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- Gundam Wing - Snog XXXVII by Cutter - I've realized that these fics are perfect for me, because they're bite-sized fics, just enough for my attention span, but not just 300-words (though, I doubt any of them go much over 1,000 words), they're a nice little idea encapsulated in the fic, not stretching it beyond the premise, but not shortening it down too much, becuase they're well-written, and because I get snogging! *twirls* And this one would be Sally/Noin, which is a pairing that I love, because it allows both characters to be smart, tough, independant, and not a doormat for anyone else. *coughs* And that shone through beautifully here--both are tough military chicks; I loved Sally's love of flying and the way she just felt at home in the pilot's seat. The writing was also lovely, very much just the right tone for this story. ♥ (Sally/Noin.)

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