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- Gravitation - After That by Hawk Cloud - An adorably cute dialogue fic that I read on a whim (I think it was on someone's favorites page or something?) that was cute enough that it made me want to check out the rest of the author's work (and, errr, yes, well, I kind of went overboard with that >_>) because... well, it's hard to explain. It's basically Yuki wants sex, Shuuichi wants to talk about their relationship, Yuki is cranky, but not mean, Shuuichi is cute, etc. It's hard to describe something like that. But it made me laugh in several places, the writing sparkled and it was an interesting little excerise in that you could still tell what was going on despite it being a dialogue-only fic. Plus, it's Yuki's version of nice. I <3 Yuki's version of nice when it's done right. XD (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Spin by Hawk Clowd - I'd only read one of the author's fics before, a short little thing that was cute, but I wasn't sure what to expect of something longer. But, the summary read as Tatsuha is staying in Tokyo over his summer break from school and ends up living his dream... Sort of. and I have a THING about Tatsuha staying with Eiri for awhile because Uesugi brothers interaction rarely fails to make me sparkle/be amused, so I said, okay, I'll give this one a shot. And... there is nothing I don't love about this fic. 1) It's funny and all the stuff that was supposed to make me laugh did. There's a moment in chapter four when Shuuichi and Tatsuha are returning from NG Studios that literally forced me to stop reading for a good minute and a half because I had to just laugh. 2) It actually writes the Ryuuichi/Tatsuha relationship in a way that was both interesting and hit the right notes for me, which is rare. Admittedly, I don't read a lot of the pairing because it's not the one that calls to me the strongest, but... X-parrot's fics were the only other ones that I ever really liked for this pairing, ones that deal with the way Ryuuichi uses his personality to keep people away, the way Tatsuha needs to move from fangirl to actual person with Ryuuichi, etc.

3) One of my new favorite conversations between Eiri and Tatsuha, where Eiri was actually sorta-kinda being a big brother. (Plus, the opening of that conversation amuses me so much: "You don't have to tell me, of course. I don't care what you do," Eiri told him, turning dials on the machine until he finally managed to turn it on. "But, as the elder brother, it is supposed to be in my job description." / "Shuichi put you up to this?" / "Yes." / Tatsuha sighed. "Thought so.") It's an awkward as hell conversation, but I think that's part of what I adore about it. 4) The characterization just hit all the right spots for me... not to mention nothing really felt glossed over, none of those little moments that I love so much. (Shuuichi and Tatsuha at the vending machine at work when Tohma comes up behind them, Eiri bitching about Shuuichi's singing all the time, Tatsuha's snarking that Eiri is so whipped, Eiri and Tatsuha's conversation about the godawful coffee, Tatsuha fighting dirty when Eiri sits on him, etc.) And... just... it all fit together in that one, cohesive whole, I guess? Nothing felt random or out of place or put there just for the sake of padding, it all sort of became part of a larger story. I just... I could go on about this fic, but just go read it. It's one of those stories that was so much what I wanted out of Gravi fic that I'm over the moon for it. ♥ (Some Yuki/Shuuichi, some Ryuuichi/Tatsuha.)

- Gravitation - Untitled by Hawk Clowd - The summary of this fic reads as: Eiri wakes up in the bed of a strange woman... (one shot) I almost let this deter me from reading the fic, especially with the way the story started out, but... well, hell, do NOT let this story deter you, because the end is just... I dissolve into giggles every time I think about it. Just... it was an odd little story until about halfway through and then it was just... heeheeheee! ....which is a bad rec because I can't describe why I laughed so much over this fic, just... just... go read it. And be horribly giggly over it with me. Just as the author intended. XD (Errrr. Not saying.)

