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- Gundam Wing - Mechanics of Control by MadamHydra - It's been one of those weeks for me where I'm indulging in a lot of nostalgia and going back over fics that I'd read a long time ago, long before I'd started a recs page. MadamHydra was one of the few GW authors (or any authors) that I would drop whatever else I was doing when I noticed she had posted a new part of something and run to read it. And, of course, when I was done, promptly writhe around on the floor in agony, shrieking, "Nooooo! She can't end it there!! *screech*" MoC is... one of those rare, rare dark fics that is just effing awesome, because it doesn't shy away from the nastier edges, but isn't just about angstangstpretentiousangst. The psychological effects she puts forward in this fic remain with me to this day, I remember just being absolutely awestruck at the way she wrote what was happening to these characters and shivering happily because she pushed the exact right buttons for me in her writing..

Plus! MadamHydra included damn near every character into this story, she gave so many different characters important things to do, she could string words together in such a way that it left me horribly envious and... just... she wrote the epitome of what I wanted to see in Heero and Duo. When I think of Gundam W fic that makes me happy, when I think of what I want to read, when I think of what I want to recommend to others... this is the absolute first story that comes to mind. ....and that was really a horrible rec for what is probably my single most favorite GW fic ever. (HeeroxDuo, TrowaxQuatre, dark themes, graphic content.)

- Gundam Wing - Losing to Relena Darlian, Losing to Heero Yuy, and Losing to Duo Maxwell by Demeter - This trilogy of stories produced an interesting effect in me, way back when I first read them, and I find they still hold true even when I reread them today. The first story is an interesting little thing in that it's a reveral of the usual "Psychotic Relena Finds Out" fic, wherein Heero is the OOC pyshco trying to hold onto Duo, when it's obvious he's meant to be with someone else. It was an illustration to show why those other fics can be so frustrating and it created a really interesting story just on that level. The other thing that's interesting to me is that I was torn pretty heavily with this fic--to pull for Duo to go with Relena or Heero? I kept thinking, "Duo! Go with Relena! She loves you and she'll make you happy and it'll be wonderful!" and then two seconds later I would think, "WAH! No! Go with Heero! He LOVES YOU, you idiot! Heero!" and then two seconds later I would start the circle all over again. XD When a fic can get a reaction like that out of me, I definitely consider it a success. Plus, like all Demeter's work, the writing is absolutely lovely. (DuoxRelena, HeeroxDuo.)

- Gundam Wing/Yuu Yuu Hakusho - The Death Arc by White Cat, Shirin, Kuwabara no Miko, and Talya Firedancer - Oooh, this rec is going to suck, I can tell that even before I sit down to write it. (Part of the problem being that it's been years since I originally read this series.) But... I wanted to write a rec for this series because it was one of the first that got me into Gundam Wing, as I was obsessed with Yuu Yuu Hakusho at the time and read it just for that, even if the GW characters are the main-main focus of the series. The authors involved were really and truly wonderful writers and I just... I fell so very hard for this story, just devoured this story, because... meh, I told you this rec was going to suck. =_=

When I was first getting into Gundam Wing, there weren't a lot of longer stories out there, because it was still a very young series and we didn't have the luxury of digisubs that we have now. So a story like this was something I could actually sink my teeth into--and not only that it was good. The plot was good, the characterizations were good, and Heero and Duo sparkled and I adored them. The crossover was actually done really, really, really well and in a believable way (as several of the YYH characters are going to be long-lived/immortal). One of the things I remember most was the way I was just entranced with Heero's reaction to his own history being uncovered through their adventures. The way his relationship with Duo blossomed and the way Botan was just... sparkling and I adored her so much. So... in summary, this is one of those stories that I will always be fond of because it was one of the first I read and one of the ones that helped to make me fall in love with both sets of characters. (Some Botan+Duo, HeeroxDuo, probably some hints of Trowa+Quatre.)

