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- Gravitation - Tokyo Snow by angyl1069 - First off, the inconsistency of the names (one minute Shuuichi's calling him "Yuki", the next it's "Eiri", then back again) and the fangirl Japanese inserted into this fic were really kind of distracting (the author does the dreaded "koi" and "baka" and "Shu" things and added a new "Shu-han" one that I found rather weird), but they weren't enough to turn me off the fic because it was actually rather well-written aside from that. The characterizations are solid, they're recognizably themselves without being over the top, the sex scene was pretty without being too graphic, and it was just... I realize that it sounds like I'm giving this fic a half-hearted rec when I don't really mean to, because I did honestly enjoy it. It was solid and helped scratch the itch for new Gravi fic that I've been craving. Plus, hey, smut that's kinda pretty, yeah. ♥ (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Dizzy by Hawk Clowd - [ part 04 - part 05 - part 06 - part 07 ] - What can I say about these chapters that I haven't already said in recs for the previous ones? It's not that the author isn't keeping up the same level of quality, that her Tatsuha isn't still one of the best I've seen in the fandom, that I'm not still quite intrigued by her Ryuuichi, that I don't find Tatsuha's interaction with Eiri and Shuuichi to be some of the most fun just about ever, or that her pacing continues to be really, really good, that each chapter has a focus/point and moves the story ahead at just the right speed. All those things still apply. Oh, but a few things in these chapters that I did really like and take note of--Tohma's characterization is lovely, he's still creepy and ruthless in his own way, but doing what he thinks is best for the people he cares about, even if that means encouraging Tatsuha and Ryuuichi's relationship. ^_~ I thought the not-confrontation scene between Tatsuha and Ryuuichi was very well done, that the author does a really good job of hinting at whatever is going on underneath Ryuuichi's surface without being too cliche or obvious about it. I loved the parallel drawn between the Tatsuha/Ryuuichi and Eiri/Shuuichi relationships, I love that Shuuichi was the one to explode about it, because it was such a beautiful moment of characterization for him as well. And, of course, I love that Eiri continues to be such the beautiful obnoxious older brother around Tatsuha. ♥ (Tatsuha/Ryuuichi, Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Christmas Candy drabble by Merith - Despite that it's labelled a "drabble", I think this fic is long enough to have a proper rec for it. Especially since I've been kind of pining for Gravi fic again lately and I really rather adored this one. Yuki is that great balance between... caring, genuinely loving Shuuichi and expressing it through "What the fuck's wrong with you?" in that way he has. I loved the way Yuki assessed Shuuichi without saying a word, without even really giving away that he was doing it, and the way he solves the problem, just.... ♥ And, yes, I love that Shuuichi being all weirdly quiet is the problem here. XDD (Yuki/Shuuichi, hovering around an R rating, maybe.)

