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- Gundam Wing - Snog X by Aspen - So, GW fanart this morning put me in a GW mood. Which lead to randomly wandering around sites, looking for Relena-related stuff. I really like her, but it's rare to find something that fits with my tastes, but stumbling over the 101 ways to snog en route to a colony archive, I saw that one of them was a Dorothy/Relena fic and decided to give it a shot. And *happy sigh~* this is what I wanted from my DorothyxRelena fic--the writing somehow elegant, filled with graceful, delicate, feminine imagery, but without being purple-prose-ish about it. The characterization was spot on and the dynamics between the characters perfect. I loved this. *fangirls* (Dorothy/Relena.)

- Gundam Wing - Waiting for Autumn by Misanagi - Speaking of GundamW fic that I've been wanting to read for ages, this might have been a simple letter-style fic that was less than 400 words, but it's rather perfect. The voice for Dorothy is lovely, it's polite and gracious and you can just feel the viciousness underneath the words and the certain something that's genuine underneath even that. Her letter to Relena is not quite condescending, it's not quite harsh, it's more jaded than anything, but it's the perfect tone. I loved this. (Dorothy/Relena.)

- Gundam Wing - Aftertaste by zoulvisia - I tend to favor the idea that Relena is more insightful into Dorothy's personality, that she would know Dorothy doesn't actually hate her, but setting that aside, when I look at this fic through the author's take on the characters, I find it a lovely piece that supercedes my own nitpicks. (Which is why I mention it, because it's better than that.) The way Dorothy does thinly veil the sneering tone in her comments, even as she's being perfectly polite and doing no more than offering Relena coffee. Even in her own head, there's this sense of trying so hard to convince herself of something, this is so much of the Dorothy I saw in the series itself. I really liked this piece. (Implications of one-sided Dorothy/Relena.)

- Gundam Wing - She Sells Sanctuary glitter_adorned - I'm not sure I have the patience for longer fics with GundamW anymore, so hitting up gw500 is kind of perfect for me, especially when I hit a lovely Relena piece like this one. It does such a pretty job of getting inside Relena's head, what a strong character she is, how much she's matured from the beginning of the series, how she gravitates towards certain people with that same intensity burning in their eyes. The language is lovely and elegant as well, something that fits Relena's character very nicely. (Dorothy/Relena implied.)

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