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- Gundam 00 - X18999* [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was looking for Lockon/Tieria art (I can tell that I'll be somewhat loose with this fandom like I am with all Gundam fandoms, but they're going to be where I put the bulk of my attention, if I can) and I seem to keep stumbling over Allelujah/Tieria art (woohoo! I think I can tell the main cast apart now! ....shut up, it's totally reasonable to look for art when I'm less than ten episodes in! ...shut up!) but I don't particularly mind, because I'm all over Tieria. This site is very cute and it has a lot of illustrations here, plus it totally hits at a developing kink of mine--Tieria as the fandom bicycle. ♥ The artist starts out a little rough, but gets really pretty good by the current illustrations, there's a soft sort of feel to the art here, almost like watercolors to them. Though, occasionally there are sharper colors that move towards anime cel-style coloring, but bother are done well and I like both styles, so it's a good mix for me. Also, the site even has Setsuna/Tieria, it's like. It's like the artist knowsssss. Not that I'm particularly weak to that pairing, but! Bicycle Tieria! I am weak! XD (Allelujah/Tieria, Lockon/Tieria, a lot of everyone/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - robot [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't know, maybe I'm just lucking into certain corners of the Gundam 00 fandom? I swear I'm not looking for Allelujah/Tieria, but it keeps popping up. Not that I really have a sense of what're the most popular pairings yet, I'm still poking around. But I kind of instantly fell in love with this site, the first few illustrations I looked at had this lovely, soft feel to them, both the lines and the warm, pastel colors, which I am weak to with certain artists. But I also liked that the site has a solid amount of art here and a lot of it isn't really about any particular pairing at all. ....well, that and, as I got further in, I found more of the Lockon/Tieria stuff. And ultimately that's all I ask for--pretty art and a good mix of stuff and a dose of my favorites. XD (Some gen, some Allelujah/Tieria, some Lockon/Tieria, some Hallelujah/Tieria, probably some other.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, now this is closer to what I've been wanting to find. ♥ There's not a ton of art here, but the watercolor style illustrations of Lockon and Tieria look really wonderful, there's a lot of detail in them, but it's also the feel of them. They don't even have to get past a PG rating, but some of them have this really lovely intimacy to them, which I am so very weak to. But mostly it's just that they're really, really pretty. *__* ....also schoolgirl ouftits ever get old. <3 (Lockon/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - Lose Control [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I suspect that, if this were any other pairing or even series, I might have just skimmed this site and moved along after I was done. But I'm still in that first thrall of fascination with a new series and I found that... the more I wavered on this site, the more time it gave me to appreciate that this artist actually does some pretty cool things with colors. The lines themselves could be tightened up, but her chibis are SUPER ADORABLE and she's really good at the cel-style coloring and just... eventually I caved. I genuinely enjoyed the site, though. <3 (Lockon/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - tam [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay. You have to be in a certain frame of mind and you have to like a certain style of art in order to understand why I'm recommending this site. You kind of have to be a fanart junkie and like the uber-cutesy, fluffy stuff sometimes, seeing past that, yeah, it's kind of ".....", but it's also got some really nice use of CG and the colors are pretty. Also, you have to have needs sometimes and Tieria curling up against Lockon a lot is just one of those things you need. There's hardly an illustration on this site that isn't cotton candy fluffy Tieria, usually literally, or that's not of him snuggling up with Lockon. I kind of love it, the artist has talent and the pictures are genuinely pretty. It's like Japan knows me and what I want! XD (Lockon/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I did sort of go back and forth on this site a bit at first, it's just not my usual style, but... well, any site with Tieria in cardigan sweaters with diamond patterns and bright colors, well, I'm going to have to love it at least a little bit. But what really sold me was the humanized (...armorized? idk) designs of the Gundams, I love stuff like that and the artist's style is very cute and adorable and brightly colored, so I liked it a lot. The art really is surprisingly well done, too, the lines are clean and polished, it's just that the style isn't going to be for everyone. I totally loved it after awhile, though. <3 And that was even before I hit up the under gallery. :D :D :D (Gen for the main gallery, some Lockon/Tieria if you hit up the under gallery.)

