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- Gravitation - Ano sa... by ralphiere - I'm sort of on the fence about this fic. Because the author does lovely writing and I've enjoyed so many of these other stories, but I'm not sure I've been buying overly-serious!Shuuichi for the last couple of times. Yet it's hardly the author's fault, he's been going through a lot of hard times and he is older. I just... haven't been feeling that spark of Shuuichi's pure batshit quality that I don't think is about age so much as it's just Shuuichi. Which makes it sound like this story is poorly characterized, but it's not. Eiri's characterization is just... oh, it hits me in my little fangirl heart, because it felt so tightly written here, the little touches, the way he's quiet, the way he reacts to Shuuichi's reactions to his infidelity, his motivations, right down to the little touches as they're eating dinner and you can feel everything he's feeling, without being obvious about it. That's what I love about the character, such a deep well of emotions, but you have to know him to understand them. And that the author did brilliantly with this fic. It was the little touches as Shuuichi realizes what's missing and what's been going on with Eiri that were so well done that I fell straight off that fence from being impressed. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Bleed Me Dry and Fly Me High by Mei - [Note: By the time you read these, they may be flocked, but I'm making exceptions for them, because Mei will friend anyone who asks.] I've read Bleed Me Dry before, but I can't remember if I rec'd it, and, hell, it goes with Fly Me High anyway. Mei does really well with the cranky-one-and-spastic-one sort of relationships, so I was so glad to see more of her Gravi fic and... what I really loved about this story, besides the usual Yuki/Shuuichi dynamic, was the way she had this concept (Shuuichi on a huge sugar high to avoid dealing with whatever's upsetting up) and made it work for her two stories her. The way Eiri knows what Shuuichi is doing and is cranky about it, but still makes the effort to get the moron to talk, the way he tries to get the moron to talk, the way Shuuichi tries to avoid him, and the way I had such non-stop love for the entire second half of the second story. Seriously. Eiri pinning Shuuichi to the bed, kissing him once and then not moving until he talk? And the delightfully spastic ending? How could I not love? ♥ (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The Off Track by Aoi Umi - [ part 12 - part 13 ] - Okay, granted, the use of fangirl Japanese in chapter 13 does sort of detract from the story, but it still has all those same qualities to it that got me to read the first 11 chapters and the fic is back into the rhythm that so amused me in the first place. I mean. It's Eiri and Shuuichi camping. It has Eiri being weak to cute and fuzzy little kitten! It has Shuuichi being a spaz and tripping over sticks and trying to get Eiri to go on a walk with him! It's exactly the kind of gentler crack that gets to me. And it helps that the author has a very solid grasp on not taking the humor too far, on not making them chariactures of themselves and making the dynamic actually sparkle. I just enjoyed this. Eiri and Shuuichi totally need to go camping more often. <3 (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Fleeting Inspiration by Anna Sartin - [ chapter 30 - chapter 31 - chapter 32 ] - After reading these two chapters and chapter 13 of "The Off Track" the other day, I have come to a conclusion. There needs to be more Gravi fic with Eiri and kitties. KITTIES! It should be so awful and so cliche, but, god, the image of Eiri being weak to cute little kitties while still being his usual self is beautiful. Which is sort of my feeling about a lot of the elements of this story, that things that shouldn't work (like Shuuichi's medical problems that require Eiri to quit smoking and, wtf, rub a special salve onto his chest?), somehow get pulled off by the sheer charm of the writing. Also? Tatsuha's re-introduction into their lives and how I hope I hope I hope that he'll stick around for more hijinks in the next few chapters? The way Eiri and Tatsuha get on each other's nerves so easily in chapter 32? The reappearance of several previous jokes that shouldn't have made me laugh, but somehow I end up grinning like an idiot? That's the brilliance of this fic, that I keep coming back for more because I'm honestly enjoying it, because the story is genuinely fun, and the author gets that batshit Gravitation feel down. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Heat by Hawk Clowd - Well, really, I probably would have liked any halfway-decent fic that had Eiri and Shuuichi sharing a bed and unwillingly snuggling as they're asleep, but this was actually genuinely sharp and clever. I loved the dual points of view of the story, the way it showed both sides of the situation, each very clearly the character. Why each of them keeps quiet about the problem in the morning, each of them having their reasons for staying in the bed, even when it gets uncomfortably hot. And I loved Shuuichi's side of it, his thoughts were just fantastic and just brought the whole thing together beautifully. ♥ (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Lighting Yuki's Cigarette by gravi_girl123 - So, once again, I've been reading Gravitation fic, scouring all over for new stuff to read, and I happened to stumble over this one. There was something about it, I think it was the lovely lack of cliche characterizations that won me over with this. Shuuichi was Shuuichi and Yuki was Yuki, nowhere near sappy, but still real attraction and that certain something