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- Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - Female Biology by Meg - I ♥ Meg, like, more than words can say, I think. And I ♥ her Sano in much the same way, the poor dear. He's just... he's so sweet in a way and reacts like such a GUY to the whole 'female problems' thing and yet not quite like most other guys, still so Sano and wanting to protect her, even if she doesn't know it and... man, the tone of this is just so perfect. It puts this big dorky grin on my face that's just short of a laugh and a halo of sparklies around my head because I love these characters so much and Meg captures that perfectly. ♥ ♥ ♥ (Some very slight Sano/Mizuki.)

- Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - Epilogue by tin - A lovely, gentle fic about Mizuki's last night in Ohsaka Gakuen, filled with those softened images and heart-tugging moments between Sano and Mizuki. Very, very short, but still somehow very powerful for that. Reminds me of why I fell for Sano and Mizuki in the first place. (Sano/Mizuki.)

- Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - You and Me by tin - This was.... *happy, happy sigh* I used to think that I didn't need Sano/Mizuki fic, because their story was so perfect inside the manga already, so complete that it didn't need to be touched on any further than that. Anything else would just be repetition or pointless or just not as satisfying. Then tin goes and writes post-series fic with Sano and Mizuki living together and "EEEEEEE!!! CUUUUTEEEE!" is right. The dialogue is just so hitting the right spot--sweet and cute and funny and full of love and darling and adorable and romantic and just... everything that is Sano and Mizuki. The fic sparkles, right from Mizuki falling out of bed because she's not used to not sleeping on a bunk bed to the wibble-worthy ending. Sano/Mizuki is one of those pairings that'd be so hard to do because they're so perfect already, but this is the kind of fic that gives me the same raburabu feeling the manga does. *floats on a happy cloud* (Sano/Mizuki.)

- Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - The World is an Apple by tin - You know, I still think that 95% of Sano/Mizuki fic is unnecessary because it's such a complete story on its own and, yet... then tin'll have written this perfect little story that's just so incredibly perfect and one of those stories that could have just been another chapter, right down to the charming details with the wrapping paper and how I could just picture Sano and Mizuki's fight, how they're such... three-dimensional characters in her hands, the way they can fight and it was beautifully in character and yet, the entire time, there was a sense of... softness and elegance to it, like an elegantly drawn shoujo manga has. tin writes fic for characters that shouldn't need it and makes me realize just how grateful I am to her for it. <3 (Sano/Mizuki.)

- Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - Twiggy vs. James Bond by r_avis - Oh, this was lovely, it had this beautiful sharpness to the writing, it just sparkled and flowed wonderfully, and then presented the reader with all this prettypretty imagery. I mean, I would have liked it for the style alone, but then add in that it was so sparklingly Sano and Mizuki? Even more love! Plus, omg, I totally want the pr0ny sequel mentioned in the comments. ♥ (Sano/Mizuki.)

- Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - Flying by Tari Gwaemir - I'm not sure what's brought about the recent spate of HanaKimi fic, but I am not complaining at all, especially not when there's beautiful, beautiful Sano/Mizuki fic like this, where the delicate, prettiness of the writing matches the manga so, so well, where I can practically feel Sano flying through the air, where I can practically feel Sano and Mizuki falling in love, and, oh, the soft, sweet, squee-worthy dynamic between them is at its sharpest here. This was like all those moments in the manga that made me love Sano/Mizuki so much, just... from the beautiful opening paragraph to the little details of the end, the way so much was said in such simple little gestures, oh, I flail over this fic. ♥ (Sano/Mizuki.)

- Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - Dymaxion map by tin - [Note: The fic is flocked, but the author friends back anyone who friends the journal.] The alphabet_love themes are incredibly interesting and, interestingly enough, I was just poking at the Dymaxion map theme the other night and then I see that tin's written Hanakimi fic for it and it's gorgeous. The way she weaves little details in, the way the scene almost flourishes in my head (that's the best word I can think for it) without ever being overwhelming or taking away from the focus of the story... it's just gorgeous. It's a really short fic, almost too small to rec normally, but it's such a... dense fic (perhaps I should say 'lush' instead?) that I had to. And, oh, the characterization through such small things as Sano watching Mizuki as she reads a book are beautiful. ♥ (Sano/Mizuki.)

- Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - Lovefool by Tammaiya - I used to think that I didn't really need to read any Sano/Mizuki fic because canon covered them so well that they were perfect as is. That's before I got into the fandom and started reading fic like this, the kind that fill in little details of their lives that just... they're so sweet and wonderful and adorable and the fic fills me with this absolute glee at how much I love them and how cute Mizuki is. Set post-series, Sano and Mizuki discussing plans, and it's just... Tammaiya captures both their personalities, right down to the little physical movements/body language even in text form, that I totally sighed happily afterwards. I firmly believe this must have been exactly how their life went. ♥ (Sano/Mizuki.)

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