- Gundam 00 - Real Abnormal [ Japanese? Korean? Fanart Site ] - Wow, this site is kind of difficult to label, it's Lockon/Tieria, but... alksjdflaksj it's second season, so. But the art kind of won me over anyway, because it started out a little rough, but the artist shows a lot of improvement over time and her style is really kind of fun, those long, sharp lines and she can do some very pretty colors and I'm just all over the poses she draws the characters in. Even her b&w comics were the kind that appealed to me, her basic lineart can look really nice on its own. But, well. I'm a sucker for the full color art, especially when there's a lot of face touching or sharing of candy. *__* (Lockon/Tieria, a smidge of Allelujah/Tieria and Setsuna/Tieria tucked away into various corners.)

- Gundam 00 - MAHA Go! Go! [ Korean Fanart Site ] - This is a really cute site, I adore what the artist does with the frequent chibis and the light, pastel colors she uses, I really like it for the art itself, but... well, I'd be lying if I didn't say I also enjoyed the Tieria in a maid's outfit illustrations. Or the schoolgirl uniform. ....or the Mrs. Claus outfit. ........or in a nurse's uniform. The pairing stuff is adorable as well, though, I adore the one of them in winter coats out in the falling snow, though. I am totally weak to the romantic-style art like that. Hell, there are even sprites here! It's just a delightfully fun, adorable site. ♥ (Lockon/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - Digital Scoop [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - A...admittedly, there's only about a dozen illustrations here or so, there's not even a section for Gundam 00 on Kain's main website, but. It's Kain and I ♥ the hell out of her artwork, so seeing that she did Lockon/Tieria? Hell yes I ran right over to her blog here. The style might not be for everyone, but after Tenipuri, I'm still in love with her art, the way it's so polished by now, how much detail she gets into the images, her bright, solid colors, all of it. But it's also her poses, she knows how to get straight to the kind of touching or hugging between characters that makes me totally want to do a spastic fangirl flail. ♥ (Lockon/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - mist [ Korean Fanart Site ] - You know what's one nearly surefire thing to get me to love a site? Besides pretty colors and pretty art. Putting a character like Tieria in a schoolgirl outfit. It just. Never gets old and anyone who thinks it does can just GTFO. I love it. And I really do like the artist's style and the soft, airy pastel colors for the characters, they manage to fit each of them so well. And I like that there's a section for the other characters and group illustrations, but that you can tell the artist loves Tieria especially and Lockon/Tieria. Because the pairing illustrations tend to be the prettiest on the site, some of them are really kind of amazing for all the detail that goes into them. Just. as;lfkjasljk I am really weak to this style of art, the kind that feels very Korean to me, it's all delicate and light and pretty, even when it's angsty as all get out. I love that kind of thing. XD (Lockon/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't think this site will be for everyone, there's a sort of feel to it that's almost... simple, I guess? Despite that there's a lot of detail in each of the illustrations, there's something very unfinished about the pieces. Not in a bad way, just that it's not a style for everyone. But I'm totally fond of the pastel, light, airy colors and around the time I clicked onto the picture of Tieria in kimono, I was kind of totally sold, the Lockon/Tieria was just icing on the cake. XD You can tell the artist really likes Tieria and I'm not complaining at all, because the images of him in just a shirt or in a schoolgirl uniform with a really big gun or Lockon carrying him off somewhere? All things I really, really loved. ♥ ....and, man, that log section just about put me into a fangirl glee coma. *__* Especially since some of the more current ones have gotten to be really sharp and look kind of amazing. (Lockon/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - ONSET [ Korean Fanart Site ] - I don't think this site will be for everyone, the art is very pointy and over sharp, but... I dunno, something about it still captured my attention and I found that I was enjoying just about every piece on the site. It helps that the artist is obviously fond of Tieria, so it's mostly stand alone art with him or Lockon/Tieria or Allelujah/Tieria, which I'm all about. And even the occasional Lockon/Tieria/Allelujah image. XD The colors are solid as well and there's just. Something I liked about this one, it was a nice stop on my fanart spree for the day. Also, there was a Graham/Tieria illustration and you know me and my love for odd pairings with my favorite bicycles. <3 (Lockon/Tieria, Allelujah/Tieria, Hallelujah/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - ragtimes [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Tieria/Feldt is not a pairing I would have chosen to wander onto a site for, but, well. A site with a Tiera-focus is a site with a Tieria-focus and I'm a lot more relaxed when it comes to fanart and, well. It's pretty, okay. The artist does some seriously lovely work with the pairing, there's some really lovely CG work with them, both in colors and the actual lines of the pieces, and well. Both the characters are kind of super hot, okay. And that was how I felt before I got to the Lockon/Tieria art and the couple of Allelujah/Marie illustrations. I don't know that those will be for everyone, but I thought the site was really cool and had some great art on it. All I ask out of fandom! o/ (Tieria/Feldt, some Lockon/Tieria, a smidge of Allelujah/Marie, a smidge of gen.)