- Gravitation - The Emergency by Hawk Clowd - You know what I love about this story? Besides that it's well-written, funny, and has sparkling characterization? That it's one of those random little cracktastic (in the best way possible) ideas that flit through author's heads and actually executed really well. It's not too long or too short, it just takes the premise and runs with it, creating one of those situations where... I could just SEE this in the series. Just enough jokes to keep me sparkling/laughing the entire way, but not so many that they overrun each other and... oh, for some reason the ending just utterly cracks me up. Plus, I mentioned Teh Funneh, right? This totally has that. (I also ♥ Yuki going into charming mode to get Shuuichi out of a jam with fangirls cornering him and you can just FEEL the aggrivation underneath the mask, despite the fangirls swooning. That was done perfectly. XD) (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Sweet by Hawk Clowd - Awww. I'm a happy ball of fluff now. I don't care if it's fluffy, because it's done in such a way that they're not OOC and because Yuki was Yuki and Shuuichi was Shuuichi and because the writing was actually really sparkly and the dialogue was really fun and it was one of those slightly fluffier fics that was... it was believable, so I found myself going, "Awwwww." at it instead of looking for the nearest garbage can to retch in. Plus, I just like the way Yuki is irritable for the entire first half of the fic. XD (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Experiment by Hawk Clowd - I realize that it's kind of tacky to rec nearly everything an author writes, especially on a story that's just over 500 words, but... what the hell. I'm going to do it anyway. And I found myself really liking this story because... in some ways, I could relate, I could almost feel myself in Yuki's place. Who of us hasn't been in one of those grooves where we write and write, thinking it's the kind of writing we've always wanted to do, that it's intense and engaging and good, only to be broken out of that state of mind and find that it's not nearly as good as we thought it was? Even in such a short work, I could practically feel that journey with Yuki. Also? The last few lines of this one really kind of get me. (Some light YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Playing House by Hawk Clowd - I admit, this fic starts out a little... *waves hand* like it's a parody or just a really odd story. Yuki with four kids? Who are spending the weekend with him for Father's Day? But once I got past the concept, this story is written so much like the author's other work that I just got swept up in the story because it was just so amusing. All the little details of the kids and the smooth flow to the conversation, without the author ever feeling like she's stopping to info dump on us... I mean, Yuki and Shuuichi's conversation about his kids is done wonderfully, because it tells us the background info we (and Shuuichi) need to know, also serves to make sense plot-wise, since Shuuichi had no clue previously, but it's also just an enjoyable scene to read, because her Yuki/Shuuichi dynamic is excellent. Also? Meeting the kids and their mothers? Excellent. I laugh so much. Seriously. I mean, I feel like I should hate the idea of Yuki with a bunch of kids who are visiting because it would so easily turn into something cliche, but when I read the first three chapters of this... I enjoyed the hell out of it and found myself desperately wishing for more. I also laughed really, really hard at the conversation with Namiko. ♥ (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Learning to Fly by Hawk Clowd - *happy, happy sigh* Another story that... wasn't hugely long, but took just enough time with the concept it had that it felt like a genuinely complete, nicely long story. I love that. Not to mention it had gorgeous Yuki characterization in that... he cared and he worried, but he did it in a sort of Yuki way. Shuuichi gets it into his head that he wants to 'fly', that the best way to do this is to jump out of a plane and Yuki is less than thrilled with the idea. And then proceeds to reaction in a very Yuki-like way when Shuuichi doesn't really let go of the idea and Shuuich is... well, Shuuichi. Much like "Spin", this story covers all those little moments in the story that it needed to really make the story come alive and make it feel full-fledged, rather than something anemic or, alternately, too close and focusing on unimportant details. The story just sails right along, the pacing just really grand, and the characterization sparkling, especially Shuuichi managing to drag Yuki along to the first session of his skydiving lessons. Just... it's hard to explain, but the level of details of the writing was so much like the anime itself, the way there were all these little things in there, but it wasn't overly cluttered. The way Yuki was jealous and growly in that sort of Yuki way and the way Shuuichi was a little hyper or a little silly or a little overreactionary or a little stubborn or whatever. ....augh, man, this rec sucks. Okay. Good writing. Good characterization. Good plot. Good details. FUNNY STUFF HAPPENS. I totally go over the moon for the fic. You go read it now. There. Rec over and done with. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Things Happen by dhrachth - You know what I remember after having read this story? That it contained Yuki and Shuuichi on tour (Yuki was roped into doing a book tour on the same schedule as Bad Luck and then roped into travelling with them. I was so amused. XD) and I had a blast reading it. Because it's one of those ideas that I always thought, "I wish someone would write _______." but suspect never actually will get written. But it was also funny (For some reason, chapter eight with K gathering everyone for a meeting about a potential mini-scandal involving Yuki and Shuuichi, was just utterly hysterical to me. Suguru's attentive student routine killed me.), the characterizations sparkled (C'mon! Yuki on tour with Bad Luck! How can that NOT be a great thing to read about? XD XD XD Or at least it is here, where the author is genuinely capable.) and... it achieved that balance of how Yuki does love Shuuichi, but he's still Yuki. Toss in all those little funny moments (Shuuichi getting sick off bad squid for dinner when Yuki told him not to eat it, Shuuichi looking at the paper with the scandalous picture of Yuki and Shuuichi and only thinking "Aww, Yuki's so cute!" and Not Getting It, the arguing about the remote on the couch... all those little things that just make a story for me.) and an ending that left me feeling all warm and fuzzy and you've got a story that I was so very happy to stumble across. Plus, everyone ought to read about Hiro spacing out with a dreamy look 'cause he asked her to marry him. ♥ (YukixShuuichi, a little HiroxAyaka and TohmaxMika.)

