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- Gravitation - In the Absence of Afterglow by Limey - This... is a rare treat, because you don't see many more serious, subdued pieces with Shuuichi (admittedly, they are few and far between with him >_>) and I adored Shuuichi's dillemma. He's not stupid, he can see what he's doing to Yuki, how much he knows he loves Yuki, how much he knows he hurts Yuki, and this story tugged at my heart because Shuuichi sees these things. Part of me stubbornly thinks that something drew us to each other for a reason--that I can do good for you. The rest of me is selfish and wants you to myself always. I'm sorry. I know someday I'll be the death of you. It's subtly done angst, just the right amount, not too far over the line, that makes me like this fic. I love Gravi fluff as much as the next Yuki fangirl, but it's the serious pieces that touch me. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Shooeechee Luvs Yookee by naGami cabAsa - This is one of those ideas that is sort of the same thing done a lot with Yuki and Shuuichi (not that there's much TO do with them without going hugely epic, mind), but is actually something a little bit different, in the sense that I've never seen them do this before. What I loved about it were two things--one, that it was one of those little moments in a couple's life where they're just silly and goofing off, randomly entertaining themselves. Two, it was funny and I giggled madly the entire way. (Okay, I admit that the beginning was a little rough, but by the end of the fic, the author had found her rhythm and it worked much better. So much so that I barely even noticed the fangirl Japanese. ^_~) Well, and three, it was the right kind of sap that I adore--not gushing, not OCC, and I could believe it. Plus, the premise wasn't stretched beyond the concept and I love an author who knows how to pace a fic. ^_^v (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Backspace by rageprufrock - This was a nice little fic; while I'm having trouble putting it into words (other than that it was very well-written), I do think it's one of those stories that's worth reading when you're in the mood for Gravitation (which I always am, so I'm thankful for this fic >_>). I think the thing that stood out most for me and amused me the most was Shuuichi's reaction Yuki telling him to get out and the subtle, quiet sense of mute rage at his own helplessness that Yuki had in reaction to that. The other thing I liked was something I like a lot about rageprufrock's writing--she puts in all these little details to crystalize the picture of the fic in my head, but without them getting in the way of the story. Plus, hey, cranky!Yuki is always fun. ♥ (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Won't You Be Mine? by Mina Lightstar - All right, admittedly, I tend to skip the parts with Tatsuha and Ryuuichi (I'm a YukixShuuichi fangirl, I watched/read Gravi for them XD;;; ), but that's not the author's fault, she writes them very well. The writing of this story was really nice, very sparkly and clever, the characterizations wonderful (Shuuichi trying to bake the cake was absolutely adorable XD), but it was the ending of the story, the way things turned out that made me sparkle like a mad fangirl and want to twirl around the room at Yuki and Shuuichi. This is one of those stories that's not only well-written but really gets at my inner fangirl and makes her shriek obnoxiously. ^_~ (YukixShuuichi, Tatsuha/Ryuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Gratitude by trixie - I wish I had the time/energy to seek out more Gravitation fic, because it's stories like this that really make the search worthwhile. The writing is lovely, the characterizations fantastic (it's hard to put into words that concept of sparkling, but this is it), and it just made me squee. Yuki was Yuki, kind of a jerk, but he loved Shuuichi and you just GOT THAT without ever having to be TOLD (I glee over stories that never have Yuki telling Shuuichi how he feels, but that you GET IT anyway), the way he snipes, but Shuuichi doesn't mind and it should be a dysfunctional relationship, but it's not, and Shuuichi is so endearing: Yuki rolled his eyes. He had rarely been forced to endure the presence of anyone more likely to ingratiate themselves into the hearts of all than with Shuichi. Even his damned *father* had come around to liking Shuichi, chastising Yuki for debauching such a sweet, caring soul. I laughed so much at that and could JUST SEE IT happening in this universe, too. Much, much love here. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Endsong by anahita - Ahhh, Gravitation, how I have neglected you because I couldn't take much more mediocre-to-bad fic in your fandom and I no longer had the energy to sort through. However, I've read anahita's previous stories and liked her well enough, so I figured I'd give this one a shot, too. And... I really liked this one a lot, her dynamic between Yuki and Shuuichi is well-written, especially the emotions Shuuichi goes through and the way their relationship is a little different at the end of the manga and yet is still the same. Yuki and Shuuichi at the grave (especially Shuuichi's feelings/reactions), Shuuichi staring at the ring on his finger, the way Shuuichi knows Yuki by now (and can tell when he's thinking about something in particular), and the way they snark at each other, but it's less hard-edged than it used to be... all of this was a lovely wrap-up to the end of the manga and a wonderful fic that made me feel HAPPY and WARM afterwards without going the schmoopy route. ♥ (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - For the Love of Fish Love by Ryzuki - I admit, the fangirl Japanese often took me out of this story a little (along with a moment at the end of the first chapter that I really didn't buy), but after reading the first three chapters of this fic... I came away with the sense of feeling goofily warm, because the author has a good handle on the characters, she doesn't go too overboard with the characterizations, because I can recognize Yuki and Shuuichi both, because the writing is quite readable and sailed right along, because it was, honestly fun. The Yuki/Shuuichi dynamic was right--I liked so much that you can tell Yuki loves the idiot, but he's not a sap about it. I love cranky Yuki when he's done right--not too mean, but not nice, either, because that's just not Yuki. But I bought this Yuki. (Jeez, Yuki, Yuki, Yuki. All that's important in Gravi fic (to me) is Yuki, Yuki, Yuki. I swear, I'm Yuki's #2 fangirl some days. XD) Anyway. Cute fic. I had fun with it this morning. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Routine by Meg - Ahhh, yes, she who started up my Gravitation fascination again. I shall continue to blame her until I've said it at least a hundred times. ^_~ Anyway. This is one of those fics that's not even 500 words long, yet is such a fantastic illustration of Yuki's character that I just sparkle while reading it. (It helps that there are all these little touches of detail--like what Yuki does when he's finished reading, how he marks his folders, the position he sits down in on the couch--yet they further contribute to getting to know the character.) Also? Totally has the sense of humor/style of Gravitation (such as Shuuichi's antics and Yuki's flat reaction to them) down, just the feel of it, it pops the whole thing right into my head. And, yeah, it's one of those adorable little stories that I can't really point to a single place in the series, but I just have the most delightfully mad grins on my face the entire time. XD XD XD (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Composition by Akot - Oho, I adored this fic, because it just made me sparkle over it. Good writing, really sparkly characterization, and I just adored the ending. Because it was so perfectly Yuki and Shuuichi. XD I just... Shuuichi is so adorable when he's trying to write and Yuki is so gorgeous when he's being... err... less cranky than usual? (I love it when authors have him being almost-sorta-kinda-nice, but not sappy, you know?) and heeeeeeeeeeeee to the ending once again. (Yes, this rec sucked, but the fic actually is very good, honest!) And just a wee, wee, PG-13 hint of lime. That always makes me happy, too. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Ghosts and Inner Demons by Rogue 11 - This story had a few issues here and there (a bit stilted in places, some odd honorifics, some consistent misspellings, some things I'm not sure I believed, etc.), but nothing so much that really jarred me too badly out of the story, which was actually pretty well-paced and well-written. But I liked it because the characters were recognizable, because I could picture the story in my head, because the story isn't just skipping over some of the things that need to happen (so often stories are so short when they should be longer, but neither is this story just padded out to make it longer), and I just... I liked a lot of the little details. The way Yuki's dream was worked in, but not overdramaticized (considering it's Yuki and all XD), the way Shuuichi and Hiro are still singers with concerts to go to, the way Tohma still takes care of Eiri, the way Eiri's not really all that stable and often times dangerous, the conversation with Yuki's editor, etc. These things didn't feel like padding, but instead contributing to the overall story... which is an odd thing to focus in on, since that's not really the focus of the story, but. Well. Yes. Good story. Go read. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Smokey Kisses by Hsuan - MEG'S FAULT, MEG'S FAULT, MEG'S FAULT, MEG'S FAULT, MEG'S FAULT. I suppose I'm thankful, though. Anyway, she found this fic and mentioned it in her journal. I stole the link from her. Anyway. This was a fantastic Yuki POV story, just... so many little things and such a gorgeous way of writing them all together, into this fluidly written style AND still really sparkly and interesting. I love, love, love the author's Shuuichi as well, because he's Shuuichi, but not over the top about it. The little details of the smoke from Yuki's cigarettes and the way they both see them were excellently done (I loved that that wasn't made a huge deal of, the writing was a bit more subtle than that, rather than feeling like a hammer had been taken to my head) and, eeeee, Yuki/Shuuichi fluff without being too fluffy. Feel-good fic that I could believe. ♥ (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Vows by sobriquette - There were a couple moments when this fic felt off (there were a few honorifics problems especially), but the writing is smooth, readable, and flows very well, the characterizations were quite good, and the story tackled an idea that I've seen done far, far worse and actually made it rather palatable for me here. I usually hate Yuki/Shuuichi marraige fics (I don't know if they WILL get married, but the issue has come up), but I find myself really craving the next chapter of this story because it's not just about YukixShuuichi, it's also about Tohma and Mika and ties the two together really well. Mika's characterization absolutely sparkles here, the way the author writes Yuki and Shuuichi together is wonderful (their conversations over breakfast and at the amusement part were just gorgeously done and, oh my god, Eiri and Mika having lunch and in character and EEEEEEEEE I LOVE IT WHEN AUTHORS WRITE THE UESUGI SIBLINGS), and while I expressed some doubts about the Tohma/Mika relationship (I firmly believe they love each other very much and they married because they loved each other, not for any other reason, like business, family, or Eiri.), but because the author is skilled enough at what she's doing, I'm willing to follow her so far. Also? The author notes at the end utterly cracked me up for some reason. ^_____^v (Some YukixShuuichi and TohmaxMika.)

- Gravitation - Mother, May I? by Rosa Aquafire - I should hate this fic, I really should. Yuki with a kid from a previous one-night stand who doesn't seem to like Shuuichi, but kind of does, and, oh, yeah, Yuki and Shuuichi are "committed" now, so Shuuichi keeps being referred to as "spouse". And yet... like the little girl herself, there's just something to this fic. The dialogue really sparkles, the characterizations are really sharp, the writing is really solid, all of those little things combine to overcome the premise, I think. I love, love, LOVE Mika in this fic. Like an unholy amount. And you can tell the author does as well (not to an idolizing amount, mind, just that she clearly likes the character), which always makes me sparkle. Yuki's tongue is as sharp as ever, but he's also clearly still fucked up, even if having mellowed a bit. (I love that he's practically on the verge of a panic attack over the whole thing.) I am really intrigued that there seems to be some sort of vaguely creepy subplot building with the little girl and the mother that abandoned her. Just... yeah, I should hate this fic, but I don't because the little sparkly bits totally carried the premise over for me. I mean, I'd read this fic just for Eiri and Mika's phone conversation: "You have a what?" / "A daughter, Mika. It`s kind of like a son, only it smells better." XD (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Pseudo Holidays by XTsukimiOdangoX - This was... well, yes, you could tell it was a bit rushed in places (especially with Yuki), but the author was a skilled enough writer that it didn't really detract too much from the story. The characterizations were solid, the writing is solid, the whole thing rolling along very smoothly. I liked that the transition from cute and fluffy to slightly angsty (but not overdone angst) was done at the right pace--I believed the flow from one mood to the next... along with, hey, I got my fluff back at the end. ^_~ Probably not the author's best work (I really liked "Sweet Nothings", IIRC), but a fun read for this morning. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Meet the Family by Harukami - So, I've had this idea in my head forever, right? Shuuichi's mother and sister (in the manga) are HUGE Yuki Eiri fans and that's just a GOLDMINE of potential, right? And I could just SEE Yuki being annoyed into being the perfect gentleman around them and then Shuuichi realizing how incredibly wrong that seems, right? So I like to inflict stuff on Harukami, right? Well, yes. >:D And I adored this story because the characters were so sharply clever--Yuki's sharp tongue, Shuuichi's batshit nature, their funfunfun dynamic that's so very THEM, because they're funny (and I could not stop laughing throughout the entire thing--Shuuichi bugging Yuki while brushing his teeth like that is just, like, one of the most genius things ever) and just... Harukami does that whole spastic comedy style thing in a way most want-to-be-funny authors only DREAM of being able to do. She also has a way with IMAGERY in the tiniest of little things that make me able to SEE the moment in my head, just a quick mention of a particular gesture or pose or whatever, and it pops this crystal-clear, PERFECT image into my head. Loved this. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Insomnia by Celeste - Another link I ganked off Meg, but had to rec anyway. This was... adorable. I admit, the tone felt a little off for me, like the author was still settling into the finer speech patterns of Yuki, but it wasn't very far off (I often describe it as looking at a picture that's tilted about 30 degrees to the right, but this one one... was only about 5 degrees off, I think) and the author had a VERY strong grip on the characters. I couldn't help smiling like hell the entire way through the piece, because there are some BRILLIANT lines in this. Because the style works a hell of a lot better than it should have. (Lots and lots of breaks that should have been annoying, but worked here.) Because I LOVED the ending with a mad passion. I may have a few criticisms of the writing, but I don't mean to give the impression that it was only halfway decent, because it was more than decent. It was GOOD. It SPARKLED. I adored it and came away from the story with a happy, sated feeling despite not wanting it to end, because THIS is what keeps me going through the Gravi section, gems like this. GOOD FIC, YOU GO READ NOW. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Everyone's a Critic by NemKess - This was another cute little fic that gave me a small fix when I needed it this morning. And I liked that Yuki was Yuki in that he never would give Shuuichi a compliment ('cause that's just not Yuki AND Shuuichi's lyrics suck), but somehow Shuuichi does know how to find the not-so-mean things in Yuki's statements and doesn't let much get him truly down. Plus, I liked the end. ^___^ (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Yuki and the Art of Writing by Celeste - Awww, more Gravi cuteness! XD Yuki's insistence--while Shuuichi manages to bother him even from however many, many miles away, just by calling him, even when he doesn't pick up the phone... which amuses me greatly, too--that the heroine from his current novel was going to DIE, dammit, she wasn't going to live was cutely amusing. Plus, I just liked these lines: Resolved, he decided to leave it at the fact that he had absolute power when it came to his stories, and none whatsoever when it came to his annoying, loudmouthed, idiotic boyfriend. Maybe if he resigned himself to the fact he wouldn’t get so many headaches over the whole thing. XD (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Turn the Clock Back by Harukami - Kitazawa Yuki would smile and say sweet things and hate. It's the other way around here, he says, and he can't always help the hate that pours from his mouth, it's a safe thing to do. But Shuuichi always knows what he means and so it's fine. Such a lovely illustration of how the Yuki/Shuuichi relationship works and how it really isn't that much like Kitazawa and Eiri, of how Yuki isn't very nice, but Shuuichi somehow understands, one of those fics that's just a Moment, no more than a page or two long but highlights the important parts of the dynamic. Add in some sharp, perfect dialogue and you've got a fic that makes me haaaaaaaappy~ XD (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Nightmares by Nataku's Child - I dunno what it is about Gravi fluff that gets to me, but, man, it does. I mean, yeah, I kinda like fluff, but I hate it when it doesn't work for the characters or is out of place or makes the characters act like thirteen year old girls and yet... I read fluffy Gravi fic after fluffy Gravi fic and genuinely enjoy them. At least when they're like this where Yuki is still Yuki and not going on about his beloved "Shuu-chan" or waxing poetic about how much Shuuichi is his angel and light. This was... cute, you know? Yuki being genuinely cranky and not going "OMG NO HOW COULD I BE SO CRUEL?" more like, "Why the hell can't I sleep after I finally kicked the idiot out? Fuck, I suppose I might as well get up." which I love. XD Plus, the author does cute little moments like the Gravi series does (like cat!Shuuichi twining himself around Yuki's legs and Yuki punting him across the room--that cracked me up XD) but doesn't go overboard with them, instead maintaining the feel the series itself had. And just... yeah. Cute fic without going overboard with it, I had fun. ♥ (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The Reason by XTsukimiOdangoX - I just... I know I mentioned this in the post above, but it continues to be true here... I have this thing for Gravi fluff. I'm not big on Gravi angst and I'm not big on super-sappy fics. This story is a little more sappy than I usually go for, but the thing that won me over is that Yuki still talks the way I thought he should talk. He may be aware that he loves all those little things about Shuuichi, but he'll never say that. And I just sort of... melted at the line of how Yuki said he would never tell Shuuichi he loved him, but he'll never say he doesn't, too. Plus, Shuuichi is just SO DAMN CUTE when he's pouting and having a mini-tantrum in trying to get Yuki to say why he loves Shuuichi. XD (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Writing Lesson by anahita - And this was a fun little treat--sparkling, sharp dialogue, cute imagery (Shuuichi being pissed off at Suguru, done in a way that's not over the top and yet still so very Shuuichi-like) and... I adore a slightly nicer Eiri who shows that he cares in smaller ways, but never loses what makes him the mean, cranky guy he is. I also adore the way he can turn Shuuichi on--the description of a first kiss was really nice and I ♥ an Eiri who really is amused by the whole thing. Plus, the detail of the little doodle on Shuuichi's paper? For some reason that vastly, vastly amuses me. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The Eye of the Beholder by ChibiRisu-chan - I cry that this fic isn't finished, I really do, because it's just so... sparkling and clever. The way the author wrote Shuuichi was just... oh, I want to comment and go "Hee!" on, like, eight million things in this fic because there are so MANY of the little things that are hysterical, but I don't want to spoil them. However, I will say that the way the author roused Shuuichi's curiosity about Yuki and had him doing 'research' in the library? I adored it, because I could just picture all of this--it had that touch of meaningfulness that Yuki and Shuuichi's relationship always has, but it also perfectly captured the batshit, off-the-wall nature of the series, too. And Shuuichi's attempts at cooking? Best running gag in a fic that I've read in a long time. I actually laughed out loud at the beer cake incident. And the PIZZA. Yuki being terrorized by some of the hideous pizza Japan produces. GENIUS. It may not sound as funny when I try to describe it, but it's so beautifully in character and I just... the minute I started reading to the very end of the third chapter, I enjoyed and sparkled my way through the fic, because it was beyond just good or funny, it was genuinely clever. And, oh, what I wouldn't give for more of this story because of the way it ended. (Even if you don't usually read WIPs and this one isn't likely to be finished any time soon, I definitely recommend the story because it's good on its own. I mean... BEER CAKE. *dies* XD) (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The Off Track by Aoi-Umi - This story did start out a little shakey and while not bad... well, a lot of it is that the fangirl Japanese is really distracting and rarely the mark of a good fic. But by the second chapter? This fic had clicked into gear and was just great. I think what sold me was a moment somewhere in the second chapter or so (which is when it started clicking for me, of course) where Yuki was genuinely annoyed by Shuuichi, even when he wasn't being a jerk. He didn't secretly melt into a puddle of goo when he said something mean to Shuuichi, he wasn't secretly going all goopy over his cute little Shu-chan, he was... Yuki. He was genuinely pissed off that Shuuichi was being a brat. ♥ (The scene when they have to pull over because Shuuichi needs to go to the bathroom was one of my favorites for that. Because Yuki was honest-to-god annoyed with certain things. XD) And then the fic started tossing in all these little moments dealing with the premise of the fic--Yuki and Shuuichi on a vacation in America, because Shuuichi decided that was the Thing To Do--that were actually really well-done and not gratuituous culture references, that I started to sparkle so hard that you'll probably need one of those beekeeper outfits just to get through all the shoujo bubbles and sparklies in the air.

I know this is reading like a pretty standard, "Yay! They were in character! Yay! There were cute moments in the fic! Yay! There was nothing wrong with it for me to point out!" but it's more than that. It was fun to read, the writing totally readable, the characterization just right on, and a potentially unsteady premise done in such a way that I'm having so much fun with it. Besides, you know you want to read about Shuuichi attempting to fish and the stunning failure that you know has to result from it because Shuuichi is Shuuichi and Yuki just can't let him gouge his own eye out with a fishing pole, no matter how much he really wants to just walk away. XD (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - After That by Hawk Cloud - An adorably cute dialogue fic that I read on a whim (I think it was on someone's favorites page or something?) that was cute enough that it made me want to check out the rest of the author's work (and, errr, yes, well, I kind of went overboard with that >_>) because... well, it's hard to explain. It's basically Yuki wants sex, Shuuichi wants to talk about their relationship, Yuki is cranky, but not mean, Shuuichi is cute, etc. It's hard to describe something like that. But it made me laugh in several places, the writing sparkled and it was an interesting little excerise in that you could still tell what was going on despite it being a dialogue-only fic. Plus, it's Yuki's version of nice. I <3 Yuki's version of nice when it's done right. XD (YukixShuuichi.)

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