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- Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - A Time For Everything by Jennifier D. - Okay. So. I was talking with Jenn-san the other day and we were discussing Nanba and how it was too bad that he didn't have someone to pair him up with, because his previous love was out of reach and Nakao didn't feel right to us. Then, at the same time, we both suggested Himejima. And, perhaps, it's a pairing that won't appeal to everyone, but... when I think about it, when I think about those moments of how gleefully obnoxious Himejima would be when he was in love, how "....why am I cursed with this idiot?" Nanba would be, despite genuinely liking the other boy, and how... intelligent, elegant, and refined they both are... it just sort of vibes for me. And Jenn-san's writing, this soft, ethereal, almost hazey sort of writing fits so strongly with the shoujo manga feel that I adored the story. I adored the soft, sleepy morning feel to this piece, the simple elegance of it, and just... yay! Fic for this pairing exists now! ♥ (Nanba/Himejima.)

- Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - line meme drabbles by Kelsey - So I did that line of fic meme in my journal and Kelsey proceeded to respond and then, somehow, we started going back and forth and they were getting longer and longer, omg, SO MUCH FUN because she wrote six drabbles! Not only that, they're brilliant ones. First, she wrote Nakatsu/Julia and she totally did them justice and they just sparkled and then she wrote the shortfic around the water theme and I think I about died of spastic flailing that it was so damned perfect and, omg, Io. No, seriously, I want to drag Kelsey into this fandom like you wouldn't believe because she even writes Io with an amazing sort of brilliance. Well. And Umeda. And Akiha. And all of them. To the point I'm badly abusing the italics tags, I suspect. Anyway. The thing about Kelsey's writing is that she's really, really good, her writing is clean and smooth to read, her dialogue actually sparkles, and the little details she puts into her work are genuinely clever. I think I floated around the room for a good twenty-four hours after she wrote these. Because, seriously, Umeda spraying Akiha with the hose needs to happen more often. ♥ (Akiha/Umeda, one Nakatsu/Julia hinted at.)

- Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - Gift Exchange by mercuriosity - I admit, I was a little hesitant to read a Sano/Mizuki/Nakatsu fic because I'm very firmly on the side of Sano/Mizuki even while Nakatsu utterly broke my heart with his love for Mizuki. And I'm not sure Sano's voice really vibed with how I hear him in the series. However. There was Sano and Nakatsu best friends antics for the first two scenes. Sano and Nakatsu being friends. And it was good writing, sharp and genuinely clever little details and a spot-on Nakatsu voice (I was laughing within the first few paragraphs) and, god, if that wasn't worth the price of admission alone. I wouldn't have thought I'd have liked the Sano/Nakatsu romantic side of things, but... in this fic, it somehow worked. More than just worked, I found myself rooting for it, especially with Mizuki's presence/influence still lingering the way it was. And, okay. The scene in the bathroom was really kinda hot. (Sano/Mizuki/Nakatsu.)

- Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - A Taste of Laughter by Tammaiya - Yeah, yeah, only 170 words, it should probably be in with the other shortfics, I don't care. It's IO and EBI and I have been pining for a fic on them for AGES. Because it would totally mess with Umeda's head. It's also a pairing that could have been pointless or too over the top, but I really love the light, almost airy way the author writes them here, the way it's half about (from the author's standpoint) messing with Umeda and half about two hot women that I could totally believe would go out on a date with each other. The use of the theme is also lovely, it could have been mean-spirited, but instead wound up feeling... fun and happy. It just all fits with what I wanted from Io/Ebi. ♥ (Io/Ebi, implications of Akiha/Umeda.)

- Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - threads by measuringlife - 119 words. That's how long this fic is. And, yet, it's quite possibly my new favorite for the author because her take on the Akiha/Ebi relationship after their divorce is just... breathtakingly gorgeous and complex, the kind that covers far more depth than just over 100 words should be able to accomplish. The things you can pick up from the little details in this fic, the hundred different things they say about these two characters and their relationship, are really rather amazing, it's just loaded with little insights as soon as you peer beneath the surface. And, oh, the writing is lovely and gorgeous and makes me nearly ache with it. This is why Akiha/Ebi fascinates me and makes me pine for more insightful fic like this. Just. Wow. Gorgeous. ♥_♥ (Some Akiha/Ebi, but it's not quite the point.)

- Hua Yang (Hanakimi) - Because the World is Very Accepting Nowadays by Kameko - Well. I suppose it had to happen eventually. There was going to be fic based on the Hanakimi drama despite my fervent wish to forget it ever happened. (It's not bad overall, just that I have some severe issues with it that soured the overall experience.) However. Shen Le/Xui Yi is one of the few things the drama gave me that I was really sort of deeply intrigued by, there was chemistry there and they would have been insanely hot making out. This fic plays on their chemistry very well, the characterizations are pitch-perfect, the little touches on it are fabulous, right down to the way they speak reminding me of the same speech patterns as the characters I saw on screen. The kiss was very hot and the pacing of the piece set perfectly and, oh, my god, this was just exactly what I wanted. Aside from NC-17 fic. .....what? (Shen Le/Xui Yi.)

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