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- Gundam Wing - Ďbout a Girl by Merith - I stumble across the most random of things that I don't even mean to find. But I came across this fic tonight and given that the summary was basically: A short ficlet, itís my attempt to show that yeah, the girls of GW donít need the guys. I was very tempted. The thing that I adored about this short fic? Even in such a short time, it manages to get across what makes each Gundam pilote unique, what sets them apart, AND also shows that Relena is someone who stands on her own, rather than an extension of anyone else. Her strength comes from her, not someone else. Toss in that I'm all ♥♥♥ over the author's take on Duo (that so well matches my own) and this was a nice read. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gundam Wing - Parasomnia by Natea - Sharon suggested this fic to me and it was short enough that I read it this morning and quickly fell in love. It was beautifully written, very subtle and meaningful, but without needing a lot to be explicitly stated. I have this deep, deep love for a fic that can show me character insights without having to resort to telling me things I already know about the characters. Add to that some gorgeous little details (with the computer, the hot chocolate, the sink, etc.), a fantastic Duo, who was both understanding and not pitying, a Heero who was... questioning, but not taking away his steel and iron to do it, and an ending that genuinely surprised and touched me, I wasn't expecting that. This was... perfect for what I wanted, because it captured that sense of something that could be in the actual series itself. Much, much love. (Some slight Heero/Duo, but could be gen, too.)

- Gundam Wing - Incarnation by Krista Perry - Oh, Gundam Wing fic that's wonderfully written and has this... sharp edge (I use these words a lot, but it's often times what I seek out in fic, so I mean it whenever I say it) to it that I don't get with a lot of GundamW fic. It does a gorgeous job of showcasing Duo's soldier abilities and beautifully portrays his intelligence, but didn't do it in such a way that set off my Duo Sue alarms. The reference to American poetry should have been annoying or not worked, but wound up being one of the best things about the story and brilliantly done. The writing itself is smooth and lovely, really capturing the sense of the GundamW atmosphere, the characterizations awesome, especially considering the fandom, and just... gah, smart, sharp, articulate, insightful, non-crappy GundamW fic! I <3! (Not that I look much for GundamW fic, but it's Krista Perry. Of course I had to read. ^_~) And setting it through Heero's perspective was especially a treat, because he was wonderfully in character, too. Oh, how I love fic that doesn't fall into any of the characterization extremes, but still tells a nice little story. *is happy~* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gundam Wing - To Fall From Grace by Shikami Yamino - I happened to pick up this story because I'd just finished reading the author's Gundam SEED fic that I was so gushingly dippy over and saw that she was at least 1x2-friendly and her writing was good, so I figured, what the hell, I'll give this one a shot. I was immediately sucked in and could not stop reading until I'd read all 350k+ of it that was available. I will give two caveats before I get into it: One, the story is not finished and ends on a rather nasty cliffhanger. It doesn't seem to have been updated in a couple of years, so it may very well be abandoned. I do still recommend it, though, because what there is of it is a hell of a ride. Two, the random Fangirl Japanese being littered througout the fic can be distracting at times, but I will grant that it didn't rate as high on my annoyance meter as it usually does, so I think the incredible strength of the writing counteracts it a lot. That said, man, I think this has to be one of my new favorite GundamW fics, because it is just so thoroughly plotted and the characterization is so incredibly tight.

Every scene is filled with details of the background world and it all fits together, makes sense, and, the most gorgeous part of it all, is that it's not distracting. It's not an info-dump, it's all woven into the writing of the story, so that when something comes up, it feels like it's part of the entire tapestry being woven, not something just tacked on. That's an incredibly rare thing to find when you have something that has as many little details packed into a story as this one does. And it all blends with the characters as well, their skills and their personalities and just... I could believe this, more than any other fic I've read, I think. It makes all of the characters brilliant soldiers, but still so very human. Heero's humanity is peeking through, but you still see the battle-hardened soldier. Quatre's gentleness never wavers, but you still see the incredibly strong person that he is. Wufei's beliefs are still as strong as ever, but you see the human side of him, too. And, oh, Duo, even when he's evil, he's so brilliantly a fighter.