- Gundam Wing - Road Trip by Sunhawk - Oh. Oh. Oh. What I have been looking for. Duo and Heero being tough as nails Gundam pilots, but still with the more human sides to them, with the yaoi vibage and just... oh, goodness, the details the author put into the fic about their mission, the writing which was just perfect, and the characterization. Oh, my god, I haven't enjoyed a Gundam W fic like this is so very, very long. It's just... holy shit, this was good. My favorite thing is that Duo was intelligient and resourceful--I had just been writing a rant that I wanted to this exact thing and then the Universe deigned to gift me with this gem and I am just flying high because of it. I think by chapter four I was ready to cry from this whole... sensation of being wound up and ready to just snap because the fic had me on edge in exactly the way it was supposed to. I also adored Wufei's characterization in this fic--this is the Wufei I love. And the Heero/Duo... oh, my god, this is my dream 1x2. *cries happy tears* It just... touched me. It was just... this big mess of complicated issues and reactions and mindsets and what being a soldier does to you and what what they went through does to you and it was about two young men who cared about each other and a group of young men that had gone through so much together and yet weren't sappy about it and it was just... this big tangle of things that was perfectly written. I'm so, so impressed. And I'm sorry this rec sucks so much, but I really was just so shocked to find a story like this. (A little bit 1x2, background 3x4.)

- Gundam Wing - The Drums of Heaven by Zefyr - (Note: I've been reading this fic for about two weeks now and have only gotten to chapter 30 out of 50. I don't care, I want to write my rec now. Massive, massive thanks to for being the one to point it out. *fawns*) Okay, you know how there's an entire ocean of Gundam Wing fanfiction out there and that a lot of it is really good or really satisfying or really fun or really squee-worthy? But that there's not a lot of fic that's absolutely perfect if you're a really picky bitch like me? So when you do find that one fic that has it all, you're just completely entranced? You see where I'm going with this. I almost hesitate to babble too much because I don't want to build it up, it's just... this is exactly what I wanted when I asked for recommendations for GW fic.

There is an honest to god plot here and it's not glossed over or just the backdrop for smooshy romance and yet neither is the smooshy romance (which really isn't smooshy at all) the backdrop for the plot--they go hand in hand, one affecting the other. And the author has thought this shit out, yo. God, that just delights me in fanfic, when not only is the characterization so fucking perfect it makes my teeth ache, but there's a plot that makes sense for these characters to be involved with in their day and age. I can believe this takes place in their time, a time of space colonies and Gundams and other developments that'll happen in a few hundred years. And OMFG I could believe the details of everything she explained (the hacking, the political setup, Heero's photograph, EVERYTHING.)

And then let's move on to the characterization; I admit that I was a little wary in the first few chapters (and I'm still wondering about Heero's lack of ability to pretty much kick the shit out of even Duo or Trowa ^_~), because... Heero? A photographer? Who uses old fashioned technology rather than the newer digital cameras? Ennnhhhh. But OMG IT WORKS. Normally, I hate moving characters forward a few years and just saying they "got therapy and worked through their issues" because it feels like cheating to me, but I didn't get that here, this felt like how Heero would be after coming to terms with a few things. What sells it is that I still see Heero there, I still see that he's not completely better, that he's still got some issues, and that not everything slides back together so easily for him. The relationship with Duo progresses naturally and I adore that everyone has their own motivation here, even if you can't see it because it's all filtered through Heero's eyes.

And the writing itself is great, completely smooth, readable, and perfect for what this fic needed. Just... everything winds together into this perfect fic that I don't think I've read anything better in the GW fandom. *happy tears* Even Relena is treated with love and the way Heero sees her is just wonderful in my eyes. I know this was one hell of a long rec, but considering this story is approximately 200,000 words and that I've been itching to talk about it, you're lucky that it's only four paragraphs. Nyah. >:P (HeeroxDuo, other shounen ai hints, but they're not the point of the story. R and NC-17 versions available for sex, but, again, so not the point of the story.)

- Gundam Wing - Parasomnia by Natea - Sharon suggested this fic to me and it was short enough that I read it this morning and quickly fell in love. It was beautifully written, very subtle and meaningful, but without needing a lot to be explicitly stated. I have this deep, deep love for a fic that can show me character insights without having to resort to telling me things I already know about the characters. Add to that some gorgeous little details (with the computer, the hot chocolate, the sink, etc.), a fantastic Duo, who was both understanding and not pitying, a Heero who was... questioning, but not taking away his steel and iron to do it, and an ending that genuinely surprised and touched me, I wasn't expecting that. This was... perfect for what I wanted, because it captured that sense of something that could be in the actual series itself. Much, much love. (Some slight Heero/Duo, but could be gen, too.)

