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- Gravitation - Nothing to Say by Doukeshi03 - Ahhh, that elusive rare bird--a good Gravitation fanfic. Yuki and Shuuichi's fight made me want to cry (That's, like, the third fic to do that to me today. I must be PMS'ing or something. Bah. Figures my hormones would make me all weepy and totally ruin my caustic facade. Feh.), but it was very believable. The interaction between the two of them (when not fighting) was perfect, so very /them/. The story isn't finished yet, so I'm still holding out for a happy, genki ending. Want. Now. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation Fiction by X-parrot - (re: "The Price of Fame" and "Tempus Fugit" especially.) Ahhh, two of my very favorite Gravitation fics--the story captures Yuki and Shuuichi so wonderfully, doing their characters real justice. With a series like Gravitation, it seems like the characters would be easy to write, given that it's a very... fluffy series. But there's a delicate balance to be struck with both Yuki and Shuuichi. Yuki is cold and arrogant and bordering on cruel, but he's not really abusive, and he does love Shuuichi, and Shuuichi probably knows that. He's also not so cruel as to drive Shuuichi away with his bastard-ways--despite being willing to put up with a lot, Shuuichi has to have a breaking point. Also, Shuuichi is hyper, yes, and not the sharpest pencil in the box and he is rather girly and he cries a lot, but he's not actually a girl. Really. And he has moments of seriousness and insight.

It can be difficult to get these characters just right, to show why they stay together and are so /good/ for each other, despite their faults. And X-parrot's writing captures that. The writing is excellent, and just the right amount of humor in with the drama. Definitely ones any Gravitation fan should read.

Also, while I've always been a mild fan of Tatsuha and Ryuuichi (I just adore Tatsuha!), it was X-parrot's two Tatsuha/Ryuuichi stories that really pulled me over the edge. They were so.... Ryuuichi made sense... why he is the way he is, why people react to him the way they do, and showing his thoughts in such a way that his two different personas make sense. They did, of course, leaving me going, "No! You can't end it like that! Get your ass back here and write /another/ sequel and /fix it/ this time!" even though they had to be written the way they were. (Don't worry, you're not going to need any hankies for these stories.) (YukixShuuichi and TatsuhaxRyuuichi.)

- WK & Gravitation - Eidolon Tree's Writings - I don't particularily care for the style Eidolon Tree uses in his/her writing, but I did get enjoyment out of going through the whole archive. S/he writes some of my favorite pairings and has some really good insights into the characters that made it worth reading. (I especially liked the one story where Yuki cut out the bad review from a magazine, since it was his favorite. I could totally see him doing that.) Also, Yuki and Crawford were their usual unfliching bastard selves, but with a slightly softer believable side to them. Well, Yuki anyway. ^_^;; (YukixShuuichi, CrawfordxSchuldich.)

- Gravitation - A Dedication to Gravitation by Tenshi - Awwww! Yuki and Shuuichi Christmas shopping!!! Cuuuuuuuuute! So, so fluffy and cute and sweet and adorable and nice and in character and yummy and *happyhappy!*-good! A bit angsty in parts, but nothing too serious, some wonderful little details in the story, a lovely ending, and just all-around good Yuki/Shuuchi interaction that I love so, so dearly. *hugs fic* (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Honey Bunny by Anahita - Awwww! *grinning like an idiot* That was so adorable and funny and sexy and sweet and good. Ryuuichi is adorable, Shuuichi is sweet, YukixShuuichi is perfect, and the writing is great, and the jokes are funny. Um, yeah, I'm out of positive, but inane, things to say. Go read the story and make up your own. Also, read all of Anahita's fics, they're all just as wonderfully good and brillianty written as the last one. (YukixShuuichi, RyuuichixTatsuha.)

