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- Gravitation - Obsession by Eris Snow - I love this story just for the last scene in it. *hearts* The rest of the story is a bit confusing and random (not bad, mind, the author just needed to stop and put a few more details into the scene, because I knew they had a clear mental picture of what was going on, but I needed a few more clues with the scene between Shuuichi and Ryuuichi looking alike), but with solid characterization, some fun moments, and a nice Gravi feel to it. Though, really, I love that final scene. *happy sigh* (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Whipped Cream Gone Bad by SweetasStrychnine - Okay, I just had to laugh when Shuuichi comes home and "Now I'm really late. Hope Yuki isn't mad at me," he said as he ran into the building. "Wha..." As Shuichi entered the apartment he became very confused. "Something smells yummy! But Yuki doesn't cook so..." He began to cry as he wandered forlornly out. "Yuki moved out and someone else moved in and they are cooking and Yuki doesn't love me anymore!" I just loved Shuuichi's internal logic there. XD Anyway, the story is cute, fluffy, just a lot of fun with some niiiii~ce lime in it, but what really sold me on this fic was when Shuuichi left the whipped cream he'd bought for their anniversary out overnight and it'd gone bad, he didn't realize this and spread it all over Yuki and licked it off anyway. He doesn't feel so good a few minutes later, bravely continuing on anway, but Yuki clearly notices something's wrong. "Shuichi," Yuki said, pulling back with a groan, "what's wrong?"

"Na...nothing," the boy replied. He licked his lips seductively with a grimace that he tried to disguise as a smile.

Yuki grabbed his young lover and pulled him up. He put a hand on Shuichi's chin to force him to meet his eyes. "Tell me. You know you don't have to-"

"No! Its not that, it's the whipped cream. It tastes...bad." It's just... that one tiny moment... Yuki being so painfully in character, everything that little moment brought up without having to say any of it... I fell in love. *_* (Yuki/Shuuichi, little bit of lime content.)

- Gravitation - Roses by Emchan - I... am not sure what to make of this story. On the one hand, so much of it is basically a retelling of the Gravitation story, just set in a different period. (Okay, so I'm only about five chapters in as I write this rec. Since when does that stop me? ^_~) I don't get the sense that anything is being added to the story, so it makes it difficult to get through sometimes. However, I find myself very fond of this story because the characters are still themselves, just tweaked for the AU a little bit. Yuki is still Yuki, Shuuichi is still Shuuichi, and the rest are still themselves as well. I was very impressed by that.

The writing itself is also very, very nice (I especially enjoyed the first chapter set in the present time, that was a lot of fun to read!), Emchan is a very good writer and I'd love to see her write more of the characters, especially in Gravi-timeline-set stuff. The world she's writing about (New England a century or two ago, I believe) is very nicely fleshed out; not so much that it's boring, but just enough that it feels realistic to me. (To be fair, I don't know that much about the time period, but I like to think I have a good sense for storytelling and I'm getting the right storytelling vibes off this fic. ^_^v) The writing itself is very nice, very smooth, very readable (and that's worth so much to me as a reader). So... it's a good, solid story with the potential to be great. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Bookworm by Aishiteru - Oh, my. What a lovely, lovely fic. There are so many things that I love about this story, including the writing, the characterizations, the lack of fangirl Japanese ("Yuki, you idiot!" instead of, say, "Yuki no baka!" I nearly wept with joy.), the wonderful execution of a plot that could have been cliche as all hell. Shuuichi realizes he's never read any of Yuki's books, so he gets it in his head to read one and it goes on from there. Shuuichi and Yuki were both... perfect, Yuki's reaction to Shuuichi's secrecy, Shuuichi's reaction to reading what Yuki wrote... it was all exactly as I would have pictured it in the anime.