- Gundam Wing - Just Routine by Merith - Lately, I have had the worst time describing what I'm looking for in GW fic, because... I suppose it just comes down to a sense of what I want that I could spend an hour describing and I still wouldn't get it right. But there was something about this fic that tugged at me and that I liked. It was... well, I don't want to give it away, but part of it was that I could believe this fic took place in the GW world, Heero's allusion worked really well with the feel of the story, and I really, really liked the flow and characterizations. Nothing was too overly emotional, not even the most dramatic scene in the piece. Plus, I just like the quiet way Heero handled Duo going, "....when did we get a routine?" and the way the 'dramatic moment' in this was handled. They felt RIGHT to me. (Some 1x2, but barely there.)

- Gundam Wing - Nowhere To Be Found by Jan - Given that I'd just gotten done reading and squee'ing over the author's Gungrave fic, I decided, eh, what the hell, I'll give her his GundamW stuff a shot, especially since, hey, it's got 1x2 implied. I tend to like the implied stuff more and more these days. And this was... a lighter story, but still... I'm not sure how to put it. But this is what I like. From Duo cheerfully refusing to let on to Une where Heero is to the quiet, gentle conversation with Relena, to the very end of the fic. The writing is wonderful, the characterization just sparkles off the screen, and I love the final moment of the fic, it was perfect. .....I want more GW fic from this chick guy. *grouses* ^_~ (Implied 1x2 and implied 5xR.)

- Gundam Wing - Trial and Error by Maldoror - I steal this rec from Chrissie, since she posted an intriguing rec for it and I figured, hell, I'll try to read it sometime. I gave the first chapter a shot this afternoon and to my pleasant surprise, I was sucked write into the writing right from the get-go. The basic concept is that Heero is attempting to play matchmaker for his friends and doesn't quite get the whole complex human emotion thing, which sounds like it could have been a recipe for disaster, but the author has enough skill that she strides that so very fine line between being unrealistic and parody-isy and yet I could believe that Heero wouldn't quite put the pieces together. But the really beautiful thing? Even as you completely got what was going on, how people felt and why they were spraying their tea all over themselves as Heero tried to question them or maneuver them together, you could believe that Heero wouldn't get it. His thought process was insightful to the readers, but it didn't feel forced, instead it was very natural and smooth. I bought it. There are some instances of fanon-ish elements and there is a bit of the typical romantic machinations type of fic, but I tend to be really oversensitive to that, so if it was barely pinging on my radar, it'll probably not register at all with most others. (Though, I was faintly disappointed with the resolution of the OC's part of the storyline. It felt... too easy, I guess.) Also? Much, much with the funny. After chapter three, I was literally having to pull my sleeve over my face so I wouldn't giggle so loudly that I'd attract attention and then have to explain. So... I guess, it was a fic with really sharp and clever writing, very smooth and readable and the dialogue sparkled, some very solid characterizations, especially with Heero, and humor that had me in stitches... that's all I could ask for from most fic. XD (Primarely HeeroxDuo, but some other pairings, telling you which would be spoiling you.)

- Gundam Wing - Mistletoe by imochan - *flutters about* Eeeeee, sweet, adorable Christmas 1x2 fic that had lovely writing and was fluffy enough without wanting to make me reach for the wastebasket! I love it when authors can do that. I think it really helped that Duo was just so... Duo, what with the swearing and snarking that you could tell he only half meant, to the way Heero was written (I just adored the random little detail that he hated the taste of peppermint more than anything, it just felt... right for the character in this story) and the whole Christmas theme. Heero was that balance between having become more human and still being, well, Heero that I love so much and his interaction with Duo was lovely and the final scene definitely gets a fluttery sort of reaction out of me. Much, much love for this story, even if this is another crappy rec. (Heero/Duo.)

