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- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oohhhh, pretty Hikago fanart. +_+ Some of the Akira illustrations are very cute and some are very pretty, but it's the Akira/Hikaru ones that are the prettiest. After all the CG art I've seen lately (which I liked a lot), it's nice to see something more handdrawn-looking, with softer colors. And, goddamn, are those two adorable. There's also a hysterical pirate illustration that cracked me the hell up. Damn, the further you get into the gallery, the more gorgeous the art gets. +_+ (Akira yaoi.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Some of the art here is absolutely friggin' ADORABLE and some of it is absolutely gorgeous. I adore both. +_+ The colors are lovely and the comics are freakishly cute and there's a ton of stuff to go through. My absolutely favorite would have to be the fourth one down in the first column of the gallery, it's just beautiful, the sweetness of it, the gorgeous colors, just everything but the second and third ones down in the third column are cooooool, too, and I'm going to stop babbling now. Go visit. Cute and pretty art. (Hikaru/Akira.)

- Hikaru no Go - GET OVER [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I can't even begin to describe the particulars of this style... okay, sometimes the eyes look weird, kinda like from an alien invasion anime... but... yeah, it's the inking of the illustrations, I think. They're really well done, very professional looking, as are the colors. And, ooh, there is a gorgeous illustration of Hikaru with wings. +_+

- Hikaru no Go - FurFural [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Ooh, there are a couple of gorgeous Sai illustrations in the gallery that have to be my favorites. Though, there is a really cute one of Waya and Isumi as well. Nice, warm colors with lots of golden tones, and some really cute poses made this one a lot of fun to go through. ^_^v (No single pairing theme, though Hikaru/Akira and Isumi/Waya frequently pop up.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I really like the way this artist draws the characters' hair, it's very soft-looking and detailed. Well, and also the characters are drawn how they look, the style being very suited to Hikago. I'm also really impressed by the way the clothes look and the shading of them. And that's a rather lackluster review for a site I actually really like. So, yeah. Go. The art is very cute! (Hikaru/Akira and Isumi/Waya friendly.)

- Hikaru no Go - SIDE: M [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Yet another site that Isa pointed out to me and that I really quite liked. I knew right away that I was going to like this site, as soon as I saw the 'gift-wrapped' Hikaru background on the main page. ^_^v The CG is just delicate enough that it kept it from being too CG-ish for my tastes and there are some really cute illustrations in the gallery. The hentai ones were my favorites, though, as I'm a big fan of Hikago smut. ^_^v Obviously, the KagaxHikaru one got a lot of points with me, but, really, I liked them all. (No single pairing theme, but lots of yaoi, many quite graphic.)

- Hikaru no Go - Prims [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Grr, damn links page and my inability to not click on various links. Oh, well, when it leads me to art like this, I'm not going to complain--these are awesome! There are some amazing Mitani illustrations and some really, really cute ones of the other characters. (The one with the dragonflies is probably my favorite. +_+) The colors are fantastic, the characters adorable (and sometimes gorgeous), and a good amount of them. *happy sigh* (No real warnings.)

- Hikaru no Go - World's End Garden [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - It took me a few illustrations to get into this artist's work, but there are a couple of really cute Waya images here, and the one of Isumi in the panda suit (and the resulting comics) made me laugh just looking at them. The "Weekenders" one was lovely as well and the "Cinderella" ones also cracked me up, making this a fun little site. ^_^v (Some Isumi/Waya.)

- Hikaru no Go - BALGUS Revival [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Awww! More adorable Isumi/Waya art~! I'm not sure how to put into words why I liked this site, no single detail stands out in my mind, it's just really solid, good art. Pretty colors, pretty Waya, pretty Isumi, pretty drawings, and CUTE! Plus, a good selection of art, makes this one of those sites that's a large part of the reason I continue to surf for Japanese fanart. (Well, and the Hikago/Escaflowne illustration was adorable!) (Isumi/Waya-centric.)

- Hikaru no Go - Nice Trip [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - You know, I'm not quite entirely sure why I'm rec'ing this site... other than I kinda liked it and there is some pretty art on the site. I like the different styles the artist uses and the focus on different characters, even if Ogata is the main focus. So... yeah. Some pretty art, some... interesting... hentai, and a nice selection. I like. ^_^v (Some yaoi, Ogata-centric.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I think I'm kinda starting to like Ogata because he vaguely reminds me of Crawford, and this site has some gorgeous illustrations of him. Just... really. Wow. Gorgeous colors, gorgeous drawings, gorgeous characters, gorgeous details, some of the best art out there. Keep clicking, by the way, there are several galleries with a lot of art on the site. *happy* (Ogata-centric, some yaoi.)

