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- Gurren Lagann - ETN2 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It's way, way too early for me to be looking at Gurren Lagann fanart sites, I only just finished episode 7 at the time I went looking at this site. But I'd stumbled over a few links and I was familiar enough with the series that I at least wanted to give it a shot. And this artist has a really kinda neat style, almost sort of rough around the edges, but too detailed for that exactly. It's a really interesting mix with the Gurren Lagann style, I wound up liking it a lot. And I waffle back and forth between Kamina/Simon and Kamina/Yoko, so I'm not at all opposed to being won over with fanart. XD (Some Kamina/Simon, a little other, a little gen.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay. I was already kind of loving this site for the pretty art and the Kamina/Yoko (which I suspect will be somewhat of a rarity?), but then there was a series of illustrations with the Gurren Lagann characters dressed up as the Shin Seiki Evangelion characters and I was in love. I mean. Kamina as Rei. I was laughing kind of a lot. Though, not as much as I was at Viral as Asuka. Just. a sd;flkjasldkj yes. The rest of the site is very nice, it's scribbly styled with brushes of a watercolor style, which I like on this site. (Kamina/Yoko, maybe a little Simon/Nia, maybe a little other, some gen, too.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You'll have to dig around a little on this site to find all of the art, it's scattered across a lot of different blog entries, but since I'm really craving art for the series, I didn't find it that much effort to go through. And I like what the artist does with her illustrations, they're often cute little scribbles or solid little pieces of character stand-alone art or adorable group shots. It's a solid, fun site for when I'm on a hunt for more, more, more art. (Nothing I'm really going to warn for.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I went back and forth on this site a lot, but just about every time I was ready to stop going through the diary board and leave the site, there would be one more sketch that caught my eye and made me keep going for just a little while longer. I actually found it easier just to go through the artist's diary board instead of poking through the galleries and, I admit, the art's not going to be for everyone, it's very T&A fanservice friendly in places, but... if you don't mind that, there are a lot of really cute sketches tucked away on various pages, too. Enough so that I wound up going through nearly every page of the board by the time I was done. (There's some not-safe-for-work content here.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, I love the colors on this site, they're so bright and colorful and vivid and fantastic. There's some really hot art on the site, the further you get into the gallery, the more the artist improves and she can do some really kickass group illustrations. Her Yoko looks so great... hell, all of them look fantastic, there's this one of Yoko and Nia that's just so smooth and professional looking... and then there's any time the artist does these really great CG-style looking images of Yoko, Kamina, and Simon together that just make me happy all over, I love that trio. ;__;♥ And, actually, it seems like there are two artists on this site, the other one who does some adorable chibis and some other really cute art. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gurren Lagann - peso [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was fond enough of this site for awhile, the art was cute and had a lot of potential. But then I hit the one of Simon and Nia holding hands and I was kind of sunk, because I'm pretty open to shipping whatever, but those two are so cute and came along at just the right time for me, I want someone that can make Simon be happy and she was so adorable right from the beginning. The art can be a little on the simple side at times, but it's very clean and the artist's lines are actually very solid and nicely done. Her sketches that have just a hint of soft, pastel color to them are really quite nice. (Kamina/Yoko, Simon/Nia, maybe a hint of Kamina/Simon that's really more gen than anything, a lot of gen.)

- Gurren Lagann - halo+ [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another one of those sites that's a nice stop on my hunt for as much fanart as I can find, the artist has a very solid style and does bright colors that suit the palette of the show nicely, and there are some adorable group illustrations. There are a ton of oekaki illustrations and they're all very cute, the artist definitely has potential and I'm glad I came here, I'd like to see more from the artist. And I... I would not be opposed if she drew more Kamina/Simon, despite that the site is 99% gen. *__* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gurren Lagann - Yukitetsuka [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site where I went through the diary to find all the art, so it was a bit of a pain to do so, but I found it ultimately worthwhile because the artist has a really strong style, the lines of the illustrations look great and I like the bright colors that fit well with the style of the original show. The art is very canon-esque and while there's not a ton of images here, there's enough for a fix and I didn't mind looking at the artist's other stuff as I scrolled by, it's all very pretty. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gurren Lagann - AND OVER [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, I really liked this site. It has some really nice group illustrations that have a solid CG style, it has some really cute sketches of nearly all the main characters, and just enough potential pairings or cute gen relationships that I had fun. There's just enough art that it was a satisfying stop on my fanart hunt today and I don't know how anyone could not wibble terribly over the one of younger Kamina and younger Simon with the fireflies. *wibbles* (Maybe some potential Kamina/Simon, some potential Simon/Nia, but this could be an entirely gen site.)

