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- Gundam Wing - K2dokuhonkan on the Web [ Japense Fan Art Site ] - It's been a long time since I went searching for GW fanart, but for some reason I was in the mood for it this morning... which makes me very glad I stumbled onto this page. It's one of those sites that could easily be (colored) doujinshi, the kind that GW is so famous for. The thing that set this site apart for me (and what made me sit up and take notice about their banner) was the eyes. Duo and Heero's eyes are not only well-drawn, but they almost seem to glow they're so vibrant in certain images. Combine that with nice coloring (I love the more muted shades of brighter colors... oh, you know what I mean), prettily drawn hair, and a ton of skill, and you have a site that I adore. Note: Be sure to check out the hit counter section for more lovely art. (HeeroxDuo.)

- Gundam Wing - Asia's Endless Orbit 999 - Wing Page [ Japanese/English Fan Art Site ] - Asia's art is one of those sites I remember being around back when I first got into Gundam Wing, and it still remains one of the best. Her art is just flat-out amazing and she's definitely one of the best out there. There's a Heero/Duo poster in her gallery that, no matter how many times I see it, still awes me. Just... fantastic, fantastic site. (HeeroxDuo-ish.)

- Gundam Wing - Flower Children [ Japense Fan Art Site ] - The art can be a bit hard to find, but check out sections like the archives (museum), which will lead you to past layouts which have both adorable top layouts and links to the gallery that should work; there are also some illustrations in the treasure and request sections. Anyway. Goodness, there's some adorable chibi-esque art on this site! XD There's also some gorgeous, gorgeous art tucked in here and there. While not all of the art is to my taste, I suggest hunting through the site to find those that will suit yours. When they're done right, I especially love the colors and the way the artist draws the hair. Preeeeeetty. +_+ (Eugh. Crappy blurb. >_>) (DuoxHeero.)

- Gundam Wing - Ponderosa's Corner [ Fan Art Site ] - Actually, this was the site that got me started on GW fanart this morning. Ponderosa does a really nice, clean style that reminds me of the original anime style quite a bit--in a good way, mind. The two things I liked about this artist (beyond the pretty art) is the nice focus on 1x2/2x1 (^_^v) and the sense of humor she puts into so many of them. The #5000 hit just cracks me up. ^_^ (1x2/2x1-centric, but other characters and pairings occasionally show up.)

- Gundam Wing - Sean-nos Cyber Project [ Japense Fan Art Site ] - Sean-nos is one of the first Japanese fanart sites I remember visiting... and it's still one of my favorite GW fanart sites out there. She does incredible things with CG and has created these incredible storylines with gorgeous art. I think a lot of it has been taken down over time, which is too bad as I can't find some of my favorites, but there's still a ton of stuff here, and several of my favorites are still here. Sometimes her style can make the characters look a little goofy, but then you get to that one group image of them all sleeping... and it's jaw-droppingly gorgeous. (And I absolutely, completely, utterly adore the way she draws Relena, too.) Just... this will always be one of my favorite GW fanart sites. (Some HeeroxDuo.)

- Inu-Yasha/Gundam Wing - INE-NET [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I had to rec this site for what they've done to Heero. *giggles* (I suppose it wasn't so bad for me because I've seen that doujinshi before.) That aside, the art can sometimes be mediocre, and then sometimes it can be really damned good. There were a couple of Inu-Yasha illustrations that I really liked, and a bunch of GW illustrations that kept me happy. ^_^v (And the little chibi Inu-Yasha and Miroku icons/sprites/whatever at the top of the Inu-Yasha section were TOO CUTE!) (Some Inu-YashaxKagome, HeeroxDuo... possibly DuoxHeero. Not sure.)

- Scryed/Gundam Wing - Cosmo Lass [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The art on this site isn't the type that'll absolutely blow you away, but it is very solidly drawn and there are a lot of really cool illustration concepts floating around that are very, very well done... like this one. The real appeal, however, is that there's a lot of art here to wind your way through, giving a good fix for the addiction. (HeeroxDuo, RyuhouxKazuma.)

