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- Gundam Wing - AQUARIUM [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Every so often I get an itch to see G-girls fanart, so I brave the wilds of the HeeroxRelena fansites to find pretty art... and damn. These illustrations are gorgeous--and if I say that.... ^_~ (Don't get me wrong, I adore Relena, but I intensely disagree with the 1xR pairing. Just saying. ^_^;; ) This one is quite possibly my favorite, and this one is lovely as well. Staring at these images again, I've figured out what they remind me of... they're a lot like Green Co./Sato Noriko's art. (Which, despite her fondness for 1xR, is my favorite GW doujinshika. Amazingly gorgeous work.) Just... damn. (I love that the site also has an adorable Yami no Matsuei kiriban illustration. +_+) One last one before I shut up... this is just beautiful. *___________* (Mainly HeeroxRelena.)

- Gundam Wing/Harry Potter/Hunter x Hunter/Saiyuki/Other - Blankpapers [ Fan Art Site ] - Okay, I would love this site just for the DuoxRelena fanart (such a very, very rare pairing), but the artist is very talented and very prolific, which is a great combination. ^_^v The illustrations have a very soft, almost romantic look to them, which I like a lot, aaaaaa~nd lots of G-girls fanart in the GW section! *hearts* There's also HP, Saiyuki, HxH, and even some X and Yamimatsu fanart, all with the same lovely soft colors and gorgeous eyes. (GW, traditional het pairings.)

- Yami no Matsuei/Gundam Wing/Cardcaptor Sakura - ssj10becky's fanart [ Fan Art Site ] - I was looking for new Yamimatsu fanart this morning and stumbled across this site, which has one of the single most beautiful TsuzukixHisoka illustrations I've ever seen... along with a fantastic Touya/Yukito image. *hearts* (And! She's done fanart for Lilas' writings, which means 1x2xR and 2xR! *whee!*) (1x2xR, 1xR, TouyaxYukito, and TsuzukixHisoka are the main themes/pairings.)

- Scryed/Gundam Wing - Angel Wing [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - .....damn. These are some amazing GW illustrations (*sigh* What I wouldn't give for just one of them to be a DuoxRelena fan. *sulk*) The drawings are just flat-out gorgeous, and the colors very rich and the drawings detailed... and just... this is why I will surf through 1xR fansites, for gorgeous Relena illustrations like these. I'm not as crazy about their Scryed art, but they're definitely one of the better artists out there that I've seen. So... lots of wonderful art. (HeeroxRelena, some RyuhouxMimori.)

- Scryed/Gundam Wing - Jekylle & Hyde [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - More RyuhouxMimori fanart that's really kinda cute. Though, I would have rec'd this site for the illustration of Myouji (I can never remember that idiot's name) shoving his hand through Mimori's chest ala the Sakurazukamori. ^_~ The Gundam Wing art is pretty cute, too, it has a nice sketch-like (I almost want to say "antique", but that's not right), soft, muted colors look to it. ^_^ (RyuhouxMimori, HeeroxRelena.)

- Gundam Wing - Kuso Yugi [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The reason I liked this site so much was that it had a nice gift gallery selection, so there were a lot of different styles by different artists to see, many of which were very talented. So... yeah, that's about it, lots of cool little illustrations from different artists, many of which I really liked. ^_^v (HeeroxRelena.)

- Gundam Wing - Ri [ Fanartist ] - I've seen Ri's "faces of" art before, but never the Relena one, which is, bar none, my favorite of the group. She's captured the various ways Relena is portrayed in the fandom and blended them all together, and it's a really cool picture... and the Pink Goblin part of the illustration cracks me the hell up. Ri also does some lovely other illustrations, and I'm especially fond of the 2xR stuff, which is really creative and pretty. There's also a Trowa illustration that's gorgeous. +_+ (Li'l bit DuoxRelena, but not too much.)

- Gundam Wing/Gad Guard - V-GARDEN [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Dammit, I didn't want to be won over by this site, but... but... but... but... it has a Duo x Relena illustration! And it's pretty! And the artist has Gad Guard fanart! And they're pretty! I was sunk when I saw her gorgeous illustration of Katana (the group ones are cute, but it's that one of him himself that's the most stunning), it just... amazingly pretty. Plus, the artist does a gorgeous Relena and I'm always weak for a beautifully drawn Relena. The art is very... in synch with canon, I think, in her lines and the faces/hair of the characters, but she puts her own spin on the clothes and poses, very... upbeat and fun and just a touch whacky, I think. But it works well and the overall effect on the site is very pretty. Plus! GAD GUARD art! *twirls* (Some 1xR, 2xH, and that one 2xR that made me cave.)

- Gundam Wing - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I had the strongest urge to go looking up Gundam Wing art tonight (I guess it really is Return of the Old Fandoms week for me lately) and I was just sort of puttering around, not really expecting to find anything new, when I stumbled over a link to this site. And omg is that art I've never seen before!? What got me was that the first link I clicked onto was this incredibly ADORABLE Halloween image with every little chibi in costume and I think they got nearly all of the main pilots and girls into this image! There's a lot of cute chibi art and, hell, even if the traditional het pairings aren't my usual cup of tea, I love the g-girls enough that I just want art of them! And this site provides that nicely--there's even Dorothy art! Dorothy art! I almost never see that! There's not a ton here, but it's in chibi form half of the time and the aritst uses lovely, bright colors and it was just fun to see. I really enjoyed stumbling over this. ♥ (Some Quatre/Dorothy, a little other het, half gen.)

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