- Gravitation - Summer Vacation by Anahita - Un. I said I wasn't going to seperately rec all of Anahita's stories because I just wound up saying the same things over and over and you can just click on her profile and read them yourself. But... I had rec this one seperately because it was niiiiiiiiiiiiice. Perfect Yuki and Shuuichi characterization, great writing, funny jokes, great sex, and leaves the reader with that *happyhappyhappy!* feeling after reading it. I loved it. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Misread Circumstances by Mirai - This was an all-around satisfying read. The characterizations weren't perfect (Ryuuichi was a bit to... mm... serious... I think.), but I found that I didn't really care. I admit that I'm a big fan of stories that are both keeping with Yuki's character (No matter that he thinks nice/kind thoughts... er... nicer/kinder thoughts about Schuuichi, he still has trouble getting them out.) and at the same time forces him to show his feelings more Shuuichi and Tohma were great, I believed everyone's actions and reactions, the plot was well paced, the writing was good, and the Yuki/Shuuichi stuff made me melt. It was just... yeah, a really satisfying read. (YukixShuuichi, RyuuichixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Silent Night by Robin Terrae - "Silent Night" is a post-anime TV series fic, dealing with what happened next, that I really liked. There were things that weren't fully dealt with in the anime, especially Yuki's non-vocalized feelings for Shuuichi. They definitely needed to have a chat, and Eiri especially needed to tell Shuuichi about Yuki--which is the point of this story. Not that everything is wrapped up in a neat little bow (Yuki still needs to tell Shuuichi that he loves him while Shuuichi is awake and can hear it), but I could easily see this story sliding right into the canon of the anime.

I adored Tohma (well, in the last part anyway *grin*) and it was great to see hints of Tohma/Mika--I adore that pairing. ^_^ I just wish the fic had been longer--I would have loved to have seen more scenes from the two weeks that Shuuichi was forced to spend at rest. (YukixShuuichi, one-sided Tohma+Yuki, and bits of TohmaxMika.)

- Gravitation - Fanfic by Anahita - This was adorably cute! And funny and sexy and yummy and everything else that applies to good Yuki/Shuuichi-ness. The premise of the story (someone writing a fanfic and no one knowing who) could have turned cliche, awkward, and icky, but the writing is good enough that it's thoroughly enjoyable and actually not any of those things. And, dammit, I want to know who wrote the fic! (YukixShuuichi, sort of RyuuichixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The Language of Love by pyne - I loved the first part of this fic, it was perfect and sweet and clever and well-written and just so wonderfully Yuki/Shuuichi. ^_______^ The second part was a little 'owwie', but the part about Shakespeare was brilliantly woven into the story and impressed the hell out of me. *sigh* My only problem is the problem I always seem to have--I need the rest of the story right now!! (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Chasing After Me by Sabine - One of things I most want to see from Gravitation is Shuuichi getting a spine. Of course he puts up with a lot, that's just his nature, but sometimes I think he puts up with too much from Yuki, and when he does, he's only giving Yuki liscense to do it again and again. And the more Shuuichi lets Yuki walk all over him, the more it's likely that Shuuichi isn't really in love, it's just a crush. Because if he loves Yuki, he'll stand up to him--it's not good for either of them to let Yuki be a complete asshole.

So it's great to see stories where Shuuichi hits his breaking point, forcing Yuki admit that he does care and to chase after Shuuichi for once. And this one does it so well! The entire cast is very in character--including Yuki who's being an idiot who doesn't think he and Shuuichi should be together, but wants it so badly nonetheless--and the story is progressing nicely. (Though, grr, dammit, I need part five right now!) As I've mentioned before, the Yuki/Shuuichi dynamics aren't easy to capture in writing, but this fic does a great job. ^_^

Oh, and I love Maiko! ^_^v (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Black Eyed by pyne - I couldn't agree more with the author on her take on Yuki; he's not a bastard because he chooses to be, but because he doesn't know how to be anything else anymore. Shuuichi is slowly teaching him how to be nicer, but Yuki's still got some serious Issues that have never fully gone away. In this story, those Issues are shown vividly through Yuki's dream and his reaction to it upon waking; you hurt for Yuki, because he's had so much shit in his life, but you're also glad that Shuuichi is there for him, in his own way. The whole thing was... ouchy. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Unspoken by JannZ - You know you're depressed when an angsty sappy piece almost reduces you to tears. *sigh* I know I'm pathetic, you don't have to tell me twice. Anyway, this story was very well-written, the characters believable, the Yuki/Shuuichi interaction was nailed perfectly, the drifting apart so believable that it damn near made me cry, but with a happy ending that made the whole fic worth the ride. Excellent fic. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Writer's Block by Koneko no Miko - There are a lot of stories out there about Yuki writing--or trying to write and having the dreaded Writer's Block--and Shuuichi coming home, being his usual obnoxious self and managing to pull Yuki out of his funk, much to Yuki's surprise. Ya know what? I don't care. I like the idea, and I can totally see it. I do admit that it can get really cliche and trite and I don't like those stories, but I like this one 'cause it was done quite well. It shows the little touches of their relationship and how they work so well together. Plus, y'know, good sex (or close enough) is always good. ^_^v (Mm... ShuuichixYuki, I guess, since Shuuichi's the one going down on Yuki.)