But most impressive? Aishiteru actually wrote snippets from the book that were perfect for the story. Just... they blew me away with how perfect they were for a story like this, for Yuki Eiri, and for the way his readers would react to them. So, so impressive. I anxiously await more. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - And So I Drown Again by Psycho gurl - Okay, so I love Hiro. I do. But there aren't a lot of fics that can portray him well enough to make me interested, because it seems like the majority of Hiro-centric fics are all about breaking Shuuichi and Yuki up and giving Shuuichi to Hiro and just... no. That's not the point of Gravitation. Plus, so few writers have really gotten the delicate balance of Hiro's feelings (as I see them, anyway) just right, usually going too far off into melodrama and make me start to think that Hiro having feelings for Shuuichi just doesn't jibe with the source material.

But it's stories like this one that reaffirm my belief that Hiro could have feelings for Shuuichi, because he knows that Shuuichi really does love Yuki, that Shuuichi will always love Yuki, and that Shuuichi will never love him that way. He's not angry at Shuuichi, would do anything for his friend, but he knows it's not going anywhere. I just... I want to give Hiro a big hug in this story, because someone needs to be there for him, and while this story barely mentions her, I want him to find that happiness he needs with Ayaka. This is the Hiro I know from the series. The writing is also lovely, just perfect for this oneshot, making it one of those stories that sticks with me, one that makes a very good case for the idea it presents. I love when writers can do that. (One-sided Hiro+Shuuichi, mentions of YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Niceties by SteelSong - There's a line in here that I just adored: Eiri held the image of Shuichi's face as the door to his apartment drew near. It was amazing really. Shuichi wasn't a large or imposing person yet he seemed to fill whatever space he happened to be in. I love those beautifully phrased little bits of fic-insight in fics and combined with lovely writing, this is a wonderful oneshot to read. The other thing I loved was that even though this was an Eiri POV and only thinking about that time in the elevator, the writing captures what makes these two so sparkly--Shuuichi's strength of character and emotion and his determination. Eiri's cynical attitude that isn't deliberately cruel and surprisingly insightful thoughts about Shuuichi. And the attraction between these two... nice. And all of that in this short little story? Color me impressed. ^_^v (YukixShuuichi, bits of lime.)

- Gravitation - Little Neko Lucky by Hakkai's Dragon - Oh, I can't help it, this was so adorable!!! XD It's very short, but oh-so-cute, from Shuuichi and Yuki walking along the street, to Shuuichi spotting the kitties, to Shuuichi turning his big eyes on Yuki, to the name he gives the cat, to the ways in which his previous pets died. SO CUTE!!! XD XD XD (Li'l bit YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - On the Outside by Kira - I liked this fic for many reasons--the two of the most important being that I adore Kira's Tatsuha. Not a lot of authors write him the way I like to see him, but Kira's done a fantastic job with his personality--made him a teenager, a popular and rather mature at times one, but still showing his obsession with Sakuma Ryuuichi. I love this Tatsuha. *sparkles* The other thing I absolutely love is the way the characters interact, especially the Uesugi siblings, I absolutely love, love, loved the way Eiri and Tatsuha act around each other and the way Tatsuha loves Mika very much as well. (Pet peeve of mine--I hate it when authors have either of the brothers hating Mika or making her a bitch, because she's not. She loves her brothers, she always lets them know that, and they love her in return... even if certain cranky people wouldn't admit that. ^_~) There's just enough humor in the writing to remind me of the series itself, but an actual serious story in here, too. I loved that Tatsuha sort of edged around asking what happened to Eiri in New York, but left the subject alone when it was clear no one wanted to talk about it. Just... *SPARKLES* I love this fic, I really, really want more of it and to know where it's going. Now, now, now, now, now. .......*ahem* I'll stop fawning now. Really. (YukixShuuichi, some RyuuichixTatsuha.)

- Gravitation - Domesticity by Medea Dracena - Eeee! I haven't read Gravitation fanfic in awhile, largely because I've been so focused on other things and because not much has caught my eye at FFNET, but I randomly stopped by tonight and clicked on a few stories on a whim, and... just.... *melts into puddle of fangirl goo* The humor was hysterical, it had me grinning like an idiot the whole way through (when I wasn't giggling, that is) and cooing at the more soft, romantic parts. Yuki and Shuuichi were just... absolutely perfect and sparkling in this fic. Wonderful, wonderful writing. *happy sigh* (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Distractions by Swordy - Okay, I knew I had to rec this fic when I got to these lines: Yuki had listened patiently, hoping that if he indulged the younger man and appeared to show some uncharacteristic sympathy towards his lover's predicament then Shuichi would leave him alone to get on with his work.

