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Gundam 00 Doujinshi (scanslated) - no heart, no tears - [Note: There are spoilers for the second season in this doujinshi and this rec.] So. I really, really shouldn't be reading this doujinshi, because I'm not even close to the end of the first season, much less having started on the second one. But I know what happens well enough that I could read this one anyway, because I was tempted by how pretty it looks. And it's just. Way to pack a punch, doujinshika! Way to make me kind of really hurt for the characters! It's pretty, but it's also exactly what this kind of situation called for, Tieria remembering Neil and unable to separate Lyle's face from his and it's too difficult to hear that voice/that face teasing him like that. Just. Ow. ;__; (Lockon/Tieria.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (scanslated) - G Senjou no Aria - Air on G-string - Well. I knew I would love this one as soon as I saw the pairing listing and that it was by Kain. It's set not long after Lockon finds out the connection Setsuna had to his past and how he deals with that, how Tieria helps him deal with it. I really adored the characterization in this, Tieria was cool without being cold, Lockon was angsty and then smiley without being shallow, there was a lot unsaid here. From both of them. The art is really strong in this one, it's still Kain's style, but also very recognizably Gundam 00's style as well, a really good blend of the two. I almost no longer need any G00 doujinshi after this one was just right. <3 (Lockon/Tieria, sort of NC-17.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (raw) - unknown title - [Note: This post is locked, but the comm isn't difficult to join.] This doujinshi is definitely not going to be for everyone and I'm really sort of having a bit of trouble getting it pinned down, because it's not really hentai but it's not really a shoujo sort of doujin, either. It's somewhere in the middle. But the art is clean and pretty, Marina and Setsuna both look lovely and there's sex, which isn't as soft as a shoujo would be, but there was definitely romance in it. I was surprised at how much story there was around the sex, how many soft kisses there were, how much time spent just holding each other there was. It's still not shoujo at all, but it was a nice addition, for me, to all the Setsuna/Marina art I've been going through lately. <3 (Setsuna/Marina, NC-17.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (scanslated) - Septcouleur - Even if this hadn't been another Scoop doujinshi, I would have been curious about it since it's a Lockon/Tieria doujin. o/ And this is the kind of book that... well, you have to be a certain kind of fan to like it. You have to think Tieria in a dress and Lockon thinking he's too cute so he pounces is A+++ in order to enjoy this one and... sigh, I pretty much am totally that fan. It helps that Kain's art has gotten better and better over the years, but it's also that she tells a fun story and the scanslation of this is really smooth and polished. But, yeah. Tieria is totally cute in the dress and the sex on the sofa is kinda totally hot and therefore I kind of really loved this one a lot. >_> (Lockon/Tieria, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (scanslated) - Sleep Mode - [Note: The post is locked, but the comm should be freely joinable.] asd;lfkjaslkjalskja;sdklj I can't even... I just... asldkfjaslkj oh god. Sometimes something hits me really hard and this doujinshi is exactly that kind. Gorgeous art? Check. Lockon/Tieria that makes me turn into a burbling fangirl? Check. Humor that made me grin or outright laugh the entire way through? Check. I just. Tieria can't sleep so Veda tells him to go crawl into bed with Lockon! How could that not result in lolz? And this doujinshi delivers, it's a great dynamic between the two of them and the art is seriously gorgeous and there's lots of snuggling in bed and just. Lockon's life. It is so hard. Plus, the last few pages of this are brilliant, I would read this kind of thing forever. (Lockon/Tieria.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (raw) - Euanthe - [Note: You'll need to join the comm to see this post, but it's freely joinable.] The whole point of this 15 page doujinshi is the porn, which I am totally fine with. That's all I was looking to get out of it! That and the pretty art, which this doujin totally brings. I feel like I'm underselling it, that I'm not really doing it justice with this rec, but... it's pretty and it's Lockon/Tieria pwp. You don't need it to be anything more than that. Though, I do really think the artist's work is lovely and would love to see more from her. *__* (Lockon/Tieria, NC-17.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (scanslated) - Chrysanthemum - I would have picked this doujinshi up just for the Lockon/Tieria pairing, but that it's Kain's? Even better! I'm still weak to her style and it's great that she's done some books for this pairing. This is just a short little one, Lockon is Tieria's servant for a day and you can kinda guess the reason ahead of time, but it's just... it's a simple and sweet story, Lockon just does things for Tieria like make dinner or writes his reports or wipes mud off his shoes, little things. It's the kind of thing that says a lot about the two of them without really having to say much at all, adding in just a dash of clichefic (with the whole servant thing) that I totally eat up with a spoon, shut up. XD (Lockon/Tieria.