- Gravitation - Lines by Bekquai - Normally, I don't like fics that stray too far from the original concept of the characters--like stories that give characters terminal diseases or make them drug addicts or give them drinking problems or what have you. But this one didn't stray very far and it wasn't cliche and overly dramatic, it was just... a misstep on Shuuichi's part rather than a huge, running leap into the world of drug abuse. Shuuichi's thought proceses were in character and Yuki's reactions were perfect as well. The last scene in the hospital made my heart hurt, but in a good sort of way. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Conversation Hearts by Bekquai - Awww, I don't care if this is fluff, it's good, well-written fluff. I loved Shuuichi being annoyed that Yuki was 'rebelling' against Valetine's Day and Shuuichi sorting through the candy hearts by color was such a Shuuichi thing to do. And I admit it, I melted like a sap and went "Hyuuu! That is so cute!" at the ending. (YukixSchuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Brilliance of Heart by pyne - Wow, not only a well-written story (which there are a few of for Gravitation ^_^v), this story actually had a metaphors and parallels going on--that worked so well.

Yuki may have been an astronaut, floating in the coldness of space, but Shuichi was a blazing sun, unmindful of that lone figure’s wishes, taking him into his gravity well.

Desire, of course, is no match for gravity.

I loved the small little character insights, Yuki 'drifting off into space' to leave Shuuichi all alone, but Shuuichi's gravity being more than a match for the drifing Yuki, all wrapped up in a quiet evening with just the two of them watching a movie. Lovely. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Inspire Me by Sayuri - Huh. I wouldn't have thought that I'd care for a Gravitation AU, but this one just... worked for me. It didn't hurt that it was very well-written and kept close to the original story--ie, Shuuichi still being a singer, Yuki still being a writer, sort of--and that their personalities were pretty much completely in character (from the original series). Yuki making his class read the children's book in part three was inspired; the whole story was filled with great little touches like that. Plus some niiiiiice Yuki/Shuuichi interaction. Mmm. ^_^v (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Fanfic (chapter 5) by Anahita - Wai! I've been waiting for this! The revelation of who wrote the fic was a bit out of left field, but I don't think I really minded because the way it was handled was so damn funny. I won't spoil it, you just need to read it and laugh.

My favorite part of this chapter (not a spoiler) is in the flashback scene, where Yuki's yelling at Shuuichi because the PS2 is making too much noise and he has a headache.

"I told you to keep this down! How the fuck is the aspirin supposed to help my headache if I keep hearing that goddamn racket of yours?"

"But if I turn it any lower, I won't be able to hear the characters talk!" Shuichi pouted.

"I don't care, it's your fault that you fucked up your ears by playing at all those loud concerts. Now if you don't turn it down, I'm throwing it out the window!" Yuki threatened through clenched teeth as he rubbed his temples.

Shuichi frowned. "What are you, my mother? Because you're beginning to sound just like her."

Yuki sighed. "Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. Since you never fail to demonstrate that you are clearly in need of parental guidance, I feel that this is the only thing I can do as a tribute to the poor woman who spent most of her adult life trying to raise you, and probably prays every night in tears, wondering if you'll ever amount to anything."

"Okay, Mom. Then why do you fuck me up the ass every chance you get?" Shuichi snapped back.

Yuki growled. He did not need to be having this argument! Combining the sound of the goddamn TV with Shuichi's grating voice, he really didn't think his head would be able to handle much more. Just then the doorbell rang. Exasperated, Yuki sighed. This was the ablsoute last thing he needed, company.