How wrong had he been! Since then, Shuichi had been hanging off his leg like a horny German Shepard, having taken Yuki's false words of consolation as the biggest come-on since the invention of the candle-light dinner. *giggles* So, this was a cute fic and I admit that I was grinning like hell at poor Shuuichi's dillemma in the fic because of Yuki's little plan. And... I really liked the characterization, that Yuki wasn't too much of a soft-touch, but wasn't a complete bastard, either. Plus, there were some cutely funny lines in the fic, Swordy is a good, solid writer, and I had fun reading it. I haven't been interested in much Gravi fic lately, so this was good. ^_^v (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Things You Hate by Atsureki - This story... hm, how to put this into words... it maintains a balance between Yuki's extreme views on Shuuichi, how he can't stand him, how he calls him a brat and tells him how annoying he is and yet can't live without him, and yet loves Shuuichi very much. The second-person POV style works incredibly well for this fic, a little different than the usual style, but it shows the way Yuki's mind is working so, so well because of it. And I thought the characterization of him, the way his thoughts drifted from one thought to the next, the way it showed how much he cared but how disorienting that could be, was really great, very, very solid. So, this was a fic I just really enjoyed. =^_^= (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Paper Snow by Nivella - I... admit that I am a sap. And that I like Yuki when he's being a little bit sappy. The key is that I need to believe that he could react that way, that it's still in synch with the character we read about/watched--and I believed Nivella's Yuki here. I liked that Yuki was still cranky and rather rude/mean, even when he was being nice. XD The Christmas elements were a nice backdrop for it, too, because the vast majority of people, even the cranky ones, are affected by the holiday... sometimes. ^_~ And the whole fic was just really cute, fluffy, sweet, and fun to read because it wasn't intolerable sap. And... just... I dunno, I'm having trouble getting across why I liked this fic... because it was a nice read, I guess. Some good Gravi light-heartedness when I needed it. ^_^v (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Because Chess is a Man's Game by Keoku - Aww, this was really just... cute. And well-written. There haven't been a lot of Gravi fics lately that have caught my attention, but this author seemed like she could spell and correctly string words together from her summary and I was in a Gravi kind of mood tonight, so I clicked on it and was pleasantly surprised to find a nice, in-character, non-saccharine, non-melodramatic, sweet little story. The writing is nice, the premise not stretched beyond its limits, and it's just... warm. The kind of fic that left me with a smile on my face by the end. Exactly what I wanted. *giggles* And I adored the ending. =^_^= (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Ricochet by Talya Firedancer - Ahhh, I admit to much fondness for Talya Firedancer's work, because she was one of those authors that helped me cross over from Yuu Yuu Hakusho to Gundam Wing, which lead to all sorts of anime fun for me. And I adore her Gravi fics because she writes these characters so damn well--they're gorgeous and serious one minute and on effing crack the next and it's a beautiful, hysterical transition. I adored this fic for Shuuichi being so worried about Yuki, for Yuki caring about Shuuichi, even if he never admits it, for the slight hint of lime that was yum, and for the hysterical ending that had me laughing my ass off. When all is said and done, this fic made me grin like a loon for several reasons and I love fic that makes me happy to read. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - E=mc^2 by Talya Firedancer - Hmm, what to say about this fic that I haven't already repeated ad naseum about Talya's Gravitation writing? Well, I continue to adore the way she characterizes Yuki and Shuuichi, her writing style seems very suited to them and the series in general. I adore her usage of all the characters here, I was especially pleased to see Mika show up, and the way the issue of Yuki quitting writing and the worrying Shuuichi was doing was resolved in this fic--I admit, I didn't see that coming, but it makes so much sense. *giggles* Crappy rec, good fic, go read~ (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Memory and Time (chapters 07 & 08) / License to Shrill (chapter 07) by Melody Mist - Normally, I try not to rec updated chapters of fics, because I've already rec'd a fic, if someone's interested, they can keep an eye out for it themselves and it's already in my archives if they're just stumbling over it for the first time. (And I'm not really doing a reviews page/blog here, I'm just finding stuff I like and sharing.) But I'm going to make an exception here because... well, really, because I want to. Because I originally read chapter 7 of Memory and Time when it was first posted and wound up doing not much more than skimming, a little disappointed in Yuki and Shuuichi's reunion. When Melody Mist posted two new chapters, I figured I'd reread to catch up and actually read all the way through and... maybe I was just in the right frame of mind or maybe it's just that these three story pieces together were just... so much more satisfying to me. Either way, I was just entranced again this time around.