- Gundam Wing - Crumbs in the Bedsheets by orpheneritus - As always, I don't read a lot of GW fic these days, having burnt out long ago, but every once in awhile I'll see a fic by an author I really like and get sucked in. This fic was no exception, the writing sparkles and the little things like Heero twitching quietly over Duo eating on the bed without a plate were actually well-done, I could believe it here, smile over it and like it, rather than it being too far over the line and crossing over into parody. I liked this fic because it was so much about the subtlty, about what those little gestured they did meant. Love, love my 1x2 fic like this. <3 (Heero/Duo.)

- Gundam Wing - Winter Interlude by Saro - *claps hands in delight* I figured, hell, it's a short 1+2 fic with the summary of Duo contemplates the wisedom of starting a snowball fight with Heero. I figured I could read that much. And eeeeee! This is what I want from GW humorfic, because it was silly, funny, but not completely out of character--hell, Duo was perfect here, mentally weighing the pros and cons of throwing a snowball at the back of Heero's head. The inner dialogue running through his head was not only IC, but it fairly well sparkled from the perfectly phrased. Plus, it was lovely for what it said about the pilots, especially Duo's, about their lives, but without having to remark on it or linger over it. And Heero was just about the most perfect I've seen in a long time. The fic was perfect. ♥ (1+2, but could have been gen.)

- Gundam Wing - Cultural Experiences by Tammaiya - *BEAMS* Oh, god, why had I not read this fic sooner? It's brilliant! Brilliant 1x2 fic! Do you know how often there's fic that I just click with? Because Duo's mouth running along and the way he made me laugh and the way he absolutely murders the language (I DARE YOU not to crack up at the tako line. DARE YOU.), but in such a way that he's not just an empty-headed hyper spastic idiot. His sense of humor was clever and, oh, god, my love for Heero in this fic, who has a sense of humor buried somewhere in there, but is still Heero, dangerous and lethal former soldier and yet still so human and I just flutter into complete incoherence over the story. Because it's 1x2 the way I like them, clever and funny, but still with that hint of something not-quite-so-easy and just... GOOD. If I hadn't love Tammaiya before this, I TOTALLY WOULD NOW. ♥ (Heero/Duo.)

- Gundam Wing - Lost and Found by Lys ap Adin - Holy shit, this was the most heart-wrenching crackfic I have ever read. It's just... I started reading and it was cute and funny and sparkly and so I kept reading because, eeee, Heero and Duo and a fic I don't want to spork or that doesn't cause my brain to bleed out my ears from the sheer blandness of it, there was even a smidge of adventure that was delightful fun, and then there was that ending, which just... holy shit, it takes someone seriously brilliant to write something this crack-esque and still have it be one of the most I-almost-cried-inducing fics at the same time. Just... yeah. Beautiful characterization, beautiful writing, it all sparkles and, god, you don't know how much I loved the way the characters were written here. And, of course, be sure to read the omake, which was great fun, too. ♥ (Heero/Duo.)

- Gundam Wing - Once In A While by miko_no_da - I've been keeping an eye on this author because of her FFVII fic and was rather pleasantly surprised to see she'd turned up a GundamW fic. Not just any GundamW fic, but with Heero and Duo! I had to read, of course. And this was lovely, skirting that line between just friends and maybe something more, that line that struck me so hard in the series itself, the way there's simply a connection there that doesn't need words. The author does a fabulous job of portraying Duo as... well, Duo, all that energy and intelligence and drive, yet still getting across the sense of peace he's found for himself a few years after the series. A steady quality that we watch Heero soak up, without having to be told that's what he's doing, instead it's just simply felt. Whether it's read as 1x2 pre-slash or just friendship, I really enjoyed this story for what it was, seeing the boys happy, as much as they can be, in a way I believe. (Not Heero/Duo, it's rather firmly gen. But fans will probably like it.)

