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- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Right from the very first top illustration, I knew I would like this site--the art has that soft, lovely manga quality to it, yet combined with the way digital artwork looks to make it look much cleaner. And that really describes the whole site--very soft, manga-like art, but cleaner because of the digital artwork, the duller, more earth-tone like colors really working for the artist's style, creating an... atmosphere, I guess I'd call it, at least in the first gallery. The subsequent galleries oscillate between thatn and more of a CG style, which is pretty as well--and one of my favorite things about this artist is that she does a series of character portraits for all the characters. Plus, there are some kick-ass group illustrations and some beautiful (mild) Tomomasa/Takamichi that made me swoon. *sparkles* (A little bit Tomomasa/Takamichi.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - Plant Vanish [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - ......Tomomasa, even though you so know it, you are incredibly gorgeous and sexy. I fawn over this site so much because the depth of the color is so wonderful, these... mm, they're not really dark colors, but they have very deep shading that makes them look beautiful... enh, something like that, anyway. The artist does such a beautiful job with the characters that I just fell in love with the characters all over again--the level of the art quality really is up there with professional manga and I'm so very thankful that they do all this wonderful, wonderful fanart. Plus! There's this one of Tomomasa and Takamichi in more modern clothes where Tomomasa is wrapping his arms around Takamichi to pull him closer and into his lap that just reduces me to the *squee*'ing fangirl that I am. XD (Tomomasa/Takamichi.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - Blue Drug [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site. This site is when I absolutely fell in love with Haruka and the fanart, because it is just absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Obviously, I've been through a lot of fanart by now, and this is truly some of the absolute best I've ever seen. Everything is beautiful--the proportions, the poses, the details, the colors, the lines, the characters just... god, I fawn over this site. Her Tomomasa is just... there are not the words to describe how beautiful I find him to be. Plus! This site has a lovely Tomomasa/Takamichi illustration that made me so happy. ^_^ (Some yaoi, some Tomomasa/Takamichi.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - yellow 2d side [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is another one of those sites I stumbled over early on that made me really start to tumble over the edge for Tomomasa/Takamichi, because the artist draws them in this particular style that I have trouble describing, but it's soft lines combined with bold colors... and just makes me think of traditional Japan. (I have weird associations, I know.) They were just... softly intimate and romantice and made me squee over them. I know I like a site when I wind up pointing out over half of the site to friends because I adored the art so much, and this site just had that undefinable quality I liked so much. Plus, you know, my favorite characters. XD ALSO! The wallpapers? Abso-fucking-lutely beautiful. The one of Tomomasa and Takamichi is happily sitting on my desktop right now. =^_^= (TomomasaxTakamichi.)

- Harukanaru Juku no Nakade - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - does this site do a beautiful, beautiful, gay Tomomasa. *_* The colors are just wonderful, often capturing that shade of blue that I love so much about Tomomasa's hair and just... the details of his outfits.... *_* Plus, there's a nice selection of the characters were, really making it fun to go through--I could point out several individual illustrations that I just adored to pieces, but... the comic of Tomomasa and Takamichi... I swoon with how much I loved that. There's also this gorgeous valentine's day one of the two of them... just... wow did I love the details. *_* Oh! And the calendar illustrations! God were those pretty. Just... so much to love. *sparkles* (Some Tomomasa/Akane, possibly some mild, mild Tomomasa/Takamichi.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - ....aww! This site draws the cutest Yuki and Hisui~! *sparkles* The artwork is very CG-y, but I like the way the colors are shaded, it often gives them a feeling of depth and the artist seems to love drawing a blushing Yuki, which I find to be just adorable. Especially when it's because Hisui's kissing him on the cheek or forehead~~ Tomomasa and Takamichi occasionally appear on the site as well, looking adorable and hot as always. *hearts* Wonderful site~! (Hisui/Yukitaka and some Tomomasa/Takamichi.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] -, that's some gorgeous Yorihisa/Tenma. *_* I tend to waffle back and forth between this pairing and Tenma/Akane, and sites like this are the reason I keep waffling on back over to Yorihisa/Tenma--the illustrations are lovely, that soft, manga-like look to them, soft colors, soft lines, sweet, romantic poses for the characters... it all appeals to the sappy fangirl in me, who coos cutely and says, "Look~~ Wouldn't this be a nice pairing to like~~?" And, yes. Yes, it is. *sparkles* Wonderful site, wonderful art, I love. Plus! A gorgeous Tomomasa/Takamichi illustration that I continue to sparkle over even as I write this rec. *_* (Mostly Yorihisa/Tenma, one or two other pairings.