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- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I'm not all that well-versed with Hikaru no Go yet (haven't really found time to watch or read the series), but pretty fan art is pretty fan art, and this is some damned pretty fan art. Some illustrations are cute, some adorable, some pretty, and some are downright gorgeous. I love the soft, pretty colors and the gentle lines of the art and the pure skill used to draw the images. *sigh* And I'm going to spend way too much time going through the links page, too. -_-

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, not my absolute favorite art, but the style certainly isn't without skill, and there was this image that I really liked. So... yeah. Liked the site. ^_^

- Hikaru no Go - tukinoutage [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Another site that doesn't have a whole lot of art and isn't my absolute favorite, but has a couple of really cute (which are a little on the cutesy side ^_^;;) illustrations that I just adored.

- Hikaru no Go - Star Dust [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Again with the just-this-side-of-cutesy Hikago fan art that I'm rather fond of. The art is a little too CG-ish to be absolutely perfect, but it's not really all that noticable unless you're looking for it. ^_^;; Like this is really just too cute to criticize. *g*

- Hikaru no Go - Rum Top [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Eeee, pretty! I can't really pinpoint why I like the art, other than it's just really, really pretty. Like this. Cute without being cutesy, and great colors, and a really nice style--I especially love the eyes. So... yeah. Really like the art. And this is one of the most adorable things I've ever seen. The design of the main page is also really cool.

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Another of my favorite Hikago fan art sites, this art is stunning; gorgeous use of color, the images so well-done they could be professional, and fantastic concepts. The illustration currently on the main page is one of my absolute favorite Hikago fan arts. *_* Just... wow, pretty stuff.

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I'm not crazy about all of the art on this site, but I had to link for two reasons. This and this. First one is gorgeous, second one is funny as all hell. There's some really cute art on the site, so... yeah. Go visit. ^_^ (A couple of images are a little hinty, but nowhere near explicit by any means.)

- Hikaru no Go - kaede company [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I have a weakness for soft and pretty, it's my favorite style of fan art. So, of course, I love this site, with it's soft, pretty, and occasionally sparkly fan art! *happyhappy* Plus, this is too freaking adorable! And so is that little illustration on the index page! *hyuuu* I think I may be in danger of adorableness overload. ^_~

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I've been running out of positive things about fan art sites lately, so pardon me if this sounds inane. This image is a good example of what I love about the style... the hair and the eyes are so cute! The colors are really nice, too, very Hikago-ish. And the comics are too cute for words! *hearts* So much pretty Hikago fan art! (A little yaoi-ish.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Not a lot here, but what is here is almost freakishly adorable! Really soft, pretty colors (not quite pastel-soft, but just... almost colored-pencil-soft-ish... though, that's not it either... like this...) and a lot of skill in them. Plus, the comics are really cute; while there's not a lot of fan art, there's quite a few comics to make up for that. Though, I still wish there'd been more fan art. ^_^ (No real warnings.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Eee! Cute, cute, cute! Cuuuuuute. This is so cute! I almost just want to pinch his cheeks or scoop him up and snuggle him. I'm such a sap. >_> Anyway. Pretty art. Gorgeous colors. I have this fascination with Hikaru's hair, and they draw it really well. Akira is adorable as well! (A little bit of Hikaru/Akira, but nothing too graphic.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Yup, still finding new Hikago sites to drool over, and this one has some really cute art. ^_^v The style is really clean and simple, but still really pretty, and I just... liked it. Not too much art here, but if you poke around enough, you'll find a few. (Hikaru is just too damn cute.) (No real warnings or anything.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This style is a bit more... almost realistic in it's approach... but that's not quite the word I want, but you'll see what I mean. It's a slightly different than normal style and I really kinda liked it. The colors are kind of muted (as you can see in this image), but it doesn't really affect the style too much. Just... *sigh* cute again. ^_^;; Be sure to go through all the links in the gallery, and you'll see a lot of cute stuff--including a really cute YnM Wakaba illustration! Be sure to go through the Hikago section as well as the gallery to get to stuff like this. ^_^ (A little bit shounen-ai-ish.)