- Gundam 00 - edge. [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me a little bit to warm up to this site as well, but the artist seems very fond of Tieria and Lockon/Tieria, so I was willing to be won over pretty easily. The art starts out a little shaky but quickly gets better and about a third of the way in, there start to be some really, really pretty pieces. She draws most of the main Meisters, but you can tell Tieria is probably her favorite and I kind of love her for it--there's a lot of Tieria in girls' clothes and it's never not awesome. The schoolgirl uniform one (where he looks THRILLED, REALLY) is probably my favorite, but the maroon dress ones never fail to be gorgeous. Even the log art gets some really pretty stuff (and where a lot of the fun Lockon/Tieria sketches are), some of the most recent stuff is really kind of super gorgeous (I want mooooore, okay?) which rounds this site out nicely, too. I really had a lot of fun. ♥ ....p.s. the koneko pages? Holy christ, this fandom needs to stop killing me with the cute. *____* (Largely gen, some Lockon/Tieria. Some NSFW content on the log pages, so be careful.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I debated over this site for awhile because a lot of the art was made up of doodles and sketches and there wasn't a ton. But I eventually caved because I really like the artist's style a lot and, when she does a fully realized illustration, she does really beautiful colors and lots of pretty details. I'm totally weak to the slick, shiny colors she uses, but it's also... around the second page or so, her b&w sketches got really adorable and pretty. ....and there were Lockon/Tieria makeouts. And then chibis. Even the comics, which are something I often skip, are really pretty. Her style has gotten really good recently and the further I got into the galleries, the more art I stumbled over and the colored log art is kind of gorgeous and more pretty colors and just. I really love this site, okay. *__* (Lockon/Tieria, some gen.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit that the art on this site is a bit more towards the cutesy side than I would normally squee over, but the site also hit me early on with a cute Setsuna/Marina adorable image and some adorable Tieria art. Things designed to make me cave, okay. :| The art style actually is pretty solid, when you look at the lines and the clean quality of the art and the pretty colors, the images are very nicely done, they're just a little... cutesy. But not in a bad way. I did have a tendency to skim over the b&w comics, but anything with color caught my eye and really charmed me. And this was how I felt before the site really got into the Lockon/Tieria art, so I don't think I'm biased just for that. XD But it did make the site a lot more fun and I think it'd be most enjoyable for those who like that pairing. <3 Though, the log art pages have some really fantastic standalone art that I think most people would enjoy. *__* (Some gen, some Lockon/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is going to be another site that isn't for everyone. I admit, I skipped over the b&w comics (which are cute, but not quite my thing, with this style, I prefer color) and headed straight for the color art. I don't know how well chibis will go over with everyone, but I am kind of ridiculously weak to them and the artist draws them very cute after awhile! The artist also does a lot of Allelujah/Setsuna, which isn't a pairing I've seen much of, and it was novel enough to keep my interest on the site. I was also delighted to see a fair amount of art focusing on the female characters and then some Lockon/Tieria art and then a few Allelujah/Marie illustrations and, about halfway through the site, the art strengthens up a lot and just. Overall, it was a really fun site. (Some gen, some Allelujah/Setsuna. A smidge of Lockon/Tieria, Allelujah/Marie, and other.)

- Gundam 00 - RosaryHill [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't know why this site doesn't have more art on it. Possibly because it wants to hurt me by giving me just enough super awesome stuff to make me pine for more. But, well. What's here is awesome enough that I had to recommend it anyway. I mean, the current top illustration is one of Setsuna as a groom all tied up with bride!Tieria in a lovely dress and I just. asld;kjfaslkj crying. Then there's some really great Lockon/Tieria kisses or sparring/fighting illustrations and then there's RPG style Tieria and Allelujah and then there's more Setsuna/Tieria wedding stuff and you can see that the artist's lineart is actually really good on the log pages and-- .....well, spazzing aside, I really enjoyed what was here and would love to see more from the artist. (Lockon/Tieria, Setsuna/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The art on this site is a little rough, but it's the artist's style and it really didn't take long at all to grow on me. There's a healthy amount of art here and I really like the artist's fondness for Lockon, but also that there was a solid variety of most of the main characters somewhere on the site. The Lockon/Tieria art helped a lot (despite that it wasn't what I originally came here for, even!) but also Graham/Setsuna. Which isn't my ship, but I see where it comes from and I'm surprised I haven't stumbled over more art for it yet. The artist did a solid job of keeping the spirit of the G00 characters (especially her Graham and Setsuna, they were very nice), the log pages were especially nice, and the entire site entertained me while I was there. (Some gen, some Lockon/Tieria, some Graham/Setsuna, some Allelujah/Marie.)

