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- Gundam 00 - X18999* [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was looking for Lockon/Tieria art (I can tell that I'll be somewhat loose with this fandom like I am with all Gundam fandoms, but they're going to be where I put the bulk of my attention, if I can) and I seem to keep stumbling over Allelujah/Tieria art (woohoo! I think I can tell the main cast apart now! ....shut up, it's totally reasonable to look for art when I'm less than ten episodes in! ...shut up!) but I don't particularly mind, because I'm all over Tieria. This site is very cute and it has a lot of illustrations here, plus it totally hits at a developing kink of mine--Tieria as the fandom bicycle. ♥ The artist starts out a little rough, but gets really pretty good by the current illustrations, there's a soft sort of feel to the art here, almost like watercolors to them. Though, occasionally there are sharper colors that move towards anime cel-style coloring, but bother are done well and I like both styles, so it's a good mix for me. Also, the site even has Setsuna/Tieria, it's like. It's like the artist knowsssss. Not that I'm particularly weak to that pairing, but! Bicycle Tieria! I am weak! XD (Allelujah/Tieria, Lockon/Tieria, a lot of everyone/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - robot [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't know, maybe I'm just lucking into certain corners of the Gundam 00 fandom? I swear I'm not looking for Allelujah/Tieria, but it keeps popping up. Not that I really have a sense of what're the most popular pairings yet, I'm still poking around. But I kind of instantly fell in love with this site, the first few illustrations I looked at had this lovely, soft feel to them, both the lines and the warm, pastel colors, which I am weak to with certain artists. But I also liked that the site has a solid amount of art here and a lot of it isn't really about any particular pairing at all. ....well, that and, as I got further in, I found more of the Lockon/Tieria stuff. And ultimately that's all I ask for--pretty art and a good mix of stuff and a dose of my favorites. XD (Some gen, some Allelujah/Tieria, some Lockon/Tieria, some Hallelujah/Tieria, probably some other.)

- Gundam 00 - TK-Brand [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Another site that I just sort of stumbled over, but couldn't resist because the artist does such solid work. There are times when it comes extremely close to canon style--or at least a professional looking sort of style, the lines are very clean and the colors are nicely done. There's a good focus on Allelujah, both main pairings are centered around him, but I did enjoy the art for all of the characters. I can't say it super wound me up, but that's only because it's not what I'm super crazy over, the art itself is really nice and if you like these characters or these pairings, I think you'll adore the site. <3 Certainly I enjoyed the Tieria art a lot. :D<3 (Allelujah/Tieria, Lockon/Allelujah.)

- Gundam 00 - 10m [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Despite that I'm still only at the point where I want to punch Ali in the face, the illustrations of him (well, the ones with him and Setsuna) where what caught my attention with this site. There's art of most of the main meisters and all that, but the Ali ones really sort of stand out, there's an almost rough quality to them that fits the character really well. Admittedly, I'd have prefered the artist's attention elsewhere, but that's just me personally. The art she does is really well done and if you're interested in the characters, I think you'll really like site. Plus, there's enough of the other meisters to keep my attention. <3 (Some Ali/Setsuna, some other, some gen.)

- Gundam 00 - Real Abnormal [ Japanese? Korean? Fanart Site ] - Wow, this site is kind of difficult to label, it's Lockon/Tieria, but... alksjdflaksj it's second season, so. But the art kind of won me over anyway, because it started out a little rough, but the artist shows a lot of improvement over time and her style is really kind of fun, those long, sharp lines and she can do some very pretty colors and I'm just all over the poses she draws the characters in. Even her b&w comics were the kind that appealed to me, her basic lineart can look really nice on its own. But, well. I'm a sucker for the full color art, especially when there's a lot of face touching or sharing of candy. *__* (Lockon/Tieria, a smidge of Allelujah/Tieria and Setsuna/Tieria tucked away into various corners.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....okay, I meant to spend the day doing other things. And then somehow I got onto a Setsuna/Marina site and, shut up, fandom, I like them. :| There's not a lot of art here, I almost wasn't going to recommend it just because there are only a small handful of illustrations in the main gallery, despite that they are totally freaking cute, but then. There's comics, too! And little chibi art! SUPER FREAKING CUTE chibi art! ♥ So, ultimately, this site might have been small, but it's one of those where I was happy and satisfied afterwards, which is the important thing. ♥ (Setsuna/Marina, a smidge of other various het pairings.)