I absolutely adore Melody Mist's writing, with License to Shrill she became one of my favorite Gravi authors immediately, because it's one of the best damned Gravi fics I've ever read. After reading these three chapters together, I have been put back into a Gravi mood and am just sparkling like crazy over it, after I honestly didn't know if I could ever fully get back into the series. I adore the way she writes, I adore her characterizations, I adore her Yuki retaining that edge of meanness, despite getting closer to Shuuichi, I adore that she takes her time with the stories. Plus? The final scene in chapter 7 of License to Shrill cracked me up. *laughs* XD XD XD (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Faith by vethia and midori-chan - I admit that this story has its share of plot holes (if Shuuichi were missing, there would certainly be a large investigation to find him and plot elements/other characters were thrown in at wild random) and characterization issues (the whole thing seems rather... melodramatic and far-fetched, especially the Ryuuichi MPD stuff), but I found myself enjoying the fic anyway. The writing itself is good, very smooth and readable, which is always a big plus for me. I also really, really liked the way Yuki was characterizated--he was still mean and kind of a prick, but he had his moments of niceness and compassion. Plus, it was fun to see Yuki and Ryuuichi interacting, I giggled at a lot of the funnier moments of the fic. It's also very nice that this story is nice and long, so it's really satisfying. And... there's a certain element of... as I was reading, I became genuinely engrossed in the story, to the point that I read the first nine chapters (which were all that were posted) all in one sitting, which I rarely do. And now I have to know how it ends!! Wah! (Some YukixShuuichi.)

- Graviation - Always That Chance by solderini - I have a very strong fondness for post-Gravi-ep-13 stories, especially ones that are just... so... I'm not even sure how to describe this story. Things weren't exactly perfect for Yuki and Shuuichi, but they somehow managed to find their way to the right place in the end, and the story was just perfect for that, because it was so like them. I really liked the author's style as well, it really fit with the story she was trying to tell and I love it when a lemon fic can actually have a purpose like this. I just... gehhh, this rec is sucking, but I really, really liked this fic because it was so wonderfully in character, because it was such an important thing for them, and because it was just fun to read. *happy sigh~* (ShuuichixYuki, graphic content.)