- Gundam 00 - ask [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, I was so totally easy for this site, it was kind of ridiculous. I only had to click onto one page in the gallery and I was totally sunk by the super cute lineart and soft, pastel colors. I don't know if everyone will love it the same way I did, it's very cute and fluffy and light-hearted and airy, but. The artist is actually really good and there's a decent amount of art here, all of it soft and lovely in a sketch-like way. The few group illustrations that the artist does are deceptively simple looking, but really well put together, and well. The page of Lockon/Tieria adorableness really didn't hurt my feelings, either. :D The kiss ones or the one of them in bed together or even the one where they're carrying groceries home, it's all just so... ugh, ridiculously adorable that I could explode from how much I love it. The memo board is worth going through as well, there's even more adorable stuff there and just. a;sldkfjasl;kj holy crap I love this kind of style. ♥ (Some Lockon/Tieria, some gen.)

- Gundam 00 - Shonen Sugar [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know what. Sometimes I recommend things just for meeeeeee. Just for me because a certain style grew on me or because there's a multi-page comic with porn on the site if you keep poking around for it long enough. And that is what this site does for me! \o/ I can't say it'll appeal to everyone, but I liked some of the illustrations in the main gallery, especially the pairing art or any time Tieria was against a white background and there was a very light, airy feeling to the art. And, admittedly, the comic is of the characterization type where Tieria's doing a lot of panting and making Iyaaaa faces, but shut up. It's pretty, that's all I want from it! That and a lot of really hot up against the wall in yukata porn. And this site delivers and I love it for that. XD (Lockon/Tieria, completely NSFW.)

- Gundam 00 - Endressi [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - asd;lkfjasl;kj oh christ. I was charmed by the art right away, it's sort of rounded and cutesy and almost the kind of art you'd find in a fairy tale book. (Idk what it is with my associations either, shut up.) And then I got to the Lockon/Tieria Alice in Wonderland illustration, with Lockon as the Mad Hatter and Tieria as Alice and just. asld;kfjasl;kj this site loves me okay. There's a lack of pissy-faced Tieria, so this may not be for everyone, but if you enjoy an artist being mean to him out of love and lots of snuggling with Lockon and a fair amount of Tieria in a skirt, then this is the site for you. And I really, really enjoy those things. ♥ (Lockon/Tieria, some gen.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have to admit, what I did with this site was that I started with the most recent and then worked my way backwards until the art wasn't really my thing anymore, since the artist does some really cute stuff currently, but her older stuff tends to be more doodle-like. I'm really quite fond of a lot of pieces on the site, though, there's a certain warm feeling to the pieces, very warm colors, almost in the sepia-tone range. That's not quite it, but it's what came to mind while viewing the images a lot of the time. It might not be for everyone, but there was a Tieria focus on the site and well. I'm weak to him, as I frequently mention. XD (Mostly gen, a little Lockon/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wish there had been more art here, but, well. The site is pretty much all about my Tieria love and my deep weakness to soft, pretty pastel purple colors. Which this artist rather shamelessly abuses! But the art really is cute at times and really pretty at others. And, hell, I was halfway through writing this rec before I got to the Lockon/Tieria art, so it wasn't just that... but that certainly did help a lot. Also, you know. The maid!Tieria comic series. I really liked that, possibly because I am a terrible person. But I'm okay with that. ♥ (Mostly gen, a smidge of Lockon/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - octo [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Would I have liked this site as much if it were a gen site or another pairing? Who knows, I can't really say. But it was Lockon/Tieria and it was a style that used a lot of white space and the artist was clearly very fond of Tieria, and well. These are things I like! Some of the illustrations did get to be very pretty, but I'm mostly recommending this site for those who are already a fan of the pairing and art junkies like myself, it's a sort of stylized take on the characters, which I find neat, but not everyone may feel the same. Either that or just click on a few of the more recent illustrations, since that's where a lot of the prettiest stuff is. (Lockon/Tieria, some gen.)