- Gundam Wing - Ash [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - .....I was pretty sure I was going to like this site right from the first illustration of Duo on the splash page--it reminds me of a doujinshika (I originally wanted to say Azumi Tohru, but I don't think she's who I'm thinking of.) that I really liked. As I was going through the gallery, there was this illustration of Duo with his shirt open and a chained cuff around one hand that's just beautiful, especially that gorgeous, gorgeous hair of his, and I just completely fell in love--the matching Heero illustration is beautiful as well. It's been so long since I've found a site with 1x2 that's pretty enough for me to love (I have very high standards when it comes to GW, because I'm so burnt out) and this one so qualifies. Gorgeous characters, gorgeous lines, gorgeous colors, gorgeous shading, gorgeous everything, and I babble in my love for this site. *_* (HeeroxDuo, TrowaxWufei.)

- Gundam Wing - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *big, huge, shining eyes* Oh, my god, this is the prettiest GW art I've come across in a long while and... just... wow are the illustrations gorgeous. I swoon with their beauty. The artist uses a CG style and she does this gorgeous Heero and this adorable Duo, but it's when she draws them together that I just fell over in lust with the illustrations. They're just... incredible. *___* The colors she uses are beautiful, just these gorgeous shades, the poses wonderful and heart-warming without being sappy, and just... she captures the feeling of the pairing and makes me float around the room with how happy they make me. Geh. I am incoherent with love for this site. (HeeroxDuo.)

- Gundam Wing - Seventh Sunshine [ Korean Fan Art Site ] - Oh, it's been too, too long since I've come across a GW site like this, one that I really adored so much. In a lot of ways, the artist's style reminds me of some of the better doujinshi out there, especially her coloring, detail level, and obvious skill in drawing the characters. The art is often times very cute (there's a set of chibis of the entire cast that's just so! fricking! CUTE! XD) and sometimes it's more serious--there are a couple of illustrations of Duo clinging to Heero that just made me go *___*. Especially, the one in the ocean, it was lovely. There's also a fabulous one with Duo with black wings and of Heero and Duo in fuzzy shirts... so, yeah, overall, this site was just REALLY NICE, even if their eyes did occasionally remind me of Minekura's art style. ^_~ (Some HeeroxDuo.)

- Gundam Wing - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I didn't really mean to get on a GW kick this morning, but I found a couple of sites that I rather liked and so what the hell. XD I, of course, am very partial to 1x2 sites (Oddly enough, 1x2 seems to get the most pretty doujinshi, whereas 1xR gets the most pretty fanart, I'm not sure what's with that. ^_~) so I was prone to liking this site, but there were several illustrations that were just... friggin cute! Half of the art here was a sort of chibi-esque style that I waffled on at first, but the more I saw of it, the more I really quite liked it. (The current top illustration is a good example of it.) Not all of the art is to my particular taste, but the colors are really well-done and some of the occasional illustrations are less chibi-ish and more doujinshi-like, which were niiiiice. Not so much for the prettypretty factor, but for the intensity and feeling they evoked. Plus, there's this one of Heero holding a scraped up Duo in the rain that made me fangirl quite a lot because the lines of it are fantastic and the colors just perfect. *__* (HeeroxDuo.)

- Gundam Wing - The Second Cage [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't originally going to rec this site, because I wasn't crazy about all of the art, but I liked enough of it that I kept clicking... and the further I got into the gallery, the harder I fell in love with the art. Oddly enough, while the artist seems more fond of 1x2, I was initially drawn to her 3x2 fanart more, which was just... nice. There's one of Trowa reading on the couch with Duo look like he's about to climb into his lap that I just loved. There are also several single-character illustrations where the artist is really on the ball and her art strengthens up to be not quite sketchy, but just a hint of delicate-ness to the characters that I really liked. But the real highlight was the rough sketches--the artist style works so very, very well when she's doing sketchy work--there's one of Heero just about to kiss Duo that takes my breath away. *__* Then there was the gorgeous one of Duo glomping Trowa and the fantasty sketches (I loved the one of Heero... can I have him? Please?) and the group illustrations were FANTASTIC. I was very, very glad to stumble over this site this morning. ♥ (Some 1x2, some 3x2, some other x2 pairings.)

- One Piece/Gundam Wing - HUSH [ Korean (?) Fanart Site ] - The more I went through the Gundam Wing gallery, the more I started to think that'd I'd been here before, because some of the older GW art looked really familiar. However, the One Piece art was new to me and I don't recall having this page on my GW recs page, so, onto the list it goes! XD This artist's real strength is twofold, I think--her colors are LOVELY and she has a real knack for poses. There's one of Zoro and Sanji in the rain where they're not really even DOING anything, Zoro's just leaning towards Sanji's back and yet it was one of the most intimate illustrations I'd seen in awhile. Her Heero and Duo are much the same--they never really DO much (occasionally there's a kiss or they're laying with their arms draped across each other), but there's this lovely, lovely sense of intimacy between them. Plus, she puts them both in the St. Gabriel (I think?) uniforms, which I LOVE seeing them both in. 1x2 as schoolboys? Yum. :9 The other thing she's really good at is the way Duo and Sanji's EYES stand out; they're these vivid shades that look just amazing. The characters don't necessarily always look like themselves, but I found I didn't care because the colors were so good, the poses were so fitting, and they were just pretty! ♥ (ZoroxSanji, HeeroxDuo.)

