises, I just don't want to spoil such a fic), so... just go read it. Excellent fic. (YukixShuuchi.)

- Gravitation - Shary Ballo by SakuraTaylor and Vul - Ahh, Gravi fluff, how I love thee. Especially cute and well-done and in-character Gravi fluff. That's what gets me about a lot of Gravi fluff--the author makes Yuki act far too OOC to get the couple to do schmoopy things, and while I'll read and be happy about it, it's not as satisfying as when Yuki is still himself. One thing that amused me was Shuuichi's term for a marshmellow (shary ballo), since it struck me as one of those English words Shuuichi would get mixed up. ^_^v (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Riven Sky by wildpink - So, GenX and I have been having a running conversation about different takes on characters, how sometimes we get bored with the usual, and like something different, though how to tell the difference between that and just flat-out OOC is a very subjective thing. Gravitation is extremely difficult to find different takes on characters, but I think I may have finally found the mythical creature. Set not too far in the future, Eiri is still a wreck, depressed as hell, but he's let Shuuichi in a little more, let him see the vulnerable side, and I found the story really working for me. I know what it's like to be depressed, to want to be better, but you just can't, to feel that you're worthless, no matter what anyone tells you, and this story got me to thinking that I could very easily see Eiri and Shuuichi sliding into a point like this in their lives. I dunno, maybe I'm just over-empathizing with Eiri, but I really thought this worked very well and I wish to see mooooo~re. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Chasing After Me by Sabrinne - Okay, I'll start this rec off by admitting that the first couple of parts of this story are rather cliche, Shuuichi leaving so quietly and Yuki's little bit of a spaz felt a little forced/melodramatic to me, but they're far from bad (and still made my heart hurt >_>) and they contain a lot of elements I love (like Maiko! Her interaction with Shuuichi was so much fun and that sibling time is sorely lacking in Gravi fic out there.). And if you stick with this fic, around the third or fourth part it kicks into gear and is excellent. Sabrinne has really nailed the characters, presenting this story in a way very much like what the original series would have done, including all of the other Gravitation characters and not letting Shuuichi's responsibilities to Bad Luck slip by the wayside.