- Gundam 00 - ragtimes [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Tieria/Feldt is not a pairing I would have chosen to wander onto a site for, but, well. A site with a Tiera-focus is a site with a Tieria-focus and I'm a lot more relaxed when it comes to fanart and, well. It's pretty, okay. The artist does some seriously lovely work with the pairing, there's some really lovely CG work with them, both in colors and the actual lines of the pieces, and well. Both the characters are kind of super hot, okay. And that was how I felt before I got to the Lockon/Tieria art and the couple of Allelujah/Marie illustrations. I don't know that those will be for everyone, but I thought the site was really cool and had some great art on it. All I ask out of fandom! o/ (Tieria/Feldt, some Lockon/Tieria, a smidge of Allelujah/Marie, a smidge of gen.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - .....well, I knew I would cave on this site when I got to "Setsuko" in the schoolgirl uniform and the illustration made me lol. I came here for the potential Setsuna/Marina art, but it's really a site that's about a wider scope than that. Not that they aren't adorable when they show up, but there's also some cute Lockon+Setsuna art or some pretty Graham stand alones or a pretty Marie with Allelujah and Hallelujah and a lot of hilarious crossdressing/gendermixing stuff. The basic lineart is really pretty strong and the colors are very nice, it's just a really solid, good site, I had a lot of fun with it. It was just a bonus that I liked some of the pairings a lot. ♥ (Some Setsuna/Marina, some Lockon/Setsuna, some other, a lot of gen.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The artist of this site did something interesting that kind of caught my attention--on the early pages of the gallery that I clicked through, there was one CG color illustration and one b&w (or colorized) sketch, which allowed me to see the contrasts and comparisons of the work here. I think I liked the b&w sketches more at first, you could see the strength of the lines better in them, but once the artist got better at colors, I started to like them just as much and then even more at times. I love that the artist covered nearly every major character from the series and even gave me a couple of Setsuna/Marina illustrations when they weren't the main focus of the site at all. This is one of those sites that I like to think everyone can get something from, even if it's just a quick sketch of a character you like. (No real consistent warnings/pairings.)

- Gundam 00 - Lunar Kyrie [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Holy crap, this might not be my pairing, but the Setsuna/Tieria art on this site is kind of fantastic. Setsuna especially looks gorgeous, but the artist's Tieria is really not bad, either. A lot of the illustrations are these b&w sketches that are almost kind of rough, except the lines are so fine and sharp that it winds up looking kind of gorgeous. Plus. There's Mei-chan no Shitsuji parody art, you have no idea how hard I loved that. ♥ There's also some really adorable school uniform style stuff and some gorgeous fairy tale stuff and the artist's Setsuna looks a little older and seriously gorgeous for it and the winter illustrations are beautiful and just. asd;lkfjaslkj this is the kind of site that makes me want to look at 00 art forever. *__* (Setsuna/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - MTD*Web [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Well. As long as I was in the Setsuna/Tieria corner of the j-fanart web, what was one more site to go look through? And this is another site that has some gorgeous art to it, I honestly couldn't pick a favorite between the two of them, they were both so well drawn. I'm most fond of the color art as usual, but even the b&w stuff is really, really pretty. I also love that it's based more on the second season, so Setsuna looks older, which helps with the beging able to ship this pairing. And it's not just these two characters, Lockon shows up a lot, there's some nice art of the Innovators, Allelujah gets a couple of really nice images, etc. It helps if you like/don't mind the main pairing (which is what you're really coming here for) but there should be a little something for most fans. And, man, there is a really decent amount of art tucked away on the various pages. ♥ (Setsuna/Tieria, some other, a smidge of gen.)

