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- Gundam Wing/Cardcaptor Sakura/Lord of the Rings - Izumi 01: The Fountain District [ Fan Art Site ] - I believe I've rec'd this site before, but it was probably for just the Gundam Wing stuff (which is the predominant series here) and I wanted to re-rec it because there are a lot of other series here as well. AlexeCinz's art style took me awhile to get used to (it's not a typical style), but once I did... she does some of the most gorgeous anime fanarts out there. I'm not really sure how to describe them, other than lush, gorgeous, beautiful, etc. It's also wonderful to see that she focuses on all the characters equally, and no blatant favoritism shows up. One of my absolute favorite GW sites. Ooh! And her Cardcaptor Sakura illustrations are gorgeous, too. Babble, babble, babble. (No single pairing theme, really.)

- Trigun/Gundam Wing/Dragonball Z - Chaotic Equlibrium [ Fan Art Site ] - Whee! This is one of those sites that has such a solid amount of skill to it that a lot of the illustrations really get up towards official art style. It's not my all-time favorite, as I personally prefer a more delicate manga approach, but that's a personal choice, and they've done a terrific job with the anime-style they went in the direction of. The Vash image in the colored section is gorgeous, too. +_+ (No warnings.)

- Weiss Kreuz/Scryed/Gundam Wing/Saiyuki/Hikaru no Go - Wind Climbing [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Eeee! So much cute art for so many series~! I don't even know where to start... but the art is really good and there's quite a bit of here. My favorite is probably the Scryed art, the artist did some gorgeous ones of Xeres and Mimori and a lovely one of Ryuhou and Kazuma. +_+ There's also other stuff here--a couple of really pretty Saiyuki illustrations, and, ooh~! Lots of prettypretty Hikago illustrations, too~!

.....aaaaaand I just found the WK section~! Ooohh, and good stuff here, too--probably one of the best Japanese WK sites I've seen. The artist has a lot of skill and does some really solid work with the colors and... it just makes me happy. (There's a really cute Ken one in the gallery that I quite liked. ^_^ Oooh, and preeeeetty Schuldich.... +_+) ....and I'll move on now. ^_~ (No real warnings.)

- Gundam Wing/Sailor Moon - Orin [ Fanartist ] - I didn't really plan to get sucked into the GW section, but I was doing a search for Dorothy fanart and damn. Orin has done this gorgeous series of fantasy-style illustrations for the characters that are so cool that I find myself loving the next one just as much as the last, despite my usual preference for certain characters. Though, the Dorothy one would probably have to be my favorite, just because kick-ass Dorothy fanart is a rarity. Though, the Quatre, Wufei, and Relena ones were great, too.... Oh, and the Usagi "Light of Hope" illustration is beautiful. +_+ (No pairings/warnings.)

- Gundam Wing - Ve+La+Te [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took all of one click in this gallery to know I was going to rec this site--it was the one of Duo in a bar with Howard as bartender and it just looked fantastic. The coloring and lines are very CG-style, but the kind that's done really well, nearly on a professional level. There are a few details that are a little off with the artist's proportions, but I found that I didn't much care because I really liked the feel of the art. Plus, the sprites are absolutely adorable. XD Gundam Wing is such a rare thing for me to find art that I really like for it that I kind of have to pounce on anything I find that's nicely drawn. So... here we go, I guess. XD (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Gundam Wing - Princes in Waiting by kokanshu - Oh, this is a lovely Relena piece, that captures so many things about her--elegance, caring, diplomacy and the hardships of that, more than I could convey in this short little rec. The writing is just right, it's one of those deceptively simple things that is smooth and clean, but carries a certain weight behind it that's almost breathtaking. This says so much more about Relena without having to say it than I possibly could. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gundam SEED/Gundam Wing - green company [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Noriko Satou is one of my favorite doujinshika ever, I own some of her work and it's just... I drool on myself and gibber a lot over her GundamW girls. Especially Relena, the way she draws the characters in a shoujo-esque way, all lace and old world European clothing and ruffles and light colors and flowers. Easily my favorite GundamW doujinshika and I'd love to have more of her work. But she also does Gundam SEED, which makes me insanely happy because I love her delicate touch with the characters. She often puts them in formal clothing or draws the cute little twins as chibi witches or AU costumes, often with long, flowing hair and soft colors and, dude, there's an awesome one of "Destiny Note" with Kira dressed like, well, Kira and Cagalli as a sexy Ryuuku and, seriously, how is that not great? XD Beautiful, beautiful site. (Some Ashuran/Cagalli, some other het, a lot of gen. Largely gen-ish for GundamW.)

- Gundam Wing/One Piece - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, I didn't intend to look at the OP fanart on this site, I meant to skip right on over to the GundamW stuff, but... there was so much OP fanart and I was just going to go through a few of them and then there were a couple of uber-cute Zoro/Nami images (especially in the hit galleries omgggg ♥) and that pairing is a weakness of mine... and then somewhere along the way, it became a quietly solid, enjoyable site. The artis really does do a very cute Nami and some cute group pictures and adorable Zoro and Chopper images that are worth going through the site for. It's definitely a site with a cumulative effect and positive feelings because of a semi-rare pairing that I like, but there are some really nice images to be found here. It's similar with the GundamW art, where there's a lot of images of all the pilots and they're cute, but I also really enjoyed the Trowa/Duo a lot. :D (Some Zoro/Nami, some Zoro/Sanji, but a lot gen for OP. Trowa/Duo and some gen for GW.)