*cackles* (YukixShuuchi.)

- Gravitation - Cherry Flavored Inspiration by Tenshi - Yay, yay, yay~! I don't know why I love this kind of story as much as I do, but I do. Cute, well-written, a little bit WAFFy, Yuki being grumpy, Shuuichi being cute, good writing, and the promise of Yuki torture through having to put up with an uber-genki Shuuichi for the whole day/Tatsuha drooling over Ryuuichi... it's all good. (YukixShuuichi, hints of Tatsuha+Ryuuichi.)

- Gravitation - The Few and Far Between by Myaku - I gather this was originally supposed to be a one-shot, and given where the first part leaves off, I'm really glad it wasn't left there. Angst, schmangst, Yuki and Shuuichi deserve happy endings, dammit. There was just something about this fic that totally captured my attention, I think that it was just something I could see Yuki doing, leaving in the manner he did and for the reasons he did and letting Shuuichi think the things he did. It made me *heart* Yuki all that much more, even if he was being an idiot. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Limited Expression by pyne - The summary of this fic reads "A totally AU fic. Yuuki is a demon in a temple, but what happens when Shuichi accidentally releases him and is possessed? Hijinks ensue." You'd think that that would be... weird... and probably not as interesting as it could be. But with pyne writing it, it's funny as all hell and has that distinct Gravitation feel to it. I giggled the whole way through, and utterly loved the Yuki/Shuuichi hints. Shuuichi, after having accidentally destroyed the temple and releasing the demon, hears Yuki's voice for the first time:

If Shuichi wasn’t laying prone in a hospital bed and thinking of other matters, he would have said the voice Attractive. Confident and at the same time mocking and sarcastic. How cool.

Mmmm. ^_____^ (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Scene with Soapsuds by Tenshi - I absolutely, utterly, positively, completely love WAFFy little fics like this one. Yeah, yeah, angst, schmangst, I want Yuki and Shuuichi to be happy, dammit. And this was perfect. Just a little scene where Yuki comes back after a trip and your typical Yuki/Shuuichi interaction, written wonderfully by Tenshi. Yuki was Yuki and Shuuichi was Shuuichi. And the ending... yum. *_* (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - A Tale of a Desire Unspoken by SephirothG - First of all, I refuse to believe that this is a death fic. Refuse. *nodnod* I can only take so many Gravi deathfics before my poor little brain collapses in on itself. Beyond that, this was a well-written story and characterization very solid. The little touches made the characters so very themselves. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - A Very Gravi Christmas by Shuuichi-kun - Awww. Fluffy story! Happy fluffy story! No real angst! And Tatsuha shows up! I love Tatsuha. ^_^ And for some reason, this image amused the heck out of me:

When he came back out of the bedroom he noticed that Shuuichi was halfway off the couch. He shrugged and went to the kitchen for a beer, knowing that his lover would crash onto the floor any second. He walked back into the living room again just in time to see it happen. He smirked.

I could just see Yuki timing his beer run so he could get back just in time to see Shuuichi fall off the couch and then being amused at the sight. Heh. (YukixShuuchi.)

- Gravitation - Don't Sing by Anahita - So. Shuuichi refuses to wake up, Yuki shrugs and goes to take a shower, for some unknown reason--even to him--he starts singing one of Bad Luck's songs while in there. Shuuichi hears him, stomps in and tells Yuki to stop it, because he's a bad singer. A really bad singer.

"I'm not kidding. Your voice sucks!"

"Your lyrics suck." Eiri retorted, pulling Shuichi out of the stream of water as he picked up a bar of soap and began to run it over the boy's torso.

"Which is all the more reason why you should write a song for me!"

"Forget it. I have better things to do with my time that to churn out fodder for adolescent female masturbatory fantasies."

"What are you talking about? You do that for a living!"

*LOL* I burst out laughing at that, it was so funny. As with all of Anahita's stories, the writing is sharp and clever, Yuki is Yuki, Shuuichi is Shuuichi, and they're just damn fine reads. The lime scene didn't hurt at all, either. ^_^v (YukixShuuichi.)