- Hikaru no Go - Ogata Amori [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Yet another Ogata fansite and I really am starting to like him--and this site just fed that growing fascination. Lots and lots of really pretty Ogata fanart and it's yaoi~! ^_^v There're also some really cute Mitani illustrations tucked away on the site, too, making this a really fun site. ....blah. Bad rec for a neat site. -_- (Ogata-centric yaoi.)

- Hikaru no Go/Original/Miscellaneous - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I primarely went to this site for the Hikago art, but wound up staying for that and the original/miscellaneous art, because everything on this site is so pretty. Gorgeous, gorgeous boys and gorgeous girls and soft, pretty lines and soft pretty colors, and cuteness! I really don't ask for more. This is one of those sites where I've wound up clicking through every last illustration 'cause I liked 'em so much. +_+ (Some Isumi/Waya.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wow, this art starts off as lovely and just keeps getting prettier and prettier as it goes along. +_+ There is an absolutely gorgeous Waya/Isumi Christmas illustration here as well as Waya with a cute little chibi Isumi doll and I've just gone and melted all over the floor, in a great big puddle of weakened soul from all the cuteness. ._. While it's mostly Isumi/Waya, there are some other characters mixed in as well, and they're all so shiny~! +_+ One more before I shut up... there is a gorgeous Sai here that any Hikago fan should see. *nodnod* (Some Waya/Isumi.)

- Yu-Gi-Oh/Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter/Hikaru no Go/Naruto - Spring Villa [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, no, no, nononononoooo! Not Yu-Gi-Oh! But... but... but.... *sigh* They're so freaking pretty. I still don't get the show, but, damn, this art is pretty. Gorgeous colors and gorgeous details and great poses and fantastic drawings and *cries* I can't believe I caved on a Yu-Gi-Oh site! (No offense to the show, I haven't watched enough to scorn, but I don't even watch it, and yet I'm finding fanart. >_<) The Lord of the Rings was much easier to take, even if it was Aragorn/Boromir. ^_~ There was a beautiful Legolas to distract me, though. ^_~

The Harry Potter fanart is adorable and gorgeously detailed; Harry and Ron look so cute! There are also two beautiful ones of Draco and Snape that impressed the heck out of even me. And then the real reason I love this site.... ^_~ Hikaru no Go and Naruto art! Okay, I admit, the Hikago fanart kinda freaks me out, but I doubt anyone could see Ogata in a pink female nurse's uniform, standing over Touya and not be at least a little twigged. ^_~ The Akira illustrations are adorable, though. ^_^v And, of course, the Naruto illustrations are wonderful--there is a gorgeous Kakashi-sensei illustration that is offcially my favorite Naruto fanart. *heartheartheart* (Lots of yaoi, mostly Boromir/Aragorn, Harry/Ron, Touya-sense/Ogata, and Akira/Hikaru.)

- Hikaru no Go/Naruto/Prince of Tennis/Star Ocean/Get Backers - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is another one of those sites that Isa pointed out to me, and despite it not being my usual Hikago pairings, it's really friggin' cute. Plus a lot of art tucked away here. Good colors, good drawings, and lots of cute. Very solid site. But what I really like is that there's a ton of different series here and the little sprites are freakishly cute--the Star Ocean section has some the cutest Leon illustrations I've ever seen, too. XD And, like, I was happy to see Kaga show up a few times in the Hikaru no Go section and I don't think I've ever seen Get Backers fanart before.... (KakaNaru, EijiRyoma, Claude/Ashton, Hikaru/Waya, Ban/Ginji)