- Gundam Wing - Mirror Age [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I come across GW art at the oddest times and this was no exception... but damn, how did I miss this artist before? Her work is absolutely stunning in just about every aspect. Her lines are incredible, her colors are fantastic, her poses are gorgeous, and her details are wonderful. Just... Heero and Duo are gorgeous here and she captures exactly what I'm looking for in fanart--not too shoujo-esque, not too shounen-esque, but somewhere in the middle that's just... pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty, I can't say it any better than that. And there's this one of them kissing in the rain at sunset... it just takes my breath away. And then there's the beautiful light and airy one of them on the steps. And then there's the gorgeous one of them with rifles and pistols that just looks SO COOL. Not to mention that the tarot card series is, like, the most gorgeous thing ever. *__* .......the art here is sending me into an incoherent tizzy, that's how pretty it is. *__* Note: Be sure to scout around a bit, there's a couple of hits/gifts galleries that have still more gorgeous art. (Heero/Duo.)

- Scryed/Gundam Wing - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *blinks* Is this page not on my Scryed recs page? Bwuh? This is one of my favorite Scryed sites because the art is just... it's pretty! The artist does one of my favorite kind of CG styles--it's not overly clunky, instead the lines are cleaner and smoother, the colors more subtle, and it looks very professionally done. The lines and the inking are fabulous, but the artist also just draws really cute illustrations sometimes and really smutty ones other times. Very, very pretty smut sometimes. *__* There's a slight kink factor running through the art, but I can't find myself minding too much because they're so pretty. .....bah, my rec for this site sucks, which is too bad, because the art here is lovely and are my favorite pairings for each series, which always makes me happy to see pretty art of. XD;; ♥♥ (Heero/Duo, Ryuhou/Kazuma, some content warning.)

- Gundam Wing - Style Y [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't even really remember how I got onto a GundamW fanart site today, I think I may have been looking for Tales of the Abyss art and there was a GundamW section and a links page and... well, here I was. And I feel like I've been to this site before, but I can't find it on my links page, so.... What I really love about this artist, what really makes me remember her art, is that she's got these incredibly sharp, clean lines that put tons of detail into her images, especially their hair, omg. And I love her b&w stuff, but she also does fantastic things with color, I love looking at both Heero and Duo's vivid eyes in any given picture. And her stuff is totally the shounen-ai fluffy variety, but she draws it so well that I don't mind. Duo's hair is long and streaming, Heero and Duo often are cozy together, her comics are fantastically solid and could probably be actual doujinshi (I would imagine it probably was, actually) and there's a LOT of them, and there's even a Relena image tucked away in the oekaki galleries. All things that make me feel warm and fuzzy. ♥ (Heero/Duo.)

- Gundam Wing - AJISAIKA [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I know I've been to this site before. And I could have sworn I would have recommended it because I really liked it. But I can't find it anywhere and so if I end up recommending it twice... well. But it has Heero and Duo in Preventer uniforms and I love those outfits and am tremendously weak to them, so I was likely to be fond towards this site in the first place, but then there was a lot more art than I was expecting and a lot of was doujinshi style chibis that made me all nostalgic for the height of my GW obsession days. But what really won me over the most were the sketches, especially the more recent ones (most notably the last two pages of her rough sketches) because you can see how lovely her art is shaping up to be, her sketches, with the softer colors she uses, are really nice and I would love to see more from this artist these days. *__* (Heero/Duo.)

- Gundam Wing - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't think this site will be for everyone and I think a lot of what I liked about it is that the images are just so cute and I've grown weak to certain things in fandom. But this site has my eternal love for the series of Heero/Duo chibi-esque images from each month, showing them in Halloween costumes or in Santa outfits or raking leaves or walking home from a festival or walking in the rain and they're all SO ADORABLE with this really neat style of splashing light color here and there in mostly b&w images. When done right, I really like that. But there's also a lot more art on the site, all with the same chibi-esque style, but just so... happy when they're dressing up in various costumes or clothing and it'sll just so cute that I want to scoop them up and take them home with me. ♥ ♥ ♥ (Heero/Duo.)

