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- Gurren Lagann - ETN2 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It's way, way too early for me to be looking at Gurren Lagann fanart sites, I only just finished episode 7 at the time I went looking at this site. But I'd stumbled over a few links and I was familiar enough with the series that I at least wanted to give it a shot. And this artist has a really kinda neat style, almost sort of rough around the edges, but too detailed for that exactly. It's a really interesting mix with the Gurren Lagann style, I wound up liking it a lot. And I waffle back and forth between Kamina/Simon and Kamina/Yoko, so I'm not at all opposed to being won over with fanart. XD (Some Kamina/Simon, a little other, a little gen.)

- Gurren Lagann - peso [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was fond enough of this site for awhile, the art was cute and had a lot of potential. But then I hit the one of Simon and Nia holding hands and I was kind of sunk, because I'm pretty open to shipping whatever, but those two are so cute and came along at just the right time for me, I want someone that can make Simon be happy and she was so adorable right from the beginning. The art can be a little on the simple side at times, but it's very clean and the artist's lines are actually very solid and nicely done. Her sketches that have just a hint of soft, pastel color to them are really quite nice. (Kamina/Yoko, Simon/Nia, maybe a hint of Kamina/Simon that's really more gen than anything, a lot of gen.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's something about the way the artist draws Simon here that endears him to me and makes me not care that she draws him with everyone, I'm happy to look at whatever she wanted to draw because it's just so much fun. She's got a really nice style, very bright, shiny colors with clean lines that make everything very solid and nice to look at. Even the sketches were really fun to go through and there was certainly quite a lot of art tucked away on this site. The site might not be for everyone, but it made me love Simon just that much more and the art really was kinda seriously pretty. (Kamina/Simon, Roshiu/Simon, pretty much everyone/Simon.)

- Gurren Lagann - AND OVER [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, I really liked this site. It has some really nice group illustrations that have a solid CG style, it has some really cute sketches of nearly all the main characters, and just enough potential pairings or cute gen relationships that I had fun. There's just enough art that it was a satisfying stop on my fanart hunt today and I don't know how anyone could not wibble terribly over the one of younger Kamina and younger Simon with the fireflies. *wibbles* (Maybe some potential Kamina/Simon, some potential Simon/Nia, but this could be an entirely gen site.)

- Gurren Lagann/Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Freak-Out [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came here for the Gurren Lagann fanart, which there actually isn't that much of, but it's got this really beautiful one of Kamina and Simon sleeping with Kamina's arm around him, and I may have totally wibbled over that. Totally worth it for that one illustration alone. But it was the Reborn! art that actually caught my attention even more, there were a lot of really cool illustrations, but it was every time the artist drew Mukuro where I was really starting to sit up and take note, he's gorgeous on this site. All the art is really solid and well-done, it's fun to see all the various Tsuna pairings, but it's totally Mukuro who's the hottest here. ♥ (Some potential Kamina/Simon, but it could be totally gen. Some Tsuna/everyone, mostly Mukuro/Tsuna, some gen.)

- Tales of the Abyss/Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me awhile to even realize there was ToA fanart on this site, it's a bit difficult to navigate, but the art is interesting enough that I wanted to recommend it anyways. The artist uses a lot of shiny CG tones, a lot of golds and reds, and it makes for some really pretty and/or interesting ToA art and it's not always my favorite, but... well, the doujinshi on the site show that the artist certainly has a lot of talent in drawing the characters at the very least. And! If you go through the diary blog to find the Gurren Lagann art... a lot of it is really pretty and I enjoyed going through all of it (especially since the artist occasionally draws Yoko, too! and the rest of the cast!), but the real novelty is Simon/Kamina. Granted, it's usually older!Simon, but still. I didn't think I'd ever see that! I had to rec it just for that little brain-breaking wtf bit. <3 There's more Kamina/Simon than the other way around, but all of it is nicely drawn and I had fun. Also, her older!Simon is hot. That's enough for me. XD (A lot of yaoi for Tales of the Abyss, some Kamina/Simon, some Simon/Kamina, some other yaoi, a little gen for Gurren Lagann.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I tend to save all of the fanart I see/like into personal folders, just for my own collection, and there are some sites that are a real bitch to save from. Depending on how pretty the art is, I may go through a lot of effort to save copies or I might just glance through the gallery and decide it's not worth my time. This site proved to be kind of a bitch to save from, I had to go through far more page sources than I would have liked, but I thought each and everyone of the main gallery art was worth it. There's a lot of talent here, the illustrations look very professional. They're not completely in the same style as canon, but they have a similar feel to them, a lot of details and very strong lines, bright colors. Plus, there are group illustrations that look fantastic, they're in poster-style and are really great. This was an excellent site. (....a little bit of almost every pairing you may or may not have seen in canon, both het and yaoi. If I had to pick one, it'd be Kamina/Simon, though.)