Gravitation - Ten American Dollars by Joriel - Oh, god, ow. I know I'm easily affected by the Gravitation characters angsting, but this fic still made me a little misty. Yuki angsting about his 'worth' during one of the periods after he's broken up with Shuuichi:

You're worth a million yen, just like Tohma said on the game show. Tohma knows the value of people, it's his instinct. And he is never wrong, never wastes his companies resources on anyone of little value. I think he allows Ryuichi to sing with you because he knows your value, Shu-chan, he knows that you will take Ryuichi places even he alone couldn't reach. Places that were not meant for me, I who bear another man's name so that I will always remember my worth. Ten American dollars, that is all my value Shu-chan. You can do better.

The writing is as elegant as it is sad, entirely perfect for Yuki's thoughts. Even knowing things will eventually get better for him, my heart still hurts for how much pain and how little self-worth Yuki has. ;_; (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Naughty, Naughty by Jade - When I first read this story a long time ago, it didn't really do much for me. I'm not sure why, it just... wasn't my cup of tea at the time, but when I went to reread it the other night, I really liked it. Maybe I was just in the mood for a PWP and hence found this one to be really hot. Or maybe it was just the phase of the moon, who knows. At any rate, it was a niiiiiice Gravi smutfic, one of the best I've read in the last couple of weeks, and thoroughly enjoyable. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Those Left Behind by Gnine - I'm having trouble finding the words to describe how perfect this fic was for me. This is the kind of fic I dream up in my head, only actually done really well. I don't want to spoil the fic, just trust me in that it's a really, really good read and that I bought it. I've really grown quite fond of Gnine's writing... there are a couple of sentances off here (that you barely even notice, and have to be really anal like I am to nitpick them) and there that keep the writing from being perfect, but there's a real talent to the turns of phrase in the fic that puts it miles above the majority of fic out there. It's... clever. (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Records and the Breaking Thereof by Cutter - *fweee!* Cutter writing Gravitation fanfic! Yay! I've adored Cutter's writing since back in the GW days, followed her to Greenwood (where her fics were some of my favorites) and am thrilled to see her turn up in Gravitation. And, wow, I love this fic so far... somehow it manages to take old ideas and put a completely new shine on them. Yuki was a little meaner than I'm used to, but I freely admit that's just me 'cause I flock to the fluffier stories, but he wasn't deliberately cruel, either. And the orange juice and finger sandwhiches scene..... *_* Soooooo good.

See? This fic has left me without the ability to describe it's good-ness. That's how good it was. ^_~ (YukixShuuichi.)

- Gravitation - Whisper of Wishes - Wow, this is a really different take on the Gravi characters, and I have to admit that I'm intrigued, despite the concept sounding a little silly before I actually started to read. It actually flows very well, works very well, and I didn't really have any trouble buying it because it was so well-written. It's tough to say more than that since only the first part has been written so far... I want more, dammit. (YukixShuuichi, I assume.)

- Gravitation - Aftermath by Mockingbird Q - Normally, the idea of ShuuichixYuki doesn't do much for me. I just don't see it, not the way Yuki reacts to things and events and the way he changed from when he was sixteen, though I do think Shuuichi is sometimes the agressor. (I'm almost positive, though, that in canon Shuuichi isn't really fond of sex, wasn't even before his rape. My guess is that he just likes it because it makes Yuki happy, it does feel good sometimes, and supposedly sex is supposed to show a certain level of trust and affection between two people, and he wants that with Yuki very badly.) But this is one of a small handful of Shuuichi-seme fics that I've read and believed and enjoyed, because the characters were still themselves. I also liked this one because Yuki was doing something nice for Shuuichi--albeit, in his own way--without being sappy or OOC. Just... yeah. I'll shut up now and get off the soapbox. Good fic. (ShuuichixYuki.)

- Gravitation - Moonlight Kisses by Aya - This is a post-Aizawa-attack-on-Shuuichi story about Yuki and Shuuichi's time before Yuki left again, that last night they spent together. In a way, it's nothing more than a PWP, but in another way, it's a sort of character sketch for the two of them, and fills in the details of what the anime left out. What I really liked about it was that it captured the feel of Gravitation. Just that something that makes the series what it is. (A lot of it is a sort of Japanese feel to the characters.) And, y'know, nice sex. ^_^ (YukixShuuichi.)

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