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (scanslated) - You - [Note: There are multiple links on this page, but I'm going to rec each one separately.] About my only complaint with this one is that the pages were ridiculously huge (something like 2000pixels wide) and it made it difficult to read on my settings. (Not that I don't love big scans, because they were so pretty.) Other than that, this is one of those doujinshi where... it's not a happy one, it's about Tieria's hurt and grieving after losing Lockon, having to face his brother day after day, and the painful fugue he eventually stumbles into. Even the sex with Lyle is painful because it's not what anyone really wants, but it's what little comfort they can all take or give. It's sad, but that's what you get with Lockon/Tieria stories a lot of the time. Plus, the art is really pretty and some of the panels I just wanted to stop and look at for awhile because they were so nice. (Lockon/Tieria, somewhere between hard R and NC-17.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (raw) - Kittenish Love - [Note: There are multiple links on this page, but I'm going to rec each one separately.] Oh, I do like this artist's work, she draws some of the prettiest and most delicate yet sharp lines for these two, making each panel look lovely. The color cover is a really nice one as well and everything just... looks nicely professional, it really does look like it could be a manga. The scenes are fairly slice-of-life-ish, lots of little glances or doing normal, mundane things, no more than a kiss to Tieria's forehead even as they sleep in the same bed and then... kitty ears. It's like Japan knows how to make me coo just when I needed it. (Lockon/Tieria.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (scanslated) - Erde-san is All Mine! - [Note: There are multiple links on this page, but I'm going to rec each one separately.] Okay, Tieria/Mileina is not something I thought I'd find myself reading, but... I'm a Tieria fangirl, so whatever ships involve him, I'll probably be there. And this was so cute and darling and just completely cracked out and Mileina is such a little firecracker here and the art was so pretty that I just... kind of loved this one ridiculously. It's a bunch of little short stories where Mileina obviously likes him and is friendlier to him than anyone else and just... man, cute cute cute. (Tieria/Mileina.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (scanslated) - Stout - [Note: There are multiple links on this page, but I'm going to rec each one separately.] You know how sometimes... sometimes you just really, really love a character and everything they do, you're utterly charmed by? That's me with Tieria. Tieria totally just not getting sex or being hard or how to deal with a normal body's reactions to being attracted to someone and poor, poor Lockon must have the patience of a saint. I just. Kind of lolled my way through Tieria's reactions in this whole thing as Lockon tries to jerk him off and they sort of manage and then... Tieria is Tieria. Plus, it's Gosunkugi's art and I looooooove this artist. (Lockon/Tieria, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (scanslated) - Raison Díetre - [Note: There are multiple links on this page, but I'm going to rec each one separately.] Ahhh, more Kain doujinshi for these two. Everything I've said about her work before still holds true--she's grown so much over time and I loved her work in Tenipuri, but I think it's gotten even better here. Visually, at least, because I've always liked her storytelling. Her work is very distinctive and I grant that it might take a bit of time to grow on a person, but she does amazing lines and details and everything looks so... professional. Plus, this is my kind of story. It's a between the scenes sort of thing, where Tieria feels guilty about Lockon's eye, who tells him not to feel guilty about it, who knows he should know better than to get involved with Tieria because Lockon'll just hurt him in the end, but he can't quite let go. It's got a sort of wistful, not quite melancholy tone to it that really works for these two. Plus, the sex was very nice, making it one of my favorites in fandom. (Lockon/Tieria, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (scanslated) - Unconsciousness - [Note: There are multiple links on this page, but I'm going to rec each one separately.] Ahh, I believe I should have read this one before "Stout", since that one is sort of a follow-up to this one. I kind of figured the other one was a sequel, but I didn't find this link until afterwards. Eh, it doesn't really make much difference, they both stand on their own well enough that it doesn't matter. Anyway, it's another one by Gosunkugi and I really adore her art and I love that Lockon's life is so difficult with Tieria not really getting what having a hard-on means or how to deal with it, because it's both lolarious and pretty when Lockon is like, okay, I'm drunk so I'll just jerk you off and pretend none of this ever happen. Just... seriously, lol. (Lockon/Tieria, a hard R to light NC-17.