- Gurren Lagann/Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Freak-Out [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came here for the Gurren Lagann fanart, which there actually isn't that much of, but it's got this really beautiful one of Kamina and Simon sleeping with Kamina's arm around him, and I may have totally wibbled over that. Totally worth it for that one illustration alone. But it was the Reborn! art that actually caught my attention even more, there were a lot of really cool illustrations, but it was every time the artist drew Mukuro where I was really starting to sit up and take note, he's gorgeous on this site. All the art is really solid and well-done, it's fun to see all the various Tsuna pairings, but it's totally Mukuro who's the hottest here. ♥ (Some potential Kamina/Simon, but it could be totally gen. Some Tsuna/everyone, mostly Mukuro/Tsuna, some gen.)

- Tales of the Abyss/Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me awhile to even realize there was ToA fanart on this site, it's a bit difficult to navigate, but the art is interesting enough that I wanted to recommend it anyways. The artist uses a lot of shiny CG tones, a lot of golds and reds, and it makes for some really pretty and/or interesting ToA art and it's not always my favorite, but... well, the doujinshi on the site show that the artist certainly has a lot of talent in drawing the characters at the very least. And! If you go through the diary blog to find the Gurren Lagann art... a lot of it is really pretty and I enjoyed going through all of it (especially since the artist occasionally draws Yoko, too! and the rest of the cast!), but the real novelty is Simon/Kamina. Granted, it's usually older!Simon, but still. I didn't think I'd ever see that! I had to rec it just for that little brain-breaking wtf bit. <3 There's more Kamina/Simon than the other way around, but all of it is nicely drawn and I had fun. Also, her older!Simon is hot. That's enough for me. XD (A lot of yaoi for Tales of the Abyss, some Kamina/Simon, some Simon/Kamina, some other yaoi, a little gen for Gurren Lagann.)

- Gurren Lagann - RRB [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came through this site once before and, at the time, I wasn't in the mood to go through a bunch of diary pages to find the art, which I've since lightened up on, especially since they're really not that difficult to find and there aren't that many pages. But there's a solid amount of art and it's all really cute, brightly colored stuff. The level of detail is solid, the colors are very smooth and clean, and the art is sometimes utterly adorable and other times really kinda hot. Everything I ask for it in an artist. ♥ Also, also, also! How many times do you run across a j-fanart site that likes both het and yaoi? Not very often, as far as I can tell! Much less one who draws both really wonderfully, both Kamina/Simon and Simon/Nia look lovely with this artist, you can tell how good she is at drawing Simon's character, the kind of site that makes me fall even more in love with Simon's character, who grew to be my favorite, I think. Just. *happy sigh* Yes. (Kamina/Simon, some Simon/Nia, some other, two or three NSFW drawings if you click the banner links, and just enough gen to make it worthwhile if you don't mind using your scroll button.)