- Gundam 00 - merrow [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Lockon and Allelujah aren't my pairing, I don't deliberately seek art out for them, it's just not my thing, but... well, I stumbled over this page and I wasn't sure whether or not to keep going, it was just... man, that's some really pretty art. The style is really polished, almost a little bit glossy, but has a strong anime-cel-style coloring, and there's enough standalone art of each character (or with their respective twin/alternate personality) that I think it's worth going to even if you're not a fan of the pairing. And some of it is kind of really hot, especially whenever the artist draws either one of them with a gun. And the chibis just. Own me omg. (Allelujah/Lockon.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is going to be another site that isn't for everyone. I admit, I skipped over the b&w comics (which are cute, but not quite my thing, with this style, I prefer color) and headed straight for the color art. I don't know how well chibis will go over with everyone, but I am kind of ridiculously weak to them and the artist draws them very cute after awhile! The artist also does a lot of Allelujah/Setsuna, which isn't a pairing I've seen much of, and it was novel enough to keep my interest on the site. I was also delighted to see a fair amount of art focusing on the female characters and then some Lockon/Tieria art and then a few Allelujah/Marie illustrations and, about halfway through the site, the art strengthens up a lot and just. Overall, it was a really fun site. (Some gen, some Allelujah/Setsuna. A smidge of Lockon/Tieria, Allelujah/Marie, and other.)

- Gundam 00 - Lotta Love [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - What I did with this site--and what I think my have tilted me in favor of it--was that I started down at the bottom of the gallery, where the earliest art was, and then made my way towards the more current art. That way I got to see the progression of the artist's style over time and saw how she improved very nicely over time. It also helps that (despite that Setsuna is clearly the artist's favorite to draw) it's a site with a solid amount of variety, most of the major characters are somewhere on the site--there's even an entire page dedicated to just Saji and Setsuna illustrations! And I hardly ever see Saji art! XD Some of the sketches aren't as tight as I'd like them to be, but when the artist does a fully finished piece, it can get to be really pretty and very worth going to the site for. There's a Setsuna/Marina one that could have almost been a poster for the series, there's a gorgeous Setsuna/Feldt one, and some nice standalone stuff. A really solid site overall. ♥ (Some Setsuna/Saji, some Setsuna/other, some gen.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - As I've mentioned a bunch of times, I have this thing where I don't ship certain pairings, but my fussiness level goes way the hell down when it comes to fanart, because I'm totally easy when it comes to pretty things. So. Lockon and Setsuna is another one that I don't particularly mind, but it wasn't my pairing, and yet... I come across a gorgeous site that I can't help myself. I still almost turned away but... as;dlfkjalskj holy crap, the artist's Setsuna is kind of amazing. There's at least one or two stand alone illustrations of him that are just gorgeous to look at and even I have to admit that pairing stuff is beautiful. I wish there'd been a little more art of other characters, but the log pages were very nice and more balanced. Definitely a recommended site if you like the characters. (Lockon/Setsuna, very occasional genderswap or NSFW content.)

