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- Gravitation - Heaven by ralphiere - If for no other reason (though, there are many, mind), I am extremely grateful to the 30 Kisses comm because they've introduced me to authors like this who are writing just fabulous pieces. Yuki and Shuuichi on vacation here was just... the characters shouldn't be able to get to me like this, but the genuine emotion and connection and love (Without being sappy! Oh, my god, they loved each other, but it was a calm sort of love, just... gah, I didn't know how badly I wanted it until I read it here!), tossing in a little bit of snark (it is Yuki and Shuuichi, of course) and utterly, utterly fantastic little moments made me fall in love so, so hard. Yuki's grumpy concern, grumpy post-sleep attitude, Shuuichi being careful around him (so as to make a new record for how long to go without Yuki insulting him, which was utterly perfect), and almost sort of quiet yet not being OOC... it wasn't perfect, but that's what made it perfect. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Of All The Things I've Lost by DC - I'll grant that the humor falls a little flat several times here (the author is trying a little too hard to pack too much into a small space, I think), but the basic idea of it is cute, it did have some genuinely funny lines, he does a great job with the characters, especially the dynamic between Yuki and Shuuichi. And I'll admit I did *heehee* once or twice at Yuki's annoying Shuuichi with some of the worse answering machine lines. :D (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitaton - Condomcapades by DC - Hee! I really enjoyed this fic; it's one of those stories with a rather simple premise (Shuuichi bugging Yuki to wear a condom in traditional Shuuichi style--which includes sparkly condoms and there is little chance that I wouldn't love a Gravi fic where Shuuichi tries to get Yuki to wear a sparkly condom XD) that just had such fun with the premise that it turned into something really entertaining to read. But it was also the banter between Yuki and Shuuichi that was so very them, Yuki being cranky, Shuuichi being cute, and a conversation about love children. I cracked up reading that because it could have been so painfully cliche, but the author was talented enough to make it work, it was such a Shuuichi thing to say. The whole fic was, really, and it hit that balance between too much fluff, too much cliched meanness, and that spark these two had. I enjoyed the hell out of this one, really good fic. <3 (Yuki/Shuuichi, maybe light R content.)