- Gravitation - untitled by Merith - Another one that's short enough that I should probably put it in with the ficbits, but... enh. I really liked it, I loved that Eiri was so beautifully himself the entire way through the fic, right from having kicked Shuuichi out to being grumpy without him there and it's not cliche, instead, zomg, yes, Eiri would totally be annoyed just like this. It's subtle and clever and the reason why I love this particular idea... also, the ending is totally hot, yes. ♥ (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The Real Thing by rabbitsix - The author says that her Eiri might be a little OOC, but I actually find that he's more in character than in a lot of the fic I read. Yes, to be sure he's almost fluffy here, but I can buy it in the sense that it's only showing him for this moment in time, there will be other moments when he's back to being depressed and a bastard. That said, the author doesn't cross the fluffy line, so that I can believe he would be genuinely annoyed at Shuuichi even when he obviously loves the idiot and that he would settle even when Shuuichi is off and running at a mile a minute. This is one of those fics that... I haven't read much Gravi fic in awhile, there hasn't been much worth reading. This was worth reading, it made me have a bit more hope in the fandom if I can find little gems like this one again. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The Rainy Season by HRT - You know, for a split second, I wanted to nit-pick some of the more over the top happenings in this fic, like certain aspects of the weather... and then I realized, no, this is batshit Gravitation fic, it's supposed to be totally over the top and cracked out. That's what makes it beautiful. And this was a fun little fic set after the whole thing with Shuuichi pretending to be Ayaka to Eiri's parents and the characterization was just fun. Shuuichi is kind of a moron and Eiri is cranky as hell and the events that happen to them, one after another, are actually pretty clever and the timing of this fic was really good. It was a solid fic, one that was just long enough for me to feel satisfied, but not so long that it felt dragged out. Everything about it was good and *sigh* now I miss Gravitation fic again. But this went a long way towards soothing that wistful ache for more fic, especially with the amusing ending and how the author... I love that Shuuichi's a moron, but he's not hyper here. Or the writing isn't hyper, which is actually even better. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - 100 Ways by Castalia - I was looking around for Gravitation fic the other night, not really expecting to find anything, but this fic had a lot of reviews (which isn't always a great indication, but can sometimes be helpful) and it looked interesting. 100 Ways Yuki loves Shuuichi? Well, all right. I'll give it a shot, I think. From the very first one, I was smiling because, yes, that's Eiri right there. It's sharp, genuinely clever, and every single one of these I can completely see Eiri thinking/doing/saying. I'm sad there are only three chapters so far, I desperately want the other 70, because... it's just hilarious, I laughed until I wanted to cry, and how can you not love this? 17. I’ve spent precious extra minutes of my life not only leaving notes, but clarifying them. I now write “for a walk” or “to the market” after “gone”. Why have you still not learned when I’m kidding? I thought it was pretty funny that one time I added “forever”. Because I can just picture Shuuichi's expression when he found that note. And Eiri thinking it was pretty funny. At least until Shuuichi wouldn't stop crying. ....shit, every time this fic gives me an embarrassing giggle-fit. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Deluded by Katya - This is such a short piece, but it's really rather powerful despite that. The way Eiri's bitterness and anger seep out of him even when he's not yelling, when he's just thinking about Shuuichi and the way he's slowly being changed because of him. The feel of the emotions here, even amongst the little lines that made me smile or laugh or just ache for these characters I love so much, was brilliantly done. I'd sort of started to despair seeing any more fic like this. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Old Fashioned Writing by raspberry-ichigo - Another Gravi fic that's terribly short (though, at least it's almost a thousand words this time), but it doesn't suck and, seriously, you have no idea how precious that is. And, actually, I liked this one a lot, the tone is well-done for Eiri and the metaphor of writing on laptops vs pens&paper is nicely handled. It says a lot about the character, the 'voice' suits him, and it has a nice, smooth writing style. The details were well-done, they added a lot to the fic and I could just see Shuuichi's messy scribblings all over the place, but without taking over. It was just... really nice. Well-done. (Some Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Graviation - I Would Rather by Castalia - I will grant that there were one or two moments where I wanted to take a red pen to the author's work, but this was only because the rest of the fic was so strong overall that they even stood out. It was good fic. Fic of decent length and just the right pacing! Fic that actually used it's premise (Shuuichi trying to get Yuki to come on tour with him and Yuki going, "No." a lot) really well! The author has a great sense of humor and a nice sense of comedic timing so that I wound up laughing out loud at least twice during the piece. It's also got an adorable Shuuichi, who is a bit hyper, but not so much that he's a chariacture of himself. And her Yuki! Her Yuki is lovely because he's almost nice but still kind of a son of a bitch with everything else that Yuki is all under the surface. It's been too long, my fandom love. ♥ (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The Answer In His Eyes by Castalia - After the angsty Gravi fics I'd read tonight, it was nice to have this one waiting for me at the end, a cute, happy fic that made me smile and feel all warm and fluffy without stretching my expectations of what Yuki and Shuuichi were capable of. It's just. The way the author had Yuki being in a good mood without being too sappy, the way Shuuichi was a bundle of energy without being spastic, the way they somehow just worked together. All of it just made me warm and happy. I also really don't blame Shuuichi for being all dippy happy at the image of Yuki cooking dinner and being in a good mood. Just. Yeah. It's well-written, the dialogue is clever and sparkling, the characterization is right, and it's the kind of fic that makes me love this fandom again. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Opposition by gottlieb_omen - I feel like I may have read this fic before, the premise is one I've seen, Eiri feeling confined in the role they've created for him, he started and Shuuichi wants it that way, wants the highs and lows of it, doesn't want anything less than an extreme. But I can't find the fic listed anywhere and it's certainly worth another read even if I'm missing it. The emotion of the piece was powerful and it was a fascinating take on the relationship, intense and sharp-edged. One of the reasons I stay in the Gravi fandom is for fic like this, the kind that isn't just happy fluff but without being emotastic fic, either. The smooth writing of the piece was lovely, the pacing of it was very well done, I can see this coming from Eiri's point of view. Not necessarily my preffered dynamic, but certainly one that could make a strong home in the original canon, I think. And very, very well-done. (Yuki/Shuuichi, R-rated content.)