- Gundam Wing - Wing-Layer [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is a site that I could almost swear I've been to before, but a scan through my fanart links couldn't turn it up. Maybe it just got a new URL, so I can't find it or maybe I've been here before but not reccommended it (that seems unlikely) or maybe I'm just hallucinating. So, if this is a re-rec... well, there's art from 2007 on the site, so it may be worth another visit. Even a year ago, this artist was drawing some really impressive stuff, the level of detail is fantastic and I love the way she draws Heero and Duo's hair/eyes especially. Or the chibis! Her series of the pilots + Relena as chibis are so cute omg. And, holy hell, there's this one of Duo about to punch someone/something, where he's got this intense expression on his face, and it's so hot because Duo is totally badass sometimes, too. There's some truly beautiful art on the site, even the sketches are just gorgeous. It's not just a good site for GundamW, it's a good site period. ♥ (Heero/Duo, a lot of gen on the site, too.)

- Gundam Wing - Sloe Gin [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Man, what GundamW fanart sites will reduce me to. But this artist does such a hot Duo! The colors are those vivid, almost glowing colors that I'm so weak towards and her Duo is really kind of badass and her Quatre is bright and airy and I've been dying for some new GundamW fanart. Her Duo is these long, lean lines and, okay, I suspect I wouldn't recognize him half of the time without the braid, but he's pretty and I think that's the important thing here. There's one where he's got a bloody scrape on his face as he stands in the rain and that illustration sort of epitomizes why I couldn't resist this site, because it's such a beautiful image, even if I have to squint to see Duo in it. Not that this is a criticism, by the way, it's simply that my view of the characters differ from the artist's, but I still see how lovely her art is. (Duo/Quatre, some gen if you step carefully.)

- Gundam Wing - Cielo de lluvia [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was looking for Relena fanart the other night and this led me to this site, despite that it's not really that much of a Relena-centric site. (I think maybe I was just randomly hopping through the GundamW search engine and stumbled over a site I hadn't seen before. But it started as looking for Relena art.) The art is really interesting, there are times when it's quite canon-like, then other times it's very fanart, rather creative instead. There are a handful of gorgeous Duo illustrations on the site (the Dead or Alive one is one of my favorites) and there are some really wonderful Christmas illustrations (perfect for the time of year when I visited the site) and it was actually entirely coincidental that the site had 1x2 art on it... but it really, really didn't hurt my feelings. ♥ (Some Heero/Duo, a lot of gen.)

- Gundam Wing/Rurouni Kenshin - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was really sort of on the fence about this site for a long time, I just wasn't that sure about it and not everything was working for me. And I'm not sure how it'll go over with other people. But what kept me sticking around and eventually winning me over was a handful of illustrations that were actually really kind of super pretty, the colors would come together just right and there was just enough detail and it... just worked nicely. Quatre especially tended to get some really pretty art, but there was also a really cool one of Treize/Zechs and some interesting Heero/Duo art. So. Eventually I caved. XD As for the RK art, I took a lot less time to fall, mostly because I was already warmed up to the site and its style, but alt more sole it feels like the RK art was a lot more solid. There's a lot of really cool Shishio art, some really nice Aoshi art, some interesting takes on Kenshin and Sano, and it's the kind of site that makes me want to pick the manga back up after only getting halfway through it previously. ....and, okay, I was weak to the Sano/Kenshin art, which often got kind of really pretty. *__* (No real pairing themes, maybe a little more Heero/Duo and Trowa/Quatre than anything else, but it's largely a gen site, I'd say. Some pairings for RK, maybe some Sano/Kenshin, a lot of various ones, and some gen.)

- Gundam Wing - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I had the strongest urge to go looking up Gundam Wing art tonight (I guess it really is Return of the Old Fandoms week for me lately) and I was just sort of puttering around, not really expecting to find anything new, when I stumbled over a link to this site. And omg is that art I've never seen before!? What got me was that the first link I clicked onto was this incredibly ADORABLE Halloween image with every little chibi in costume and I think they got nearly all of the main pilots and girls into this image! There's a lot of cute chibi art and, hell, even if the traditional het pairings aren't my usual cup of tea, I love the g-girls enough that I just want art of them! And this site provides that nicely--there's even Dorothy art! Dorothy art! I almost never see that! There's not a ton here, but it's in chibi form half of the time and the aritst uses lovely, bright colors and it was just fun to see. I really enjoyed stumbling over this. ♥ (Some Quatre/Dorothy, a little other het, half gen.)

  - Gundam Wing - [ Tegaki Account ] - There are only about a dozen GundamW submissions from this artist, but! Duo with a kitten! Or with his hair down! Or Heero being super intense and hot! Or the series of black & white images of Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei that have really lovely, sharp lineart that I love. Oh and Duo in a Preventers uniform, which is really high up there on my list of GundamW Things I Love. So, there may not be a ton of art here, but it's lovely, sharply done work that makes me wish the artist were still drawing and has some of my favorite things and is just a really nice addition to my collection. I could hardly ask for more. I mean, besides Heero/Duo makeouts. But we can't get everything we want. XD (No warnings/pairings.)

  - Gundam Wing - [ Tegaki Account ] - This artist probably has a bit more than the previous rec I did today, but it's still a fairly small account and I'm recommending it because I cherish what GundamW artwork comes my way and because it's solidly done work. While the art tends to be more cutesy, sometimes Duo looks really good in a lot of detail or there's a Heero/Duo hug that might be quite makeouts but I will still totally accept or simple Duo sketches that are somehow lovely to me or even the occasional adorable chibi. I'm with this artist in Duo being my favorite character, you can tell how much affection they have for him by the focus on him and the attention to detail with him, which always fills me with happiness. Also, Heero/Duo hugs, yes plz. :D! (This is mostly a gen site.)

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