- Gurren Lagann - chest of drawers [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - All right, this site took me all of three illustrations to be won over because it's got some fantastic group illustrations (which I love dearly) and because the artist draws a very hot Yoko, also something I love dearly. It's hard to explain why I liked this site so much, what the artist does really charmed me, each piece feels like... there's something I really love about each one. Whether it's the Kamina/Simon/Yoko trio out shopping or Kamina+Simon in Jiiha village or Simon doing Kamina's signature pose with a faint outline of Kamina in the background or the fantastic sketches of important moments... all of it really just delighted me. ♥ (Some pairings, but none of them are consistent enough to label, so I'm calling this one gen.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was originally going to pass on this site, because it seemed like it was mostly just sketches and not that many of them to balance that out. But I figured I might as well at least collect the art for my personal folder, see if there was anything I really liked on the site, and then the artist did a couple of things that I really liked... first, some really adorable/hot Yoko fanart, always something I approve of. And then the sketches of Kamina and Simon turned really sweet/adorable as well. I just... really liked them. Plus, the artist seems to have this high school AU thing going on and asldf;kjaslkd the characters in school uniforms! So much fun! Especially when Yoko is practically bursting out of hers. Also, there is kidlet Yoko fanart and SHE IS SO CUTE. I kinda wound up ♥ing this site. (A smidge of Kamina/Simon, but this is mostly a gen site.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site that borders more on clean and simple and cute than anything else, but I really kinda liked it. The artist uses these really light, soft colors that maybe look a little like watercolors and it fits well with her style. I think what really ultimately won me over (other than that I'm easy for this pairing) is the artist's older!Simon, who is very nicely detailed and the colors, the blues and reds the artist uses match the series' colors really nicely. The artist also eventually does some very nice b&w sketches that I liked almost more than anything. All in all, this was a very nice site, surprisingly satisfying by the time I was done with it. <3 (This site is mostly gen, but if you want to see a little Kamina/Simon, you probably could.)

- Gurren Lagann - FEVER!! [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was actually looking for Tales of the Abyss art, I had a bunch of tabs open and I was going through the links pages and saw some intriguing Gurren Lagann banners I hadn't seen before and a few minutes later... right back to Gurren Lagann fanart. Not that I'm complaining because it led me here and I really like this site. There's not a ton of art here, but it's really solid stuff, very sharp and professional looking when the artist really tries. And, yeah, it helped that the artist's Nia is totally cute and her Kamina/Yoko illustration was really hot and even her oekaki was pretty rocking. I loved pretty much every piece on the site. ♥ (Some Kamina/Yoko, some Simon/Nia, some gen.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - What won me over with this site is that the coloring is really kind of great, it reminds me very much of the anime itself... or at least an anime cel style. And, yes, there's not a lot of art here and the style is very obviously CG, but I sort of like that. There's an image or two that I'm not sure about, but what really won me over was the way Kamina looked, he's very much like how he was in canon. Simon is often similiarly canon-esque, if a bit cuter than usual, and the site was... it was a nice little stop on my fanart hunting spree. (....nothing I'm going to warn for.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I am very easy for sites when they have fanart of Nia and Yoko in addition to having art of Kamina and Simon, because one of the things I liked best about Gurren Lagann was the relationships between all of the characters and how awesome they all were. The art on this site is often times extremely simple, there are broad lines that make for really cute images, but other times... the artist does something really interesting and cool with the art. Nearly all the Yoko illustrations are kinda seriously hot and Nia is so adorable. She can often draw Simon in really dramatic, cool poses. ....and other times she puts Simon in a dress. XDDD So, as is often the case, the site isn't going to be for everyone, but you'll probably find at least something there you'll like. (A little Kamina/Simon, a tiny smidge of Nia/Yoko, a little NSFW content, but there's a lot more gen than anything else.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I've been here before, for the artist's really lovely Okami fanart, but this time I'm here for the Gurren Lagann art and one of the first pages I clicked onto had Adiane art! Not that I've never seen art of her before, but it's fairly rare and that immediately endeared me to this artist again. All of the art is very nicely done, though, and there's not a ton of it, but perhaps the artist will draw more in time. And what's here has all the usual hallmarks of good art--strong basic lineart, pretty colors, etc. It's not mind blowing just yet or anything, but I'd like to see more and it was a nice site to add to the collection. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Rossiu/Simon isn't my pairing of choice and, as of the time I'm writing this rec, I'm kind of still mad at him for certain things he's done/said, but... I can't deny that this art is very canon-esque and very cute. A few other things softened me up on the site--there's a really sweet Kamina+Simon illustration, there are some nice Simon illustrations in general, a handful of Tales of the Abyss images, and there was a really gorgeous illustration of Oswald from Odin Sphere--but it's still a solid site all around. Worth a look, especially if you're a fan of this pairing. (Some Rossiu/Simon, some gen.)