- Gravitation - Stranger Things Have Happened by dhrachth - I could swear that I'd rec'd this story before (I know, at the very least, I'd read it before) but since I can't find it on my list of rec'd stuff anywhere... eh, if I rec it twice, big deal. ^_~ Normally, crossovers send me running from the room, especially between live action and animation. Especially when it's Highlander and involves Duncan MacLeod. However, it's not a big, huge crossover, it was just a cute little idea and I think that's a lot of what loosened me up on the idea. Plus, Shuuichi is SO CUTE and the writing sparkled and it was just... it wasn't really jarring and was a nice little fun story to read. Probably because I liked the author's Methos well enough to carry it, I suspect. *grin* (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - A Big To-Do by Hawk Clowd - I'll never get tired of Gravitation fic that's about those little moments that are just classic Shuuichi (and Yuki) moments, that just make me laugh and... oh, dear god, I loved the relationship between Yuki and Shuuichi here, just... god, I want to quote half the fic, because Yuki's lines are priceless. Teasing Shuuichi about his hair falling out ("Look, what are you worried about? That your fans won't love you anymore? Fuck, if your lyrics didn't scare them away, I don't know how your lack of hair could do it.") and being mean, but in that way that's FUN because it's not really serious and Shuuichi shouldn't be getting so worked up even if he IS cute while he does it. The balance struck between cruel and sappy is juuuuust right and then you add in genuinely CLEVER dialogue and an ending that has me sporfling with laughter even just THINKING about it, and you've got a fic that makes me break out multiple ♥. XD (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Slow Drag by Hawk Clowd - And then this fic proceeded to rip my heart out and dragged it across the room before drop-kicking it into the corner. The title is an appropriate one--this a slow fic, aching stroll through several moments of Eiri's life, dealing with New York's aftermath and the pain and confusion and trying to sort all of that out. Everything from Tohma's not-quite-intrusive presence to Mika's lack of understanding to Eiri's fugue-like states to the differences in languages and how they sound to the raw, painful ache underneath everything, the story hurt to read, but in the way that was really amazingly done. It's not the kind of story that's going to leave you in tears, because it's ultimately a story about moving forward, but it makes me hurt just thinking about the aching, pained spell that this series wove over me as I was reading. Which is the other thing that I loved--there was a certain atmosphere to this, something that I can't put into words, but... reminds me so much of the feel of, well, a long, slow drag. The title is perfect for that, too. (Some light Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Real Love by Loceheri - Oh, I really kinda adored this because... it's so Yuki. Tatsuha going on and on and ON about Sakuma Ryuuichi and how much he loves him and Yuki finally snapping at him to shut up because he doesn't know the first thing about real love. "You want to know about real love, look at Shuichi. I'm always mean to him, I pick on him constantly, and I make him cry. My pet name for him is "punk". I ignore him when I can, ridicule him when I can't, and generally act like I don't give a damn. You think that makes a bit of difference to him? Hell, no. He just keeps coming back for more, and whether I like it or not, THAT is real love." It's that balance between that he does love Shuuichi and still being cranky about it that I so adore. Plus! Eiri and Tatsuha interacting! I love that! XD Good fic, nice characterization, and some sharp dialogue, I was happy. <3 (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The Film by Hawk Clowd - This fic handles a concept I'd been wondering about absolutely beautifully--what did Yuki do with that roll of film he took off Aizawa? You never hear about it again and there are so many cliche things that could have been done with a story like this, but it was just... it was powerful and aching, but without going over the top about it, the characterization of both Yuki and Shuuichi so very clear and right, that it's a perfect explanation for what happened with that little canister of film. Just... ow. And, yet, the good kind of hurt. There was one moment in there, with Shuuichi's reaction to something that just... it almost felt like my breath hitched, just for a moment. Excellent story, I thought. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Devices of Evil by PyroTease - You know what I liked about this story? It took something relatively small-ish (Shuuichi's CD player not working anymore, thus he can't listen to music quietly) and spun a really nice fic out of it. Yuki's characterization is wonderful, still a cranky bastard, still sharp-tongued and rarely saying anything even remotely nice, but Shuuichi picks up on the little clues and understands Yuki's gestures. There were a ton of little moments that I adored--Yuki ruffling Shuuichi's hair or holding his hand out to see the broken CD player, Shuuichi's request of how Yuki should fix it (<---I found that SO AMUSING), the way Shuuichi reacts to an unmarked box in the mail, all of them hit the right notes for me, so that I found myself really sparkling over the fic. Just the thing to read to cheer me up. <3 (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The Off Track by Aoi Umi - chapters 07 and 08 - Sure, sure, I already rec'd this story, but I'm including chapters 7 and 8 on the site because I read them this afternoon and I wanted to put them on the list. (I swear, half the time this is more a list of What I've Read than anything. _o_) Anyway, I <3 these two chapters because there's a real sense of... well, the writing and characterization and little details (like Shuuichi's not understanding the English conversation around him, the "translations" Yuki tells him, the sappy couple in chapter 7, etc.) are all just funny and cracky fun to read. While reading chapter 8, I just... there's a strong sense of the "WTF? That is completely off the wall crack, W. T. F." that the anime and manga had--I mean... being chased by dozens of rats in a hospital? It should have been retarded and stupid, but I was actually giggling while reading it and it kind of makes sense given that this is Gravitation after all. Plus, oh, cranky!Yuki who's not a bastard always has my love. <3 (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Goodnight Kiss by Yosuke - I liked that this story hit that line between... Yuki actually sort of finding everything Shuuichi does or all the noise he makes almost something like comforting, but not in such a way that it felt too far over the line of sappy. It was still Yuki and the POV from him worked nicely here, I thought. And just... all the little details that he thinks about, of their routine day, of Shuuichi yammering on or how he would stay up late to try to see Yuki or the way he would sing at random moments... all of it should have been cliche and yet it never really quite got there for me, I honestly enjoyed this story and I loved the ending, the way the whole thing... well, crescendo'd into it. XD; (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Because Chess is a Man's Game by Keoku - A very nice little Gravitation oneshot with Yuki teaching Shuuichi to play chess and... it was what I was hoping for from a fic based on that concept. Yuki is short-tempered, but not indifferent or cruel, Shuuichi is... well, Shuuichi, and the way they interact is lovely. Yuki's not exactly kind and patient, but he's thoughtful and actually draws out Shuuichi's interest in their little game, the way sensuality and seduction are worked into the game (which is when their relationship seems to go the most smoothly, when Yuki's in a playful mood) were all really nicely done. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - On My Knees by TamChronin - [ part 01 - part 02 ] - Admittedly, I've gotten burnt on "Shuuichi (or Yuki) has been hit by a car, how will Yuki (or Shuuichi) react??" fics because of the way a lot of them have been written over on FFNET, but I gave this one a shot and found that it's actually quite well-done and I'm salivating for more. Yuki's very nicely in character (still telling Shuuichi that his lyrics are crap, refusing to feel guilty about worrying over the brat, retreating from reality and disassociating that really makes sense for the character) and the second part had a really excellent conversation with Hiro on the roof of the hospital. There was also half a scene with Shuuichi's mother that was incredibly touching, a lovely sense of Eiri being about to break, and a reeeeeeeeeeeally intriguing ending to the second part that makes me salivate for more of the fic. *__* (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Shu and Ryu's Halloween Escapade by Aoi Umi - Ahhhh, you know, it's kind of sad that sometimes it's the little things that can make me want to glomp a fic so hard. Like, when an author includes Ryuuichi and Shuuichi interacting and remembers that Shuuichi calls him 'Sakuma-san'. Blessed, blessed fic. But, beyond that, it's actually entertaining and a cute little Halloween treat and I grinned or giggled a lot while reading the fic. Eiri was suitably cranky, but not too far over the line, Ryuuichi and Shuuichi were crack-headed together, but not too far over the line, and the writing was solid and genuinely cute, as the concept of Ryuuichi and Shuuichi getting into the Halloween should be! <3<3<3 (Yuki/Shuuichi in the background, but it's more gen than anything.)