they have. Which is sort of vague, I know, but that's what made me like this fic. Plus, okay, the image of Shuuichi lighting Yuki's cigarette? Yeah, that's kinda nice. <3 (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The Off Track by Aoi Umi - [ chapter 14 ] - I know I should wait until there are at least two chapters before I rec, but given that my attention span was horribly short today, I'm going to add this one to the pile anyway. Hee. More of Eiri and Shuuichi camping! I do think this story works better when read in several chapters, it feels a lot slower and less amusing than usual when you read chapter by chapter, but it's still one of those stories that I immediately pounce on to grab the latest chapter whenever I see it's been updated. And there's just something so much fun about Eiri and Shuuichi camping when Eiri is that fabulous blend between cranky and something almost nicer and Shuuichi is just... Shuuichi. Also, the ending of this chapter is somehow so inevitable, yet still so very funny. Because of course that would happen to Shuuichi. XD

The dual-POV (half a chapter of Eiri, half a chapter of Shuuichi) nature of the story also works so well, feels so natural to the events of the story, that I didn't even notice until about ten chapters in that the Eiri POV referred to him as "Eiri" and the Shuuichi POVs referred to him as "Yuki", which is usually something I pick up on right away because I'm sensitive about the characters' names. But this is perfect, how each character thinks of themselves/the other, so that the entire thing feels very natural and makes me want to cry with happiness that the author pays attention to that kind of thing. Shut up, I know I ramble, but this fic makes me happy. XP (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Hazel Eyes by limey - I liked this story because it... it captured Eiri's pain and angst and the guilt and torture he puts himself through so often, but without going too far over the top about it. I liked this story because it gave me the sense of awfulness for what Eiri puts himself through, that I didn't roll my eyes at the uncessary angst, but instead I wanted to hug him and make the world better for him, like the way I do in the series itself. Plus, the ending with Shuuichi just barging right in and not really having a clue about what he'd somehow managed to just make better and the very final line... yeah, it all put a smile on my face. I'm really glad Limey snagged the Eiri/Shuuichi pairing for 30 hugs, because, dammit, EIRI NEEDS MORE HUGS, YES. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Cha-cha-cha by Meg - I feel like I should feel guilty about liking the idea of Yuki and Shuuichi dancing so much, but... omg, the way Meg writes it, it's somehow the most wonderful thing in the world, because Yuki is still Yuki and Shuuichi is still Shuuichi and I'm currently a puddle on the floor over this one. It's just that the ending hit the exact right note it needed and... yeah, okay, more flailing and squee'ing go here. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - things i can never say by limey - Another fic from limey that I really enjoyed, especially for her take on the idea of Eiri saying the things Shuuichi wants so badly to hear and how they would both react to that. Because for every step forward that they want to take, it's never easy, it never magically makes things better and I really liked Shuuichi's reactions and Eiri's frustrations and that things don't always work out. It's got that hint of a sharp edge that these characters have at their best, when it's not quite so fluffy as one might usually associate with Gravitation, when it's dealing with Eiri's damaged-ness. Plus, it was just an all-around solid Eiri piece and I never get tired of those. <3 (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Simple Things by ralphiere - As I've mentioned before, I just never get tired of Eiri's issues being written about, especially when the writing is so tight and hard-hitting that I feel like I'm being wound like the proverbial spring. I love the delicate balance of Eiri continuing to be the damaged bastard that he is, while feeling badly about hurting Shuuichi, yet genuinely loving the little brat, all at the same time. Plus, Shuuichi's reaction to Eiri apologizing for the way he acted was priceless and the imagery of this piece was gorgeous (all these beautiful shades of gold and red and oranges brought to mind, it really was almost like painting a picture) and the intensity of the emotion is always something I appreciate. *__* (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Fleeting Inspiration by Anna Sartin - [ part 33 - part 34 - part 35 - part 36 - part 37 - part 38 - part 39 - part 40 - part 41 - part 42 ] - I sort of slacked off on this story for awhile, because I didn't think parts 33-36 were as good as previous installments, that they relied a little too much on cliche and forced situations and ended up awkward for me, rather than letting the natural humor of these characters happen as it would. But as the chapters continued on, the writing and characterizations smoothed out considerably and by chapters 39 and 40, I was back into the swing of the story, totally enjoying where it was going. Because there's just something so utterly charming about the constant crazy events that surround poor Eiri or the way everything is woven together with his slow process of healing (I love that whatever breakthroughs he may or may not have, it's never all fixed in a single afternoon, he's still Eiri afterwards, even if he's a little bit nicer for awhile and is making progress) and the way the author never forgets to add in all the other elements of the series.

