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- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *sparkles more* I adored this site, it had just a hint of ecchi to it, which totally made my day and the art style was the kind that just made me go, "Aww!" or "*SQUEE!*" about once every five seconds. I swear, I must have shoved literally about half of this site at Haruka co-conspirators because I loved the illustrations that damn much. It helped that it was Tomomasa/Takamichi and Yorihisa/Tenma (which I have an odd fondess for), and I mentioned the hint of ecchi to the site, right? Plus, there were some lovely illustrations that were just sweet--like Tomomasa resting his head in Takamichi's lap (It's not that ecchi! Really!) and a beautiful comic/doujinshi of Tomomasa and Takamichi. The Yorihisa/Tenma was also lovely as well, and helped cement my fondess for that pairing just a little bit more. XD Oh, and? The illustrations of Hisui and Yuki? Beautiful. *_* Also, be sure to crawl all over the site, there's a lot of art tucked all over the place. ^_^ (Tomomasa/Takamichi, Yorihisa/Tenma.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] -, that's some gorgeous Yorihisa/Tenma. *_* I tend to waffle back and forth between this pairing and Tenma/Akane, and sites like this are the reason I keep waffling on back over to Yorihisa/Tenma--the illustrations are lovely, that soft, manga-like look to them, soft colors, soft lines, sweet, romantic poses for the characters... it all appeals to the sappy fangirl in me, who coos cutely and says, "Look~~ Wouldn't this be a nice pairing to like~~?" And, yes. Yes, it is. *sparkles* Wonderful site, wonderful art, I love. Plus! A gorgeous Tomomasa/Takamichi illustration that I continue to sparkle over even as I write this rec. *_* (Mostly Yorihisa/Tenma, one or two other pairings.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Eeee! Such pretty art! And! TenmaxYorihisa! Yes, in that order. XD I have decided that Tenma and Yorihisa are gay now, and that Akane is going to run off with Fuji-hime and let all the Hachiyou be gay with each other. XD *ahem* Anyway, the art on this site is very cute, very pretty, nice, soft colors, very pretty Yorihisa and Tenma, the kind of site that makes me squee with happiness and love the pairing even more. PLUS! Oh, my god did I love the games!! I see this type of game a lot, where you have to bounce the ball around the pictures to hit off these little blocks to make them disappear and reveal the picture underneath--having ecchi pictures of Tenma molest Yorihisa as the prize for winning this game? Excellent. I love the ecchi. So, so much. *sparkles* (Tenma/Yorihisa, a little occasional ecchiness.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - E.R.F. [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - God, I can't remember what HaruToki3 sites I've been to and which ones I haven't, I can't check my files since my computer is still in the shop, and so if I wind up recommending a bunch of ones I've already done... well, oops. But, man, this site is gorgeous. The kind that I can barely even describe or flail over because it's just so smooth and alsdfja;lsdfjalskdj Kurou is gorgeous. I love his wavy red hair beyond belief and then Masaomi was gorgeous, too, and my brain sort of went and shorted out because I do love those two together. (Well, as much as I can love them given that I'm mostly familiar with HaruToki1 and HaruToki2.) There's just so much detail, both in clothes and hair and eyes and there's this one of Masaomi catching Kurou as he trips or stopping him from going somewhere and I feel like I could stare at it for hours. *_* Seriously, their clothing is frequently just incredible, one of the absolute not-miss sites if you like either character or you like HaruToki3. Oh, oh, oh, and. I msut have been here before because the artist is that one! The one that did the gorgeous Tomomasa/Takamichi and Hisui/Yukitaka! So many details and such gorgeous colors and exactly the kind of art that makes me want to flail and search out more and more and more. ♥ (Masaomi/Kurou, a little other, and Tomomasa/Takamichi, Hisui/Yukitaka.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - After the last site put me in a bit of a Masaomi/Kurou mood, I had to go seek out more. I know I've seen a few sites before, so I tried for ones I was fairly certain were new to me. And this site just... scratched the itch a little bit more while still making me hungry for even more still. XD By which I mean, it's a good site to get a fix from, the artist starts off a little shakey, but by her most recent stuff, she's really found a groove and her Masaomi/Kurou + miko image is really, really pretty. She does a fantastic job with her bright, warm colors that work so well for this genre, but she also does really well at those poses/concepts that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Her Yorihisa/Tenma comics especially had me feeling like cooing at the screen. ♥ (Masaomi/Kurou, Yorihisa/Tenma.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - Burjunkinne [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Yet another site that I gravitated towards because of the pretty looking Kurou on the banner and was happy to find a handful of cute illustrations for the character. As the artist goes along, she gets better and better with her art, some of them having this almost haze over them that makes everything look even more beautiful. Kurou's long, long red hair is beautiful in her hands and, okay, I find myself not even minding that much when he's drawn into a sailor fuku uniform in the oekaki section. Because also on this site there's kiddie!Kurou and aslfjalskjdf;laksjd SO CUTE I WANT ONE. I've probably recommended this site before, the oekaki look familiar, but... well, I wanted Masaomi/Kurou fanart this morning and this site was kind enough to give it to me. <3 (Masaomi/Kurou.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *sigh* I blame Saiunkoku for putting me in the mood for fantasy stuff and for frequently having Haruka links on their sites, which sends me into this spiral where I look for Harutoki links. And, of course, it took me all of five seconds to fall for Kurou/Nozomi, since I have a great weakness for the SekiTomo characters. Which means this site was totally right up my alley, with it's pretty almost-sketch art early on that quickly evolves into something just... well, beautiful. And, man, Kurou's hair is totally, totally hot and this artist gets that. ♥ There's one where they're walking along in modern day clothes (and Kurou's carrying Nozomi's purse, which is just ♥) and his hair is just... yum. :9 The site totally put me in a fangirly mood now and I'm going to go flail for awhile longer that these games have never been properly translated into English. Whyyyyyyy. (Kurou/Nozomi, some Masaomi/Kurou.)

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