- Gravitation - The Natural Order by Celeste - Some people are meant to be in charge. Some people are too dumb to realize this. Oh, I suspect I will never get tired of Yuki/Shuuichi banter fics, where Yuki is irritable, but not mean, where Shuuichi is whiny, but not grating (to me), and you can just see Yuki caving to the Power That Is Shuuichi. Yuki grumping about the order of things, about who should be in charge was so very Yuki-like and the ending was PERFECT. Loved this. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Difficult Exchange by Hawk Clowd - I really liked this story because I thought it did justice to the way sex between Yuki and Shuuichi would affect them--it can't be easy on Shuuichi and Yuki would not like causing him pain, yet he's not exactly the nicest or most open guy around. I loved that you could tell how Yuki really felt, but that he was still Yuki about it and the sniping back and forth? So much fun and the really sharp sort of dynamic that I love with these two. Gorgeous characterization and one of those little moments that just make the couple for me. ♥ (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Winter Roses by Hawk Clowd - Funny dialogue, great little moments (Yuki and the coffee especially amused me), and a hysterical way Yuki treats Shuuichi (seemingly almost barely aware of the chaos that is Shuuichi swirling around him) and you get a story that was a delight to read. The way Yuki absolutely knows how Shuuichi is going to react when it's snowing outside and Shuuichi doesn't get his way (ie, Yuki is not going outside to make snow angels) and the way Shuuichi is actually sarcastic sometimes...! Heeheehee. Just... so many good little moments and a nicely warm ending that I could believe and... *flails* this rec sucks, go read the fic anyway! (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Childish Games by ralphiere - Oh, god, I'm just never, ever going to get tired of cute, snarky Gravi fics, I don't think. It's been years and years and yet I still go all shimmery when a good fic comes along (another reason that I just love 30_kisses) and you wouldn't think Yuki, Shuuichi, and a cat's cradle game would be this fun to read, but it was. It's Yuki's snarky attitude, yet tempered by that he's not a complete bastard to Shuuichi, it's Shuuichi's cute enthusiasm, and the absolutely delightful ending that just made me go :D :D :D the entire way through. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The Road Home by Ralphiere - What I really love about this story is that it's... it's so Yuki and Shuuichi, for so many of the reasons that they're dysfunction and yet so meany of the reasons why they work. Yuki will treat Shuuichi terribly when he's about to go away for an extended tour, hurt him, because Yuki doesn't know any other way. Shuuichi will be hurt, won't really understand why Yuki is acting like this, but on some level does sort of understand. Then the ending... and the writer really gets the power and impact of the situation into the story without having to be obvious about it, it's really subtle and deft writing. And I mentioned the ending makes me wibbly every time? (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Strange Hope by Celeste - Ooh, I really liked this fic! The first stories I read by Celeste were really good, I adored them a lot, but she's been getting better and better as time goes on, I think, and this fic shows why. There's a certain subtlty to what Eiri's doing that's not readily apparent at first, but becomes clear towards the end of the fic, yet I just got it, I didn't need to be hit over the head with it. It's one of those stories that tugs at my heart for Eiri, who is so screwed up and makes himself so miserable sometimes, but that he's not doomed, because Shuuichi is having a positive effect on him, making him start to slowly thaw out a little around the edges. The prose is lovely, the narration wonderful, and I really like the image of Eiri in the park watching the sunset and what it says about him. Lovely little character piece. <3 (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Playing House by Hawk Clowd - [ chapter 06 - chapter 07 - chapter 08 - chapter 09 ] - This is an update to rec the last four chapters of this story because I just recently read them and because it's my journal/site and I can rec something as many times as I want! ^_~ It really shocks me how this story went from adorable little vaguely crack-ish idea to something that was touching, sweet, and insightful. These three kids were brilliantly written--they were likable, but they weren't perfect or overly precocious. I did wonder a little at their ages (or how old Eiri was if he could have kids this old, since he's only 23 in the series, blah, blah, blah), but they were surprisingly grounded characters, they weren't extreme, they werne't perfect, they were still children and Eiri's interaction with Miho in chapter eight was so much more than I would have expected. The way the story built to the situation with her, the way it didn't come out of nowhere (there were hints in previous chapters), the way it wasn't perfect, the way it was raw and aching, but still somehow sweet and just... *flails* good lord, Eiri with kids. Eiri having to put up with them for a weekend, still being Eiri about it, but it wasn't the kind of fic that made me sick because Eiri can be such a fucked up bastard sometimes. It wasn't always happy, but it was good. And I love, love, loved the ending, it was the perfect note for a Gravi fic to end on and... okay, yeah, this rec kind of sucks, but I had to get it out of my system anyway. I adored this fic, so much more than I thought I would, it's really well-characterized and tells a good story, and was actually pretty moving. I have lost all coherence. (Some Yuki/Shuuichi, but it's not quite the point of the story.)

- Gravitation - The Coat by Hawk Clowd - Aww, more Yuki/Shuuichi cuteness that was both adorable and I couldn't completely predict it. I love fic that leaves me with a happy, fluffy feeling, but that I couldn't tell exactly what was going to happen and when, but that still had Yuki being cranky and Shuuichi still being... well, Shuuichi. Plus, the thought of Shuuichi in Yuki's coat makes me sparkle and the ending line of this one is really good. *happy* (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Water to Whet the Appetite by ralphiere - Mmm, for all that there's a lot of Gravi smut out there, there's not really a lot of Gravi smut out there. So, to find a story with nicely written sex in it, that is very much Yuki and Shuuichi, it's always a lovely thing. I adore all the little touches--right from the start, Shuuichi's apprehension at finding an unmoving Yuki with the water in the tub overflowing to the way he's a little angry about being the one to clean it up (as unfair as that was, it made me sparkly a little because it was just so them) to the way Yuki is slow and gentle/teasing with Shuuichi in bed. It was very nice smut and I really liked the use of this theme. <3 (Yuki/Shuuichi, NC-17.)