- Hikaru no Go - Another Heaven [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Whoo! More absolutely beautiful art, and yaoi this time. ^_^v Shiney and occasionally sparkly and good colors and really good drawing skills... I don't ask for much more. I absolutely love Hikaru's hair most of the time (like in this image) and his eyes can be drawn so well, too. (Sai looks great, too. *_* And this one!) (Some Hikaru/Akira shounen ai.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *sigh* I wasn't going to rec this site, the art is kinda cute, but not like what I've been coming across, and then I clicked on this link and just totally melted into a big ol' puddle of goo. God, he's cute in that image. -_- The Yu-gi-oh fan art kinda freaks me out, though. (A little yaoi-ish, Kaga/Hikaru.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wow, holy crap, these are good. They're not the same kind of stunningly beautiful as some of the other art, but they're gorgeous and what impresses the hell out of me is that they could almost pass for official art. This is probably my favorite, but they're all damn good. No, wait. this is my favorite. ^_^ (A little yaoi-ish, mostly Kaga/Hikaru.)

- Hikaru no Go - Liquid Berry Revolution [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - And for the hentai fans out there.... The style isn't my favorite, Hikaru looks a little too young, and the style is a little too CG-y for me, but, hey, hentai. ^_^ Graphic hentai often times, so beware if you go to the site. ^_^ (Lots and lots of yaoi.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, god, these illustrations are almost freakishly adorable! (The illustration gallery index is here.) A little CG-ish, but not so much that they're not still absolutely lovely. The colors are the best part of these images, very soft and warm and Hikaru's hair (....what a bizarre thing for me to focus on.... >_>) is done really nicely. And there's a lot of art here, which I always love to see. ^_^ Note: There are some 18+ graphic illustrations, but they're in a seperate gallery, so you don't have to click on them if you want to avoid them. Be warned, Hikaru looks rather young in a lot of the 18+ images. >_>;;; (Lots of yaoi with lots of pairings, especially Hikaru/Kaga, Hikaru/Akira, and Hikaru/Waya.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Crap, I'm running out of ways to say how cute some of this fan art is. I really like these images, too, the colors are nice and bright, but without being gaudy, and the style is nice. Just... yeah. Really like the illustrations. And, yay!, fan comics--I love those! Plus! CCS fan art! *_* this one of Sakura-chan is gorgeous. And Touya and Yuki! *_* (Sort of shounen-ai-ish.)

- - Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The Hikago gallery can be a bit tough to find, so it's in the middle of this page. There's not a whole lot of Hikago there, but what's there is really, really cool. *_* And this one is just damned adorable! And the illustration on the main page is also really cool. (A little bit of Hikaru/Waya.)

- Hikaru no Go - Kingsland [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Not the best art I've ever seen, but there was enough really cute art (and fan comics! I *heart* fan comics!) that I wanted to rec it. Plus, hey, pretty boys kissing. That's always fun to see. ^_~ (Kaga/Hikaru.)

- Hikaru no Go - FurFura [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Again, not the best art I've ever seen, but I really like the layout and the art is really quite nice. Like, this one of Sai is nice and I rather like the way Hikaru and Akira look in this one. And! Cute fan-comics. Love those. ^_^ (Mild Hikaru/Akira hints, but nothing graphic by any means.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - XD XD XD !! So cute!! So much freaking cute art! I can't pick a favorite, so just go to the site and start clicking. I love the little soccer illustration on the bottom of the main page, too. Sooo cuuuuute! Okay, maybe this one is my favorite. XD this one is cute, too. Gah! And Kaga looks great. Whoo, gorgeous illustration. There's art tucked all over this site, so be sure to check out all the sections. I'm going to stop now. (A little yaoi-ish, mostly Hikaru/Akira.)

- Hikaru no Go - Blue Mirror [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The first few images in the gallery of this site are very sketch-like and not all that impressive, but as you continue to click through the illustrations, they get much better. By the end of the gallery, I was really enjoying the fan art--the colors are very pretty and the style smooths out a lot. (I especially like this one of Hikaru and Akira.) Be sure to also check out the hits and gifts galleries, they have some adorable art as well. (AkiraxHikaru-centric.)

- Hikaru no Go - Bird Sheep [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, this site was worth it for the freaking adorable little sprites at the top of the main page! But the art itself is gorgeous as well--like this one of a crying Hikaru. ;_; Some of them are a little on the cutesy side, but still really gorgeous, gorgeous stuff. (Beautiful Sai!) The colors (like in this Kaga/Hikaru illustration--and this one) are beautiful. Ooh, and stunning Houshin Engi fan art.... *_* (Along with some nice Naruto and Detective Conan art.) Also be sure to check out the Gifts section for some of the cutest art. ^_^ (Some Hikaru/Waya, Hikaru/Akira, and Hikaru/Kaga shounen-ai-ish illustrations.)