- Gundam 00 - RosaryHill [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't know why this site doesn't have more art on it. Possibly because it wants to hurt me by giving me just enough super awesome stuff to make me pine for more. But, well. What's here is awesome enough that I had to recommend it anyway. I mean, the current top illustration is one of Setsuna as a groom all tied up with bride!Tieria in a lovely dress and I just. asld;kjfaslkj crying. Then there's some really great Lockon/Tieria kisses or sparring/fighting illustrations and then there's RPG style Tieria and Allelujah and then there's more Setsuna/Tieria wedding stuff and you can see that the artist's lineart is actually really good on the log pages and-- .....well, spazzing aside, I really enjoyed what was here and would love to see more from the artist. (Lockon/Tieria, Setsuna/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The art on this site is a little rough, but it's the artist's style and it really didn't take long at all to grow on me. There's a healthy amount of art here and I really like the artist's fondness for Lockon, but also that there was a solid variety of most of the main characters somewhere on the site. The Lockon/Tieria art helped a lot (despite that it wasn't what I originally came here for, even!) but also Graham/Setsuna. Which isn't my ship, but I see where it comes from and I'm surprised I haven't stumbled over more art for it yet. The artist did a solid job of keeping the spirit of the G00 characters (especially her Graham and Setsuna, they were very nice), the log pages were especially nice, and the entire site entertained me while I was there. (Some gen, some Lockon/Tieria, some Graham/Setsuna, some Allelujah/Marie.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is going to be another tough one to describe why I fell for it so hard, except it's... well, the art is really solid, even with the oekaki art, you can see that the artist has a lot of talent and keeps the spirit of the anime style. But it was also that it'd been awhile since I'd seen any Allelujah/Tieria art and this site hit me with that right away, some really polished art for them and I was weak. There's some good Allelujah art all over the site, there's a stunning female Allelujah illustration in particular, there's some really nice Tieria art and it was just. A solid site all the way around. It's actually a lot more balanced than I make it seem, I just gravitate to certain things, okay. XD (A little Allelujah/Tieria, Lyle/Anew, but a lot of gen, too.)

- Gundam 00 - enCode [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites where the basic lineart is solid and the lines are smooth and I liked them all right, but it wasn't until the artist added in some color to some of the illustrations that I got really impressed. The current top illustration (the one this banner is based off of) is especially fantastic, Setsuna's eyes and the way the glow trails off them is lovely. And, again, I'm not particularly fond of the pairing, but pretty art (especially the current stuff) is pretty art and I'm easy. It was a solid, fun site and I'm glad I stumbled over it this morning. (Half Lockon/Setsuna, half gen.)

- Gundam 00 - FM221 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know what is a super awesome way to immediately endear yourself to me on a fanart site? Start off the first log page with Allelujah carrying wedding dress Tieria princess style. SHIT YES I LOVED THIS SITE. Despite that it's more Lockon/Allelujah-focused, there's enough standalone art or Hallelujah/Allelujah or Allelujah/Marie (Hallelujah/Marie? Idk, most of the time I don't bother to distinguish them.) or other pairings that I was tempted into staying longer. Also, the art here is really pretty and, jesus, there is a ton of it. I'm especially delighted at all the super pretty Marie art, but well. Everything's gorgeous. It might seem sort of simple at first, but the artist's style is really tremendously pretty and it's kind of amazing how much she gets into even her sketches and doodles. Definitely worth a look around, imo. (Lockon/Allelujah, some Allelujah/Marie, some other. Some very NSFW content towards the bottom of several pages.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site took a bit to grow on me, but it did pretty quickly when I started seeing the more current stuff--the artist was always basically solid, but you can see her work tighten up with each character as she goes along. But it's also that I like the sharp lines and watercolors style that the artist really works on here; with only a few exceptions, those tend to be her strongiest pieces. There's a decent selection of characters/amount of art here and there's an entire series of Allelujah in a skirt, which I kind of loved the artist for. XD (Mostly gen, a little Lockon/Allelujah.)