- Fruits Basket/Hikaru no Go/Prince of Tennis - Cherry Wood [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] -, are those some gorgeous PoT illustrations. The Tezuka one is gorgeous and I love it to pieces. And the Fuji one. And the Ryoma one. *nodnod* *ahem* Anyway, there isn't a ton for any given series, but a handful for each and they were all very lovely; soft, almost glowing colors, good, clean lines without losing that delicate touch that I adore so much. The illustration of Hiro on the main Furuba page is just soul-meltingly cute and there's an absolutely gorgeous one of Tohru and a beautiful one of Sai in the galleries. I *heart*. (No real warnings/pairing themes.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I dunno, I just like this site, it's well-drawn, nice colors, very soft-looking lines in the right places, clean lines in the right places, cute poses/concepts, the occasional really cool illustration, etc. It was... quite nice. And, hey, some KagaxHikaru. I *heart* that pairing. I think my lack of excitement comes from my waning Isumi/Waya fan-ness, so if you like that pairing, you'll probably really like this site a lot, because, erm, yeah, very cute. ^_^v (Isumi/Waya, some mild KagaxHikaru and AkiHika/HikaAki.)

- Hikaru no Go - Othello Web [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site is mostly a text/novel site, but there's a really cute, nice gift section with a lot of art in it, including the illustration that made me rec this site--an amazing illustration of Akira, Hikaru, and Sai in Heian (I think >_<) period clothes that's just... wow. Beautifully detailed. Plus! Ashiwara fanart! I don't think I've ever seen that before. ^_^; (Some mild shounen ai hints.)

- Hikaru no Go - Wild Berry [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I knew I was going to like this site, just from the top illustration (Kaga! *hearts*), but I was sold when I saw the Kaga/Mitani Chobits fusion. That's excellent! XD XD XD The rest of the illustrations are very nice, very cute and pretty and I *heart*. Just... *heart* Oh and the chibi-Kaga and chibi-Mitani... so damn cute. Anyway, I really liked this site, which I wouldn't have thought I would, but the prettiness won me over. (Very mild Kaga/Mitani.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Heh. I believe this was the site that I managed to best Isa with--she said she'd been to every Isumi/Waya site out there and said I couldn't find one that she hadn't yet seen. It took me awhile, but I found one! I'm way too proud of that. Anyway. I love the art on this site; the artist is obviously a doujinshika and the skill she uses to draw the characters clearly shows. The characters themselves look fantastic, but the backgrounds are fully detailed as well and the colors are lovely. *happy sigh* I love muchly. (Some Kaga/Hikaru and Isumi/Waya.)

- Hikaru no Go - LOVE YOU X 2 [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I just... liked this site, too. Cute art, a really cute one of Hikaru, some nice Isumi/Waya, and a really cool illustration of several of the cast members in a restaurant that I adored. Good colors, good lines, a nice selection of characters to choose from, etc. I had a lot of fun. ^_^v (Some Isumi/Waya.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - ....oh... my. The art here is beautiful. Just stunningly beautiful. The colors are soft, but not too subtle or lacking, they're incredibly... warm. Very fitting for the Hikago series. As are the poses of the characters, the way the artist draws the lines and expressions, everything just so in tune with the tone of the Hikago series. Probably one of my favorite sites for Hikago fanart. I love. *_* (Some very mild Hikaru/Akira possibilities.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I really like the way this artist draws Isumi. ^_^v There're some really nice fanarts here, very cute, some good use of color to make the characters' hair look very soft and detailed, the coloring that soft sort of almost-but-not-quite-hazy that I'm very fond of and some very nice details on the clothes. Good, good site. ^_^v (Some Isumi/Waya and other occasional shounen ai pairings.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is one of those sites that I have such a horrible time describing why I like the art so much, because it's not a particularly describable style, other than to say it's that nice kind of CG artwork I like. The artist has a strong sense for details with the hair, eyes, and clothes and that's always wonderful to see. The colors are often those nice earth tones that go so well with Hikago... blah, enough with the faux art critique (because I just wind up sounding stupid -_-), I liked this site, the art was pretty, and it had Kaga/Hikaru! Yay! ^_^v (Some Kaga/Hikaru and other occasional shounen ai pairings.)