- Gundam Wing - Compromise by Tari Gwaemir - This is a short little GundamW fic, but I like the author's work a lot and it was Heero and Duo, how could I not at least give it a shot? And it was just a neat little fic, Heero and Duo's friendship so very... well, Heero and Duo. The characterization fit with them very well, the way you can sense their issues lurking under the surface, how badly messed up they can be at times, but without making it the focus of the fic, it was actually something of a more light-hearted fic. It's just. It's Heero without being over the top about his near-suicidal tendencies that aren't really suicidal at all, just really, really uncaring about the risks. And it was. I mean. I'm kind of flailing in my attempt to show how much I loved this little fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gundam Wing - Cake Walk by Merith - I was in a GundamW mood this morning and I saw that Merith had posted this not too long ago, so I settled in to read. What I really liked about the fic was, okay, yes, the mission speak aspect of it, the g-boys and all the little details of Heero coordinating their mission, but it was also the way... Duo was so much of a brat in that way where he still gets his job done and Heero just sort of blithely ignores him the whole time, which is just so Heero. It's nice that it's not just for five seconds, either, there's a satisfactory feel to the length of the piece and it was fun and the characterization was fun and the banter/not-banter was fun and... well, yes, we see where I'm going with this. XD (Heero/Duo.)

- Gundam Wing - Role Reversal by Sefilin - Ever since memlu posted the first episode of GundamW on her journal, I've had the itch to go back through some of my old favorites that I never quite got around to recommending. For as much GundamW fic as I'd read before this one, this fic will always be special to me because it took me from not really caring for Relena's character to having this sudden clarity of understanding. It was like someone had finally explained her instead of just preaching about how great and wonderful she was, you have no idea how rare that used to be, how rare it was to find a Relena fan who wasn't as militant as the anti-Relena fans. But this fic came along. And I had this whole new world of possibilities opened up for me because of it.

I have great fondness for the writing and characterization of this story, the technical aspects of it are very solid. There's some fangirl Japanese and maybe a little stiffness to it, but considering this was written at least six years ago, it's holding up brilliantly well. But what really drove home the coolness for me was the way it drew parallels and connections between Relena and Duo's characters, made me realize why their interaction could be so incredibly flat-out awesome. For all that this fic isn't 2xR, it also gave me my intense love of that pairing.

I like the pacing of the fic as well, the focus of the fic is put on the two versions of Duo in the two mixed up worlds and the two ways Relena's character could have gone. (I think Heero and Relena having been switched might have worked even better for me because they're such inverted mirror images of each other, but I also like that this focused on Duo and Relena, because it was about a new understanding, a new connection, rather than expanding on one that was already there.) I like that the author didn't ignore that aspect of the fic, even while it wasn't the point. It created this nice little fic that always stuck with me as the one that finally explained Relena to me in a way that I understood. So much love for that alone. (Some Heero/Duo, some AU Heero/Relena, some Duo/Relena-not-romance, but 2xR fans might like it.)

- Gundam Wing - Loaded by One Person - I was doing a lot of journal hopping lately and stumbled over a link that led me to a link that led me to a link that led me to this one. I tend to be wary of reading Heero/Duo fics these days because so few authors hit the characters the way I'm looking to read them, but I skimmed this one and promptly got sucked in. This is what I like with my 1x2 smut. They're both dark and dangerous and Duo's a little more screwed up than usual, but that's what makes this fic good. He loves blowing shit up, gets this weird sense of being turned on and I can believe that a fifteen year old in his situation would absolutely react that way. And Heero... Heero was just how I like him, too. He's dangerous and intense, but he's not without feeling and the way they move together, the way the author describes the smut is gorgeous. I almost don't want to read any more 1x2 smut ever again because this one was just exactly the right thing I wanted at exactly the right time. It's so pretty. *_* (Heero/Duo, NC-17.)

- Gundam Wing - Acherontia Atropos by Katsu no Miko - There are some stories that I read lo my many years back in GundamW fandom and sort of feared reading again because I didn't know if they would hold up over time. Perhaps, in a way, after having spent much more time in the fandom now, especially being frustrated with the way Duo is often written, this fic feels a bit like it's gotten better with age. There are so many things that I love about this story that it's difficult to slow down and put them into a coherent rec, especially since I pretty much tore through this baby in two nights' worth of reading, my first time rereading it since it was originally posted. (And, god, do I feel old when I remember pining for each chapter of Pyractomena Borealis that would come out.) I keep thinking one thing or the other stands out above the rest, but each time something else will pop into my mind as being just brilliantly well-done. The fic really has everything I could want from it.

