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- Gundam Wing - Desire by Jan - you know how hard it is for me to find 13x6 fic that I actually like? (Not that I look all that hard, mind, I tend to get discouraged easily.) This was... one of those rare stories that was so perfectly them as I see them that I'm over the moon for it. Treize was elegant, but without being cliche about it, Zechs was an actual person, rather than the two-dimensional character a lot of authors like to make him, and their relationship was... it was attraction and respect and fondness and elegance and soldier-esque and all the vague things I associate with these two characters. They're old friends, they care so much about each other, they need each other, but not in the sappy sort of way that makes me roll my eyes, they were the characters I remember from the series. Plus, the sex? *fans self* Gorgeous sex. Gorgeous writing, gorgeous characterization, gorgeous sex, gorgeous everything. And I really can't be enthusiastic enough for this story. *fangirls* (TreizexZechs, NC-17.)

- Gundam Wing - Technicality by Jan - Every so often, there are these stories that just get to me, because they're exactly the kind of thing I wanted/needed for a pair--more than just reaffirming a connection between one alive/one dead character, it's done in such a way that fits together with the canon and give me a little bit of hope in my fangirl heart. Which is a vague way of saying that more than just the gorgeous writing and fantastic characterization (Oh, the OZ characters so rarely get this kind of sharp, clear writing that actually does them justice. I can't decide which one I love more, both so human and three-dimensional even in such a short fic, yet still so... amazing and depthful. ....SHUT UP, I LIKE THESE TWO SO I'M GOING TO BABBLE.) and the intensely hot blowjob, it made me happy by the end, without being in a denial sort of way. Which is something I really love--to incorporate the canon as it is, but still have an ending that eases the hurt of it. Blah, blah, blah, Barbie Shipper fangirl squealing about her beloved pairing, blah, blah, blah, just go read, Jan's fic is way better than this rec anyway, which you should know by now. (Treize/Zechs, NC-17 content.)

- Gundam Wing - Forgiven by Jan - One of the few complaints I have about GundamW is the way Treize's story ended, even as powerful as it was and how much I agree that it probably had to happen that way. So I like fic like this, the kind that goes AU after the ending, that gives me the Treize/Zechs ending I wanted post-series. I like the way it's set up, the way it's not about setting up this huge, detailed post-series situation that lets Treize live, instead the details are vague and unimportant, allowing the fic to focus on the emotional impact of Treize standing on Zech's doorstep, which makes it work that much better. Zechs' reaction to seeing him again, the returning intimacy, the thoughts that run through Zechs' head, the regrets he has, all of it made me feel that much better about the GundamW ending. (Treize/Zechs.)

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