- Gundam 00 - monica [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I went back and forth on this site for awhile, there's not a lot of art here and about half of it is little sketches or doodles, which weren't bad, but didn't knock me over, either. Then I started getting into the Setsuna art and I could see how strong the artist's style was, she did a great job with the slick, clean cg coloring and I wavered a lot. Setsuna/Feldt wasn't my thing but they were SUPER CUTE here. And then there was an Allelujah/Marie illustration and, yeah, I totally caved. It was so pretty, though! Soft, pastel colors and just really happy! Then there was maid!Setsuna! And I just. Couldn't help myself. There's some really cute, nicely done art here, especially since I've hardly seen anything for Setsuna and Feldt like this. (Half Setsuna/Feldt, half gen.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me a bit to work out how to navigate this site and then a little longer to be charmed by it, but eventually I got there. The colors are soft and pretty for a cg style and I like the stand alone stuff well enough, but the group art is probably my favorite, though, the more recent Lockon/Setsuna art is solidly nice. But also! There's cranky Tieria in a schoolgirl outfit! Never not awesome, I love this fandom. The comics are also pretty (if pretty purely about the pairings) and it was a solid little site, I got a few really cute illustrations to look at out of the site. That's all I ask. (Lockon/Setsuna, a bit of gen.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me awhile to warm up to this site, but a few illustrations of Marie really helped me along. (I'm easy for her, because I keep feeling like there's not going to be that much more art for her out there, so I light up whenever I find new stuff.) But it's not just that, the artist is clearly having a blast with the characters, there's a lot of parody art (the Gurren Lagann ones! XD), but also just a lot of really cute sketches. Allelujah (and Hallelujah) are the artist's favorites pretty clearly, but Tieria gets some nice stuff (and there's a handful of cute Lockon/Tieria illustrations), and there's a fair amount of crossdressing and crossgendering here. WHICH I LOVE. I love that you can pretty much find everyone with everyone else at least somewhere on the site, I love that some of the recent art is really pretty, and I love that this was just a nice, fun site this morning. (A fair amount of various/Allelujah, but some gen, too.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know how sometime I rec sites just for meeeeee? I suspect this may be one of them. The art starts out shakey at first, true, but the chibis are adorable and you know what? I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOREVER FOR PATRICK AND KATI ART OKAY. And this site had kind of a lot of art and you could really see potential in the artist and you can see her progress with each image, but mostly. PATRICK AND KATI ARRRRRT! WITH CHIBISSSSSS! CHIBI ART OF THEIR FUTURE WHERE THEY BABIESSSSS. ....yeah, shut up, but that's what this site did for me. It sent me into explosions of OTP happiness. That is what I want more than anything. Well and that and seriously. Those chibis were adorable and I am greatly looking forward to where this artist goes in the future. ♥ (Patrick/Kati.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Another site for meeeee. There's really not a lot here, less than a dozen I'm pretty sure, but. PATRICK AND KATI AGAIN. The artist does a really solid job at mimicking the anime style yet still being fanart, but it's also... well, b&w comics are sort of hit or miss with me, a lot of times I just skim right over them. But these were so cute and totally hit the OTP explosion button that I gleed over them just as hard. Just. A really nice site this morning. ♥ (Patrick/Kati.)

- Gundam 00 - kairo [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This was a really neat little site, the style is very CG... I'm not sure how to describe it other than that. It's not traditionally anime cel-style or cgi, but it's not precisely chibi-esque either. It's not a style that I'd want to see every single time, but when an artist can do it really well like this? When the lines are sharp and the colors look fantastic? I am all over it. Especially since the artist does a lot of standalone stuff--well, unless you count the Hallelujah/Allelujah and Neil/Lyle as pairing stuff, which I generally don't unless it's super obvious--and you can tell how much she enjoys the characters. It's focused on Lockon and Allelujah as her obvious favorites, but there's just enough Setsuna and Tieria to make me happy as well. There's a lot of art here, the style is kind of super neat, the concepts/poses are interesting and it was just. A really satisfying site this morning. (Mostly gen, a smidge of Lockon/Lockon, occasionally NSFW.)