- Gundam 00 - Al:side G [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, this site is gorgeous. So gorgeous. The style is that anime cel-style, except slightly softened, but still professional looking, so everything is smoothed, polished, and pretty. And it's the kind of stuff I live for on fanart sites, with Tieria being all pretty and gay at Lockon and there are makeouts. Beautifully done makeouts. The artist really nails the canon style and each one is gorgeous to look at and just. as;dlfkjasl;kj I can't even write a decent rec because I'm too busy keyboard mashing over how much I love the site. *_____*♥ (Lockon/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Again, there's not as much art here as I'd like, but I'm weak to certain things and this site does them well. There's a heavy Tieria focus, there's Lockon/Tieria, there's a bit of other/Tieria, and there are some really beautiful colors here, all things that made me go all *__*-faced. There's also a couple of Tieria-inna-dress illustrations that are just as beautifully done as the rest of the site and then there is little baby kitty!Tieria and I cannot even... I just... ad;lkjfasl;kjs it is so cute that it's ridiculous. I'd love to see more from this artist, but what's here is really worth a trip through already. ♥ (Lockon/Tieria, some gen.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have to admit, I skipped over a lot of the comics on this site, not that they weren't well done, just that I wanted to get to the color art most of all. (And comics usually just aren't my thing, I'm more about the standalone stuff.) But I think this site is still worth going to, even if it's not a huge site--there's some chibi-esque stuff and there's a lot of Lockon and Tieria in each other's personal space and animal ears and sleeping on each other on the couch and hugs and Tieria in a dress and all the things that make up a good Gundam 00 site. I enjoyed this site a lot. <3 (Lockon/Tieria, some gen.)

Gundam 00: This Is An Armed Intervention by may_flyer - Apparently I have a thing for AUs lately. If I'd known going into this fic what kind of AU it was, I might not have read it, simpley because it's not usually my thing, even if I liked what I've read of the author's work before. But Gundam 00 is a small enough fandom that I took a chance on it and I'm glad I did, it was fun and I loved the playfulness of it--well, aside from Tieria, who was as Srs Bsns as ever, bless him--and the way it kind of nicely paralleled the series. XD (Some Lockon/Tieria.)