- Gurren Lagann - RRB [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came through this site once before and, at the time, I wasn't in the mood to go through a bunch of diary pages to find the art, which I've since lightened up on, especially since they're really not that difficult to find and there aren't that many pages. But there's a solid amount of art and it's all really cute, brightly colored stuff. The level of detail is solid, the colors are very smooth and clean, and the art is sometimes utterly adorable and other times really kinda hot. Everything I ask for it in an artist. ♥ Also, also, also! How many times do you run across a j-fanart site that likes both het and yaoi? Not very often, as far as I can tell! Much less one who draws both really wonderfully, both Kamina/Simon and Simon/Nia look lovely with this artist, you can tell how good she is at drawing Simon's character, the kind of site that makes me fall even more in love with Simon's character, who grew to be my favorite, I think. Just. *happy sigh* Yes. (Kamina/Simon, some Simon/Nia, some other, two or three NSFW drawings if you click the banner links, and just enough gen to make it worthwhile if you don't mind using your scroll button.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was originally going to pass on this site, because it seemed like it was mostly just sketches and not that many of them to balance that out. But I figured I might as well at least collect the art for my personal folder, see if there was anything I really liked on the site, and then the artist did a couple of things that I really liked... first, some really adorable/hot Yoko fanart, always something I approve of. And then the sketches of Kamina and Simon turned really sweet/adorable as well. I just... really liked them. Plus, the artist seems to have this high school AU thing going on and asldf;kjaslkd the characters in school uniforms! So much fun! Especially when Yoko is practically bursting out of hers. Also, there is kidlet Yoko fanart and SHE IS SO CUTE. I kinda wound up ♥ing this site. (A smidge of Kamina/Simon, but this is mostly a gen site.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site isn't going to be for everyone, I even debated with recommending it myself, but... by the time I was done looking through the site, I liked a lot more than I passed by and I figure this site is a good stop on a fanart hunt, if you're in the mood for it. The art is very round and cute, it's a bit on the clean and simple side, but that's not a bad thing. The Kamina/Simon illustrations are all very cute, there's a lot of hugging or leaning into each other, mostly. A solid site. (Kamina/Simon.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site that borders more on clean and simple and cute than anything else, but I really kinda liked it. The artist uses these really light, soft colors that maybe look a little like watercolors and it fits well with her style. I think what really ultimately won me over (other than that I'm easy for this pairing) is the artist's older!Simon, who is very nicely detailed and the colors, the blues and reds the artist uses match the series' colors really nicely. The artist also eventually does some very nice b&w sketches that I liked almost more than anything. All in all, this was a very nice site, surprisingly satisfying by the time I was done with it. <3 (This site is mostly gen, but if you want to see a little Kamina/Simon, you probably could.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I am very easy for sites when they have fanart of Nia and Yoko in addition to having art of Kamina and Simon, because one of the things I liked best about Gurren Lagann was the relationships between all of the characters and how awesome they all were. The art on this site is often times extremely simple, there are broad lines that make for really cute images, but other times... the artist does something really interesting and cool with the art. Nearly all the Yoko illustrations are kinda seriously hot and Nia is so adorable. She can often draw Simon in really dramatic, cool poses. ....and other times she puts Simon in a dress. XDDD So, as is often the case, the site isn't going to be for everyone, but you'll probably find at least something there you'll like. (A little Kamina/Simon, a tiny smidge of Nia/Yoko, a little NSFW content, but there's a lot more gen than anything else.)

- Gurren Lagann - Permanent Blue [ Korean Fanart Site ] - I really liked this site almost immediately, right from the very first image of Kamina kneeling and holding Simon close. Partly because there was so much emotion in that image even when you couldn't see their faces, because it was so touching and sweet, but also because that was some really kinda hot art. The flat colors/shading combined with the detailed art looks so cool with Gurren Lagann's style. It's probably my favorite piece on the site, but I did enjoy the rest of the art as well, the artist does some really neat things with a watercolor-esque style or sharp b&w sketches or just cute little doodles. And I love that, even when it's mostly a yaoi site, there are a couple of adorable Simon/Nia illustrations, too! ♥ Totally worth checking out, I think. (Some Kamina/Simon, some Rossiu/Simon, maybe a little other, some gen. Occasional NSFW content, but they're usually labelled.)

- Gurren Lagann - AAP [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's something very appealing to me about this artist's style, something in the way it's very clean and almost simple, using the bright, solid colors that are similar to the anime's pallet. And, sure, sometimes the illustrations can look almost too simplified, but other times (especially when the artist draws Kamina and Simon in the same picture), it looks really fantastic. And I really like the artist's take on Simon's outfit from the final battle, he looks really good in it here. Also, you can see that the artist really does have talent when looking at her b&w comics, the lines of them are very nice. I'm really quite fond of this site! ♥ (Some Kamina/Simon, some Simon/everyone, some gen.)

- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, yes! I've been waiting for a site with even just a little Simon/Viral art! Not that I ship the pairing particularly hard, but I sensed at least some chemistry there and wanted to see it played with in j-fanart, just a little bit. This site is more of a gen site overall, there's not that much focus on those two (instead there's some awesome group stuff and some seriously wibble-worthy Simon art), but even just a page or two of art is enough to make me happy. Especially since all the art on the site is very pretty! The artist draws everyone so adorably cute and occasionally totally hot. I love how just about everyone from the little main group, especially Yoko. There's one with her hair looking so very red and she has these adorable flame-shaped shoes on and just... ad;slfkjs yes. I ♥ this site. (A smidge of Simon/Nia, maybe a smidge of Kamina/Simon that's really gen, but it's mostly a purely gen site.)

- Gurren Lagann - Hinakick Web [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'd previous recommended this site for other series (HP, Eva, FFVII, OP, I think), but the further I got into the galleries, the more I started finding art for other series. There's a page of Gurren Lagann art that's fabulous and maybe not a ton of it, but each one is so wonderfully done, so on a professional-looking level, that you don't really care. There's some wonderful stuff with Kamina and Simon just off having adventures and fun, then there's an adorable one with Yoko and Nia, and HOLY CRAP is the one of Kamina and kidlet!Simon and kidlet!Rossiu SO FREAKING CUTE. The artist also does the same thing here she does with nearly everything else--Simon/Rossiu is not a pairing that would occur much to me, but I'm eager to pounce on her images of them because they're still totally worth it. Most of the art leans more towards gen and, as long as you stick to the Gurren Lagann stuff, it's pretty work-safe (with one or two exceptions, which you might have scroll quickly past), so I really liked this site. (Mostly gen, but some Kamina/Simon that's really probably gen, a little Simon/Rossiu. Not entirely SFW.)

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