- Gundam 00 - Red Cap [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - What convinced me with this site was a couple of things--first was that I hadn't seen much Allelujah/Setsuna art around before, but second was that... the further I got into the site, the more interesting and pretty art I stumbled over. It was especially the page of previous top page illustrations that really got me--all adorable art and bright, pretty colors! And Lockon/Tieria! I don't think the site will be for everyone, but I really enjoyed it today and it was a solid little site. <3 (Allelujah/Setsuna, Lockon/Tieria.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm not sure this site will be for everyone, I'm not sure I can really even put into words what worked about it for me, other than that I really liked the colors this artist used. And there was just enough Billy/Graham art to pique my interest. And I'm always easy for a pairing I've never seen before, if it's a little bit cracked out, like Lockon/Graham is. And some of the illustrations are really pretty, the artist really does have a way with beautiful colors, some of the images were kind of amazingly done, and there was a decent amount of art here. All in all, a satisfying little site this afternoon. (Some gen, some Lockon/Graham.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really do see surprisingly few Graham/Setsuna illustrations (well, not that I go looking for them, either, mind), but I stumble over them every once in awhile and occasionally I find a really pretty site like this. There's not as much art as I'd like, but the artist has a strong sense of anime cel style coloring and her characters both look really good. There are more comics here than anything, but they look good as well and the color art is worth a quick trip through, especially if you're a fan of the pairing! (Graham/Setsuna.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm not sure what I expected when I clicked onto this site, especially since it didn't look like there was going to be that much art here. And then I realized that there was a ton on each page and, wow. That's a lot of art, considering what I was expecting. Still, it took me a bit to be won over and I'll admit that part of that was the Allelujah/Marie friendliness (mostly seperate at first, but later together more often) but it's also that... there's a certain sharpness to several of the illustrations, something really cool about them. Sure, a lot of them are totally cracked out doodles, but some of them are really fantastic to look at. This is a terrible rec, but the site is really fantastic and it's kind of amazing to see all that art in one place like that. *__* (Partially gen, partially Allelujah/Marie, partially everyone/everyone.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I believe I've been here before for the Final Fantasy VII art (which is how I stumbled over the site again, since I was wandering around those sites) but stopped to notice that the artist also had some really beautiful Gundam 00 pieces. It's brightly colored CG again, the shiny shiny kind that I'm weak towards, but adorable lineart and some amazingly vivid colors. I'm also fond of the site because it's Neil/Tieria and Lyle/Anew, both of which I'm kind of weak towards. Plus, nice group images, nice Dylandy brothers images, adorable chibis, all the things needed to make this a fun sight. :D (Some Lyle/Anew, some Neil/Tieria, some gen.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually originally was following Lyle/Anew links and then... somehow wound up on a site that was Setsuna/Marina-friendly. \o/ I love it when that happens! Especially because I really did enjoy this site--it might be one that only fans of the pairing really get a charge out of, but I thought some of them were really nicely done. There's especially one of Marina standing in a field that's really pretty. And the one of the two of them in the grass. And the one of them kissing with a backdrop of a glowing sky. And okay. The art is very solid here, the further you get into the gallery, the better and better the art gets, and I think it could win over a couple of fence-sitters or at least be something fun to look at, but for someone like me... I was all gleeful and happy while going through the gallery. Almost all my het pairings on one site! There was also some Allelujah/Marie and Lyle/Anew! I really, really adored this site. ♥ Even the log pages were fantastic! *__*b (Setsuna/Marina, Allelujah/Marie, Lyle/Anew.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, I kind of skipped over the illustrations with Lockon in them and thought about just closing the tab a time or two, but... the artist really loves Feldt as a character and the images really fit her character so well and there was a lot of stand-alone art and I just... couldn't resist clicking all the way through the gallery. It's very brightly colored, very much about the pinks and greens and yellows, but the artist really captures the feel of her character. Plus there's a good amount of art with other characters, there's several illustrations with Chris and it was just... an interesting site. I actually enjoyed myself. (Half gen, half Lockon/Feldt.)

- Gundam 00 - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist has a style that's sort of... I'm not quite sure how to describe it, other than to maybe say that it's a little old-fashioned, perhaps. Something that reminds me of the mid-1900s somehow. It's not usually my favorite kind of style, but occasionally art like this catches my eye because the artist puts in some amazing details or because it's been awhile since I've looked at a G00 site or because there is a ton of art on the site, like this one. There are especially some fantastic Graham illustrations, but I also loved the one of Tieria with wings on his arms and the group image of the Over Flags was amazing. Even if the art style doesn't initially appeal, I still recommend continuing on with the site, I was really impressed with it by the time I was done! It does get more into a traditionally pretty (but still kind of amazing) style on the log pages, if you want to skip ahead to them. (Mostly gen, but a smidge of Billy/Graham and Lockon/Graham.)

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