- Gundam Wing - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Right from the very first image I came across on this site, a beautiful image of Heero and Duo hugging, done in this really fantastic anime cel style, I had a suspicion that I was going to love this site. Good GundamW art can be hard to find these days because the series is so old, but every once in awhile I still come across a site that makes the hours of combing through them worthwhile. And this is one of those, because the images are so bright and vivid and pretty and there is an utterly hot one of Heero and Duo in the shower kissing and omg yes plz. There's also a fantasy style image, there's another kissing image, and so on, all of them in that lovely cel-style coloring that I love when it's done right. There's even an oekaki board! I ♥ this site quite a lot. (Heero/Duo, some not safe for work content occasionally.)

- Gundam Wing - ELECTRIC HEAT [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, the art on this site is so pretty. It's a combination of really good lineart together with some really neat coloring that can just sort of shimmer and some really awesome detail that just do it for me. I especially love the way the characters' hands are drawn, but their faces and eyes and hair are also terrific. There's also this one of both Heero and Duo shirtless (well, Duo might as well be) and it's just. Wow, it's gorgeous and completely hot and I would like more of this, please! Or more of them making out on the bed or about to make out on the couch with their clothes half off and all that shiny hair and little details and as;ldfkjasldk this is what I love. Fantastic site, especially for GundamW. ♥ (Heero/Duo.)

- Gundam Wing - PINKSROUTA [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I went back and forth on this site a little, slowly winding my way through the galleries, kind of liking the artist's b&w style. I'm not sure when I was won over, sometime during the oekaki pages, I imagine, because her Duo is just... he grew on me. She draws him in a way that really resonates with me, cheerful on the surface, maybe something else lingering underneath. And then you add in the Heero/Duo nature of a lot of her art and I just... I like this art. I like the messy feel of it and the way it makes Duo's hair look. I like the way she draws all of the pilots and tucks images away in the galleries, I like that the first page of art I saw was a series of the five pilots very nicely drawn. I like that her Heero and Duo can be soldiers together sometimes or they can be just happy kissing sometimes. (Heero/Duo.)

- Gundam Wing - Wing-Layer [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is a site that I could almost swear I've been to before, but a scan through my fanart links couldn't turn it up. Maybe it just got a new URL, so I can't find it or maybe I've been here before but not reccommended it (that seems unlikely) or maybe I'm just hallucinating. So, if this is a re-rec... well, there's art from 2007 on the site, so it may be worth another visit. Even a year ago, this artist was drawing some really impressive stuff, the level of detail is fantastic and I love the way she draws Heero and Duo's hair/eyes especially. Or the chibis! Her series of the pilots + Relena as chibis are so cute omg. And, holy hell, there's this one of Duo about to punch someone/something, where he's got this intense expression on his face, and it's so hot because Duo is totally badass sometimes, too. There's some truly beautiful art on the site, even the sketches are just gorgeous. It's not just a good site for GundamW, it's a good site period. ♥ (Heero/Duo, a lot of gen on the site, too.)

- Gundam Wing - Cielo de lluvia [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was looking for Relena fanart the other night and this led me to this site, despite that it's not really that much of a Relena-centric site. (I think maybe I was just randomly hopping through the GundamW search engine and stumbled over a site I hadn't seen before. But it started as looking for Relena art.) The art is really interesting, there are times when it's quite canon-like, then other times it's very fanart, rather creative instead. There are a handful of gorgeous Duo illustrations on the site (the Dead or Alive one is one of my favorites) and there are some really wonderful Christmas illustrations (perfect for the time of year when I visited the site) and it was actually entirely coincidental that the site had 1x2 art on it... but it really, really didn't hurt my feelings. ♥ (Some Heero/Duo, a lot of gen.)

- Gundam Wing - eses [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist has a kind of messy style, everything is loose, light sketchy lines and light colors, but I found that it really kinda worked for me. By the time I got to the illustration of little tiny Heero and Duo (in adorable cat ears no less!) chewing on a giant strawberry, I was pretty much sold. The style isn't going to be for everyone, as I said, the art is kind of all over the place and very messy, but if you don't mind that, there's some really neat art here. It's mostly Heero/Duo art here, but there are a handful of Wufei/Duo illustrations, which isn't a pairing I usually go for, but I somehow wound up really kinda being interested in this artist's take on them, who knows why. This was a fun little site. (Heero/Duo, some Wufei/Duo.)

