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- Gurren Lagann - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay. I was already kind of loving this site for the pretty art and the Kamina/Yoko (which I suspect will be somewhat of a rarity?), but then there was a series of illustrations with the Gurren Lagann characters dressed up as the Shin Seiki Evangelion characters and I was in love. I mean. Kamina as Rei. I was laughing kind of a lot. Though, not as much as I was at Viral as Asuka. Just. a sd;flkjasldkj yes. The rest of the site is very nice, it's scribbly styled with brushes of a watercolor style, which I like on this site. (Kamina/Yoko, maybe a little Simon/Nia, maybe a little other, some gen, too.)

- Gurren Lagann - peso [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was fond enough of this site for awhile, the art was cute and had a lot of potential. But then I hit the one of Simon and Nia holding hands and I was kind of sunk, because I'm pretty open to shipping whatever, but those two are so cute and came along at just the right time for me, I want someone that can make Simon be happy and she was so adorable right from the beginning. The art can be a little on the simple side at times, but it's very clean and the artist's lines are actually very solid and nicely done. Her sketches that have just a hint of soft, pastel color to them are really quite nice. (Kamina/Yoko, Simon/Nia, maybe a hint of Kamina/Simon that's really more gen than anything, a lot of gen.)

- Gurren Lagann - FEVER!! [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was actually looking for Tales of the Abyss art, I had a bunch of tabs open and I was going through the links pages and saw some intriguing Gurren Lagann banners I hadn't seen before and a few minutes later... right back to Gurren Lagann fanart. Not that I'm complaining because it led me here and I really like this site. There's not a ton of art here, but it's really solid stuff, very sharp and professional looking when the artist really tries. And, yeah, it helped that the artist's Nia is totally cute and her Kamina/Yoko illustration was really hot and even her oekaki was pretty rocking. I loved pretty much every piece on the site. ♥ (Some Kamina/Yoko, some Simon/Nia, some gen.)

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