- Gravitation - The Off Track by Aoi Umi - [ part 09 - part 10 - part 11 ] - I'll grant that I didn't care for these chapters quite as much as I cared for some of the earlier ones (these feel a little more... *waves hand* forced, I guess?), but it's still a fun and very readable story about Yuki and Shuuichi travelling in America, I have no problem getting caught up in the story and can easily read 50k+ worth without getting up once during the sitting. The author still does well with Eiri's cranky attitude being balanced with something almost approaching nice with Shuuichi, that he's trying with the brat, but it's never really fluffy or sappy. There are lots of little moments or touches (Eiri and Shuuichi in the pancake house or the bizarre figure outside of their window... which cracked me up more than it should have XD) that make the fic very worth reading and... well, the end of chapter 11 was really nice. Plus, I totally hope they go camping, that could be great fun. XD (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Chocolate is the Food of Love by Aoi Umi - There's just something about Shuuichi wanting to bake Yuki chocolate for Valentine's Day and being forced to call his sister (And I loved that the author worked in Shuuichi's family's love of Yuki Eiri! XD) and absolutely nothing goes quite right until the end of the day when it's somehow not so bad. The author does well with the concept and it was really kinda nice to see Shuuichi having a conversation with Maiko and being a spaz, but not in a parody way, not over the top. Plus, the ending was adorable and thus I go <3. (Yuki/Shuuchi.)

- Gravitation - Theme #7 Superstar by ralphiere - Such a short little fic, yet it does such a fantastic job with the theme. "Superstar" is one of those that fits really well with Gravi, but the author did better than that, she wrote a fic that was still somehow so sharp with the characters. Yuki's reaction to Shuuichi's singing is lovely and visceral, the ending packing quite the punch and it's just good. (Yuki/Shuuichi, maybe not quite work-safe.)

- Gravitation - Puncture by Hawk Clowd - I normally don't go for piercing!fic, as it's not really my kink, but given that I've rec'd, oh, pretty much every single other fic by the author, I figured wotthehell. Funny dialogue-only fic that does a good job of getting the scene across perfectly fine and amuses me greatly for Shuuichi being willing to get a piercing and suffering that pain just fine, but whines and cries when Yuki is the slightest bit rough in bed. Such a Shuuichi thing to do, that. XD (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravivation - Nostalgia by Ralphiere - I think it's the little touches that make me like stories like this so much--the way Eiri thinks about his own childhood when Shuuichi is uncovering something from his and waxing nostalgic about it, but it's not super-angsty, it's just... quietly Eiri. It's also that the theme (radio-cassette player) works really well with these characters, but that there's still a certain sense that... the author made it feel very natural for the story, rather than just going with something dull or lifeless. Plus, Shuuichi isn't over the top, but he's still Shuuichi. Eiri isn't over the top, he's still Eiri. And I ♥ the ending, as usual. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Longing by ralphiere - Eiri and Shuuichi's relationship is never quite easy, but... this is the type of fic that I kinda like because it shows progress, the way I like to think that their relationship might be tempered in the future. They're not dulled by that passing of time, both of them still sharp as ever, but they're both a little more mature here and, even when they have their rough spots, eventually remember why they're together in the first place. Plus, I do have that thing for Yuki/Shuuichi angst that's blended equally with the fluff that I can actually believe. :D (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Taking Up Residence by Kirei R - A short epilogue for episode 13 of the anime where Eiri comes home that just won my little fangirl heart with this line: He didnít flip the lights, and the only evidence of his return was a glossy pair of shoes cluttering the threshold. No suitcases because his baggage could never be checked, and no souvenirs because he could never begin to forget. The writing is very nice, the characterization just the right blend of hurt and something brighter, something a bit more hopeful for the time it's taking place in, and one of another of those stories that I found myself wishing had been part of the anime itself. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Fleeting Inspiration by Anna Sartin - As always, I'm wary of authors I've never read before, especially when they have long stories and I know how difficult it can to maintain quality writing over a long period of time, but I was pleasantly surprised by this story. It was just... by chapter three or so, I was completely sucked in and didn't stop until I'd torn through all 300k+, not feeling distracted or bored once. There are a lot of things that the author did well--she gets the spastic natures of the characters down, puts them in wild circumstances, but doesn't make chariactures out of them. The writing is solid, the characterization is solid (I'm especially impressed with her Eiri characterization, actually, as she hit just the right balance between the man who loves Shuuichi and the royally screwed up bastard that he still is, all wrapped up in Eiri's cutting and sharp tongue.) and the pacing is fabulous. It's a long story, yet I was never bored, I never felt that the story dragged just to fill up space.