Despite that it's a scifi/fantasy/horror fic with vampires and witches--and don't let that put you off!--because it's set within canon rather than going full out AU with the story, it quickly became one of my favorites. Duo's voice is brilliantly done--it's rather unique to this author, but the flippant tone of it that covers a more serious personality underneath is so sharp and clever and smart that it makes me nearly squee with delight. The fic is set from his perspective and the first person narration is also absolutely nailed by the author, along with his friendships with Quatre and Wufei. It strikes me so hard because it's not just random friendships that I don't recognize from the show, these are friendships that I can absolutely believe evolved from the series itself. And, oh, lord, the Heero/Duo not!relationship was just flat-out gorgeous. Duo wants him so badly that he's practically tying himself in knots over the other boy, but he's not pathetic about it, he's not simpering or weepy for one single second. He's Duo about it.

This is not to mention that I'm quite in love with the way the author takes her time to truly develop the plot and background world she's slowly drawing the characters into. The vampires that they meet up with, Duo's reactions, the way she unveils new pieces at her own pace and works characterization into every little scene is lovely. The way there's obviously a great love of the material she's working with, yet not so much that she lets the details overwhelm the great story underneath. I'm not over the moon for this fic because it's about vampires or other things that go bump in the night (more that it's in spite of that, despite that I like that type of material well enough, it's just not something I usually want with my GundamW fic), I'm fangirling it so hardcore because it's a good story.

The author is brilliant at teasing readers with hints of what's going on with Duo, stuff that likely won't play out until much, much later, but I don't feel manipulated for it. The story is paced so very well, each scene has a point and I'm never bored by anything in the fic. Even the relationships are fabulously crafted--you can tell that Heero most likely returns Duo's feelings, but it never feels like you need to smack the characters because they don't get it, instead you can understand why they never quite come out and say anything. I was also impressed with the way the horror scenes were truly effective without being so dark and horrifying that they'd drag the fic down. It's just... it's that fic that I remember reading more than six years ago, the one that stuck out in my memory, and deserves a far more coherent rec than these four paragraphs of keyboard mashing. ♥ (Some implied Heero/Duo, but it's not the point, not really.)

- Gundam Wing - Defining Moment by Jan - You have no idea how much it delights me to see Jan writing GundamW still, especially with this pairing. There's something quiet and warm and happy about this fic without being so schmoopy or OOC that it turned me off. Instead it's post-war and Duo's got a great internal voice, upbeat without being hypoer, and Heero... man, just the image of Heero smiling in this author's hands makes me melt, too. I love the point of it, too, that one defining moment in a person's life and I love what that was for Duo. Just wonderful. ♥ (Heero/Duo.)

- Gundam Wing - Second Best by mintbot - I'm absolutely stealing the link for this off of Sharon, but I couldn't resist! ♥ My views on the whole Relena thing are complicated and uninteresting, but I have great, great affection for her and I think her relationship with Heero is an important one, so this fic sort of hit a dynamic that I really liked for them. It's... not particularly clear-cut with the three of them, but it's not over the top angsting, either. Instead, it's Heero figuring himself and his emotions out in a way that really hit me with the character. The writing is lovely, I adore the characterization, and it's one of those little pieces that I'm so, so glad I read. ♥ (Heero/Duo, some Heero/Relena.)

- Gundam Wing - Impetuous Arrivals by ralphiere - I was just randomly stumbling around to look for fic to read by authors I recognized, when I happened to see this one. I don't read a lot of GundamW fic because not much gels with me, but I stopped on this one and... it was nice. A nice post-war piece where I can still recognize the characters, but also see that they've grown up. They're beyond what they used to be and yet it still shaped who they became. One of the best lines in the piece was from Duo thinking to himself, They’d thought they knew it all back then, but they really had just been kids trained to kill. Now they were men with skills rendered useless and harsh memories to never let them forget what they once were. Toss in very nice Heero/Duo UST, a restless quality in Duo that's easy for the audience to understand but doesn't quite connect for the character, and a very nice use of the kiss theme... and, yeah, I liked this fic. <3 (Heero/Duo.)