- Gundam Wing - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I snatched the link for this one off Sharon's journal, intrigued because of the Relena art (which there is not enough of in fandom... or fic *complains*) and also totally in the mood for some Heero/Duo art and I don't think I'd seen this site before? I wasn't sure how I was going to take the site, but as soon as I got to the fantasy illustrations (which I am incredibly weak to), I was kind of sold. And the further you get into the gallery, the stronger the artist gets and I really love the artist's Heero, he has these incredibly intense, sharp eyes that fit his character really well. *__* The artist also has a section for chick!Duo and it's actually kind of really cool, you can tell how much fun she had with all of that. Also! Going through the p-diary art is fun, there's a lot of extra little oekaki and sketches! ♥ (Heero/Duo, some NSFW art in the under gallery.)

- Gundam Wing/Rurouni Kenshin - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was really sort of on the fence about this site for a long time, I just wasn't that sure about it and not everything was working for me. And I'm not sure how it'll go over with other people. But what kept me sticking around and eventually winning me over was a handful of illustrations that were actually really kind of super pretty, the colors would come together just right and there was just enough detail and it... just worked nicely. Quatre especially tended to get some really pretty art, but there was also a really cool one of Treize/Zechs and some interesting Heero/Duo art. So. Eventually I caved. XD As for the RK art, I took a lot less time to fall, mostly because I was already warmed up to the site and its style, but alt more sole it feels like the RK art was a lot more solid. There's a lot of really cool Shishio art, some really nice Aoshi art, some interesting takes on Kenshin and Sano, and it's the kind of site that makes me want to pick the manga back up after only getting halfway through it previously. ....and, okay, I was weak to the Sano/Kenshin art, which often got kind of really pretty. *__* (No real pairing themes, maybe a little more Heero/Duo and Trowa/Quatre than anything else, but it's largely a gen site, I'd say. Some pairings for RK, maybe some Sano/Kenshin, a lot of various ones, and some gen.)

- Gundam Wing - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me about .5 seconds to fall in love with this site because asdl;kfjasl;kjs cute chibis that are actually well-done? DO WANT. ♥ The art on this site is super adorable just on its own strengths, but when you add in the adorable factor, especially with Duo usually being all :D about everything? SO ADORABLE, I can hardly stand it. The early stuff is just cute, but you get further and further into the gallery and you start to see the artist's work really tighten up, to the point that it's not just because it's Heero/Duo or chibis that I recommending this site. But I won't lie, the cuteness and the pairing is a big factor in the keyboard mashing reaction I want to have to this site. I think it's a good one for people who're fans of the pairing, especially those that don't mind a rather girly Duo. But it's fanart, so I totally relax and just enjoy the ride and delight in the cute. :D There are chibis there! :D (Heero/Duo.)

- Gundam Wing - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't even remember how I got here, just that I suddenly found myself in the middle of a bunch of cute as hell little Heero and Duo scribbles. Seriously, some of their little chibi FACES are so freaking adorable that I could just about explode. The one of Heero leaning against Duo's back while his hair is down! Or the one where Duo's pouncing for a piggy back ride! The pokemon! I LOVED IT ALL. This site totally ramped up my weakness to cute little chibi things asdlk;fjaslkja ♥ (Heero/Duo.)

- Gundam Wing - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites that I have trouble believing I haven't come across before. I'm not sure if it's because the style is familiar or if I just feel like I should have seen every decent-sized Heero/Duo site by now, I'm not sure, but... well, I can't find it on my list of recs? Eh, well, either way. I was in the mood for more Gundam Wing art today and it never takes me long to gravitate back to the 1x2 art, especially when the artist has a lovely style. It's on the simple side in a lot of ways, it's probably a style that you have to already be a fan of the pairing to really thoroughly enjoy (or so I would suspect, but I am biased on these things), but I really loved this site a lot. As the artist goes along, you can see her work getting prettier and prettier--the final page of softly colored art is wonderful, especially the collage of Duo at different ages or the lovely b&w image where Duo asks Relena to dance while Heero is in the background. ....okay, I may be biased on that one, given how many kinks of mine it hits. I also enjoyed the comics a lot, giving this site a decent amount of art to go through. There's even the occasional piece of really cute Relena art! It's like this artist loves me. ♥ (Heero/Duo.)

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