Admittedly, there might have been one or two moments where I wasn't fully onboard, but then along would come a moment that was just sheer brilliance or where I had to put my head down on the bed just to laugh for a little while. (There was a moment in chapter nine, just as they're leaving the drug store, that hit me exactly right and I think I must have laughed for a good three minutes. Just One Of Those Things, I suppose.) And I was really impressed that the author took a concept that could have fallen completely flat on its face (Eiri's favorite author writes a book that's complete crap and then it's just one hellish event after the next, wherein he can't even have five goddamned minutes of normalcy <3) and make it fun and a delight to read about.

As I said, I wasn't bored once during the story, I'm eagerly awaiting more, I loved the takes on the characters, especially Eiri and Shuuichi's relationship, and there were a hundred little moments (Shuuichi knowing Eiri far better than he probably should have, Tatsuha and Eiri's sniping at each other, the utter insanity of some the run-arounds the characters had to go through, the almost-sweetness between Eiri and Shuuichi at times) that just made the story for me. And you know what? I could have wept with joy when the author actually seemed to know the series and got their names right. ;__; <--happy tears (Yuki/Shuuichi, Tatsuha/Ryuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Accidents Happen by BKFan - There was just something about this story. The way Shuuichi so casually wreaks havoc without even realizing it, the way Eiri has to deal with his idiocy, the way things just sort of spin out of control, even to the way Mika and Tohma behaved in the background, all of it made a charming little story that... it wasn't just that it was IC, it was that there was a certain extra sparkle to it that I don't often get to read. It was good. Plus, I melted into a nice little gooey pile at the ending, which was just the perfect note to finish off with and put some verrrrry nice imagery in my head. <3 (Yuki/Shuuichi, hovering just above R, but not quite NC-17, I'd say.)