What I love about this story is that it takes its concept (that a rising faction is assassinating world leaders and the Preventers need to stop them and the G-boys have to be called in because one of their own is involved and they're the only ones who can stop him) and runs with it, really crafting a story that feels... solid out of it. But then you combine the characterization, the way I was carried along with the characters' emotions, the way they cared about their friends (OMG! WITHOUT being 14-year-old girls about it! I could have wept for joy.) and were so damned determined to save him and keep the peace. From the minute I picked up this story, I couldn't put it down, I was riveted to it and the unfolding plot and desperate to know what would happen next. I pine that the ending hasn't been posted, but it wasn't the worst place it could have ended, I suppose. ^_~ ....oh, yeah, and the Heero - Duo friendship stuff totally sent me into orbit because it wasn't overdone and it respected both characters and it was just... amazingly written. I flutter over the fic. ....shut up, I can gush if I want to. >P (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gundam Wing - Once In A While by miko_no_da - I've been keeping an eye on this author because of her FFVII fic and was rather pleasantly surprised to see she'd turned up a GundamW fic. Not just any GundamW fic, but with Heero and Duo! I had to read, of course. And this was lovely, skirting that line between just friends and maybe something more, that line that struck me so hard in the series itself, the way there's simply a connection there that doesn't need words. The author does a fabulous job of portraying Duo as... well, Duo, all that energy and intelligence and drive, yet still getting across the sense of peace he's found for himself a few years after the series. A steady quality that we watch Heero soak up, without having to be told that's what he's doing, instead it's just simply felt. Whether it's read as 1x2 pre-slash or just friendship, I really enjoyed this story for what it was, seeing the boys happy, as much as they can be, in a way I believe. (Not Heero/Duo, it's rather firmly gen. But fans will probably like it.)

- Gundam Wing - Compromise by Tari Gwaemir - This is a short little GundamW fic, but I like the author's work a lot and it was Heero and Duo, how could I not at least give it a shot? And it was just a neat little fic, Heero and Duo's friendship so very... well, Heero and Duo. The characterization fit with them very well, the way you can sense their issues lurking under the surface, how badly messed up they can be at times, but without making it the focus of the fic, it was actually something of a more light-hearted fic. It's just. It's Heero without being over the top about his near-suicidal tendencies that aren't really suicidal at all, just really, really uncaring about the risks. And it was. I mean. I'm kind of flailing in my attempt to show how much I loved this little fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gundam Wing - You do realize that we know nothing about water rescue. by Jagged5 - After a fandomsecrets secret about Relena (which I didn't exactly agree with and then the comments were even more aggravating to me), I decided I wanted to seek out Relena stuff to soothe myself. After randomly doing LJ searches, I stumbled over a result that was labelled with Duo and Relena and a;sdfljaslda hell yes I clicked on that link. It's not actually a pairing or anything, it's a moment between the frames of canon in episode 02, after Heero is floating face down in the water and they never quite show how he gets to the hospital. The author has obviously put some thought into this and it shows, it fits perfectly with what I remember of canon and fits wonderfully with both characters. His Duo rather sparkles and so does his Relena. I just sort of marvel at how much such a short fic could renew my faith in the GundamW fandom. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gundam Wing - Excising Demons by irishais - So, after following the author back to her FFNET page, I saw an interesting Duo piece that caught my eye. And the fic didn't disappoint, it's a short little piece that's about the nature of war, peace, and revolution, with a really fantastic Duo voice. There's hints of anger and passion and weariness and street-wise ways and a certain rough quality that all make up who Duo is as he thinks about the endless dance that is war and peace and revolution. The fic has some really nice pacing and just quietly works for me. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gundam Wing - 02XRP Ficlet by firefly171 - I was browsing around for GundamW fic to read again and stopped on this one because it said it was a 2xR fic and I'm always looking for more of that, but I'm not sure it should actually be labelled as a pairing. It's a possible moment from when Relena was still a child, when her father took her to the L2 colony after a terrible battle, trying to show her that war only caused ugliness. And what I loved about this fic is that she's such a little girl here, she doesn't really understand much at first, but she has a good heart and the message is so very... so very much like Relena. It's not easy, it's not perfect, but she wants things to be better for everyone. I actually liked this fic for the Relena aspects almost more than the interaction. (It's actually a very gen fic, but 2xR fans may enjoy it.)