Tatsuha and Mika make frequent appearances, the cute little gray kitty isn't forgotten (omg, I love Eiri absent-mindedly playing with the kitten in this fic, because I could actually see it and it says so much about him without breaking the bounds of characterization in my eyes) or the way Shuuichi is just so... Shuuichi. He's bouncy and energetic and gets into trouble and breaks a lot of things, but I don't get the sense that he's become a chariacture of himself and you have no idea how much I appreciate that in a serialized fic like this. Plus, chapters 40 and 41 just made me happy, the way Eiri and Shuuichi interact with each other or the way Eiri can get rather protective of Shuuichi sometimes, even if the brat never sees it and... yeah. This is why I still read Gravi fic. ♥ (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Fifty Fangirls by Hawk Clowd - This is one of those stories that's almost deceptively simple in the concept, that Shuuichi brings home a little group of fangirls, only Yuki's actually still home, and things go downhill from there, that should be almost boring or lacking in spark, but somehow the skill of the author is enough to carry it through. Because it's those little touches of Yuki glaring at Shuuichi or the way Yuki manages to get them both out of the mob that're just priceless. I squeed a lot. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Cry For Me by Celeste - I will say ahead of time that the repetition in this fic can be a little distracting at times, even knowing that it was intended, that it wound up feeling a little padded and could be polished down to something a little more tightly paced. However, I will also say that the fic hit that spot I have for this couple, that one that just aches for Eiri especially, the one that makes me want to cry because of all the hurt he goes through. The first half of this fic, where he uses Shuuichi's tears as power, the way he treats the relationship, it hurts because I can absolutely see it, especially when Eiri doesn't really understand why Shuuichi doesn't use his own power over Eiri. The way I could feel Eiri's emotions, that nagging sense of hurt and frustration, the way things finally do start to change by the end... well, when a fic can get to me, that's all I ask. ;___; And this fic is happier than I make it sound, honest. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Castle Walls by Roo - I've read a lot of Roo's fic before and I've long quite liked her stories, but there was something about this one... a combination of Gravi being one of my favorite series, that Eiri is one of those characters that touches, and really brilliant writing that just... it made my heart hurt. It made me want to cry in the way that I wondered if, maybe for a second, I might. Because Eiri actually does want to get better, wants Shuuichi to be able to reach him, but still falls into the same old patterns and there's so much hurt in the relationship, even in just day to day things. The writing is gorgeous, the effect is exactly what the author was aiming for, to the point that I'm not sure I can reread again, yet am very glad I read the first time through. ;__; (Yuki/Shuuichi, some graphic content.)