- Gravitation - Purple and Gold by BKFan - Hee, wonderful Yuki and Shuuichi interaction that was not only them, but it was actually also clever. From Shuuichi whining about Eiri never saying anything romantic, to Eiri's response, to Shuuichi's response to that, to the ending. Plus, eeeee, much love for Eiri's dialogue! Oh, hell, and Shuuichi's, too. ♥ It really was one of those stories that I could just see happening, right along with the author., did I ever abuse the italics there. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The Shindous by BKFan - If there's one thing I would quibble with about this fic, it's that it was pretty obvious what was happening halfway into the story and I thought Eiri should have been a little smarter than he was about it. Other than that, it was another really fun little story that had some great Eiri characterization, some really funny little moments (especially with Eiri and the little brat, because Eiri has got to be shit for dealing with kids), nice writing, and was just an entertaining read. <3 (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Writer's Block by Tammaiya - Birthday fic! For meeeee~! *spins happily* And it's Yuki/Shuuichi cranky cuteness! The characterizations are just right, Eiri is wonderfully cranky but not quite a bastard, Shuuichi is spastic, but in that way he has, not too far over the line, but still... Shuuichi. And all the little details from the way it's not writer's block, dammit, to the way Shuuichi hangs off Yuki to the way Shuuichi is so cute when sleepy to the ending because AWW I ADORED THE ENDING SO MUCH MAKES ME HAPPY AND SQUISHY ON THE INSIDE 'CAUSE IT WAS JUST RIGHT. *floats happily off* (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Making Up for Lost Time by ralphiere - It probably helps if you've read the fic previous to this one, Phone Call, but it could probably stand on its own as well. It's interesting, for it's set somewhat in the future... Eiri is still Eiri, Shuuichi is still Shuuichi, but they've mellowed a little, Eiri is a little nicer, a little more willing to admit he cares about Shuuichi, Shuuichi is a little more secure. But it's still not easy, you can sense the tension between them, the way this trip to New York is supposed to help settle things between them... and what I liked about the writing is that the author doesn't really directly remark on this lessening of tension, it's just there and slowly draining away. The relationship is growing older and it's changing, becoming more mature, but it's still them and Eiri still snarks and Shuuichi still spazzes a little and... it's lovely writing. <3 (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Fleeting Inspiration by Anna Sartin - [ part 24 - part 25 - part 26 - part 27 - part 28 - part 29 ] - Have I mentioned before what dippy love I have for this story? Because I do. I love that the plot doesn't jump too randomly all over the place, that each event builds on the previous one, goes somewhere a little different, yet still keeps everything connected. Even in these six chapters, you can still recognize the story from where it was at in the beginning, but, at the same time, a lot has happened and the story has moved through a lot of events. I love a story that actually DOES STUFF. But it's also that the characterization of the characters is maintained over such a long story, it doesn't rocket off into uncharted territory and make the characters painfully OOC, they're still recognizably themselves. Yet you can still see Eiri and Shuuichi's relationship getting stronger, the longer they're together. That, day by day, they grow a little closer and a little more stable.

I love that Eiri is still so much himself, but when Shuuichi gets sick and needs to stay away from smoke, he's cranky about it, but he still does it because the alternative (not being around Shuuichi) isn't something he wants anymore. He's still Eiri about having to clean up the apartment or paint his study or not smoke, but you can really sense how much he loves the brat underneath all of that. There are also so many little details worked into the storytelling (I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed Eiri at Shuuichi's place and the short conversation with his mother) and, god, what a breath of fresh air his relationship with Tohma was in this. But my favorite moment is in chapter 29, the second half of the chapter, where Eiri has a bit of a fit and there's this moment where you get what's going on with him and it passes quickly, it's not a huge deal, but it left me on my ass because... oh. Yeah. That had to happen sometime. ....and now I want more of this fic again. +__+ (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Restless by Hawk Clowd - I do so love Eiri introspective stories, ones that have that sharp edge to them, that hint at the bundle of Issues that Eiri is, but without going too far overboard to try to portray them. I loved that I can believe Eiri when he doesn't get why Shuuichi stays, how they're so incredibly different, how they don't really help each other or get along, I buy his irritable confusion at the same time I still utterly get why they're so good for each other. I adored, adored all the little details crammed into the fic that didn't overwhelm, the length of time they'd been together, the tabloid scandals, the few things they did have in common, that kind of stuff can really make a fic for me. But even more than that... I love the sharp-edged tone to Eiri's thoughts, the sharp, clear writing of the piece that doesn't hammer anything too hard, but doesn't quite pull its punches, either. And the last couple of lines? Pure Gravitation. ♥ (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Picture Perfect by yellowhorde - This was just a cute little Gravi fic that was a touch stiff in the beginning, but only noticable, really, because it smooths out later and becomes a nice little bite-sized fic. Shuuichi is cute, Eiri is himself, and the ending was adorable. ....adorable for Eiri and Shuuichi, that is. Plus, I admit, I laughed, because the punchline was just so Shuuichi. XD (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

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