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - EXIT [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *hums happily* Tomomasa/Takamichi~~ Oh, how I love this pairing so, so much~ *ahem* Anyway, right. After spending a long time wandering through some of the more het-oriented Haruka sites, I was beginning to miss the yaoi so badly, so it was really, really nice to find a site like this again--and not just any yaoi, but Tomomasa/Takamichi~! The artwork is very CG-y, but very cute at the same time, and they get the feel of the pairing down. Plus, a dirty picture of half-dressed Takamichi covered with a suspicious sticky-like substance? My Inner Ecchi Fangirl cackled as she cooed over the image. XD (Tomomasa/Takamichi.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *sparkles more* I adored this site, it had just a hint of ecchi to it, which totally made my day and the art style was the kind that just made me go, "Aww!" or "*SQUEE!*" about once every five seconds. I swear, I must have shoved literally about half of this site at Haruka co-conspirators because I loved the illustrations that damn much. It helped that it was Tomomasa/Takamichi and Yorihisa/Tenma (which I have an odd fondess for), and I mentioned the hint of ecchi to the site, right? Plus, there were some lovely illustrations that were just sweet--like Tomomasa resting his head in Takamichi's lap (It's not that ecchi! Really!) and a beautiful comic/doujinshi of Tomomasa and Takamichi. The Yorihisa/Tenma was also lovely as well, and helped cement my fondess for that pairing just a little bit more. XD Oh, and? The illustrations of Hisui and Yuki? Beautiful. *_* Also, be sure to crawl all over the site, there's a lot of art tucked all over the place. ^_^ (Tomomasa/Takamichi, Yorihisa/Tenma.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - .....this is why I seek out J-fanart sites, because you can find these amazing artists drawing such beautiful illustrations of the characters I love so much--and this artist's style is probably my absolute favorite. The soft colors, lots of shades of greens that aren't quite sea-foam, a little darker than that, some plum, white, and maybe some slate blue... it all comes together in my head to form this gorgeous palette of colors that I'll stop trying to describe now. ^_~ Anyway, Tomomasa is gorgeous, just absolutely beautiful and it was a joy to look at this artist's work--Hisui was gorgeous as well, just swoon-worthy, and Takamichi and Yuki were just utterly adorable. Plus! Tomomasa/Takamichi! *sparkles* Such beautiful ones, too. I lovelovelove and I gush. A lot. *sparkles* (Tomomasa/Takamichi.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Ahhh, TomomasaxTakamichi, how I continue to just absolutely love you. *_* What I like about this site is that there are some illustrations here that are just lovely (like the one of Takamichi wearing a loose robe, with his hair down and spread out all over the bed... he's so pretty and molestable *_* And! And! The one of Tomomasa kissing Takamichi behind one of his fans! *hearts*) and then there are the ones where they're groping each other... and those make me very happy. =^_^= The artist seems to have a real fondness for Takamichi and Tomomasa's hair, drawing it flowing all around them, making them look even lovelier. .....I'm such a sucker for this pairing. >_> (Some Tomomasa/Takamichi.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - Love la Doll [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - .....oh, my god, these are just... beautiful. Stunning, really. *_* The colors and lines and shading and just... everything is gorgeous. Takamichi is beautiful and Tomomasa is gorgeous and Yasuaki is stunning and Akuram... I was just floored at how beautiful Akuram was. *_* The sketches are wonderful as well, and the Tomomasa/Takamichi illustration just made me so... happy. Gehhh, no words for how wonderful this site was, one of the best out there, really~~ *sparkles* (One possible Tomomasa/Takamichi, if even that.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Well, since the HaruToki anime series is starting up, I wanted to spend some time combing the Byakko J-webring to find some Tomomasa/Takamichi fanart and this is one of the first ones I found that I don't think I've visited before. The very first illustration on the site that I saw was indeed one of Tomomasa and Takamichi with these lovely muted colors and their hair drawn with these beautiful shoujo waves that I'm such a fangirl for. And you can tell the artist really has a thing for Yukitaka, since you see him with a lot of people, but the main pairings are HisuixYukitaka/TomomasaxTakamichi and there's a goodly amount of art here. (Note: Be sure to find the second gallery since it has more HaruToki/HaruToki2 fanart in it.) The art often times has a sort of... sketch-like feel to it, but it works for this artist, especially with the watercolor-like effects. And then there's one of Hisui pulling a nearly de-robed (and blushing) Yukitaka towards him that made my little fangirl heart squee with delight. There are several kissing illustrations on the site, actually, which makes me terribly happy. I really had fun with this site! ♥ (Some other shounen ai, but mostly HisuixYukitaka/TomomasaxTakamichi.