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (scanslated) - Fanciful Boy - [Note: There are multiple links on this page, but I'm going to rec each one separately.] ....seriously, no doujinshika makes me laugh quite like Gosunkugi does. The way she writes Tieria is just... completely lolarious and I may have choked on laughter a little at the final page of this one. But it's also that her art is really beautiful, I love how pretty everything and everyone is, I love both of the characters she draws so well. And, honestly, any doujinshi that can be about Tieria having looked up porn with the help of Veda and tricking Lockon into a virtual "mission" with him to do it and make it genuinely amusing gets a thumbs up in my book. (Lockon/Tieria, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (scanslated) - Swimming in Your Dreams - [Note: There are multiple links on this page, but I'm going to rec each one separately.] Another gorgeous Gosunkugi doujinshi! The first one is set in s2, where Tieria misses Lockon and has dreams about him, doesn't want him to go from those dreams. It's a bittersweet little story, the art is lovely and it's a little painful, but not overly angsty. Very sweet in its own way. And, man, do I love the way the artist draws Tieria in that uniform. The second story, however, was my favorite, because it never gets old making fun of Tieria's inexperience. Tieria spends the night in Lockon's room, which might give people the wrong idea (and Tieria is so pretty when he does it, too, and Lockon is really, really nice to look at) and Tieria has no idea what he means. And just. The dynamic. The poking fun at oneself and Tieria out of love. It never fails to make me lol. (Lockon/Tieria.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (scanslated) - Meet in a Dream - [Note: There are multiple links on this page, but I'm going to rec each one separately.], seriously, I love this doujinshika so much and would read her works forever. There are two stories again, the first one is about Tieria trying to find his meaning for going on after Veda has been turned against them, and manages to find a new purpose to life after talking with Lockon. I still enjoy the way the author writes them as being sort of implied (as having feelings) but it could be on a gen level, too. It fits nicely with the tone I got off the series itself. Then the second one is all about Tieria wanting to take care of Lockon after he was injured and then hugging him yet again while hilarity happens around them. I love the whole OMG SETSUNA IS WATCHING COVER THE CHILDREN'S EYES!!11 thing, too. Hilarity and beautiful art again, A+, fandom! (Lockon/Tieria.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (scanslated) - If Itís for Your Sake, Iíll Die - [Note: There are multiple links on this page, but I'm going to rec each one separately.] Oh, god. As if this AU doujinshi with Lockon as a businessman while Tieria is a housewife wasn't great enough, the introduction of the characters in the beginning also listed Patrick/Katie and Patrick was the house husband. It's like. It's like this doujinshika knew what would make me a) LOL and b) be forever happy. And, lord, it's all domestic cuteness and apartment life and all their neighbors are from 00 (and it has a brief bit of Allelujah/Marie as well!) and mostly done in 4koma style, but the art is still really pretty anyway. A lot of the stories revolve around trying to adjust to newlywed life or Tieria being jealous of their new "pet" Haro and the absolutely adorable way they work it out. Seriously, I smiled the whole way through this. (Lockon/Tieria, some background Patrick/Katie omfg.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (scanslated) - Abnormality - [Note: There are multiple links on this page, but I'm going to rec each one separately.] I have this thing about the idea of Setsuna/Tieria, where I can't say I precisely ship it, but I definitely think it would be really hot. So, I see adult-rated Setsuna/Tieria doujinshi. Well, I have to download it and at least see, right? And a;sldifjalksj w-well. Setsuna driving Tieria inna dress to the formal party and stops the car because he can't resist Tieria like that and it's porn with Tieria in that dress. I feel as if I've been waiting my whole life for this! I know I shouldn't like the slight "not here, not right now" aspect to it, but that kind of just made it hotter with this doujinshika. The art is serviceable and this whole book is... really, it's about the kink of Setsuna fucking Tieria in the back of the car while he's wearing that dress. If it's your thing, you'll hopefully like it. If not, probably not then. I... I'm weak, okay. (Setsuna/Tieria, NC-17.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (scanslated): Kawaii Hito - Since this doujinshi (and the next one) were recently posted to the G00 doujinshi comm, I had to snag them to at least check them out, since I occasionally like Billy/Graham stuff. I'm usually sort of on the fence about it, since I never know what to make of Billy's feelings for Sumeragi or the way Graham is portrayed often times, but... dammit, no, I love their friendship and potential for more. Plus, this doujinshi is kind of hilarious--Graham comes over, finds a used condom wrapper under Katagiri's sofa, assumes the worst, until Billy eventually says, hey, remember that was yours. And it's this light-hearted, silly thing and I kind of love Billy for being such a laid-back, cheerful sort of person and then, oh, hey, porn! All things that I pretty much wanted from this doujinshi. o/ That and really sort of surprisingly pretty art for both characters! (Billy/Graham, NC-17.)

Gundam 00 Doujinshi (scanslated): Innocent - Another Billy/Graham doujinshi and, every time I start getting into works for them, I find myself falling for the pairing all over again. And I love that Graham is the energetic one in this relationship, the way he's always cheerfully ready for more and giving the greatest thumbs up when he's ready while Billy is like, ".... again?" Even if he's a little more wide-eyed and blushing during the main part of the story (he's acting weird and Billy decides to go check on him to see and you can about figure out where it's going from there), which I don't usually go for, the rest of the story is kind of really entertainingly fun. Also, the smut is totally hot with these two and, shit, yeah, I'm back to shipping it. SIGH. (Billy/Graham, NC-17.)

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