- Gurren Lagann - Permanent Blue [ Korean Fanart Site ] - I really liked this site almost immediately, right from the very first image of Kamina kneeling and holding Simon close. Partly because there was so much emotion in that image even when you couldn't see their faces, because it was so touching and sweet, but also because that was some really kinda hot art. The flat colors/shading combined with the detailed art looks so cool with Gurren Lagann's style. It's probably my favorite piece on the site, but I did enjoy the rest of the art as well, the artist does some really neat things with a watercolor-esque style or sharp b&w sketches or just cute little doodles. And I love that, even when it's mostly a yaoi site, there are a couple of adorable Simon/Nia illustrations, too! ♥ Totally worth checking out, I think. (Some Kamina/Simon, some Rossiu/Simon, maybe a little other, some gen. Occasional NSFW content, but they're usually labelled.)

- Gurren Lagann - APOTHEKE [ Korean Fanart Site ] - A lot of my impressions of a site are often formed by the first few illustrations I see. The first one I saw on this site was an adorable one of Yoko, with these warm reds and tans. Then the second one was a poster-style group illustration that I really liked. Third was another poster-style image of Kamina, Viral, and Simon. After that, I was pretty easily sold on this site. The art is very cute and the artist makes me love all the characters in that happy fun adventure sort of way, especially her Yoko who gets to be hot and pretty kickass, even when she's in a bunny suit. The sketches of Viral are my other favorites, but everything is fun and worth a look here. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm not sure how much this site is going to appeal to people who aren't already fans of the show, because I was going through the Code Geass section first and not much of the art really caught me. Of course, it was mostly of characters I didn't care about, I only stopped to look at the occasional Euphemia illustration (that were indeed lovely), but with Gurren Lagann, I took to the site from the first page. Of course, the first page has Viral cosplaying as Asuka from Evangelion, which totally made me LOL, so I might be easy to please. ♥ But I genuinely liked the site, I liked the sketches of pretty much all the main characters, I liked the concept of drawing the meccha as humans, I loved how totally adorable Nia is on this site. I really liked the site. <3 (Maybe some implications of pairings, but nothing I'm going to warn for, it's a pretty gen site.)

- Gurren Lagann - AAP [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's something very appealing to me about this artist's style, something in the way it's very clean and almost simple, using the bright, solid colors that are similar to the anime's pallet. And, sure, sometimes the illustrations can look almost too simplified, but other times (especially when the artist draws Kamina and Simon in the same picture), it looks really fantastic. And I really like the artist's take on Simon's outfit from the final battle, he looks really good in it here. Also, you can see that the artist really does have talent when looking at her b&w comics, the lines of them are very nice. I'm really quite fond of this site! ♥ (Some Kamina/Simon, some Simon/everyone, some gen.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, yes! I've been waiting for a site with even just a little Simon/Viral art! Not that I ship the pairing particularly hard, but I sensed at least some chemistry there and wanted to see it played with in j-fanart, just a little bit. This site is more of a gen site overall, there's not that much focus on those two (instead there's some awesome group stuff and some seriously wibble-worthy Simon art), but even just a page or two of art is enough to make me happy. Especially since all the art on the site is very pretty! The artist draws everyone so adorably cute and occasionally totally hot. I love how just about everyone from the little main group, especially Yoko. There's one with her hair looking so very red and she has these adorable flame-shaped shoes on and just... ad;slfkjs yes. I ♥ this site. (A smidge of Simon/Nia, maybe a smidge of Kamina/Simon that's really gen, but it's mostly a purely gen site.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, I skimmed a lot on this site, especially the earlier art, because it's often a little too cutesy for my personal tastle. It's not terrible, just not my thing. But every once in awhile, there would be a super-cute illustration that hit me just the right way, especially because Simon/Nia is so cute on this site. It's almost chibi-esque at times, but the artist uses these cute pastel colors and it makes them look even younger than they are, but... yeah, so cute that I can't help liking a bunch of them. Plus. Cat ears. On Nia! So cute! <3 (Simon/Nia, a little other, a lot of gen.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, it's not that Viral fanart is super rare or anything, but it's not exactly abundant, either. Mostly, I'm content with the level of Viral fanart, since I can find a decent amount amongst all the sites I've been recommending, but it's still... it's still really nice to come across a site that seems to really enjoy the character and focuses on him the most on the site. There's not a ton of art, but what's here is really solid, well-drawn Viral stuff, stuff that's really fun, too. Dressing him up in Halloween costumes or a cute Simon/Viral comic (which also didn't hurt my feelings at all ♥) or one from his dream towards the end of the series. All of this was so much fun to go through. (Mostly gen, maybe a little bit Simon/Viral.)