- Hikaru no Go - Stray Cat [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wow, Isumi, you are so pretty~~ *_* I really do like this artist's style, she does a wonderful job catching the softer side of the characters, almost delicate looking hair, but not making it shoujo... it reminds me that really pretty shounen style again. She does a fantastic job with Isumi's expressions and there are a couple of flat-out gorgeous illustrations here, making me kinda-sorta starting to like this pairing again. Gah. -_- It's also interesting to see Waya looking a little older than usual, he looks really quite nice. ^_^ (Waya/Isumi.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was just... so impressed with this artist's FMA artwork, right from the first lovely one she did of a very wet Ed. She has this style to her art that's... full of these highlights--nothing is ever just a solid block of one color, it's all these different shades blending together beautifully. Her basic lines are also gorgeous and I lovelovelove her poses; there are so many illustrations on this site that I want to point out that it makes me spaz a little. >_> I adore her FMA art the most (her art gets stronger over time--there's one of a sort of fantasty-style Ed and Roy where Ed has WINGS! and the details on the image are fantastic), but I was so impressed by her Hikaru no Go art that I had to include it, too. Soft, but not shoujo-y, detailed and with these fine lines that are in no ways delicate... wheeee! I just... ♥ the gorgeous art. (Some FMA shounen ai hinted at, Akira/Hikaru.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Hikaru no Go - [ English Fanart Site ] - I don't even remember how I ound this artist when I was going through DeviantArt, what image it was that first caught my attention, but damn does she do amazing artwork. Her Hikaru no Go stuff is just beautiful, the level of detail and gorgeousness of it is just... incredible, yeah. And while there are only two FMA illustrations, I had to include it because that one of Roy? Is fantastic. Totally fucking fantastic. (Aha! I found her through her one Eyeshield 21 fanart, which is fantastic and I mourn that she doesn't seem to have more.) Plus, a cute little one of Roy and Ed, so... yeah, onto the FMA section it goes. Just... I flail over this artist and how amazing her work is. Lines, colors, details, proportions, everything! *__* (Some AkiHika/HikaAki.)

- Hikaru no Go/D.Gray-man - Electric Chair [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't even remember how I got to this site (possibly through looking for DGM sites?), but it's one of the first Hikago art sites I've looked at in ages and it was really kinda fun again. I especially liked the way the artist draws Akira, he looks almost a little bit older and it's a nice look. The softness of the artist's style is nice and goes so well with the soft, hazy, almost jewel-tone colors that she occasionally uses and I'm just really easy for that sort of thing, okay? As for the DGM fanart, it's a similar style, a lot of long, fine lines for their hair and clothes, a lot of softness in the art style. I really like the way the artist uses purples and greens and blues for Kanda's hair highlights sometimes, it has a cool effect and looks good with her style of art. Mostly, though, I love those shades of blue she uses. ♥ (Akira/Hikaru for Hikago, Kanda/Allen for DGM.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I guess it's time for a bit of a Hikago revival with me... at least long enough to get a handful of sites added to my recs collection. This site really only took me about two links into it to know that I was going to be heartmarking all over it. Even aside from the really pretty art (the basic lineart is so gorgeous!), there's one of Sai with his hair blowing in the wind with the full moon in the background and I am totally weak to that sort of thing normally, much less when it's beautiful like on this site. I love this artist's use of light, airy colors or soft, pretty vibrant colors in other images. It's just. One of those sites that reminds me of why I liked Hikago art so much once upon a time. ♥ (Akira/Hikaru.)

- Kateyou Hitman REBORN!/D.Gray-man/Hikaru no Go - Gyarandoh [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, right from the moment I stepped onto this site, I knew I would probably like it tons. The current top page's background looked fantastic, all the fine detail and neat use of that special CG style (that I tend to see more often on Korean sites, but I've seen it on several j-sites as well now) and the whole cast and just... it's so pretty. The artist takes a bit to get her regular illustrations up to the same amount of detail all over the images, but she starts out strong from the beginning and draws some really beautiful stuff. I can't decide whether I like her Tsuna or her Mukuro better, they both look so gorgeous! ALSO! Her comics are fully colored and as;dlfkjalskj yes that is so very rare to find, especially when the colors are so beautiful like on this site. As for the DGM art, it's much the same style, all these pretty colors and amazing details (holy crap some of them are kind of amazing for that!) and gorgeous to look at. Just about every single illustration in the DGM gallery looks like it must have taken forever, like it could be a fully realized poster for the series. And her Allen is gorgeous to look and I just-- I loved this site. *__*<3 And, finally, the Hikago art is in much the same vein as the first two, if a bit older and so not as detailed. (Though, the later ones start to become really pretty awesome.) But still worth a trip through the site if you're in the mood for a lot of AkiHika art. (Mukuro/Tsuna for REBORN!, Kanda/Allen and a smidge of gen for DGM, Akira/Hikaru for Hikago.)

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