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Gundam 00: Holiday by anoyo - ....I know. I'm now only seven or eight episodes into Gundam 00, but I want fic, okay. Specifically I want Lockon/Tieria fic. And this was Christmas fic and it's not that long after Christmas when I read this and it doesn't really have any spoilers, so. :| Besides, it was a really adorable fic, the kind that took my adoration for Lockon's character and turned it up even further because he's the kind of character who would be obnoxious except he really is being kind of nice and he's charming enough to pull it off and a;lskdjfa;lskj being able to predict Tieria so completely was A+++. I just. Really had fun with this one. <3 (Lockon/Tieria.)

Gundam 00: UNFIT TO BE A PARTY PLANNER by vicious_lullaby - Again, still not any further along with G00 because I've kind of taken a break to read fic because I need it and this was just. I don't think I stopped grinning pretty much the entire time Lockon was trying to plan a birthday for Tieria. It's one of those simple concepts that could be executed so badly, but instead the author pulls it off beautifully so that it lives up to the promise of the concept. Plus, oh, man, drunken Tieria in Lockon's lap. I could read about that FOREVER. *___* This was just. Wonderful to read. <3 (Lockon/Tieria.)

Gundam 00: Feeling by MarvelGirl09 - Okay, see. What I was looking for on FFNET was something just like this--I wanted something a little more R-rated, but not much more, because I'm more about the emotions with these two and what make this fic work for me was the way that... underneath everything else that they are, Allelujah and Marie are both people still trying to figure everything out, still trying to figure themselves and emotions and relationships out. So everything is a little softer around the edges and that fit with the tone of this fic. Also, Allelujah/Marie makeouts! I wanted them, okay. (Allelujah/Marie.)

Gundam 00: A Matter of Honor by may_flyer - I picked this one up because I was intrigued by the mention of Patrick/Kati on it and I'm cool with Billy/Graham. For the most part, it's kind of borderline sex comedy parody (except with better writing than I'd have expected XD) and it's kind of adorable and poor Billy's life is so difficult and I was all over Patrick and Kati in this fic because they are awesome, but. It was the ending. The ending was perfect and totally sealed the deal for me. Lolz pretty much forever. (Billy/Graham, Patrick/Kati background, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

Gundam 00: This Is An Armed Intervention by may_flyer - Apparently I have a thing for AUs lately. If I'd known going into this fic what kind of AU it was, I might not have read it, simpley because it's not usually my thing, even if I liked what I've read of the author's work before. But Gundam 00 is a small enough fandom that I took a chance on it and I'm glad I did, it was fun and I loved the playfulness of it--well, aside from Tieria, who was as Srs Bsns as ever, bless him--and the way it kind of nicely paralleled the series. XD (Some Lockon/Tieria.)

Gundam 00: All I Found Was You by lefcadio - Another short piece, but I'm kind of wary of getting into anything longer with Gundam 00. It's just a short piece with Tieria and Lyle at a certain grave and the connection they share and the distance and everything in it that's between them and just. It was a bittersweet (with more emphasis on the bitter) little thing that worked for me. T__T (No warnings/pairings, maybe a smidge of implied Lockon (Neil)/Tieria.)

Gundam 00: Twenty-Five by May_Flyer - Oh, man, there's nothing I enjoy more than a cranky Lockon who channels it into being cheerful because the rest of the Meisters are totally socially retarded. I'm used to a slightly fluffier Lockon than this, but I can really buy it here because he's at a tough place in his life (it's later on in the series) and he's full of so much anger and then the ending is... asdl;fkjaslkjs it's kind of beautiful. He looks at Tieria, who's looking at him, and Lockon gets it and Tieria is so... beautifully Tieria throughout the piece that this is one of those perfect little pieces in fandom. Despite this truly terrible rec for it. (Lockon/Tieria.)

Gundam 00: His Morning Routine by pratz - Okay, yes, this fic is barely more than 200 words. And it's mostly just Lockon going through a normal morning routine until the last couple of paragraphs or so, but. It's cute. And it totally made me smile at the end and it made me happy, so that's more than enough for me. It was a nice fix when I needed one. (Could be Lockon/Tieria.)

Gundam 00: The Worth of His Ambition by birdsarecalling and zanzou_chan - [ prologue - chapter 01 ] - I never know what to expect when I click on authors' names that I don't recognize (I didn't recognize the joint account name anyway), especially in a fandom like Gundam 00 that isn't really known for it's reams of well-written fic. But then I read this one! And it's an awesome premise--Lockon leaves Celestial Being to go hunt down Ali Al Saachez, which goes about as well as you'd expect it. The premise intrigues me, but what really caught me is the fantastic writing and how spot-on it felt. It was so easy to see these circumstances, right from the beginning with Lockon on the beach to Tieria hearing that Lockon has left and the inevitable search on both their parts. It worked and was incredibly satisfying to have these two chapters as the beginning of a story with so much potential for awesome! Then the icing on the cake? OMG TIERIA in the final scene of the second chapter--I was totally crying with laughter. That was beautiful. The whole thing was just a delightful read this morning. ♥ (One assumes eventual Lockon/Tieria.)

Gundam 00: Hard Proof by Faded Fallen - I'm not sure how I ended up reading a Billy/Graham fic, but I think I was following the author's Kyou Kara Maou! fic and stumbled over this one and thought, well, why not? And I really enjoyed this one. Yeah, it was mostly pwp, but the sex was very well-written, frantic and hot just the way I find to be the prettiest, and I could see these characters very nicely here. It's rare to find fic for this pairing, rarer to find smut, and even rarer to find it well written. I'm definitely glad to have stumbled over this piece today. (Billy/Graham, NC-17.)

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