- Gravitation - Just for You by DC - Another cute Gravitation fic that I enjoyed reading, because Shuuichi having changed something in Eiri's apartment, which he can sense, but he can't quite put his finger on it... is just a charming little story, especially as Eiri is Eiri and Shuuichi is Shuuichi about it. And the thing Shuuichi actually changed? And the ensuing conversation (well, non-conversation) about it? Priceless. I've really been enjoying the author's work, I've really been looking forward to each new piece he puts out, the writing and characterization are great and it's just... *happy sigh* yeah, I don't think I'll ever get tired of good Gravitation fic. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - untitled by Knowing Shadows - I admit, I was a little thrown by the whole Hiro apparently still being jealous/in love with Shuuichi (yet still dating Ayaka?) after all the years having gone by, but it's a minor quibble amongst a fic that I really quite liked. The writing was solid and the characterization was lovely, Eiri and Shuuichi walking in the park and they're still recognizable characters, they're still themselves, even as they've grown into a relationship a little bit more. Plus, Shuuichi running off to get ice cream or to find the right tree to sit under is just TOO CUTE and Eiri is still grumpy and annoyed, but still able to be a little nicer to Shuuichi and I really can't express my delight at the characterizations. I'd really love to see more of this one, because it's one of the few that I could actually believe Eiri going with Shuuichi while he's on his final tour (this fic is set before all of that, mind) and I would trust the author to actually making it sparkly and clever. Oh, yeah, and? The beginning of the last scene? Where it's a very nice moment of lime content and then? Yeah, so Gravitation. ♥ (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - false star by Limey - Every so often there comes along a story that just sort of makes my chest ache dully because I love these characters so damned much, because Eiri is still damaged even after he finally accepts Shuuichi in his own way. For all that I usually don't like fics that make me hurt, with Gravitation, I sort of crave them. At least when they're done like this, because the writing and characterization are good, because Eiri isn't magically fixed, because Shuuichi still loves him, because they'll still stay together even when they fight, because Shuuichi is wonderful, because I want to hug Eiri, because there's something so raw about everything between them here. It's not an entirely unhappy fic, it's just a harsh, painful one because that's what is brilliant about the Yuki/Shuuichi pairing. And it was interesting to see the bits cut out from the original draft (which I do think were better off having been cut, the fic as it is stands much stronger as a result of it) and overall this just... yes. I needed a Yuki/Shuuichi fic tonight. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Smoke by Hawk Clowd - You know, this is a clever take on the idea of Eiri quitting smoking, which... okay, I admit, I tend to fall for the whole concept of Shuuichi wanting Eiri to quit and being a pest about it, but I also like twists on formerly cliche ideas. The author's writing is lovely as always, she does a terrific job with both characters, and it's just somehow... clever. Also, I was amused as hell at Shuuichi's reactions and then Eiri's reactions and then the squee-worthy ending just brought the whole thing together., that was a terrible rec for such a darling fic. You go read anyway. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Fences by ralphiere - The writing of this story is rougher than I'm used to expecting from the author and there were moments I was a little o_O over, but part of that is how much of a fan I was for the author's previous works. On the other hand, the author still has this incredible punch to the writing, my heart hurt and my chest ached and I felt like I could cry by the time I got to the ending, because she really does do beautifully with Eiri's depression and she is a master at making the immediate aftermath hurt. After the argument is over and you're not sure where you stand with the other person anymore and it's so hard and you don't know what to say... that moment, it's brilliantly done here. I felt it. Plus, hey, Eiri walking on the beach is far too tempting an image for me to pass up. ^_~ (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Murphy's Law by Tammaiya - *rolls around in utter delight and glee* Even if this hadn't been the Christmas fic I requested from Tammaiya, I would have been all over it because it's just so damned brilliant and wonderful and every sparkly adjective I can drag out of It has two of my favorite things in the whole world--Eiri being tortured by his siblings and Eiri being tortured by Shuuichi's mere presence in his life. The characterization was a thing of beauty, it's one of the best Shuuichi's I've read in quite some time, actually, genuinely clever. There are so many little moments whenever any of the characters are on the screen (And how much do I love Mika? So much that I cannot tell you. She is the best older sister EVER, especially when she's dragging her little brother out for his birthday.) and I giggled the whole way through... well, until about 3/4ths of the way and then I just broke. The timing of the humor is brilliant, Shuuichi being an idiot is utterly brilliant, Eiri being so put-upon is brilliant, everything that could go wrong going wrong is brilliant, the cleverness of the fic is brilliant, Eiri blaming Shuuichi even when he's not there is brilliant, and the whole thing is brilliant right down to the way everything flows together and the author never tries too hard. I'm just sitting here in a nice, warm, fuzzy glow now. ♥ (Some Yuki/Shuuichi, some gen/Uesugi siblings fic.)