Gundam 00: All I Found Was You by lefcadio - Another short piece, but I'm kind of wary of getting into anything longer with Gundam 00. It's just a short piece with Tieria and Lyle at a certain grave and the connection they share and the distance and everything in it that's between them and just. It was a bittersweet (with more emphasis on the bitter) little thing that worked for me. T__T (No warnings/pairings, maybe a smidge of implied Lockon (Neil)/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It really didn't take long for me to become fond of this site, I have to admit. There's a decent amount of art here, but not a lot, less than I'd have wished because I wound up liking the style, but... I like what the artist has up here. There's a real strength to the basic lineart and I like the brightly colored stuff a lot, but. What really won me over the most was when the artist did these softly colored images, that were almost pastel or sketch-like, that's when it was prettiest of all. There's a good balance of various characters, yet still enough Tieria art to keep my interest without it being all about him. I really liked this site. <3 (By far this is mostly gen, but maybe a smidge of Lockon/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site is sort of half and half for me, the reason I liked it so much. I'm definitely fond of the sketch-like style, both with color and without it, which doesn't always happen. But it's also that it's a Lockon/Tieria site and I'm totally weak for the inside each other's personal space style illustrations the artist does. The colors are often soft and warm, which totally does it for me, and you can see the artist getting stronger as she goes along. Plus, Lockon and Tieria, the snuggling with the edge of desperation or the obviously painful circumstances around their hugging, I eat that stuff up with a spoon. ♥ Also! BUNNY EARS TIERIA. Yes. (Lockon/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - Red Cap [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - What convinced me with this site was a couple of things--first was that I hadn't seen much Allelujah/Setsuna art around before, but second was that... the further I got into the site, the more interesting and pretty art I stumbled over. It was especially the page of previous top page illustrations that really got me--all adorable art and bright, pretty colors! And Lockon/Tieria! I don't think the site will be for everyone, but I really enjoyed it today and it was a solid little site. <3 (Allelujah/Setsuna, Lockon/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually came here for the potential Setsuna art, so I was pretty surprised to find it was more about the Lockon/Tieria pairing than anything else. Not that there's not a smidge of Setsuna/Tieria as well, but the lion's share is focused on the former. And... okay, the art does start out shakey, it takes about halfway through what's on the site so far before the artist really has tightened up her work, but she improves a lot and the more recent stuff is getting really pretty and nicely detailed. I'm biased because of my pairing love for Lockon/Tieria, but I kind of love everything on the site. <3 (Lockon/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me a minute to figure out how to properly navigate this site, but I'm glad I took the extra time because there's some really neat stuff here. There's a fair amount of it as well, not a huge ton, but worth going through the site for, I think. Plus, high school uniforms! Tieria in a dress! Little kidlet Miesters in pyjamas! Tieria in lots of different kinds of skirts! Pretty colors! Adorable doodles! It was one of those sites that made a really nice stop along the way for my fanart browsing today, the artist was solid and the art pretty and nice colors, all the things it needed to be. <3 (Half gen, a little Allelujah/Tieria, Lockon Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - Albinolivia [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another one of those sites where I'm at a bit of a loss to explain precisely why I like it so much, other than to say that the colors are pretty and I find that the art is almost stylized (except maybe that's not quite it) in an interesting way. Plus, well, yes. Lockon/Tieria with a heavy focus on Tieria, I'm weak, shut up. I think a lot of it is also that the majority of this site is taken up by illustrations of doujinshi covers and they look really nicely done. Then you add in the occasional really pretty standalone piece of art and, somewhere along the way... I came to really like the whole of the site. (Lockon/Tieria, some gen.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I believe I've been here before for the Final Fantasy VII art (which is how I stumbled over the site again, since I was wandering around those sites) but stopped to notice that the artist also had some really beautiful Gundam 00 pieces. It's brightly colored CG again, the shiny shiny kind that I'm weak towards, but adorable lineart and some amazingly vivid colors. I'm also fond of the site because it's Neil/Tieria and Lyle/Anew, both of which I'm kind of weak towards. Plus, nice group images, nice Dylandy brothers images, adorable chibis, all the things needed to make this a fun sight. :D (Some Lyle/Anew, some Neil/Tieria, some gen.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came here for the Lockon/Tieria and that's the majority of the reason why I really liked this site, but. It was also the illustration of Tieria and Feldt together that was kind of awesome and made me cave. The style is interesting, there are a lot of images where it's very stylized and intriguing, but then there are times where there are super adorable chibis instead! There's not a ton of art here, but it's a decent-sized site and it's just... really interesting. I'd love to see more from this artist and, in the meantime, it was a fun stop today. Plus, eventually (I'm not sure I found it on the site properly?) there'll be a super awesome Lockon/Tieria wedding image that made me happy in my soul. :D (Half gen, half Lockon/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit that this site started out a little shakey, but it got really cute and interesting pretty quickly and the artist tightened up her cg style nicely and not too far into the gallery it became a really fun site to go through. Part of it is that it's often focused on Tieria, putting him with just about everyone (though Lockon and Allelujah are the most common) and occasionally maids outfits or cat tails or what have you. I love that kind of thing. The art kind of goes back and forth between cg style and sketch-like style, but both work pretty well for the artist and there's a solid amount of art here and it was just. A lot of fun. I love sites like this. ♥ (Allelujah/Tieria, Lockon/Tieria, some Billy/Graham, some other.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a lot of art here and I might have just looked at the art for a few minutes and then kept going, except... I like the style somehow, it's not quite stylized but it's got an interesting look to it. And, what really caught my attention, were the colors, which are vivid and just beautiful looking. Plus, Lockon/Tieria and Allelujah/Tieria? I'm weak, okay. Plus, there's some cute stuff on the log pages and I liked the bright, cg style of those images. It was enough to put the site on my list for me. :D (Some Allelujah/Tiera, some Lockon/Tieria, some gen.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site that took me, like, five clicks into the gallery to fall in love with. Several of the illustrations have a rough style to them, almost sketches more than fully done images, but the artist's style really works for them, it's messy but really detailed. And pretty, of course. It helps that it's another site focused on Tieria and how pretty he can be or how fun it is to have people glomping onto him or beautifully done wedding dresses or genderswap, the usual stuff that makes me :D or lol. And then occasionally there are some gorgeous cg colors and the group images are terrific (especially any time several of the G00 women are in them) and some of the Nena images look downright amazing. It wound up being one of those sites that re-energized me today and made me want to spend forever looking for G00 art. ♥ It might not be for everyone, but I loved this site. (Some Lockon/Tieria, some gen. Probably not quite SFW.)

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