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- HanaKimi - Flower Garden [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - And today it's HanaKimi fan art sites. ^_^v I really liked this artist's style, it's very much like the original mangaka's style in the sense of the drawing style and the soft pretty colors. This one of Sano and Mizuki is a good example and one of my favorites. Also the "Pretty Woman" one cracks me up. Also, be sure to check out the presents illustration gallery for more cute art. (Sano+Mizuki.)

- HanaKimi - Sweet on Sweet [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - (Go directly to the HanaKimi section rather than the gallery.) Okay, not much here, but, hey, cute bishounen drawn with soft, pretty colors! Plus, have I mentioned my mini-crush on Umeda-sensei yet? ^_~

- Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - [ Cosplay Site ] - Technically, this is just a single post, but it's got several images on it (which means high loading time!) and I've rec'd entire sites for less. Plus, it's got Akiha, of COURSE I was going to rec it! ♥ But even beyond that the cosplay is actually really, really good, they each look like their characters (Akiha and Nanba) and managed to get poses that worked really well for the characters. The one of Nanba in front of the leaves is gorgeous, but it's the one of Akiha staring out over leaf-strewn grass that just... made me wibble because, yes, that's Akiha right there. Then you toss in that they looked like their characters, the outfits actually looked like their clothes without being too obviously costume-y, their hair was just perfect and... eeeee, yes, this is what cosplay should be! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ....also, the captions did not hurt my feelings at all. XDDDD (Nothing I'd warn for.)

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