- Gravitation - The Disasters Brought by Free Time and Neglect by Hatsbox - This fic might not hit the right notes for everyone, but for me... I've long held the believe that, after all the repressing he's done and the way he acts, giving up so much of himself, that eventually Shuuichi was going to have to reach the point of a breakdown, so this fic was utterly amazing for me. The format isn't one I'm used to, there's almost no dialogue, it's just Shuuichi recounting everything that happened, but I didn't find that that affected the narrative much for me, in some ways it may even have worked better. And what a narrative it was--I believed Shuuichi's spiralling out of control here and there were three seperate points where this fic made my throat feel tight and my chest hurt for the characters. (Keep in mind that I'm particularily fond of these characters, so they affect me more strongly than a lot of others, but this fic was still damned good to get me there three times.)

I wish I could put this into better words without giving the whole thing away, because it was a story that I'd been waiting for for a long time, something that dealt with this topic in this way, that could deal with Shuuichi's character evolution and trauma without making me want to roll my eyes at the melodrama of it. The characterization, while it may have seemed OOC at first because I'm used to happy, bouncy Shuuichi, was particularily brilliant, the further and further I got into the fic. Shuuichi's slow maturation in this story, everything that he goes through and tries to realize about himself, everything you can and can't see from his perspective, and the way he was struggling through it all...

Augh, okay, this rec is sucking and the fic deserves better. The way Shuuichi feels and handles those feelings in this story hit all the right buttons for me. One caveat I'll give is that I found the hostility between Shuuichi and Tohma to be a little fanon-ish towards the middle, but as the story progresses, even that comes back to the brilliant characterization and everyone is so human and while, yes, they're messed up, I believed this sort of messed up. I thought this is the way Shuuichi would react under a breakdown/spiral and I was mesmerized by the whole thing. And, god, the Yuki/Shuuichi relationship hurt like hell in this fic, but it had to and just... I culdn't have asked for much beyond exactly what this fic did. Maybe not for everyone, but it was what I had been waiting for years for and it was immensely satisfying. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Old at Ninety by Hawk Clowd - Heeheehee, such a... typical conversation between Yuki and Shuuichi, yet still delightful and making me grin like a maniac because I adore these two characters so much. And it's just... it's that balance between cynism and grudging affection Yuki has for Shuuichi, not playing along with his crap, but not making Shuuichi cry, managing to at least cheer him up in his own Yuki way and beautiful "logic" from Shuuichi on their 'getting old', especially since Yuki is "twenty years away from being halfway to dead", which is just such a... Shuuichi thing. Thank god for fics like this every once in awhile, or else my Gravi fangirl would shrivel up and die from lack of Yuki/Shuuichi-ness. ^_~ (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Man On A Mission by TheNeme - This fic just somehow... amused me. Yuki being cranky (from the lack of beer and cigarettes) and the trials he has to go through just to make it to the door, only to have Shuuichi show up at the end... it kinda felt a little like one of those random crazy batshit moments that the series has. Plus, Shuuichi is rather adorable here somehow and the opening paragraph was funny, so I couldn't help liking it. <3 (Yuki/Shuuichi, but it's sorta background to the fic.)

- Gravitation - Defuse by ralphiere - Oh, I was hoping that the author who picked Yuki/Shuuichi would be able to do them well and, so far, I'm really pleased with this story. Her use of the "jolt" theme was great, totally put a grin on my face that lasted the entire time, especially because it wasn't overdone. Shuuichi + caffeine is so, so frequently an excuse for an author to keyboard mash (ie, inane random phrases and lots of exclamation points), but this author kept it to a mimimum. The writing was clear and easy to read, Yuki's characterization was great, and she made the BEST use of the "Kill him or fuck him, which will shut him up faster?" I've seen in a long time. ♥ ♥ ♥ (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

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