- Gravitation - Deadlines by Delilah - Ganking the link for this one off kageotogi, it's actually good Gravitation fic, which feels like I haven't had in forever omg. This was a fun little idea filled with tons of great little details of Shuuichi being kind of stupid and Eiri being, "" and mostly normal, while Shuuichi... isn't. It's got this great sense of timing somehow, the little things that just kill me dead that don't work when I try to explain them, you just have to read the fic and be amused. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - December 17th by trixie - More Gravi fic today! \o/ This was fun and cute and had phone sex that I actually liked (because Eiri was just so... he's so evil sometimes, yet you can't help loving him anyway) and Shuuichi being really, really energetic without being too hyper or cliche and, holy crap, even Tohma was great in this fic! Not that he's not great, but too few writers give him positive roles in Yuki/Shuuichi fic. So this was one of those fics that just all-around made me happy to read. <3 (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Christmas, Snipers, Snapping by still_ciircee - You know, there are very, very few authors who can make me like a fic that feels manga-based as much as I like this one, but Ciircee just... she has these ideas that turn into great fics and then she has brilliant timing to actually make the jokes work and have me nearly spitting my drink back onto myself. Because OH MY GOD this was hilarious, from start to finish. Dragging Yuki to a Christmas party to K's involvement in the whole thing to HOLY CRAP RYUUICHI MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD to the middle parts to the K/Judy relationship that OH MY GOD I WOULD PAY CIIRCEE TO WRITE MORE OF to just everything in this fic. Even an hour later as I'm writing this rec, I have to fight the urge to giggle because it was so hilarious. ♥ (Some Yuki/Shuuichi, some K/Judy, and pretty much whatever else was canon is at least implied.)

- Gravitation - Heaven Redux by ralphiere - There are times when I want the happy ending for Eiri and Shuuichi, when I want to believe that someday they actually can make each other better people, bit by bit. So when a fic like this comes along (which admittedly, I almost skipped before I decided to resize the font on, 'cause Ctrl+- is my friend) and it's just... it's all about giving them the happy ending without being saccharine, I like it. It makes all the crap they go through 90% of the time worth it. Plus, it's pretty and sweet and fluffy and I like it. XD (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Renegotiation by Pru - It has been ages since I read Gravitation fic, but I was read Pru's Naruto fic and happened to see she'd written Gravi and figured what the hell. I realize there are times when I read Gravi fic that is less than my usual standards just because I love the series so damn much, so I tend to forget what it's like when I read something that's actually competent for me. Something that gets the feel of the characters, yet still progresses them forward. Something that actually includes Maiko, something that includes Eiri being a bastard and Shuuichi being Shuuichi without being a chariacture (omg, Shuuichi's reaction to Eiri's misdeeds--!) and an ending that's just... just the right amount of change for just the right amount of time for them. Fabulous. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

Gravitation: Every Song I Sing by pekori - Omg, it has been forever since I read any Gravi fic! I was reading the author's Howl's Moving Castle fic, decided to poke around the rest of her journal, and immediately had to zip over to this one. It's a delightful little piece, Shuuichi and the rest of Bad Luck returning home after a tour, all of his pent-up energy just scrabbling to get out and then seeing Yuki again and it's a lost cause. I really liked the author's Shuuichi, she got the feeling of him down without taking it too far--same for her Yuki, what we saw of him through Shuuichi's pov. It's a short piece but it reminded me of why I loved the series. ♥ (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

Gravitation: The Best Policy by cuethe_pulse - Another short fic, but it's... one of the best things about Gravitation fandom is that you're free to love certain cliches and fandom will delightedly hand them to you. Shuuichi whining about how Eiri doesn't say he loves him? Voila, fic about it. I never get tired of it, especially when Eiri's in a bad mood and then there's a surprisingly sharp ending that I really liked. Just what I wanted. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