- Gundam Wing - The White Knight by Terra - I randomly stopped on this fic because it promised Treize + Dorothy interaction, which are two of my favorite characters from the show who don't get nearly enough attention. And this was a really interesting look at how Dorothy may have grown up, how her philosphies on life were formed, and all wrapped up in the game of chess. Chess suits both her and Treize very well, the interaction between an eight year old Dorothy and a seventeen year old Treize is really quite fascinating, it says so much about both characters in this piece. I'm glad to have read this. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Gundam Wing - Transit by Rilina - It's been really cool finding GundamW fic to read lately, since I went for so long without it. Trowa has never been a character that's spoken to me much (if you'll forgive the phrasing) but I've always liked this author's work and I figured I'd read anyway. It's a quiet little piece, Trowa with his thoughts as he waits for the ship back to Earth with the rest of the circus and his thoughts keep sneaking back up on him. The writing is lovely as always and she really made the character interesting, even to someone who doesn't read a lot of Trowa fic. (Nothing against the character, I like him lots! I just tend to lean towards other characters 's all. ♥) I join in the chant for hoping this will turn into a series, it was lovely. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Kingdom Hearts/Gundam Wing - Photo Negative by Tammaiya - *rubs hands together in glee* Every since Tammaiya came up with this idea and mentioned it one time, I've been rather taken by it. The urge for it only got stronger, because it was really sort of clever and felt like it could fit and I really wanted to know her take on Relena. So I demanded it for her Christmas fics and she wrote it and it's brilliant. The contrasts between Relena and Larxene are beautifully done, there's that strength of character in both of them, so many similar starting points, but taken in different directions, and it's still very obvious that this is a Nobody, not just a carbon copy of Relena. The contrasts against the people she used to know, the people she remembers from Relena's world, the utter viciousness of Larxene, the silk over steel characterization of Relena, it's all brilliantly done on each aspect and then even more brilliantly tied together. I have been waiting for this kind of fic for ages and it did not disappoint me at all. It's filled with so many little touches and details and flashes of insight into the characters that I truly love it ridiculous amounts. ♥ (A hint of Roxas/Axel, but it's not really the point.)

Gundam Wing: Call, and I'll be There by NoŽle - I have been positively pining for Relena fic for ages, so I clicked a link at random, just hoping that I might get something readable, and despite being wary of this one at first, I wound up with a beautiful little fic. It's a lovely portrayal of Heero and Relena's friendship, how much they mean to each other and especially how much Heero will do for his friends, his characterization is fantastic here. The straight-forward, direct, more than a little socially backwards, but still so very full of belief and life. It's really difficult to find a Heero characterization that meshes with my feelings on him, but this fic managed it, which was a delightful surprise I wasn't expecting, right down to the little touches of having kept in touch with the other pilots, in his own way. I love Relena here as well, the strength of character and elegance even when she's trying to hold herself together, and the ending is just. The ending is perfect. This short fic makes me think that maybe the GW fandom might still be okay. ^_~ (No warnings/pairings.)

Gundam Wing: Cookies by edonohana - I was browsing through rilina-fic's recs and started wandering through the author's journal and saw her four-part series on Heero interacting with the other pilots and, well, I immediately gravitated towards the one with Duo. And, wow, did I ever get something awesome out of it. This is how I see Heero and Duo, how they're both so messed up in their own ways, Heero so dangerous and Duo so close to being sane except kind of really not and neither of them is easy or soft, both of them are soldiers with terrible lives and brilliant minds. And just. as;dlfkjalkj I honestly don't know what I loved more--Heero's POV that did a brilliant job of getting inside his mind from early-ish on in the series or that Duo was actually smart and capable here. I love every little moment that the author put into this fic, so much so that I'm a little incoherent about it, right down to how they both see through each other and yet completely don't and Duo's smart mouth and Heero's insane training and. Just. asd;lfkjaslkjfffff yesssssss. This one fic is exactly what I'm looking for in the fandom. (This is completely gen, but if you like Heero/Duo you might enjoy it, too.)

Gundam Wing: A Very Public Affair by McJ - Yo know, I picked this fic up because it was about Hirde and Relena with Heero/Duo in the background and that sounded like just the kind of fic I was weak to and I'm so glad I did. I adored this fic, the characterization of both girls was really lovely and gentle, the differences in them highlighted through posture and language, but the connection they made all the lovelier for it. Relena is especially wonderful here, matured and thoughtful and kind and this is exactly why I love her character. The imagery is pretty and the characterization wonderful and this is why I still read GundamW fic sometimes. ♥ (Background Heero/Duo, but it's not entirely the point.)

Gundam Wing: The music of the night by rilina - as;ldkfjaslkj omg hee! It's been ages since I've read GundamW fic, much less such a fun piece. Duo has an interesting time when he visits Quatre and I love this version of him, so high-energy and yet still a trained soldier, despite that this fic is totally with the amusement and the cuteness. Plus as;dlfkjasl;kjs ahahahaha MY NEW PERSONAL CANON FOR QUATRE AND TROWA. Absolutely. (No warnings/pairings.)

Gundam Wing: Retrospective by telepathicpixie - So, I was browsing 100_women and saw a Relena fic listed fairly recently. I was curious enough to click and read, which I'm grateful for because I've been really pining for Relena fic again lately. And this was a lovely piece that I'm going to have trouble expressing my affection for. It's a simple idea--Relena and books, old-fashioned books on paper and how she views them--but it's full of these little touches and insights into her character and even sort of her way of looking at the world that works beautifully for her. I've been looking for Relena pieces and this fit the bill very nicely. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

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