- Graviation - A Daydream by KittyKitty - Every once in awhile I randomly click onto a new (to me, that is) author's fic and find just an adorable little gem of a story, one that makes me sparkle like crazy and want to twirl around the room because the characters are so perfectly themselves. I am terribly protective of Yuki and the way he's characterized because he's such a complicated character sometimes, such a wounded soul, yet such a caustic one at the same time, and there's a very fine line to be tread. But this author does it beautifully, capturing the YukixShuuichi relationship that I fell in love with in the first place. I just... cannot stress that enough, that they were in character and that the writer placed them in situations just perfect for them, was so clever about it, and... gahhhh, rambling. Very, very good fic. Excellent writing, fantastic Yuki, wonderful Shuuichi, and the kind that makes me want moremoremore when I get through all that's been posted. And just a hint of lime to make me go *____*. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The Most Dangerous Thing by pixie bell - Now, I know I've read this fic before (and quite enjoyed it), but since I can't find it on the list of fics I've rec'd, I'm going to assume that I read it before I started doing this. Anyway, it has all the things I look for in Gravi fic--wonderful characterizations of Yuki and Shuuichi, good, readable writing, and humor that actually makes me laugh in the way it was meant to. I could just see this entire fic playing out, I could just see the looks Yuki would give Shuuichi, I could just see Shuuichi's antics, and, oh, how much fun Yuki and Shuuichi's interactions were. XD (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Dominance by Vee-sempai - I must be in a rather weepy mood this morning (after oscillating between heart-tugging and humorous Bat-fic and being over tired), because this story... well, it just makes me want to hug Yuki, to give him a place that's safe, to make it hurt just a little bit less for him. Every once in awhile a story comes along that rereminds you of just what exactly it means for the characters and whatever backstory they're carrying around with them, a story that makes it hit you all over again what they've gone through. And yet... the fragile hope and tentative step in the right direction... also break my heart a little, because... Yuki is so precarious that I just... want him to be happy. *sniffles* Thank god for Shuuichi. (Some YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Catalyst by Limey - Every once in awhile there is a Gravitation fanfic that captures what I loved about the series so much that it makes me very nearly pine for more good fic for this series. The author... just... oh, Eiri, darling, so this is where you went off to! I haven't seen you in so long! ;__; Translation: OMFG LKSJDFOIHWEIKSAAWKAAAA!!!!! Wonderful, wonderful characterization of Yuki, so perfect that I could hear Inoue Kazuhiko and Seki Tomokazu in their roles, I could just see this happening. Yuki's POV is masterfully done, the flow fantastic and the writing genuinely clever and insightful. This is one of those Yuki POV pieces that makes me flutter and makes me burn with envy at the same time. Gorgeous fic. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The Meaning of Romance by Sherry Marie - There are certain ideas and concepts within the Gravitation fandom that have become rather routine and stanard, like this fic's concept--Yuki pondering (rather unwillinglike ^_~) his writing, the women who buy it, and what real love is. The thing is, there's a reason these ideas and concepts are routine, because they explore the character so well, they show you just how cynical Yuki Eiri is, but how much he can't help but be changed by Shuuichi. The writing was wonderful, weaving just the right tones and pacing so that I could completely believe this as being from Yuki's point of view. This is the kind of story that makes everyone else want to write their own. And I can't get enough of that. XD (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The SureFire Cure by Limey - Eeeee! More cute/funny/adorable Gravi fic! *hearts* There's really not enough of that to go around, so it's great to find these authors once in awhile. Limey writes this story just as well as the last one I rec'd, she finds that balance between snarky/sniping and genuinely being fond of Shuuichi with Yuki that I so, so adore. And Shuuichi is just obnoxious enough, but also just adorable enough that you can see why Yuki puts up with him. Plus, Yuki being sick and Shuuichi taking care of him? Adorable. And the author mines the premise perfectly, not overstretching any of the bits, but not glossing over anything, either. And sooooooo them. XD (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Christmas is a Time... by XTsukimiOdangoX - It is stories like this that are the reason I keep going back to the Gravi section at FFNET, because sometimes gems like this can be found. The writing is lovely, the characterization and plot so wonderful tight and true that it makes me incoherent with the love, and it's so damned clever. Yuki... Yuki fucking kills me here because you can see him moving forward in the relationship with Shuuichi, you can see them making progress and Eiri becoming freer with his emotions around Shuuichi, but it's never a smooth road, and they still have problems and bumps along the way. And you can feel how much Yuki is attracted to Shuuichi, how much the little brat means to him, but it's never hammered into your head, it's shown and not told. Plus, did I mention the clever? Oh, Shuuichi is a darling and the "attack" towards the beginning was so fantastic that... well, I'm verging on incoherent again. >_> Mad love for this fic and I really want the next chapter, too. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Snow Carols by Mina Lightstar - Sometimes a small fic is all I need to be sent further tumbling back into a series I suspect that I'll never be able to quite leave behind (especially since I stumbled over two wonderful Gravi fics today) and this one is certainly helping that right along. Yuki and Shuuichi will always have a special place with me and it's sparkling, subtle, fun stories like this one that are the reason why. There were a lot of wonderful little moments (Shuuichi falling into a heap at the end of the bunny hill when trying to ski was adorable) and the ending was juuuuust right kind of WAFF for me. Ie, the kind that I can believe. XD (YukixShuuichi.)

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