- Hikaru no Go - Raspberry Garden [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - (Hikago gallery is here if you have trouble finding it.) Again, the art is a little too CG-ish for my tastes, but I still really liked the colors used, Hikaru looks adorable, and the shading struck me as rather well-done. I also adored some of the fan comics, especially this one. And this one. So cute. ^_^ (A little Hikaru/Akira.)

- Hellsing/Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, there isn't much art here, but what is is fantastic stuff. The colors are great, the images almost official looking, and Hellsing fan art. The site is totally worth it just for the little page decorations on the main Hellsing page. But the one Hellsing illustration there.... *dies* The Hikago art is mostly Kaga-centric, but there are sketches of the other characters. Fantastic stuff. ^_^ (No real warnings.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Hmm, not the best art I've ever seen, but I really dug the coloring on this illustration, very soft and pretty and almost-glowy. ^_^ And this one is very cool, too.

- Hikaru no Go - Tinkle Mail [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Awww, this is just disgustingly cute. Not all the art is spectacular on the site, but cute ones like that one make up for it. ^_^ (And this one is drawn quite well.) It helps that I like the colors they often use; those warm, soft orange-ish tones are one of my favorite styles for Hikago fan art. (No real warnings.)

- Hikaru no Go - Get Over [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The style of this artist is a little too "round" to be absolutely stunning (bordering on chibi several times), but they've definitely got a lot of skill--the solid coloring and shading aspects were especially nice. This is a good example of why I like the style. ^_^

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Another site with a kinda cute style and, hey, mild yaoi, like this Akira/Hikaru illustration. ^_^ And those water-like applets are way too much fun. And this one is rather cute. So, yeah. Mildly cute art. But one of the real highlights of the site is the fabulous cosplay section! The Sai's are especially well-done... wow. Plus, the sprites on the main page are freakin' CUTE. (AkiraxHikaru-centric.)

- Hikaru no Go/Houshin Engi/Saiyuki/Rurouni Kenshin/Inu-Yasha - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site looks kinda familiar, so if I'm rec'ing it twice, my bad. ^_^;; Anyway, the Houshin Engi fan art is stunning, really beautiful. I don't see a lot of it, since I don't go looking for it, but I'm not averse to drooling over it when I see it. Sooo pretty. The Hikago stuff is just as gorgeous, lovely drawings and beautiful colors. *hyuuu* (It's the second link in the gallery if you want to go directly to it.)

Normally, I don't go surfing for Saiyuki fan art, because if I did, I just know I'd get sucked in and never make it back out again. -_- But if I come across a nice gallery, I'll click through it. And this one had some nice art, just as pretty as the other sections. Goku (who's the main character of this gallery) is freaking adorable. Again, I don't do much Kenshin fan art surfing and I was just going to quickly skim the gallery, but this image got me to slow down. Very pretty. I'm running out of things to say, because all the fan art is as good as the last, but I wanted to mention this one of Fluffy-sama! *starry eyes* So gorgeous. Be sure to go through the hits gallery for more lovely art as well. (No real warnings, I wouldn't even put a shounen ai warning on this one.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Another site with not a whole lot of art, but what's here is cute. Like this illustration of Hikaru. I like the style, I think it's more of a traditional style (rather than all CG-ish) which can take more skill sometimes. The colors look great, too. (No real warnings.)

- Hikaru no Go - PYOKO CABIN [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wow, wonderful use of color and drawing skill here combined with freaking cuteness. ^_^ The illustration on the main page is adorable and a good example of the chibi-cuteness of the art. *hyuu* Despite being chibi, the art is actually nicely detailed, and not sloppy at all. (Well, some are less detailed than others, but I wouldn't say they were sloppy, either.) And SPRITES! ^_______^ (A little AkiraxHikaru yaoi-ish.)

