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- Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann - fingertips by Arislan - [Note: SPOILERS for much of the series, both in this fic and in this rec. Don't read if you're not at least up to episode 16!] One of the reasons I hesitate over Kamina/Simon is because there wasn't really any time for it to have happened, Simon was so young at the time. But the potential still lingered for me somehow, that certain something that tugged at me. What this fic does, set from Simon's perspective several years into the future, thinking back on Kamina for awhile, is skate that thin line between something and unbelievability, because I don't think Kamina would have done anything with such a young Simon. The feelings of the piece, the memories that float back to Simon's mind, the little touches, all of it are beautifully done, the tone of the fic is lovely and it makes my fangirl heart twinge just like it was supposed to. The little moments with Nia just make the fic that much sweeter (or, perhaps, bittersweet), as Simon isn't torn apart by it anymore, simply that he's remembering with wistfulness and a little sadness. Lovely. It was exactly what I was hoping for from fandom. (Some Kamina/Simon, some Simon/Nia.)

Gurren Lagann: Touch by kittyling - asdl;fkjaslkj;as so I don't read much Gurren-Lagann fic because I'm not really sure what I want out of fandom (and fanart is usually so much easier) but I saw Simon/Viral and NC-17 and I kind of love this pairing almost as much as I love other Simon pairings and this fic hit just the right notes perfect. Awkward prison sex (that was actually kind of hot, for all that it wasn't really that graphic) and a beautiful ending and just a;sldkfja;lskj man I want to go back to GL fandom again. (Simon/Viral, hard R to light NC-17.)

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