One of my favorite things about this story is the way she portrays K, he makes me laugh so very much, especially in his interaction with Suguru and his "writer's block releaser"! (If I'm a bit snipey, I'll admit that it's nice to read two male semi-minor Gravi characters interacting where it isn't about making them a couple.) I absolute loved the way Mika and Tohma are portrayed here, the way they react to each other and to Yuki and Shuuichi. And, of course, Yuki and Shuuichi... *sigh* they're themselves and, yet at the same time, they're moving forward (or at least I hope they will by the end of the story >_>); they've hit a bumpy patch, which was bound to happen, and are both reacting to it in their usual manner. These are the Yuki and Shuuichi that keep me coming back to Gravi fic again and again. (YukixShuuichi, some TohmaxMika and TatsuhaxRyuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Autumn's Raine by CCT - You know, this story really shouldn't have worked. Yuki, Shuuichi, and a water Sprite. Who is also empathic. It really, really shouldn't have worked. But there's a... charm to the story, and not a Passions kinda charm, either. (Passions is a stupid show and that is where it's charm lies. It's so effing stupid that you can't help but love it.) This story worked for me on the level it was supposed to work, largely because the author does a great job with Yuki and Shuuichi. She's captured what I love about Shuuichi--his love, affection, and bounciness, and that's not easy to portray in fic all the time. And Yuki is that wonderful balance between distant, cold, and cranky and genuinely caring about Shuuichi. The fairy/sprite thing is almost incidental to what makes me love this story so much, and the character is actually likable and the story just slides right into place. But my absolute favorite thing? The way Shuuichi keeps going off on trips to Yuki-Land, hearts and sparkles in his eyes, while everyone just kind of sweatdrops around him. Great fun. ^_^ (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Obsession by Laree - I think this is so far my favorite Gravi-stalker fic, because it pulled the idea off a lot better than I was expecting; the stalker is creepy but charming and I bought his insertion into Shuuichi's life. But the real highlight of the fic is the characterization of Yuki and Shuuichi. Yuki is caustic and mean, but not deliberately cruel and you can still tell he genuinely loves Shuuichi. The phone call with Shuuichi is especially fun. Shuuichi is... wonderful. I've come to have a soft spot for gorgeous Shuuichi characterization and I absolutely loved him here. His freaking over Yuki's car was just so much fun and the way he reacted to the accident just struck me as being incredibly Shuuichi. I dearly want more of this one. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Impossible by Xara - There are a few things about this story that didn't quite jive with me (Both Yuki's parents being alive when his mother is dead, the idea of Yuki's ideal man being 'maleness personified', etc.), but on the whole, I really liked the voice the author set down for Yuki here. A little bit cold, cynical, and caustic, but at the point in his life when he's not quite so mean anymore--especially since he's just thinking in his head. I really liked the quiet moments between the two and Yuki's thought process about trying to find the 'right time' to tell Shuuichi he loves him. The writing is smooth and readable and this is a mostly angst-free little fic that did my heart good to read. ^_^v (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Memory and Time by Melody Mist - Melody Mist has become one of my favorite Gravi fanfic authors with her two stories here ("Memory and Time" and "License to Shrill"); she has a gift for the little Gravi details and blending that together with fantastic characterization. This story is about Shuuichi trying to deal with an accidental meeting with Aizawa Tachi and all the memories that brings up for him--and the author does this idea justice. She doesn't have Shuuichi immediately spin off into a tizzy, he continues to try to hold it together, she takes her time with the slow process this story demands. And the other characters aren't left out--so far Hiro, Suguru, and Tohma have all had important parts to play in the story, and Shuuichi's responsibilities to Bad Luck aren't being pushed by the wayside, either. Anyway, the point I'm trying to get at is that this story is marvelously written--for both the prose and execution, and, dammit, I want more of it right now. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Darkness Falls, Smile, Visiting Hours, Smoke, and Darkness Rises by Genesis Grey - I admit, the first story made me pause a little at Mika's characterization--she's never struck me as the type to have the kind of low points that make you want to commit suicide. What makes it so much easier to accept is that afterwards she realizes how stupid she was an is ashamed of herself and it meshes very nicely with the Mika I saw on the screen. What made this series of stories so wonderful for me is that they showcased relationships that often don't get nearly enough 'screen time'--the Uesugi siblings' relationships with each other. The reaction from Tatsuha and Eiri and the scene where they went to visit her were especially well done and one of my favorite particular Gravi fic scenes. The writing is smooth and readable and there's just enough moments of the other Gravi elements (like Tatusha's obsession with Ryuuichi, Eiri and Shuuichi's relationship) to give this an across-the-board appeal and keep that Gravi feel to it. So, yeah, great stories. (TohmaxMika, some YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Je crois que je t'aime by Shumea and Pink Whirl Wind - You know what? Sometimes I just want the sex. That's all; no real characterization or plot or what have you, I just want Yuki and Shuuichi in bed, and this story was perfect for that. (I'll admit I didn't necessarily agree with the characterizations--Yuki's "Shu-chan"s and Shuuichi nymphomaniac tendencies clashed with how Shuuichi isn't really crazy about sex--but that didn't stop me from enjoying the story.) So, if you're looking for some deep and meaningful story, avoid this one. But if you like YukixShuuichi sex and can just sit back and enjoy a story, you should enjoy this one. ^_^v (YukixShuuichi, graphic content.)

- Gravitation - Amelioration by Mina Lightstar - Okay, I was sold within the first couple of pages, when Yuki's thinking about how he and Shuuichi are often apart because of their mutual careers: Eiri welcomed the silence that brought, since he needed the quiet atmosphere to write his novels. He got a great deal of work done during those long day hours, when Shuichi was off making noise with his friends. That just cracked me up--Yuki referring to Bad Luck's practice as "off making noise" struck me as such a Yuki thing to say. XD

Okay, as for the rest of the story... I should have hated it. Crossdressing and strip clubs? Guh. These are often showcased in yaoi fics that make me want to disassociate myself from the fandom, but I found myself not minding this one so much because it... well, it was a lot of little things. Shuuichi's canonical tendency to wear women's clothing, Shuuichi's batshit mental thought processes, and it was just one of those things that Shuuichi does rather than having the story be about an author working out a kink of her own. I loved that Yuki found Shuuichi sexy, not the stripper outfit.

While I wasn't absolutely wild about the whole strip club thing, I give major points to the author because I genuinely enjoyed the hell out of the story and it was one of the few Shuuichi-seme stories that I've actually believed. The writing is lovely, the characterizations make sense, the sex is very nice, and I *heart* the author's take on both of the characters. Yuki is so very Yuki and Shuuichi is incredibly sparkly and adorable. .....I'll stop now. ^_^;; (ShuuichixYuki, some graphic content.)

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