- Hikaru no Go - Kei's Studio [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Only a handful of Hikago illustrations here, but I had to rec the site when I saw a particular illustration of Sai; it's beautiful! *_* (Btw, the Hikago section is in 'Side 2', the shounen section.) I really hope the artist does more art, I'd love to see more in this vein. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Fruits Basket/Hikaru no Go - Cherry Wood [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - First off, before I get to Furuba and Hikago... There's a GORGEOUS Sakura-chan (from CCS) fanart. *_* Okay, that out of my system... the art here is lovely, very soft and pretty. There's not a whole lot, but it's some of my favorite type of art, and it's got two series I like (plus an illustration of Sesshou-maru in the misc section ^_^v), so it's a gooooo~d site. (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Chobits/Hunter x Hunter/Saiyuki/Hikaru no Go/Harry Potter/Original - Quality Season [ Thai? Fan Art Site ] - I wasn't entirely sure what catagory to put this site under, since there weren't a whole lot of any one particular series, but I wanted to rec it because the art here is very cute. It's more of a sketchy quality than a lot of fanart I see, but the colors are soft and pretty enough to make it one of those styles that really works. There's only one or two for any given series I've mentioned (plus a lot I haven't), but since I like the majority of them, this site is great fun for me. *SQUEAK!* And +Anima fanart!!!! XD (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Weiss Kreuz/Scryed/Gundam Wing/Saiyuki/Hikaru no Go - Wind Climbing [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Eeee! So much cute art for so many series~! I don't even know where to start... but the art is really good and there's quite a bit of here. My favorite is probably the Scryed art, the artist did some gorgeous ones of Xeres and Mimori and a lovely one of Ryuhou and Kazuma. +_+ There's also other stuff here--a couple of really pretty Saiyuki illustrations, and, ooh~! Lots of prettypretty Hikago illustrations, too~! .....aaaaaand I just found the WK section~! Ooohh, and good stuff here, too--probably one of the best Japanese WK sites I've seen. The artist has a lot of skill and does some really solid work with the colors and... it just makes me happy. (There's a really cute Ken one in the gallery that I quite liked. ^_^ Oooh, and preeeeetty Schuldich.... +_+) ....and I'll move on now. ^_~ (No real warnings.)

- Hikaru no Go - owl [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I was going back through Hikago sites this morning, looking to see if any had updated recently, when I stumbled across this site. I've developed this fondness for KagaxHikaru, so to come across a site with some good art for that pairing is always nice. These are just so... cute; my favorite being the one where Kaga is glomping onto Hikaru from behind while Hikaru is trying to eat an orange. The colors are nice, the drawings are nice, etc. It was a nice treat to stumble over. ^_^v (Li'l bit KagaxHikaru, Isumi/Waya.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I could swear I've rec'd this site before, but I can't find it in any of my files, so if I rec it twice... oops. Anyway. This art is freakishly cute! The kind of little chibis you want to scoop up and carry one around with you everywhere and make this face: XD XD XD And goodness are there are a lot of them. +_+ And, ooh, I love their Kaga. Mmm. (Akira/Hikaru-centric.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - More adorably cute art (though, not in the same chibi-way), with nice warm colors that really compliment the CG style. Oddly enough, the Isumi/Waya illustrations were my favorites here, they looked really pretty. +_+ And it was nice that there was a wide selection of different styles(/artists?) (Yaoi, but no single pairing theme.)

- Hikaru no Go/Original - Moon Light Garden [ Japanese Art Site ] - I really don't have a lot to say about this site, other than I just like the style--the softer lines, soft colors, and faded edges. I'm especially fond of the softer-CG look of the eyes and hair for a lot of the characters... it reminds me of some mangaka/series, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Kinda like somewhere in between Takaya Natsuki (Fruits Basket) and Nakajo Hisaya (Hanazakari no Kimi-tachi e).

- Yuu Yuu Hakusho/Hikaru no Go/Cardcaptor Sakura - Frost [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I'm really not crazy about the navigation and the small size of the fanart makes it not as fun a site as it could have been, but I still have to rec it, because the art is really good. A handful of the images even border on looking almost official, and there's a fair amount of stuff to go through. ^_^v (A little bit Hiei/Kurama and Sakura/Syaoran.)

- Yuu Yuu Hakusho/Hunter x Hunter/Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There is an illustration of Hisoka (from HxH) in there that just cracks me up. I'm not entirely sure why, but something about it is utterly surreal and just makes me laugh. That aside, it takes a little bit to get used to the tone of the colors (it's very... reddish-pink....), but I came to really like it. I don't see a lot of illustrations that look like they were done using traditional paints, much less to see them done so well and so many. I had a lot of fun going through this site and I honestly couldn't say which series I liked the best. Usually there's one series that sticks out above all the others for me, but I enjoyed each section pretty much equally. (No real warnings.)

- Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Not my usual style of preferred fanart, but I kind of liked the take on older Hikaru and Akira on this site--as well as a really cool Wolfwood/Vash/Knives Trigun fanart. The black&white style worked well for the illustrations, too, and the shading looked really good. ^_^v (Hikaru/Akira.)

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