- Graviation - Matters of Intelligence by Hawk Clowd - Again, today is not the day I seek out a new author. Today is the day I squeak happily over the same author because I like her style and I know I'm more than likely to be amused. This fic is no exception, because Eiri and Shuuichi's interaction is fun and even if I have a hard time describing it, it's never dull or exactly routine. There's always something new to go "...." over and then laugh because, dammit, Shuuichi is adorable when he's hiding from Eiri's anger. Also, the image of Eiri pulling on Shuuichi's hair when he doesn't look up is absolutely adorable as is Shuuichi's entire reaction to everything. Just... go read! So cute! XD (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Ending Credits by Hsuan - I want to say upfront that a couple of niggling details bothered me. Stuff like a rather distinct odd culture feel or Tatsuha refering to his brother as "Yuki". Which I normally try not to make such a big deal about (seeing as I often make similar mistakes myself), but the writing of this story is otherwise so sharp that they stick out more. The characterizations aren't what I usually think of with the characters, but that's not a bad thing, because they're incredibly sharp, the writing is amazingly smooth, and the prose got me to tear up a couple of times because it hurt the way it was supposed to. The relationship between Eiri and Shuuichi is messy and complex and painful and inexorable and messed-up in all those ways that attract me to their dynamic, in the ways that keep me fascinated, because it's not as simple or as bubble-gum flavored as it appears at first glance. Because Eiri is so incredibly screwed up, but in that depthful sort of way, there are recognizable patterns to his character. Because Shuuichi is so... Shuuichi, creative and loopy and manages to pull off the pouting and the crying while still having gotten older. I just... god, what these characters can do to me. It's just... the way they move on and the ways they don't move on and the trembly feeling I get from the story because I want them to get back together, but I worry that the author won't end the story happily... I got rather caught up in the story. I want more of it now. And it's probably going to destroy me by the end and I'll need ten fluffy, happy fics to make up for it. Sigh. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Dizzy by Hawk Clowd - [ part 01 - part 02 ] - I've probably said this many times before, but I tend not to read much fic about Ryuuichi and Tatsuha, partly because they're not my focus with the series, but partly because it's a rare fic that strikes me, whether capturing my interest or making me believe it. This fic (and the fic it's a sequel to, Spin) manages to do both, because I really do like the author's writing style, which is sharp and funny and very well suited to the Gravitation characters, and because she often includes an ensemble cast in the story. These two chapters had me sparkling and about to twirl around the room with delight because Tatsuha and Eiri's interaction was great, they're such brothers, even as the story is moving along. Tatsuha's characterization, the way he thinks, the way he reacts to Eiri and Shuuichi's relationship and their fame, the way he deals with the rest of his family, it's all the kind of fic I crave from this fandom. Even though the Tatsuha/Ryuuichi relationship hasn't started up much yet in the fic so far, I continue to like the take on it, the time they've spent apart, the way Tatsuha feels about the relationship even after that year, the way... oh, hell, I'm too busy being a squeeing fangirl over Eiri and Tatsuha, with Tatsuha deliberately provoking Eiri, but not in a bad way, the way they snark at each other. The conversation in chapter two is priceless. ♥ (Tatsuha/Ryuuichi, Eiri/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Dizzy (chapter 03) by Hawk Clowd - Fics with Tatsuha staying with Eiri and Shuuichi will probably never get old for me. Especially not when there are Eiri/Shuuichi antics in the background, when Tatsuha actually spends time with his brother, when Eiri is a little more whole than he used to be but certainly far from perfect, when Tatsuha is actually interesting to me, because the author writes him well. It's actually interesting to me to watch Tatsuha try to put the mystery of why he can't get in contact with Ryuuichi together, to see the fic only through his eyes and only know what he knows, because you have your suspicions along with him, because I know the fic will be sensical when we find out what's happening later. I also really enjoyed this chapter (perhaps "enjoy" is the wrong word to use, but you know what I mean) because the last couple of scenes in it were really effective, the scenes evoked the right response from me, even when I knew there had to be more going on than what met the eye. Tatsuha's reactions were very believable, they made sense for the character even as I suspect there's far more to the story, and the whole situation was very nicely built up to. And now I want chapter 4. *chews on the furniture* (Tatsuha/Ryuuichi, background Eiri/Shuuichi.)

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