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - man-ge [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I... I... holy crap, I love this site. Seriously. Just... god, the art was so right up my alley that I'm still swooning. I knew the art was solid right from the beginning, but it's when I got to the illustration of Tomomasa watching Takamichi sleep and leaning over to nearly kiss him that my eyes lit up and I went "Holy shit, that's beautiful." And then the very next one was Hisui and Yukitaka standing close together in the snow and I could not have been more in love. Or so I thought. Then I hit the comics, which are beautifully drawn with gorgeous detail and shadings and so cute, the FEEL of them really hitting what I love for this series. And then. Then I found the ura section. And that slightly smutty one of Hisui and Yukitaka? Say hello to my new favorite HaruToki fanart. *___* Just... the colors! The shading! The proportions and lines and, god, Yukitaka with his head tilted back, Hisui's arms around him to hold him up, their hands in each other's hair, the intense expressions... that illustration alone could have made the site for me. Just... *fan self* I can't say enough good about the site. <3<3<3 (Tomomasa/Takamichi and Hisui/Yukitaka.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - For the first time in quite some time, I've finally come across a HaruToki site that I am sure I've never seen before, not to mention a Tomomasa/Takamichi one, not to mention a site with pretty art! <3 I really like this artist's use of color, even when her proportions are a little off sometimes, the illustrations have these... light, soft, gentle, almost mist-like feel to them that really works for me with this series. Her Takamichi is utterly adorable, her Tomomasa (and Hisui *_*) is gorgeous, and that Tomomasa/Takamichi are lovely--there's one of Tomomasa with his hair pulled back, in modern clothes, book against his chest, and sleeping that is just... WOW, it's BEAUTIFUL. And then there's the b&w one of Hisui with this weapons in the foreground with him in the background that looks SO COOL. And then there's the Tomomasa/Takamichi comic that has really great shading and lines and then there's the gorgeous blue-tinted/colored one of Tomomasa with his head in Takamichi's lap that has some of the most beautiful colors ever and a beautiful one of Yukitaka leaning over to kiss Hisui's temple and just... god, fangirl ahoy over here. The art is really quite lovely. ♥ (Tomomasa/Takamichi and Hisui/Yukitaka, maybe a liiiiiiiiiiittle Yoritada/Yukitaka.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....I think I nearly melted through the floor at some of these illustrations. Because the artist draws these illustrations of Hisui and Yukitaka (or occasionally Tomomasa and Takamichi, but she seems to favor the other two a bit more) that are the most adorable chibis just about ever. Or then she'll draw a really cute Hisui with an even cuter Yukitaka (The one where chibi-esque Yukitaka is back to back with Hisui, clutching a lock of Hisui's hair as he seems to be yelling at him? ADORABLE.) or a lovely one of Yukitaka by himself and the lines will be surprisingly good and clean, the colors nicely subtle and just... damn, the whole site made me squee with happiness. Because how can ANYONE not love chibi-Yukitaka dragging chibi-Hisui off by the collar as he holds a cute little bird on his finger? You can't, it is too adorable not to like! Just... spaz-worthy cute on the site, I'm in looooooove~ ♥ (Tomomasa/Takamichi and Hisui/Yukitaka.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I know I've been to this site before, but it's another one that I just can't find on my links page. So it's probably a re-rec, but, eh, I don't care so much about that. ^_~ Especially because this is one of my hands-down favorite sites--her Tomomasa/Takamichi art is just so beautiful because of all these gorgeous shades and lines. When you look at the characters' hair, it looks so rich and textured and soft and gorgeous. When you look at the clothes, they're so elegant and layered and detailed and fine. These illustrations are what I seek out with these characters, because they sort of embody a quiet elegance (except for the chibis, which are just adorable and cute XD) that's just this side of shoujo, but is still flowing and not quite delicate, but beautiful. I really wish I could put it into words more, because this artist's work makes my little Tomomichi fangirl heart go *dokidoki* and swoon. ....yeah, swoon-worthy, in the sense of intimacy to them, too. That's the other thing that gets me. ♥ ♥ ♥ (Tomomasa/Takamichi.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - E.R.F. [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - God, I can't remember what HaruToki3 sites I've been to and which ones I haven't, I can't check my files since my computer is still in the shop, and so if I wind up recommending a bunch of ones I've already done... well, oops. But, man, this site is gorgeous. The kind that I can barely even describe or flail over because it's just so smooth and alsdfja;lsdfjalskdj Kurou is gorgeous. I love his wavy red hair beyond belief and then Masaomi was gorgeous, too, and my brain sort of went and shorted out because I do love those two together. (Well, as much as I can love them given that I'm mostly familiar with HaruToki1 and HaruToki2.) There's just so much detail, both in clothes and hair and eyes and there's this one of Masaomi catching Kurou as he trips or stopping him from going somewhere and I feel like I could stare at it for hours. *_* Seriously, their clothing is frequently just incredible, one of the absolute not-miss sites if you like either character or you like HaruToki3. Oh, oh, oh, and. I msut have been here before because the artist is that one! The one that did the gorgeous Tomomasa/Takamichi and Hisui/Yukitaka! So many details and such gorgeous colors and exactly the kind of art that makes me want to flail and search out more and more and more. ♥ (Masaomi/Kurou, a little other, and Tomomasa/Takamichi, Hisui/Yukitaka.)

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