- Gurren Lagann/Fullmetal Alchemist/Gintama/Howl's Moving Castle - AuroraVision [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, I loved this site right away, the art is totally hot and fantastic looking. Not only does each piece look terrific, with all these strong, smooth lines and really good colors, but the artist draws so many different things. You've got adorable Simon/Nia under the bright blue sky, you've got older Simon and Rossiu looking out over the city, you've got little princess Nia surrounded by toys and looking a little lost, you've got Simon and Viral with their hands around each other's throats, etc. So many of them are so vivid with this artist, the colors she starts using are just gorgeous. ♥ As for the rest of the art, there's not much of a gallery proper, but there's a lot of sketches and diary art tucked away on the site that are absolutely worth going through, the FMA images are lovely (and some of them are so hot and remind me of why I spent so much time with FMA sites in the past) and I think this may be the first Gintama site I've seen in awhile where I'm actually charmed by the art again! *__* (Some Simon/Nia, some Gurren Lagan gen. Mostly gen for FMA and Gintama, I'm going to say. Maybe a little Hijikata/Okita. Howl/Sophie for HMC.)

- Gurren Lagann/Princess Tutu - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site probably isn't going to be for everyone, the Princess Tutu fanart is a bit too cutesy for everyone, I suspect. It works for me because the series itself was so cutesy in a lot of ways and so this isn't that much different for me. I like it, though, because the artist shows a lot of potential in the smoothness of the lines and the clean colors... plus, you know, cute Tutu fanart! Always a thing to be celebrated. XD As for Gurren Lagann, there's not a lot of art here, probably not even ten illustrations yet, but the artist is one I kind of want to keep an eye on, since she has this lovely clean CG-anime-cel-esque style that looks very nice. Plus, there's really cute art of Yoko and Nia. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Sites ] - This is one of those sites that's going to be hell for me to describe properly. It's not that it doesn't deserve a proper rec, because it does. The art is all very good and very nice to look at and the artist even covers a variety of poses and characters. It's everything a site should be. But there aren't really any themes, it's largely a gen site (with some Simon/Nia) and so not much stands out for me to comment on. It's a really nifty little site, it's very solid and I enjoyed it a lot. It's just a little hard to describe. Totally worth visiting, though. (Mostly gen, maybe a little Simon/Nia.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site that took me awhile to really warm up to, one that I almost gave it a pass, not because it was bad or anything, just that it hadn't really hit me yet. But somewhere along the way it still managed to win me over. Whether through having a surprising amount of art on the site, having a lot of it be focused on how adorable Simon is (who is my favorite character, I think), or because there are a handful of really cute Simon/Nia illustrations (a couple of the images in the gallery proper are just lovely, with the warm watercolor style the artist uses on them), I'm not sure. But it's a solid, cute site that's worth your time if you like looking through a lot of j-fanart. (Some gen, some Simon/Nia.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There is often a particular single illustration that will put me over the top with a site and make me finally cave on officially liking it. I usually enjoy the art up to that point, wavering back and forth, liking it but not quite enough that I would want to recommend it yet. But then I'll hit an image, maybe one of Yoko looking smoking hot and the artist has used all these really pretty shades of red and orange and her hair looks fantastic, and for some reason, even if it's not the most amazing thing I've ever seen, it just hits me right and I adore the site from then on. The site is very solid and there's a lot of cute art, one that has a lot of very decent art. But every once in awhile there's that one illustration of Viral from his dream, the little kid kissing him on the forehead or devestated!Simon's face from episode 9+, and they'll be the kind that I just love. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gintama/Gurren Lagann - RABIES [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's something about Gintama art on this site that I really like, something more than just the solid level of skill the artist has. Not all of the illustrations set this feeling off in me, but there's a handful of images on the site that are just... really pretty and interesting. There's not a lot of art here and it does seem a bit all over the place, but I was very intrigued by the work so far and really want to see more from the artist. It's... interesting. In a good way. As for the Gurren Lagann section... w-well, I think this is the first time I've seen a Viral/Rossiu illustration ever. XD Most of the art is pretty gen, probably all of it is intended as gen, but it's still kind of great to see an image like that. The art is very solid, the artist has a lot of skill, very solid and professional looking lines, some of the illustrations go beyond just good and are really sort of gorgeous. This was a delightful little site to stumble over. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gurren Lagann - Hinakick Web [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'd previous recommended this site for other series (HP, Eva, FFVII, OP, I think), but the further I got into the galleries, the more I started finding art for other series. There's a page of Gurren Lagann art that's fabulous and maybe not a ton of it, but each one is so wonderfully done, so on a professional-looking level, that you don't really care. There's some wonderful stuff with Kamina and Simon just off having adventures and fun, then there's an adorable one with Yoko and Nia, and HOLY CRAP is the one of Kamina and kidlet!Simon and kidlet!Rossiu SO FREAKING CUTE. The artist also does the same thing here she does with nearly everything else--Simon/Rossiu is not a pairing that would occur much to me, but I'm eager to pounce on her images of them because they're still totally worth it. Most of the art leans more towards gen and, as long as you stick to the Gurren Lagann stuff, it's pretty work-safe (with one or two exceptions, which you might have scroll quickly past), so I really liked this site. (Mostly gen, but some Kamina/Simon that's really probably gen, a little Simon/Rossiu. Not entirely SFW.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites that I just want to keyboard mash over so hard because it's got so many different series I recognize and it just totally nails the anime cel-style coloring and style. Looking at the FFVII fanart is fun (which does look more like traditional fanart/CG-style art) but it wasn't until I got to the Gurren Lagann art that I was really keyboard-mashy. You can sort of still tell that it's fanart, but. At the same time. It looks very much like art straight from the anime! And focused on Viral! Plus one really cute Nia image! You'll have to poke around for a lot of the art, especially to find all the FFVII stuff, but it was fun to do that anyway. And I'm going to go nuts if I don't figure out what that other major series on the site is. >_< (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japenese Fanart Site ] - The Gurren Lagann art is what I originally came to this site for, following links from the artist's post on an oekaki board, but it took me awhile to warm up to it. But when I did? Surprisingly, it was the pchat art that did it, but this artist kind of does AMAZING pchat art, the details and strength of lines are really good! She especially does an awesome adult Simon and a fantastic Viral, though, the other characters are not bad at all, either. This was a really neat, fun stop this morning. o/ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It sort of didn't take me long at all to fall for this site and maybe it's not going to be for everyone, it's got a very solid sort of style, but... there are some group images that look fantastic and there's a lot of art here and I've been in the mood for Gurren Lagann again lately. I really like the variety of characters and concepts/poses for them all here, but also certain ones really just won me over. Nia in an ageha style dress? Or as a tough biker chick? Hot older Simon? A ton of Kamina and Kitan hanging out images? All of these are fantastic things. I love the high amount of Kamina images, but I like everyone and it was just a nice site to see this morning. (No real warnings/pairings, maybe a smidge of whatever you saw in canon.)

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