- Gundam Wing - Jigsaw by WandererWolf - Perhaps I was just in the right mood for something sweet and fluffy this morning, even if it's a bit sad. It's... fluffy sadness? Not really a sad piece, just Duo musing on how they got to be where they are, broken ex-soldiers, while staring out at the cold scenery on the colonies. I think what really won me over with the story is the descriptions of Duo's setting, the cold around him as it grew into the "winter" months, and the writing is very smooth and easy to read. Plus, I was in a 1x2 mood this morning. (Heero/Duo.)

- Gundam Wing - Carrot cake and shrapnel by Jagged5 - This is a really cool, interesting piece that's one of the few takes on the dynamic between Wufei and Duo that I really, really like. Wufei feels right here, the way he silently supports Duo's rantings while he's getting a fit out of his system, he doesn't judge or snap, but he knows exactly how this is going to go. I initially read it for the Heero/Duo (which is fantastically spot on with how I like them as well ♥), but wound up falling for Wufei here a little more than I expected to. Not that I'm complaining, all three of them were fantastic here. (Heero/Duo.)

- Gundam Wing - Perfection by WandererWolf - This is a really interesting look at Duo's relationship with Heero and the way he sees that and Heero himself. Duo's an intelligent person, he sees and knows things, no matter how much he might act flippant most times, so his characterization is fantastic as well. But it's him watching Heero, all of these intense emotions tangled up in Heero in the middle of the night when he thinks no one is watching, that really caught me with this fic. That's the thing about Heero for me, he's this deadly soldier who has buried so much of his humanity, but it comes back to him in bits and pieces and Heero is very, very human, he always has been. He's still the Terrific Soldier, but there's something underneath that as well, something very intense and powerful and I-- You know. Sometimes I think maybe I love Heero even more than Duo, fics like this remind me of that. (Heero/Duo.)

Gundam Wing: Cookies by edonohana - I was browsing through rilina-fic's recs and started wandering through the author's journal and saw her four-part series on Heero interacting with the other pilots and, well, I immediately gravitated towards the one with Duo. And, wow, did I ever get something awesome out of it. This is how I see Heero and Duo, how they're both so messed up in their own ways, Heero so dangerous and Duo so close to being sane except kind of really not and neither of them is easy or soft, both of them are soldiers with terrible lives and brilliant minds. And just. as;dlfkjalkj I honestly don't know what I loved more--Heero's POV that did a brilliant job of getting inside his mind from early-ish on in the series or that Duo was actually smart and capable here. I love every little moment that the author put into this fic, so much so that I'm a little incoherent about it, right down to how they both see through each other and yet completely don't and Duo's smart mouth and Heero's insane training and. Just. asd;lfkjaslkjfffff yesssssss. This one fic is exactly what I'm looking for in the fandom. (This is completely gen, but if you like Heero/Duo you might enjoy it, too.)

Gundam Wing: A Very Public Affair by McJ - Yo know, I picked this fic up because it was about Hirde and Relena with Heero/Duo in the background and that sounded like just the kind of fic I was weak to and I'm so glad I did. I adored this fic, the characterization of both girls was really lovely and gentle, the differences in them highlighted through posture and language, but the connection they made all the lovelier for it. Relena is especially wonderful here, matured and thoughtful and kind and this is exactly why I love her character. The imagery is pretty and the characterization wonderful and this is why I still read GundamW fic sometimes. ♥ (Background Heero/Duo, but it's not entirely the point.)

Gundam Wing: Curved Lines by Hades' Phoenix - I'm kind of fussy when it comes go GundamW fic, especially Heero/Duo fic that's about the softer side of their relationship. But I was pleasantly surprised by this one because the whole point of the fic was that they were carefully making their way towards something nicer despite all the sharp, jagged edges that both of them still had. That is what I loved about the characters, that neither of them were particularly soft people, no matter what their surface personalities were like. And I really liked this version of Heero, who has his own landmines that you know lurk around the edges, but he's also very much about following his feelings. That's Heero right there. (Heero/Duo.)

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