Gravitation: He Bothered by cuethe_pulse - A coda to the scene where Eiri shows up at the concert where Shuuichi goes to see him afterwards and I like how it's... it's not easy, there's all this attraction and want and Yuki pisses him the hell off. I like how easy it was for me to see this fitting together with the scene I remembered and what it says about Shuuichi being nervous, but still going after what he wants anyway. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

Gravitation: The Night He Decides He’s Lost by cuethe_pulse - 135 words, I know. But it's such a great little concept, with Yuki telling Shuuichi that it won't work out, that he's not wanted there, and Shuuichi just cheerfully goes along with it. It was really just kind of perfect. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

Gravitation: He Kinda Proposed In A Taxi Cab by cuethe_pulse - I think what sold me on reading this fic was the line in the summary: He was always his grumpiest when he was trying to be sweet because, yes, that's Eiri and of course Shuuichi gets that. I love that this takes the whole "Yuki giving Shuuichi a ring" cliche and actually does something really funny and in character with it. I love this dynamic, where Yuki is grumpy because he's doing something kind of nice and Shuuichi is just... Shuuichi about it. asdlkfjalksj the notes about telling the grandkids were great, too. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

Gravitation: The Routine by cuethe_pulse - So, I'm sitting here going, okay, I'll just read this little 100-word drabble, but I don't rec things like this, noooo. AND THEN I READ IT. SHIT. IT WAS SO PERFECT AND HILARIOUS and I fell in love with it. Just a tiny little moment in Eiri and Shuuichi's day. Of course that's what would happen, poor Eiri. XD (Eiri/Shuuichi.)

Gravitation: Leave a Note by crsg - I think what really made this fic work for me is the way it's kind of making fun of the characters, but in a very loving way. I love that, when he's sick and hasn't eaten in forever and not slept in forever, Yuki gets all dramatic and panicky on the inside, then it's ALL FOR NOTHING because Shuuichi didn't actually leave him without so much as a note or anything. Plus, the way he reacts to Shuuichi even after that is perfect and also the ending totally made me laugh. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

Gravitation: let me make it better by cuethe_pulse - This is a really solid look at Eiri and Shuuichi after the events in Kyoto and all that came before them, when Eiri brings Shuuichi back to the new apartment for the first time afterwards. I really like how the author is basically writing just makeouts, but there's so much more going on there, so much unsaid between them and lingering under the surface, even with Eiri, despite that this is a Shuuichi POV. I really like this author's voice for him, it's just the right balance between getting what's going on here and still being a crazy, loopy airhead--not to mention how much he's starting to slowly get Yuki. Dammit, now I want more Gravitation fic again. (Yuki/Shuuichi, a light R-rating or so.)

Gravitation: The Miracles of Peanut Butter by Electralane - I wasn't planning on looking for any new Gravi fic today, but I stumbled over the link to this one and I liked the summary, so I gave it a shot. And a;sldkfja;lskj I kind of loved it ridiculously! Eiri and Riku eating a sandwich together and, man, Shuuichi's family is weird. I love how adorable this is and how Eiri is still so rough around the edges, but not entirely a bad person and asdl;kfjalskj oh man I just want to pick Riku up and hug him pretty much forever. This one had some really great lines in it and, shit, now I want more Gravi fic. (Background Yuki/Shuuich, but it's not the point.)

Gravitation: Yuki Eiri and The Moth by FrozenLioness - I think I'll probably love fic like this forever. Fic that have a slightly humorous touch, yet it's more of a serious character piece than anything, on Eiri's point of view of himself and the little brat that's attached himself to Eiri. It's such a cranky piece, but you can also tell how much he's come to accept and want Shuuichi in his life (and his apartment), all wound around Eiri's newest novel, The Moth. "Always getting burned, always getting hurt. Never going away." ....that was a terrible rec. But the fic actually was really fun to read! (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

Gravitation: A New Appreciation by Tammaiya - This was another fic written for my birthday and it's a vague crossover with Junjou Romantica (though, none of the characters actually appear in the fic) and I love it because it's exactly what I was hoping for! Because it was hard not to notice the similarities (and contrasts, as well) between Usagi/Misaki and Yuki/Shuuichi and this fic plays on that beautifully, as well as reminding me of just how much I love Yuki and Shuuichi's dynamic when it's written with a clever hand. I seriously laugh so hard every time I reread this because that's EXACTLY HOW IT WOULD GO, of course. (Yuki/Shuuichi.)

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